Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Wenger: We never dropped our focus

Arsene Wenger says Arsenal produced a high-quality performance for the full 90 minutes of their 2-0 win over Sp*rs.

Goals from Shkodran Mustafi and Alexis Sanchez put the Gunners firmly in charge at the break and while chances to extend the lead after the break were squandered, the boss was pleased with the concentration of his players.

“I think we played with purpose, good concentration, the desire to always be efficient and with great solidarity,” he told afterwards.

“From the first to last minute the quality of our concentration was very high, we never had a minute where we felt that we dropped a little bit of our focus.

“Overall it was a very intense game when you look at the physical performance of the two teams. It’s absolutely through the roof, so that means the with the distances the players produced, it was an immense performance on both sides.”

Having complained about the quality of the refereeing at the Etihad two weeks ago – when Arsenal conceded two goals from controversial decisions – Wenger might have been thankful for the rub of the green this time around.

The boss was having none of it though, dismissing the importance of Shkodran Mustafi being adjudged onside when the linesman might easily have raised his flag.

“Last week we conceded a goal that was not marginally offside, that was a yard offside and that nobody found a word to say.

“I watched the one again and I’m not sure it was offside and it was a foul, so suddenly when we concede the goals it’s absolutely normal, and when we are a yard offside maybe you have to answer that in a press conference.”

Wenger was equally dismissive of the media’s focus on a power shift in north London after a week of questions about Sp*rs’ recent improvement.

“We did not listen as much as you think to the national debate that is among you. We focus, we live inside our own club and we focus what is important for us and people have a perception about us, about the game and we have to live with that. We can only give one answer and it’s always on the football pitch.”

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You’ll always be shit. You’ll always be shit. T*ttenham H*tspur, you’ll always be shit.


Aint it the truth

Arse City Blues

Wow. Just looked at BBC sport headlines. Man U thrashed them, City dominate them, Liverpool are fucking awesome, Chelsea are trojans. “Arsenal beat spurs for the first time since 2014″…

They really hate us don’t they. Pathetic, and so blatant. Even trying to ensure a loss by employing Dyke Mean to try to hamper us.

It just makes winning all the sweeter for me.

Up the Arse!

Arse City Blues

Oh, and Delle Ali, what a shitcunt.


How much it pisses them off that they’re beloved Tottenham lost makes it double as good! They can drown in their sorrows because nothing can wife the smile off my face! Game was at 4:30am here, had an important meeting at 10am, only got about 3 hours of sleep, but I’ve never been more energized! I literally have a spring in my step! COYG!!!!


Except possibly the wife

Kwame Ampadu Down

Why this obsession with the media? Pretty much everything I’ve read & heard has been along the lines that the Totts may have been unlucky with some decisions but that they were well beaten regardless & can have no complaints. Which is pretty much what they said about us after city game. Seems fair enough & consistent, no?

Why not just enjoy the win, brilliant as it was?

The alchemist

It’s called fake news….

Jean Ralphio

I was thinking we should start the game with a 433 where we could play with Iwobi or Wilshere with AOL. Glad I’m not the manager. But it’s something we can try, it’ll surely get us more goals? For now 3 at the back seems ok as our default formation

John Noshi

“We can only give one answer and it’s always on the football pitch”
More of this please! COYG


Fair enough


Wenger out, clueless old bastard hasn’t got the first idea how to manage, etc, etc….


Disrespectful toxic supporter who forgets exactly how he transformed this club.


Think he’s being sarcastic…


Wow Martin, just wow.

Danger Mouse

Jeez, he’s being sarcastic folks, calm down.


Figured they both were


Little bit sensitive?

Stuck on repeat...

…& cue blinded supporter ready to jump to the defence of AW over any & everything (despite his obvious occasional failings)…even when it’s blatantly not required.

Manager did great, team did great, great performance & fantastic result.


Some people really don’t get this sarcasm stuff at all, even if it’s explained three or four times in the thread before they post their comment.


Top man, Goonerrific. Like.


Arsenal please don’t suck at turf moor after such an incredible performance!!


Just be happppy and no insecuritieeeeeees

Cliff Bastin

Hakuna matata. It’s a wonderful phrase.


We stomped them and the pundits will question the refs but we have to kick on and show that that’s how we play.

Cliff Bastin

I seem to remember Ramsey losing focus outside our box but at least that gave us the chance to see Mustafi’s Monster block.


Slipping = losing focus?????

Rambo G

Slippy Rambo… Needed a change of shoes


Mike Dean had a good game…by his standards and bias 😀

Stuck on repeat...

Credit where credit is due to AW & his efficiency. Thought we were tough today as well, which proves we can be both…when we want to.

Arsene Ball

We can sit back n relax on a lovely Sunday… #coyg

Forest Gooner

Pundits out


Everything he said was really true. The focus was there. The tricky part is keeping for games like this. He always says this team is special or that there is something special in them and I find myself really searching for it in games like Watford or Palace last season. How could anyone think that that team is special? But then you have games like this and against Chelsea in the cup final and you think – yep maybe. And I think this is where the ‘we need an Adams’ or ‘we need a Viera’ narrative comes in. We all… Read more »


I for one would be extremely surprised if we won the CL this season


haha. steady now.

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