Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Wenger praises attack and Ramsey’s penetration

Arsene Wenger insists his side must continue to improve after yesterday’s 5-2 thumping of Everton which got balloon-headed manager Ronald Koeman the sack earlier this afternoon.

The Gunners were rampant in attack with the long-awaited front three of Alexandre Lacazette, Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez, and Aaron Ramsey support from behind.

All four scored in what was probably the best attacking performance of the season, but the manager wants his side to improve – aware that they conceded two very avoidable goals too.

“There are still things to improve,” he told SFR Sport, “but we created a lot of chances through our team movement.

“If you add Ramsey with his penetrating runs, we caused Everton a lot of problems.

“After that, it’s easier for everyone to express themselves. I’m satisfied with the way we played. Our movement was good, and the quality of our passing was good.

“We were tested mentally because we were losing 1-0. We got back into the game, and we finished the match in a very convincing way.”

For more on that very enjoyable win, check out today’s Arsecast Extra

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Faisal Narrage

“Wenger praises Ramsey’s penetration’

Go on….

jack jack jack

Personally I was really impressed with how we came from behind

jack jack jack

…to finish the ordeal with a flourish

Isaiah Rankin

Puerile. I like it.

Cliff Bastin

Alexis had the stamina for 95 minutes

Dave M

Ramsey was also penetrating from start to finish and mesut was dominating the ball


Just when you think 4 is enough for 90mins,, Alexis pumps in a 5th, take that!

Dave M

Lacazette has been stroking it home nicely all season, just like he did yesterday


The attacking thrust was just too much for Everton to bear.


Football is full of innuendo … come from behind, penetration, come inside …

Being sad I find it amusing


you are too good to be wasting your time in arseblog my friend.


Shame Giroud had to beat off the competition to win his award

See what I mean …

jack jack jack

Love it


And Koeman is gone. Inevitable I guess, though at 1-0 they were only two points behind us.

There isn’t much patience from fans at any club now.

Isaiah Rankin

Pretty sure a fat P45 is going to penetrate Ronald Koeman’s letterbox any minute now…

Isaiah Rankin

Not that I take any pleasure in seeing that. But Koeman was genuinely being touted as a potential Wenger-successor not all that long ago.

Does prove that things can be worse.

Andy Mack

There were ‘fans’ on here singing the praises of David Moyes, Paul Jewel and Owen Coyle (and many more) a few years back…
So yes things could be an awful lot worse.

Kung Fu Grip

I don’t recall Dim Tim or LeGroan ever being on here.


Let’s not forget that Roberto Martinez and Eddie Howe were also both very recently touted not only as Wenger’s replacement, but the replacement for whom Wenger should be sacked RIGHT NOW.


To be fair, we dont know how those guys would go managing a team with players of Arsenals quality. You can only work with what you have available, and other managers might be achieving what is expected with the players they have available.


They would be shit


As a fan of the Arsenal, I couldn’t give a toss about the fate of other clubs, however I find it worrying that the ownership of big clubs are so quick to fire managers. I would love see a stat that supports this one way or the other.

Andy Mack

The stats have been done, but I can’t remember where I saw them…
I think it showed that basically although a team that’s in the relegation zone around xmas has a fair chance (33% I think) that a new manager may prevent relegation, when it’s a mid-table (and above) team then it’s rare that the team improves. It does happen but IIRC less than 20% of the time…


The only stat you need in that regard is that Wenger’s length of tenure with us is more than double the sum of the tenures of every other manager in the league.


I know Wenger only considers wilshere in the attacking midfield position but is it so preposterous to play him in xhaka’s place? He played there well for england and if we have questions about how he might fare defensively, he won’t be worse than xhaka at any rate


Bad idea, and I like Wilshere. I agree he could/should play deeper than as a number 10, but alongside Xhaka (or Coq), not in place of him.


When he played in the “Xhaka role” for England, they were playing a diamond midfield, with two “workers/tacklers” on either side of him (e.g. Delph, Henderson, etc). At Arsenal, Xhaka doesn’t play with that kind of cover, and the only player even close to suited to that kind of role in the starting lineup is Ramsey, who’s busy running beyond our CF all the time. Wilshere would be all at sea and the same folks blaming Xhaka and clamoring for Jack’s inclusion would be tearing into him for defensive inadequacies.


Wilshere’s best passing is done when he’s on the move, his bursts are very important, this is why he must play further forward. Yes he has the ability to do that anchor role but the best of him will be seen with more freedom.

Glory hunter

Playing Jack as a DM is not only risky for a guy with such an horrendous injury record but Jack is an offensive player and although he’s tenacious and can do a job, it makes more sense to play to his strengths which is further up and get a tough no nonsense ball winner in January or next summer


It’s such a shame because I feel like our midfield will be where we lose the title. Not that we were ever going to TRULY challenge for the title this year. But AW could’ve brought in more cover in midfield. They didn’t even have to be world class. Just someone that could’ve given us another option there. An Adrien Silva that Leicester got, that Krychowiak who is on loan, maybe even William Carvalho. There were options there, or even go for a younger player. He was banking on Santi coming back, or what, using youngsters in midfield?


Xhaka seems be back at his best and therefore is irreplacable. Jack is a totally different type of player and both could be incorporated into the team.


A midfield of xhaka coq and wilshere with a front two of Ozil/Ramsey and Lacazette/Sanchez might be an option when we play away from home against stronger opposition especially teams that press well.


I wish Ramsey would like to support Xhaka as much as he likes to be up front.


I really felt ramsey’s penetration. Opened up a lot of space.


I pray to god ramsey doesn’t take this the wrong way.
Please time the runs.. please

Stuck on repeat...

Personally, being honest I am not Ramsey’s biggest fan. He’s a talented player no doubt (& has been both for us & Wales). Just find him a bit over rated based on current form. That being said he did have a good game yesterday. I just find it so frustrating that he is continually busy running beyond our CF all the time. It doesn’t matter who we are playing or necessarily our set up…it just continually happens. Whether this is AW endorsed is a separate matter. I think in part it is, but comes mostly from Ramsey himself as it… Read more »


Spot on. Except the part about him having a good game yesterday. So wasteful I found myself waiting for things to go wrong everytime he had the ball. Needs a break.

Tots of Jack

Personally, I think the three at the back system is meant to allow Ramsey the freedom of causing havoc and finding space when it suits him. Without his runs we’d be toothless up front. We’ve seen evidence of this when Elneny plays – good player, but doesn’t take any risks. It’s therefore up to the wide CB and even the wing backs to mind the space vacated by Ramsey.


Praise the attack but we need to improve defensive lapses.

Cech guilty of putting Granit under pressure for first but the Swiss who is indispensable going forward needs to be stronger. Went to ground to claim a foul far too easily.

Second goal Montreal culpable with horrible pass but Cech should have just cleared it.


I thought ramsey was one of our worst attacking players. He frequently turned it over/failed to make the correct pass. Plus he is literally the worst finisher ever, even if one of these over the top runs works. I’d be pro replacing him with an actual CM instead of a worse 10


Ramsey needs to be more clinical. That goal he scored against Galatasaray (or Fenerbahce, I forgot), was one of the most ridiculous goals I’ve ever seen. But when you look at Lacazette’s goal this weekend compared to the self-same chance that Ramsey skied over the bar by a fair margin, you can see a huge difference. I don’t expect him to be Lacazette but there is need for improvement. There is also the moment when Alexis lost his temper with Ramsey for missing a five yard pass to him. And then also the defensive lapses we saw earlier this season.… Read more »

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