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Wenger: I always try to go to the end of my contract

Arsene Wenger says a remark hinting at a post-season review of his position, made at last month’s AGM, has been taken out of context and that his conversation with the board won’t be out of the ordinary.

The confusion, if we can call it that, stems from a remark towards the end of his annual address at October’s feisty meeting between fans and club officials.

“I question myself a lot, don’t worry, to be better every single day,” he said at the time. “And I will sit down every year with my board to see where I go from there.”

Questioned about the line by beIN SPORTS, the boss, whose current contract lasts until June 2019, clarified that he maintains an ambition to see it through to the end.

“I said I sit down with the board at every end of season and see where we will go from there, so that’s not exactly the same,” he said.

“Sometimes as well, you make a sentence and people turn it the way they would like to go.

“I have a two-year contract, I will always try to go to the end of my contract, but will always have the honesty to sit down with the board and to see where we go from there. That’s quite simple.”

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Fair enough, honourable guy, whatever you think about him.


Honourable lol. He’ll slink out like the coward he is when Ozil and Sanchez piss off, and he’s set to lose Wilshere, Mertesacker, Cazorla and Szczesny for practically nothing as well.

Amazes me to think people cannot see what’s coming for this club. When he hopefully leaves, the detritus left behind makes us nothing more than mid-table team incomparable to the squad Wenger inherited.

To think, we could have had Guardiola if the egomaniac had put the club ahead of himself.


What a nasty toxic disrespectful so called supporter you are. To call Aw a coward is disgusting. You can’t even get your facts right. Szczesny has already been sold and Mert is retiring at end of season to take up a coaching role with us. Cazorla is still recovering from an appalling injury and there is no indication that Jack will be leaving.


Fucking hell Martin ‘nasty toxic’ it’s like all you read is magazines about celebrity relationships


Yeah, he’s a coward alright. Could have had any job – according to himself – but chose to stick with Arsenal. Wonder why? Hmmm. Something to do with never being made accountable for losing no matter how often he underperforms. He wouldn’t last a year at any proper big club and he knows it. Arsenal is his retirement home and he’s pottering around like a deluded od fart sucking the life out of the place because he can’t bring himself to retire, aided and assisted by an owner who only cares because Wenger will go out of his way to… Read more »


He didn’t leave and took the challenge, therefore he’s a coward!

He will leave, therefore he’s a coward!

It quickly becomes apparent therefore who the real coward is – the one without the courage to think.

Some miserable twat, on the other side of the screen.

Dan Hunter

Could have had any job.. The reason he stays is because of his ego, he does not get the same dictatorial position in any other club. He gets to be emperor of Arsenal football club with no one allowed to interfere in his kingdom. The worst thing a manager can do is make you fall out of love with football. I have fallen out of love with football because of the past few years


You have heard what Szczsney has done recently?


You bring shame upon our good name.
Where is Rambling Pete when you need him?


I love Arsene and it’s as simple as this. Arsenal has never been a sell out, get-success-quick club. There is an ingrained feeling of class and dignity throughout. Victory through harmony etc. Wenger is one of the last remaining that holds these values. This is the reason why Kroenke was appointed owner instead of Usmanov. He is silent Stan – a long-distance and risk-free owner who will not interfere with Arsene’s running of the club as it has been for two decades. It is not a question of competing with richer owners as Stan (worth $8 billion) actually could, rather… Read more »

Al Ameen

Thats all true. I also love the way Wenger handles things and will always say the board if maybe not the fans should be lucky to have him. As for the fans question the lack of trophy to the players and the board.


Class and diginity is what you hold on to as an Arsenal’s fans’ pathetic excuse for failure. “Oh, we never win anything, but thats ok because were a ‘classy club'”. What was classy about the AGM? What’s classy about charging fans the highest ticket prices in Europe for persistent undeprformace. What’s classy about a ower, CEO and manager all jerking each other off so they can make heaps of money at fans’ expense? Classy club, don’t make me laugh. Lost its class the day Kroenke took over and gave Wenger the keys, aided and abetted by that clown Gazidis and… Read more »

Jimbo Jones

I feel so many fans get confused between what you should look for in an financial investment and what to look for in a Football club?

Tell me what you gain from our current approach? Are you personally profiting? Are you reaping the benefits? Does the club pay your mortgage?

Football is about competing to be the best you can be…. not growth, revenue, net spend, share price, depreciation and amortisation. That’s the shit I worry about it work.

I respect Wenger for everything he has done for the club but he should have left as he can l

Jimbo Jones

….as he can no longer take us forward in a sporting sense.

Let’s remenber what Football is about shall we!!!

Fuck…. perhaps my kids will grow up supporting FTSE100 companies because of their sustainability strategies!!!!

Dan Hunter

My God, what a deluded comment


You may criticize Wenger for his tactics and on the field decisions. But to disrespect and slander one of the greatest or possibly the greatest manager this club has had on a personal level is absolutely disgusting and unbecoming. I agree that he should’ve left earlier when he had the chance and dissent him for continuing on. But there is a way of expressing that dissent. Come what may I will never question his desire or the work he puts in. He probably doesn’t have the ability to transform that into major success anymore. But he unquestionably has genuine love… Read more »


If he doesn’t have the ability, as you say, his decision to stay is entirely selfish and not one born out of love for the club


Though I want him to leave, it is comments like this that make me half want Wenger to stay on even longer. Wenger has integrity. It is hard to be in a top position at any corporation (yes, sorry) that size for so long without losing it. We may look back even on these days with fondness, but it appears to be a risk we have to take.

That said, condemning the manager like you have is uncalled for and says more about you and less about him.


Debatable. Would an honourable manager have seen his team function the way it did last year, and then sign a new contract in the Summer rather than allow someone with new ideas take the team forward? I don’t doubt his loyalty but can’t help feeling it’s misplaced at this point.


“Sometimes as well, you make a sentence and people turn it the way they would like to go.”

Just like you see a decision and turn it the way you want people to perceive it every time Arsenal let in a goal.


I always wondered if you read each other’s blogs!


I don’t really understand why he does this. He is smart enough to know the words he uses and could nip these things off at source much quicker. In the same interview he referenced expected goals (wtf) but according to opta his figures are wrong. This constant misdirection of his own supporters doesn’t help the fans. To say players entering the final year of their contracts is an ideal situation but then to blame the transfer window uncertainty for the loss at Liverpool! If spurs beat us, expect the deflection. There will be something to distract the media which they… Read more »

John C

Maybe because he’s not half as smart as you or more importantly he thinks he is

JJ\'s Bender

…or as John C thinks he is apparently

John C

I think he’s stupid to answer your question


Mate, you have been in the same job for f***ing 21years..please stop telling us about this end of contract bullshit.


Much ado about nothing.

What else would we really expect from the press?

Dan Hunter

The press is simply quoting him. Arseblog is part of the press also. His comments speak for themselves. All these interviews serve to do is show just how out of touch Wenger is with reality.


For all the admiration I have for his passion and dedication to arsenal and football, I also smell some selfishness in his decision to not step down… Coz he clearly knows that he can’t win the titles.. and since inspite of this he has opted to continue, shows that for him, his values are more important to him than winning. Values are clearly important, but winning is too which is where Wenger is getting it wrong. He is attaching excessive importance to his values. Wenger still nurtures a thinking that arsenal cannot compete with the best because the top clubs… Read more »


The inflation of transfers has weakened whatever coffers we had

For his dislike of nations buying clubs he seems to have no issue with working for bein sports who own psg. He doesn’t need the money


i dont mind that arsenal doesnt spend as much as city united or chelsea or that asenal is not winning title . But I always says this , at the very least we should be performing better than the likes of spurs and lliverpool who spends considerably less than us. if we are spending more than them and still finished behind spurs for the second year in a row , what does that tell us about arsene wengers job . He’s completely lost it , young managers like pochettino is showing us how to run the club even without the… Read more »


Wow. Doesn’t take much for the sensitive sausages in here to get in a tizz.

He’s clarifying an answer from a previous question, as asked by the interviewer. Get over it.


Wish he could just fuck off


He doesn’t care about the fans, all he cares about is his his footballing philosophy and Arsenal’s and his own wallet. And the Arsenal board are cowards to let him use Arsenal as his own personal playground, with no demands for results. I kinda feel sorry for the players, even with all the money they get, they could have had so much success at other big clubs. Özil; wasted here. Sanchez; he still delivers, but for what? FA-cups and fourth place trophies? Well woopeedoo!


This is just absurd! Wenger clearly cares deeply about the club and its fans (much more than anyone else at the club). Whether he’s past it or not is something else. And don’t speak about money either as PSG offered to double his salary to manage them at the end of last season. People are just pathetic, aimlessly crucifying the last man left at the club who is ‘Arsenal’.


He didn’t go to psg because the expectation is to really challenge in the cl. He can’t tactically he’s weak. Fucking celtic put up more of a fight and asked more questions of bayern than we ever did.

The negative press he would get would limit the chance of him ever getting the France national job


Arsene appears tactically weak because he chooses it. This is a moral high ground crusade. Fuck results and all that, at least we played the prettiest football (NOT)!


Tactically weak! He best some of the biggest teams in europe! In amazing matches spare me but arsene wemger gave me some of the best european memories in my.life… you just hsve to accept that we couldnt compete woth the big spenders from.2013 onwards but we managed a few fa cups! 2008 and 2006 were yesrs where wr had both hands on the ucl cup but were unjustly refereed out of them… we even best barcelona on 2011 and we had. Aplayer sent off which caused us to lose the second leg… stop the hes tactically weak bullshit u know… Read more »

John C

He treats the fans with comtempt


Sadly he does. Tilts his head says how much he loves the club and people’s hearts melt. He is good in front of a camera but he speaks to please the immediate audience. Oblivious or more likely couldn’t give a fuck it contradicts what he said previously


Ah, one of the Wenger “let’s not go overboard” and “everybody has an opinion” apologists.

Think about it. Arsenal is a free haven for him. This place offers money, but more importantly SECURITY for him to do as he wants. Which he would never have at PSG or any of the other top club in the world.

And Arsene and Arsenal is NOT the same.

JJ\'s Bender

Great point Rosicky. Shame other people can’t see it

JJ\'s Bender

Tell me about it! I hate winning trophies, all that happiness and joy, urgh!

Tottenham are so lucky they haven’t had one in years

Lord Bendnter

I can imagine Wenger booking Meeting Room 233 for 9am.
He enters at 9am, no one’s there. He waits for two hours, no one shows up. Wenger leaves the room.
Apparently, Wenger had never sent out the email to anyone else.
Result: Wenger stays another year.

Frank Bascombe

Excuse me ‘Pete’ but the squad Wenger inherited was half hanging out for relegation prior to Rioch’s arrival. Dennis got a goal in the final game of the season that ensured European football and we all went nuts. If you’re going to reference the past, at least get it right

John C

He inherited a 5th place team and will probably leave a 5th or quite possibly 6th place one.


The horror for me, In January Sanchez and Ozil will be gone, and Ramsey will still be at Arsenal. Wenger out


If we fail to hit the minimum top 4 again…likely he will throw in the towel.

I think he will be under consideration for France boss end of next summer.

And Deschamp or Blanc may be candidates for us.


Doubt it santori he will be even more determined to put things right


Doesn’t matter, really. We need to plan without Arsene, as he will be heading into the final year of his contract, making his ability to recruit talented players diminished. The longer we have no succession plan in place, the weaker it will make our entire organization appear.

Winterburn Wanderers

The question remains – Wenger: In or Out?

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