Wenger: Santi’s latest setback is difficult to take


Less than two weeks since he described Santi Cazorla’s injury as the worst he’d seen during his managerial career, Arsene Wenger has been left reeling at the news that the Spaniard has had to undergo a ninth operation on his Achilles.

The boss had been hoping the Spaniard, 32, might be available from January onwards, however, it sounds as though the latest setback could disrupt that timeline.

Speaking after yesterday’s 5-0 win over Huddersfield, Wenger was full of sympathy for a player who has endured a horrific year on the sidelines.

“That is for me, the disastrous, sad news of the day. I feel really sorry for Santi. He is a guy I admire, that we all love here, who came into training every day with a smile because he loved so much the game.

“For him not to be available for us, it is a big blow. But for him, as well, it is something that is difficult to take and I hope despite what happened…I don’t know exactly well. I have been informed medically but I have not read any report.

“I hope he will be alright and back with us in January. That was planned originally. I don’t know what happened in the surgery. I don’t know if it will put him back or not. I have to speak to the doctor on Thursday morning.”

As ever, our thoughts are with Santi and we wish him a speedy recovery from the latest operation.


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Would love to see Santi back on the pitch playing his brilliant football with his usual smile on his face.

Fingers crossed.


You have to wonder how much more his ankle can take? Surely they cant keep operating on it.

Does anyone know what the setback is? Did the infection comeback?


This is sad. Very sad.


Such a cruel fate for our Santi 🙁

tz gooner

poor santi

Cliff Bastin

There is genuinely only one Santi Cazorla. I can’t think of any present or past player that’s quite like him. Mayyybe Rockybut with even better technique.


Gutted for the bloke ! My hope is that he recovers as soon as maybe and gets back to his family for Christmas whether he plays for us or even ever again is irrelevant just now his health is all that matters ! Merry Christmas Santi to you and yours and let’s hope the coming new year is free from pain for you .If you come back and play for us again I shall be overjoyed for you as much as for us .


Hate to say it, but maybe it’s time to let Santi go. Really don’t like the thought of him getting on the pitch again risking the injury getting even worse and never being able to play football again


We sang, last night, we sang for Santi.


That was a really moving moment.


Loved that last night. Heard it well on television.

David C

we heard and we were proud! Surprised the commentators didn’t pick up on it.


We need to do so again on saturday when the ground will be more full and the atmosphere better.


Definitely mate! Let’s all sing for santi, even the people at home


Keep fighting santi


So unfortunate. The selfishness of what he brings to our team aside, just hope that he can recover enough to have a normal life after he hangs up his boots. Yeah, you could say he won’t have a “normal life” anyway given the money he’ll have earned in his playing days but to be physically able to run around with his kids any father will tell you is priceless. All the best Santi


Santi seems like such a nice individual, the fact he might not be able to run around with his kids again, let alone play football, is massively disheartening. Doubly so when you consider the fact that there are ex-footballers out there living healthy lives in retirement who have gone on record as saying they have gone out to injure specific players during their career. 🙁