Thursday, December 7, 2023

Report: Burnley 0-1 Arsenal (inc goal)

Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Monreal, Mustafi, Koscielny, Kolasinac, Ramsey, Xhaka, Iwobi, Alexis, Lacazette

Arsenal subs: Ospina, Mertesacker, Coquelin, Wilshere, Maitland-Niles, Welbeck ,Giroud

An injury time penalty from Alexis Sanchez provided Arsenal with a 1-0 win over a tough Burnley at Turf Moor this afternoon.

Nothing at all happened in the first 14 minutes because I couldn’t find a working stream, although people on Twitter said we were struggling, and when I turned on some Burnley lad leathered a shot off the post after Bellerin had lost possession.

Replays showed that Petr Cech got a touch and the lad who didn’t get the corner he should have got a yellow card for his complaints.

At the other end great work from Lacazette down the left provided Aaron Ramsey with a great chance, but the Welshman’s effort flew over the bar when he should have put the Gunners ahead.

Nacho Monreal was next to have a pop, cracking a shot from 30 yards not far wide of the post, and shortly afterwards Alexis almost found room inside the box but was tackled before he could get a shot away. Monreal had another go, firing over with his right, before Lee Mason awarded Burnley a free kick outside the area from which Robbie Brady forced Cech into a good save.

Xhaka somewhat wastefully whacked a shot over from 35 yards, Ramsey saw a shot blocked away for a corner and after it was cleared he provided a good cross for Kolasinac who headed wide, the last opportunity of the first half.

There were no changes at the break from either manager and Burnley failed to make the most of a chance to break, while Kolasinac had a shot blocked. Lacazette’s effort from just outside the box was on target but easy for Pope, and there was much more pressure from Arsene Wenger’s men in the opening part of the second period.

Gudmundsson tested Cech with a shot from distance, and the keeper was solid when a Brady free kick from a dangerous position was floated into the box. Another Lacazette attempt deflected wide with the keeper at full stretch, Ramsey shot over after getting on the end of an Alexis pass, and on 67 minutes the manager made his first change bringing on Wilshere for the ineffective Iwobi.

Bellerin was fouled in the box by Brady but Lee Mason played on, Kolasinac made a good run into the box but fired a cross to nobody, and Monreal had another pop that went over the bar.

Koscielny blocked a goalbound shot from Brady, Dufour fired over, and Burnley fans squawked with outrage when anoher Brady shot appeared to hit Koscielny’s arm outside the box.

Danny Welbeck replaced Lacazette in the 79th minute, Bellerin shot into the legs of a defender after a good Arsenal break, and the deadlock was almost broken when a Wilshere shot deflected wide with the keeper rooted to the spot.

The game headed into the final few minutes with not much happening at either end, although a good ball from Koscielny found Ramsey in the box but his shot on the turn was blocked by a Burnley defender.

There were two additional minutes at the end when it looked like nothing was going to happen but then a Xhaka ball was floated into the box and Lee Mason adjudged there had been a foul on Ramsey and pointed to the spot.

Alexis stepped up to take the and just about scored it, the keeper getting a hand to it but not enough to keep it out. 1-0.

For the second season in a row the Gunners left it right until the death to win at Turf Moor, and the three points put us into the top four.


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Typical Arsenal, always winning!


Though Lee mason gave us a penalty it seemed that he was bell bent on let Burnley nick it!!!!

Too Drunk To Be Offside

The little cherry on top to round off a great weekend.


Wow, nice power shift to the top 4! ;p


Solid performance from the team. Many reasons to be hopeful. But most importantly we haven’t conceded when Mustafi and Koscielney have started together. That’s how a team competes for trophies. Building from the back !

Woolwich Shepherd

I don’t think we’ve conceded more than one goal when Mustafi has played this year. I hope he sorts out his domestic issues and stays in North London.

David C

I couldn’t stand the commentators drooling over Sean Dyche all game. He is no better than Tony Pulis, his team plays such boring football.

Well done Arsenal! Bellerin should have had a penalty too.

nimble foot

they play better, much better than a Tony Pulls team

Sir Henry Norris\'s Brown Envelope

Yes. Bellerin should have got a penalty

Dan Hunter

Think we a little bit missed Özil today. Also felt we could have been a bit more direct and run at the defence more and try to get to the byline in the penalty box. But overall who gives a flying monkeys, we won!

Dave M

Same old Burnley, always cheating. How many times did a Burnley just fall over right in front on the ugliest referee in the world and he gives a free kick…

Cannot believe he actually gave that penalty (and it was absolutely a pen…as was the one on Bellerin)


Tough match, Burnley looked good and I bet their defence gets raided by bigger teams in the coming months/years.
Three smart Alex’s upfront weren’t enough for most of the match, only one shot on target all match for us before the penalty.
We are above Sp*rs. Well done to the team, glad to see the effort they put in.


Good to see spurs spursing again


sak mai deek Rio Ferdinand




Was cursing Lee mason the whole game, he was absolutely dreadful. Just glad he got that one right


Boy oh boy!!! I don’t care how we win. I’m so happy. May the ‘power shift’ be with you.


Late wins are definitely more enjoyable than any other kind.

Dan Hunter

But they don’t agree with my areolas

Ricky D

Thought that read arseholes for a second. Point still stands I guess


Well tough titties

Sir Henry Norris\'s Brown Envelope

I’d prefer three goals up in the first ten minutes.


Ask a Dortmund fan if they agree..


That was fuckin’ excellent!


Wow… Hats off! Great fight from everybody!


Same old Arsenal, always winning (late against burnley that is).
Never in doubt!

………….. ok we were poor today but I’ll fuckin take it.


poor today, what about ALL the other days we are poor


You must be our happiest supporter.


Proud of the boys… proper battling display….. and we got a penalty finally as we should of had one earlier….

Burnley gave 110% and we matched them….

Love it

Come on you gunners

Xhaka Demus, no pliers

God I love a last-minute winner

bob davis

A great win. It was never going to be easy. Above Sp—s as well. Let’s hope Man Shitty drop points!


Indian Gooner

Stopped counting on Man city to loose points a couple of weeks back. I don’t think we have got a chance of catching them right now. Infact wouldn’t want them to loose at all.. just to stop Man utd and that Moron from winning the PL.
Who cares about Man city as a club anyway.. they have got no fans at all. Not sure for whom are they going to win the title for.

Brilliant win today. Was just so sweet to win it in the 92nd minute after all their boos and jeers. Up the Arses.


As long they don’t go the whole season unbeaten. I would hate Arsenal not to be the only club who has done it in the PremierLeague

Indian Gooner

Totally. We all know.. going unbeaten in the PL happens once in a life and it is only possible by an extremely special team and an extremely special club.. so I don’t think.. there is even a need to think about it 😉


Hahahahahaha that was lovely!

Fucking Burnley players are really good at going down when touched.

Parisian Weetabix

It was such a weak refereeing performance – ok maybe some of them were fouls but it got to the point where Mustafi was understandably tearing his hair out because he’d barely touch Barnes and Barnes’d just drop and Mason would buy it. I get it, Burnley play for the free kicks because that’s their game, but it’s up to the referee to make it clear to them that they can’t just take a tumble whenever the fuck anyone just gets close to them and expect to get a free kick. Easy to point the finger at Burnley but to… Read more »


personally (and thanks to the win i’m admitting it) I think the monreal push could have been given too.

nimble foot

That was an offside on that ocassion, if it wasn’t, you can be sure we’d be reading a different comment thread


And Bellerin being sliced down

Max Fischer

I agree that Mason was rubbish today, but I’m not quite sure we can criticize him for not having the balls to make a controversial decision after awarding an away penalty in stoppage time. It was definitely a foul, but he had let that contact against us go unpunished all game long. Props to him for manning up and doing his job at the end.

Don Cazorleone

After booking Sanchez for brushing up against one of their defenders, he couldn’t not give a penalty for such a blatant push.

It was so so sweet though, after a whole game of being called cheaters every time we were fouled, to win after one of their players gets caught cheating… Well that’s just beautiful.


Sanchez wasn’t booked.


Well another controversial win on a late penalty to beat burnley at turf mordor.
What do they put in the training regimen over there that makes the players so dim and top heavy? They were flopping at every opportunity and taking ages to take free kicks, only to do the same thing with it. Couple that with their rotational fouling on alex iwobi and Aaron ramsey and it was like playing a pulis side.


Why was it controversial? It was a clear penalty and we should have had another one when Bellerin was brought down.


All that counts is that we’re above Sp*rs now. Woohoo!

SB Still

Let’s not get into the Tots mentality – just being better than the neighbours.

I know our expectations have been the lowest during the Wenger era. Hope Wenger can work his magic one last time and get us into a title challenge or at least finish as best of the rest – we are not that far off from the red cunts of Manchester who are 2nd currently.

It’s been a good weekend, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tots all dropping points.


Shame City needed the acrobatics of the Incredible Diving Raheem to win today.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Mason not the worst ref out there today. That’s pretty clear.


Well done especially against a physical side. Loved xhaka’s sliding challenge


Monreal (shooting aside) was the absolute bits today.


Was a penalty all day.The foul by Brady on Bellerin too.


Burnley falling like little boys all game. Justice served.


That was intense.
They’re a very well set up team.
Thought we should have had an earlier penalty on Bellerin…. happy the ref got the second one right.


That was sweet


Get in! Thought that was a thoroughly professional performance. Burnley looked a decent side but we defended strongly in the first half when they were on top and kept focus to the death.


It happened again! Bad Luck Burnley. It happened again!
My favourite score!


Same Old Arsenal, Always Winning!!!

BTW did anyone catch Ramsey and his emotions after the whistle? Jack was also mouthing off to someone. And Wenger walked up to Ramsey at the end and was trying to talk to him while Aaron looked visibly irked. Did anyone see that? Am I hallucinating???

nimble foot

Totally saw that. Could be some Burnley player calling him a diver or cheat or something. Painful to lose that way really but I’m glad we were on the winning end of it


Not sure about Rambo but I think Jack was saying something to a fan. Their fans were livid after the game and were no doubt hurling abuse at arsenal players.


looks like the away fan support gave us a final boost. Great to hear during the last 15 minutes where it has almost been a one way game.
Very good result, and feels great we don’t slip as our competitors open the door…


Happy with the result of course, less happy about all the “we are above spurs now” comments. Come on people, we’re a bigger, better club than them. Stop lowering us to that bunch of toss, we have bigger fish to fry!

Clock-End Mike

You’re right, of course. But it’s still good to be back where we belong above the middlesex side…


Its the Arsenal YouTube channel that’ll lower us to that lot’s level if they make another embarrassing video like they did after the NLD.


Burnley playing in that manner fully deserved that loss, not saying we played exceptional too, but fuck my life, never seen such incompetent referee like that bald fool. How Ramsey get battered and practically injured be a foul for burnley i’ll never ever know.
3 points


Or Brady wiping out Bellerin in the box and no penalty given in spite of the linesman being right there watching.



Nothing shocks anymore with these referees. Who would have thought a small touch in a sport where contact is practically inevitable, ends up being a silly foul or worse, a time wasting type of foul, where stupid and inept referee like stupid ass cunt will continuously fall for smh

Andy Mack

You know a ref hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing when he gives this;

Godfrey Twatsloch

Someone please edit that into this!

Godfrey Twatsloch

You’re right actually. The most shocking decision of the match was when the ref finally granted a penalty in the dying moments.


What a win! Dramatic win! Winning dirty! That’s the champions mentality. I must commend the defence line of Burnley, exceptional throughout the game. The guy who gifted the penalty stood out during the game. It would have been heart rending if we didn’t take up the vacuum left by “turtleharm”. Bellerin’s game has dropped big time. Alexis composure for the penalty spells out how big players makes the difference.


Thought we were excellent today. I was especially impressed with Mustafi and Iwobi. Good to silence that moaning Burnley crowd as well.

Sir Henry Norris\'s Brown Envelope

I tjought we were shit. Every time we got the ball we were square, backwards until they were organized then we attempted something. Every time they had the ball they were on attack. We have to speed it up


Great game I thought, fast-paced and fully committed by both sides.

Thought Ramsey and Alexis were quality today and never stopped working. Bellerin had an iffy performance but great battling from us, which is all any of us want. It they play with that kinda desire every game we’ll turn over most teams.

Well deserved win for that second half performance. Top four and onwards now…

Xhaka Card

Hey Rio! did you want that bet mate? hows that tipster career working out for ya?


Are our players think “oh chance to drop our level” when other big teams drop points, instead of making sure we take the chance to go up to the table?
I take the away 3points from good Burnley side though


Kudos to wenger for putting the spotlight on the referees weeks before…. on a good day many of those aren’t given to us

lovely arse

Ha ha. What a win. Plus every time the cameras showed dyche, all I could see was a testicle with a malfunctioning voice box. Cheers Blogs!




Iwobi was pretty poor today. I don’t think he’s our heir apparent to Mesut Ozil but he is young yet. I think Miguel Almiron from Atlanta United would surprise a lot of people.

Frustrating day for the most part but got a well deserved win in the end. COYG!

nimble foot

He wasn’t “pretty poor”. Dropped off during the second half but to sum up his performance as pretty poor is pretty poor


Wednesday nite is gonna be massive now

Gunnerfan ov palace

Back up in top four and both teams needed the win get in there arsenal fc


I was very nervous when I saw Alexis grab the ball for the penalty. But so relieved and happy when he started running in celebration!


Burnley players dropping to the ground like flies when any arsenal player touches them.

Teryima Adi

My! Were those guys stubborn. Thank God for the three points in the bag. We need such breaks in the course of the season to end in the top four. This is how low we have descended (Kroenke out!) that we are playing for a Champions League spot some couple of games into the season. So help us, Jesus.

Alexis Signitplease

Why are Stoke playing dressed as West Ham these days?


“Same old Arsenal, always… justifiably been awarded a decision which isn’t remotely controversial but it somehow becoming a talking point to take the merit away from the players and manager for, despite not being perfect, performing pretty soundly against a team that is actually being patronised (as well as the viewers) when commentators and pundits frame them as victims in the same old false narrative constructed week in week out whenever Arsenal perform reasonably well against a reasonably well organised team and attain the three points.”

Not sure the tune will catch on…


Only one team was trying to win in the last 15 mins, so fully justified result. Well, done lads for keeping going right to the end.
Is this a good moment to say Wenger Out?
No, thought not.

Alexis Signitplease

Hilarious and enjoyable as it was, the result papered over a worryingly drab performance. Apart from the Ramsey miss from Kola’s brilliant cross, we were hopeless on the counter-attack. It was like we hadn’t prepared for that eventuality, just expected Burnley to sit in their own third. They did defend well, but our interplay was slow and overly deliberate. frequently trying the incisive pass after the second touch when it was too late, or checking back, or making the pass juust behind the advancing player. We also didn’t cope well with the high press. OK, we didn’t give a goal… Read more »


Mason Jar was absolutely appalling. Blowing for every little dive by Brady. I thought we were going to more than likely concede the penalty for a silly challenge of nothingness. As it was, it was a pretty drab affair with us asserting close to little control on the game, lots of panicky passages of play, no real tempo and poor application on final ball. Much of it was down to Burnley marking man for man where we preferred to stand in zones or attack with a static perimeter. It all felt like we were going to waste any dividends we… Read more »

Richard Krivonozka

I think your assessment is very generous towards them and harsh on us. This match was a war of attrition, the kind of match I thought the premiership has seen the last off now we’ve seen the last of the likes of Pulis and Warnock. They were playing percentages, being very cynical playing for soft free kicks and following through on many of their challenges. Free kicks are the bread and butter of long ball teams and they played for them throughout, in the end when Ramsey felt two hands on his back he went over as easily as they… Read more »

Richard Krivonozka

Also, Sean Dyche showed exactly why Everton aren’t beating on his door.

Fireman Sam


Monkey knees

We are above the scum. On Chelski and Yoonarted’s tails. Think Citeh have the title already, but i love us winning against tough sides away like this. Ill take scrappy 3 points away, and swatting teams aside, like sluds, all season long. I think we can challenge.

For 2nd.

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