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Wenger: It was a strong push and a penalty

Burnley’s howls of derision filled the air when Lee Mason pointed to the spot in injury time, believing that the award of a penalty was an injustice the likes of which the world has never seen before.

As you would expect, Arsene Wenger doesn’t share that view, and says that Aaron Ramsey told him he’d been on the end of a ‘strong push’ from Burnley defender James Tarkowski.

Alexis Sanchez duly dispatched the penalty, making it 1-0, and giving the Gunners yet another late win over Sean Dyche’s side (how they must hate the sight of us).

Speaking afterwards, the manager said, “From outside, it looked like a clear penalty. I felt there was one on Bellerin as well.

“I can understand that Burnley are disappointed with that, but from outside it looked like a penalty.

“When you speak to him [Ramsey], he didn’t throw himself on the ground. He said he wanted to go back and flick on the ball.

“He was pushed in the back and he has a problem in his neck from the push. He said it was a very strong push.”

And in this crazy, topsy-turvy world we live in, there is only one thing you can rely on: a man who wants to save rhinos would never lie.

Suck it up, Burnley.


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I do feel bad for burnley in the sence that Nacho pushed one of theirs in the back and they got sod all.
But its not arsenals fault that the FA employ blind referees.


That one was a clear offside first.

Teryima Adi

Tell him, Bro. Maybe he was sleeping instead of watching the game.


Ashley Barnes was offside. Burnley players dived all the game. Fuck them

The offside flag was up when nacho pushed him

Man Manny

Monreal’s was no push. The ball had swung out of reach and the player suddenly stopped running. Monreal had no option but to attempt to break his own stride with his hands on the guy’s back.
Ramsey was moving towards the ball, and Tarkowsky literally shoved him away from the line of flight of the ball. Correct decision by the referee on both incidents.


Have you watched the game?

Monreal put his hands on his back I give you that was it a push? Maybe a little bit you are right the offside the linesman didn’t flag him offside either. There was also another offside that they didn’t pick up on but hey we are use to this quality officiating from the FA.

Bellerin was literally wiped in the box and Brady should have seen another yellow. So there is justice. Sorry Burnley for spoiling your Mason show!



Monreal did not have one of his better games.

We were lucky we weren’t awarded against because it certainly felt like one of those games (as in mid week recently) we’d be punished for not taking our chances (Ramsey) and given a soft penalty against.

As it was, Mason jar seems to have done us a favour with his fondness of blowing.


You mean the ref who didn’t see Bellerin sliced down and penalty not given. Yes you’re right he was poor but no need to show any sympathy towards Burnley.


Yeah reffing standards these days are terrible, and I didn’t forget it just didn’t want to post a detailed match analysis


Poor Burnley kittens, my heart is bleeding.

David C

Bellerin penalty was more of a pen than the Ramsey one!!!


Monreal could have two footed one of them in the chest in the last minute and got away with it I’ll still never feel bad for them or any opposition haha

Man Manny

I have seen worse decisions. Sterling and Monreal comes to mind. This one was as stonewall as they come. The guilt on the face of Tarkowsky said it all. It was a push all day long. Lee Mason had a mare all day long but he got that spot on.


At least Mason is consistent, even if it’s at being horrible. Barnes was getting all the calls whenever Mustafi touches him from the back, and if he defines that as a foul then Mason definitely needs to call for the penalty. It was a big big call, penalty for the away side at the last minute of a hard fought game, where a draw seems fair. For the life of me I thought he’d let it pass (as is the case most times with us, one rule for us but another rule for the rest of the league), but he… Read more »

Wenger\'s Medulla Oblongata

Only caught the last 20-odd minutes (so, missed the Bellerin penalty shout) but, from what I saw of the game, my thoughts were “this is gonna be decided by a penalty”.

Indian Gooner

That clearly was a penalty. We infact should have had another one. I guess the ref was waiting for the 92nd minute to award it after all their boos and jeers. Must have felt sweet.


It wasn’t as if we were enjoying Fergie time.

Well within the time frame of the match.

And they thought they were home and dry with the draw.


Irony, Burnley were diving all over the place at the slightest brush of fabric hoping for a penalty. Mason Jar obliged them with a good number of free kicks…thankfully we were lucky we did not do anything idiotic in front of him in the box. Seemed like if anyone was going to be punished it would have been us. Then rolling into time added and you got the feeling it would be another of those days where it would be declared the final nail in the coffin for our top four aspirations never mind title by the ever obliging media… Read more »


I was jumping up and down so much I never really saw the replay. Was surprised he gave it as I thought he was pretty biased towards Burnley till then. That Ramsey free before half time??? Anyway!! Happy daze everyone!!!! Yeowwwwww


It certainly was a penalty, but a dumb play by the Burnley player as Ramsey wasn’t going to get to the ball. Will certainly take it.


Exactly. Two hands on the back blantant shove. Stupid defending, cost his side 2 points. Why is it being reported as controversial? Cos it was in the 92 minute? Cos the score was level at the time? Cos Burnley are a small club and the rules shouldn’t be applied to them the same way as they are to us? Brilliant result, btw.


Play to the final whistle…that’s what great sides do. Are we not allowed to have penalties in extra time? 😀


Good side arsenal hey 3 games 1 won with handball 2 nd guy offside then penalty given
Then today it took 92 minutes before the penalty.very lucky arsenal.

Stringer Bell

Ramsey was gonna try a flick, he told Wenger. He is one of the best flickers around ?


OTOH considering our allergy to travel and poor away form in recent outings, this is indeed a great step in the right direction. Huddersfield next. Lets cull the goal differential to Chelski too.


Ramsey must be having a dislocated collarbone or broken rib too. There’s a time at the end of the first half when he jumped straight in the air to play the ball and some cu nt just jumped across into him and the stupid ref gave Burnley the free kick.

You just feel an arsenal player can get shot and we get punished for blocking it


Yeah. I was thinking he stopped the play for a dropped ball. Let’s face it, the ref was incompetent.


Clear penalty and should’ve been our second. How Mason managed to miss Bellerin getting cleared out I’ll never know.


Honestly don’t see the controversy here. Clear penalty, even Sean Dyche said it was a penalty (and then bizarrely complained that “but it’ll never not be given” – well, yeah, if it’s a penalty, it should never not be given…not sure brains are Dyche’s strong suit). Feels like people are trying to invent controversy where there is none.

I’d be gutted to lose a game like that if I were Burnley but it was a clear penalty.

David Hillier\'s luggage

100%. Pretty much every pundit and commentator seemed to agree it was a penalty, even the mangers thought as much, yet ‘media outlets’ seem hell bent on branding it “controversial”.

I wouldn’t care about the narrative the media churns out if it weren’t for the fact media hype around an incident branded ‘diving’ can bring it to the League’s attention to be reviewed. Further, unfairly, it subconsciously singles out players as ‘divers’ to refs (expect that tw*t Dele Alli, who seems to get away with diving week in week out).

Godfrey Twatsloch

I’d say the push was not so strong but the penalty was strong enough to give us the points we needed.

Suck it up, Barnsley!


Yes, Barnsley should just suck it up.


Yeah fuck you Barnsley


may be Burnley too

Andriy Arse-shoved-in

Yeah, and maybe Barnes of Burnley too.


It was a penalty.

When Lee Mason called Ramsey for a foul after going for that header, standing but yards away, it is difficult to construe any Arsenal bias by Lee Mason.

The constant victimhood mentality demonstrated by the Burnley fans drove me crazy. Do they like being constantly miserable?

They played well, I respected the team and especially the manager who was having kittens at the end. But the player was pushed and it was a penalty. Lesson from this? Arsenal always cheating – no. Maybe don’t push players in the box – yes!


He has a problem in his neck from the push.
God bless Arsene.
Luv it!

Teryima Adi

A man who wants to save rhinos would never lie. I like that.
An enjoyable win, anyway. Bring on Huddersfield on Wednesday. They are there for the taking. COYG.

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