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Wilshere reveals he’s doing UEFA coaching badge with BFG

Jack Wilshere has revealed that he’s already undertaking his UEFA B coaching badges at Arsenal having completed the FA’s Level Two coaching qualification while on loan at Bournemouth.

The England international confirmed he made use of the extra time off between matches at the Vitality Stadium to make a start on a possible future career on the training ground and says he’s lucky to have had the support of so many people inside the game, including Arsenal captain Per Mertesacker.

“Last year when I was at Bournemouth, because they’re not in Europe and didn’t have a midweek game, it seemed like an opportunity [to start on my badges],” Wilshere told the Arsenal Weekly Podcast.

“A few of the lads were talking about doing their Level Two [coaching badge] and I thought, I’m going to jump on it.

“I really enjoyed it, while I’m fit and playing and healthy I might not need it, but even if I’ve got another ten years left in me I don’t want to be at the end of my career and maybe have a year out and be thinking, what do I want to do…and then have to go through Level Two, UEFA B, UEFA A.

“I’m doing my UEFA B at the minute. Luckily I’ve got great facilities here at Arsenal, great players and the PFA and the FA have been great and really helpful. I’m going to complete that and then see what I want to do.”

Inspired by Per Mertesacker to keep studying, Wilshere also joked that the World Cup winner, who is due to take over as head of Arsenal’s Academy in the summer, might one day need an assistant.

“It was Per’s idea. I told him we’d done it at Bournemouth and we were chatting about it.

“He said, if you want to do it with me, I’m doing it. I was up for it. I think Per’s going to be great at that job [as Arsenal Academy Head]. He might need an assistant one day, you never know!

“He’s got that character, he’s a great captain even though he’s not playing [regularly]. He’s the most positive, he wants the team to do well and he’s a great example to young players.

“If you’re under-13 or under-14 coming through at Hale End he’s someone to look up to. I’m sure he’ll pass his knowledge on to them.”

For his part, Mertesacker says he’s pleased to have Jack’s company and thinks the pair of them undertaking their B Licence together is a good opportunity to get a new perspective of the game.

Also speaking to the Arsenal Weekly Podcast, Per said: “I asked him if he wanted to join me in developing the coaching skills. To start from the bottom to find out more about coaching and to change perspective a little bit.

“He was up for it, happy to do a little bit of extra, to get going. And to plan for something after his career, as well to improve, to change perspective, to learn more about the game and to learn more about himself.

“It’s helpful to see people in different environments and situations where you go together and improve together. I’m quite happy that we do it together and that I’m not on my own and that we can share information and share the work. Hopefully, we can improve and get our B Licence.”

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Have to say our boy Jack won The Arsenal fans back.


Decent to see Jack with his head screwed on right now. A seriously smart thing for him to do now while he is still as young as he is. Because when his playing days are eventually up it will be so much easier to transition straight out of that into a coaching role, then to lose momentum and have to do all of the badges and lose a couple of years.


The true fans never lost him


definitely brought a smile to my face.


I don’t understand why we haven’t given him a new contract yet! It’s as if we take these english players’ loyalty to arsenal for granted, and that was evident with Ox who apparently we didn’t offer a contract to until he had a year remaining. Personally I love the idea of Jack and BFG doing their badges together, they can both learn and benefit from each other a lot. Wilshere actually came through the youth ranks so he can shed some light to per on the struggles and what it’s like, and wilshere can learn from per’s attitude, his dedication… Read more »


Probably because, until the last handful of games, most of us wouldn’t of been all that surprised to see Jack go.

Lets not rewrite history here.


Please give him a contract coz Pep really adores him.


Future arsenal player-manager?


I can see that. It’s the year 2025, Wenger finally realizes he can’t win the league with arsenal so steps down against the board’s will – who offered him a new 2 year contract extension because they thought he was the best man to take arsenal forward and not because we weren’t ready to part ways yet. Wilshere is 32 and in the twilight of his career. Per who’s been academy head for 7 years expects to get the job and tells wilshere he’d make him is assistant manager. Instead, the club gives the job to wilshere, Per is so… Read more »


Never thought I would read on this forum a reference to ‘ In the year 25-25’ a song recorded in 1968 by Zager and Evans. Jesus I’m old enough to recall it on T.O.P at the time, good on yer. Hope Wenger has the grace t leave before then. See the ASG ( shareholders) want to ask what happens in 2 years, like all hope is gone till his contract expires!


Don’t get me wrong, I love Wenger and never want to see him sacked. I just hope he’d walk out on his own, and feel after winning the FA Cup last summer, he may have missed his opportunity to leave on a high.


Per for Arsenal manager in time?

Harish P

Depends how he does in the youth academy. Would love to see what him and Arteta can do as manager and assistant manager. Them two as captains really grounded the team and gave a general sense of calm and order after increasingly ridiculous seasons after the Incredibles were dismantled. Our team actually had solid leadership.


Per is such a leader. He and Arteta will go down as one of our most underrated signings. I wish Arteta was giving a role in the club as well. Good for Jack to have such foresight.


I think Arteta chose to go to City with his pal Pep. You can’t blame Arsenal for that.


I think arteta did the right thing following pep at city to be one of his direct assistants, rather than being assistant to the under 14s team at arsenal. The experience he’ll get working and learning first hand from pep will be invaluable, and I believe in 5 years time he’ll return to Arsenal at some capacity and apply what he’s learnt.


I’ll tell you what this says to me and what I’ve been suspecting since Jack’s return to Arsenal:


If he continues makes the right decisions we have a real gem on our hands.

All the best, Jack.


Spot on. One of our own. He’ll have more little niggles, we need to stay with him. He can still be world class.

Vincent Adultman

“If you’re under-13 or under-14 coming through at Hale End he’s someone to look up to”.

Unless you are standing on a stepladder, he’s someone that everyone looks up to.


Unlike Mert


Obviously my joke about Mert’s height was misunderstood.


The BFG is going to be a great manager, can’t wait to see him on the sideline in a top league one day. Good for Wilshere for starting the process, he certainly has a great variety of experiences to draw upon when dealing with young players.


Jacks looking very useful.

Involved brilliantly in the Giroux goal mid week, again useful against Everton.

Promising to see if we can use him next to Granit in the link role or indeed next to Coquelin as an alternative.

So at the moment we can have either of Jackbor Ramsey to pair up with Coquelin or Granit respectively.


Future manager and assistant?


Good boy

Bergkamp 3:16

He’s growing up before our very own eyes. From his debut to THAT match against Barcelona to his troubles to his injuries and loan move and now his return. Love you Jack. Arsenal forever. Onwards and upwards


I love this.
A player who clearly loves the game.
Complete contrast from Walcott’s comments a few months ago.
I’m completely torn on offering Jack a new deal, the pragmatist in me says it’s very hard to justify.
But the romantic in me is desparate for jack to stay and turn his career around.
He loves the club and I love the club we’ll always have that in common either way.

Bon Jello

I reckon given his own acceptance of his injury track record, and love for Arsenal, Jack would happily sign a contract that maintained his current salary, possibly with a few performance related bonuses, and for me, that seems a fair deal. I do know what you mean though, we’ve been here before getting swept up in the Wilshere whirlwind only for it to run into a barn door and be out for 18months… But look at a lot of our competition, all the successful teams have players that really understand the importance of representing their clubs, something Jack really takes… Read more »

Bon Jello

I know it’s popular, and occasionally on point, discussing the limitations/risks of playing either of these two, and as such people often focus on their weaknesses, but I am amazed at how a key ingredient that both exhibit is so often overlooked. These two have the power to bring genuine cohesion into the team. Per almost always gets the best out of our defensive players, and Jack does the same for our midfield and overall tempo, and to lesser degrees they both have positive impacts on players not playing directly near them. Call it pride, ambition, loyalty, fight, passion, motivation,… Read more »


I love to grab the game by the chumleys. Never heard that expression. Really made me chuckle

Bon Jello

Haha glad you liked it!


Aaaaaaaaa… we all thinking the same tingaa??




I like this article! Great job News Hound!

Bon Jello

Yeah, me too, nice and positive with some great insight! It’s nice hearing how Jack clearly looks up to Per with respect, and Per clearly sees Jack more as an equal than a student. This little glimpse at the human side of our more humble players is really appreciated!


I find if you really want to understand a subject then you should try teaching it. This could really improve Jack.s game on the field as well as help his maturity off it. Very positive step by him

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