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Wenger: We’ll think about letting Ozil and Sanchez go in January

Arsene Wenger says that although no decision has been made regarding the futures of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez, the club will have to think about the possibility of moving them on when the transfer window opens in January.

Both players have contracts which expire next summer, and the Gunners could hold onto them until then, but the ability to source top quality replacements would be made a little easier if some money was received.

Ozil cost a then club record £42.5m in August 2013, while £35m was splashed out on Sanchez the following year. If both were to leave on a free, it would be a huge financial write-off, and with interesting in Sanchez from Man City and Atletico Madrid and Manchester United reportedly keen on the German there could be options.

The Frenchman was speaking to beIN Sport, as he seems to do during every international break now, and he was asked about the futures of his two stars.

“No decision has been made on that front,” Wenger said.

“Do we let anyone go in January? We’ll have to think about that to see where we stand with them at the end of December.”

No doubt there’ll be many considerations. The state of play in the Premier League, the offers received, who those offers are from, and the ability to find replacements in January ourselves.

Whatever you think of the way they’ve played thus far, it would be a massive loss of quality to see them go mid-season.

Interesting times though, we’ll see what happens.

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Scott P

Honestly at this point, I wouldn’t feel too awful if they left in January, with the stipulation that they go abroad. We need to start planning for life without them, and regardless of whether it would be January or summer, seeing them tear it up in the PL would be painful.


Ultimately this is a situation we have allowed ourselves to fall into. We should’ve made our final offers to both players before the summer window – had they then turned down those respective extensions – then we should’ve sold them before the start season to foreign clubs. I am not opposed to keeping them until the end of the season on the guarantee that they are sold to clubs abroad – which obviously wont happen. I think also it hugely weakens our negotiation position once both players have gone completely – if you get what I mean? Because if Ozil… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

Monaco is not doing good so they could sell Lemar. The player himself needs to prove himself in a big team to go to world Cup. Deschamps prefers Koman and Mbappe being played on wings with Payet also a candidate.


2nd in the league.only few point behind psg after changing half of their first eleven…i wish we were not doing so good too



If they are replaced in January say with A Draxler and a Mahrez or Lemar, there is no issue.

But getting those players have their own complications bc those clubs know we have to sell.

We may have to be prepared for a weak deal but if spending a bit more plus player equals that sort of quality coming in (not to mention age) in long run we are fine if not better.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Mahrez ? Another gifted player who downs tools when things don’t go his way? Exactly what this arsenal squad needs, you can never have too many of them eh??


draxler is shit


If we keep them til the end of season they go wherever they want and we have absolutely no say in the matter. If we sell in January we have some influence on the matter- right of refusal at least.

My inclination would be to definitely sell one off if there’s enough to make it worth it, and if they don’t pick up their performances sell them both if money is on offer. Pitch ‘a new project built around you’ to our targets. Yeah, I know it’s thin, but there’s not much else for options.


The shareholders will not allow those 2 players to go on a free. They will be sold in January.

Scott P

The shareholder*

Mein Bergkampf

I know hindsight is 20:20 and there was a case for them staying but at least one of them should have gone in the summer. What other club on this planet would let its two most valuable assets go into their final seasons? I’ve rarely seen it done with one player, let alone two. And now we disrupt an already tough season with more transfer speculation. Does no one at the club think these things through? We could’ve had 80-90m in the bank this summer to reinvest and rid ourselves of the drama of this depressing narrative.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Ozil is no valuable player in my dictionary. Even Sanchez hasn’t been valuable this year. Adebayor had been more valuable for Arsenal in his position.

Stuck on repeat...

Ozil remains a great player in my humble opinion. It’s not his fault that AW doesn’t build the correct framework around him, & continually messes around with both formation & team set up. If you watched the Germany game, you’ll know that he’s still very capable of greatness on the pitch.


Ade**yor?? What are you smokin’ up there in heaven?


Absolutely, a big failure there to sign two of the most expensive signings to end their contracts at the same time. So now Wenger is in a tricky situation, if they don’t perform until January we dont make the top four before the transfer window and wont be an attractive destination for new players. And if they do perform, then Wenger being the only person who the public can access from the club gets an intense amount of pressure for the situation. Which is groundhog day from last season. A lesson to be learned in how not to handle contracts.… Read more »


I mean a big failure years ago when we first signed them. These problems didn’t happen recently or even a year ago.

Something seriously wrong in the process.

For a club who apparently pride themselves on being a ‘well run franchise’ it’s shocking how much money they allow to pee down the drain.

Ivan Parasite

Because they somehow made profits during last transfer window, they are well run franchise. In reality, it is a well screwed up franchise because they are going to lose £80m-90m value value of asset in January/summer. Cant believe that same franchise almost sold their most valueable asset at £50m-60m. While other franchises are talking £100m-£200m in the effort to keep their most prized asset. What a moustache you have there Stan Kroe.


Depends …I think the issue is we ate trying NOT to sell domestically which is the right thing to do.

We are waiting to see if Italian clubs or PSG may come in again in January for our two wantaways.

That makes better sense than your throw in the towel and take the money but strengthen local rivals prescribe.

But there is risk.

Then again many fans like to complain we are just about money and we put footballing reasons ahead…they complain we don’t take the money.

Double standards.


I agree, without the stipulation. I say we sell to the highest bidder no matter who that is.

jack jack jack

Especially Mesut. That would kill me.

Jimbo Jones

When did we starting calling players by their first names???

The only player who I ever felt that close to was Dennis Bergkamp, but then I quickly realised I was getting well above my station!

jack jack jack

Done it for a long time with certain players. Freddie, Dennis, Kolo, Cesc…


Unfortunately because of the rediculas contract situation the choice of who they go to will be largely down to them and not the club.
If a Barca or Madrid come in then yes a move abroad may seem attractive to them if they don’t and the only option is the manc club’s which seems a more likely option then that’s where they will choose to go or we lose them on a free in may.
They won’t just move to a club of our choosing that’s for sure. A shambles yes but one of our own making.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

How about completely derailing our campaign midseason? No serious club loses 2 key players to transfer midseason.

Mystic Greg

Alexis desperate to remain in England. Expect both Tottenham and Chelsea to make enquiries about Sanchez in January. Both will test the resilience of our board and feel the pull of London could work in their favour. Spurs desperate to make a statement, maintain Champ League status and aware Sanchez has no loyalty to Arsenal and hasn’t ruled out link up with Poch. Even with new stadium costs within budget. At Chelsea Conte demanding backing from club. Man City will only bid if they drastically lose form between now and New Year and do not have space in squad without… Read more »

Lord Bendnter

Wouldn’t shock me if both are sold.


It’s like a fourth place trophy, you know.

Lord Bendnter

Agree 🙁


It’s sad but I probably care about Ozil the same amount as he cares about me. He’s majestic at his best and I’ve enjoyed him at his best, but right now, I’d happily swap him for a 28 year old Ray Parlour.


On his day Ozil is a great player he just doesn’t have many great days. The team loses all balance when he is not performing. So let say goodbye to Ozil. Sanchez is much more consistent so let’s eek out another half season from him before he moves on.


On the other hand, the fans worshiped them, Wenger praised them all the time and he gave the the keys of the team. Every match they have the freedom to drible shoot and pass whenever they want. They contributed a lot to our failures or shortcomings.
Bench them and design the team from scratch based on young talents and loyal experiences players (not walcott) with arsenal heart.

Niall Shannon

Only sell if we can get replacements in January… Or if we get a good price :/ It will be very very difficult to buy in a replacement in January however

SB Still

With this board, I don’t think replacements are a factor.


Iwobi and Eddie are the replacements.


What a brilliant decision it looks not selling them in the summer. Absolutely stupendous management.


It’s an ideal situation apparently


We sold the ox for 40mil! And kept two of our best players. Even if these to go for free that’s 3 players bought for 89 mil. Sold for 40mil. And like 16 seasons worth of football.


How much to replace them?


I would have been selling them abroad but selling them to premier league rivals is a no go, better to make a loss. You don’t buy a player like Sanchez for 35 mil looking for a return. Though I don’t get why he was only offered 4 years? 2 years n half years later your battleing to keep them

John C

You don’t buy a player like Sanchez to lose him in his prime for nothing either

Hereford Gooner

Ox has been replaced and in my opinion upgraded with iwobi. I could make an argument that one day iwobi could fill the boots of any of these 3 players. He’s going to be very important for us, and I am pleased that this exodus will ensure that he progresses.
In terms of replacements, if Liverpool can get mane and Salah for £35m a piece and city can get sane for the same type of fee, then the cost isn’t that bad. Lemar at £90m worries me a lot.

John C

Sorry but Iwobi is useless

Hereford Gooner

That seems like a pretty harsh appraisal. He is not the finished article but if you cannot see potential in the way he plays the game then I cannot respect your opinion either way

John C

Sorry, but he doesn’t score or create and is liability defensively, i honestly don’t know what he brings to the team. He’s completely out of his depth i’m my opinion.

Heavenly Chapecoense

We really need a proven goal scorer on the right wing.


Is that you Arsene?


It’s not a decision. He was asked a question and he just said it was a possibility.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

In Wenger speak, he’s either threatening Ozil and Sanchez to come good on their last season if they want to choose where to go, or he’s already felt that they have cost him too much this season, and he’s ready to try to rebuild the team without counting on their contributions for the remainder of the year. It’s a likely issue about thinking of the opportunity cost of meandering away half a lost season–Wenger’s no fool, say what you will about him. Imagine Man City buys Sanchez from us for even 30 mil, that’s not going to help/hinder their title… Read more »


He clearly is a fool. Neither player will leave in January and forfeit the huge signing on fee in the summer. Why allow arsenal £20m that could be your own?

Plus as we all know they have a social contract with the rest of the squad. They are fully committed

John C

Exactly, you have to respect them for honouring their contracts! That is of course, what it means to be professional! haha


The funny thing at times like this is arsene has given us so many brilliant one liners


I agree with above, dont know why samchez was offered just 4 years?
I also don’t get why ozil has publically stated he will sign a contract extention but nothing has come of it?

This club makes us an easy target at times

Heavenly Chapecoense

Just like he states publically he gives 100% on the pitch.


The part of me that wants rid of them is growing a little larger every day. Neither appear to be particularly motivated and if they’re going to continue putting in performances like Alexis’ abomination at City then I’d rather give the likes of Iwobi, Nelson, Willock, Niles etc. more playing time. If we can’t compete right now then we may as well start grooming those kids that look to be the future of the first team. I know they’re both wonderful players, but it’s become pretty evident that neither wants to be here. I don’t particularly blame them, but I… Read more »

John C

The Neymar transfer has greatly shifted the ramifications of the clubs decision to hold these two to the last day of their contracts, in fact it’s cost the club twice what it was expecting. It was a silly decision but let’s be honest you didn’t have to be a clairvoyant to see it coming.

The big question is who’s going to pay for them with only 6 months on their contracts? We no longer hold any leverage in this situation.


I actually believe the inflation is the reason why they held on to them for half a season, reasoning 30m January to be better than the tiny fee they would’ve received without the silly money. And 40m each for half a season of world class players is not an ideal price but isn’t ridiculous to them.

John C

And who’s paying us these transfer fees you talk about?


Depends on demand. If there are several parties involved…there will still be some fee.

Alexis may still generate some competition. Ozil for whatever reason maybe not as much.

John C

But they still have to agree to leave at their own expense, which isn’t going to happen.

Clive St Helmet

A tacit admission that neither intend to sign a new contract. Hardly shocking news, although I wonder if Wenger genuinely thought that he could convince both (and the Ox) to stay during the summer.

Bergkamp\'s Toe

Probably thought Ozil was possible, Alexis not.

I Am Gunnaaaaa

It’s going to be like this until we get a new manager. Everyone sees club has gone stale. It is desperate for new life.


Of course Wenger thought this, his ego thinks he is still a top coach/manager who can attract the cream of the crop, deluded fool. They will stroll through the rest of the season & play great for whoever they sign for.


The problem is we are not hard enough on these guys.

When Gnabry was itching to gain first team reassurance we should have forced the Ox to put pen to paper.


We should have benched the Ox and played Gnabry.


Is there a data metric that shows what they have contributed to this point to show that it was worth keeping them until January vs. selling them this past summer? I’d love to see it if so. I have a feeling our position on the table would be no different if we had sold them.

Declan M

If we had kept the Ox it would probably be lower though.


Or sold him a few days earlier, would be higher.

Hereford Gooner

It was a gamble to keep them, and up until this point it has not paid off. They’ve not played enough to justify keeping them. If we see out the gamble until the end of the season it may still pan out to be a good decision, then again it may not. The decision makers are fucked either way, and as they are the architects of their own demise I for one feel not a shred of sympathy towards them. Jokers


Ozil one goal and two assists? Sanchez 2 goals and 2 assists ? That’s the sum total of both players end product so far this season neither goals or assists coming in our “big” games either! On that basis alone they are underperforming fringe players don’t actually have a lot to better where form is concerned!


Whatever it is, I still support my team! The likes of Wilshere and Iwobi are just waiting on the wings to explode into the scene. COYG,


I’m a huge fan of Özil and i honestly wish him to find another club. I’m more than upset about the care Wenger takes with the “home made” players. For Özil’s second season, the beginning was putting Wilshere as a 10 and Özil to the left. It was a disaster. When Özil was again as a 10 (Aston Villa and Galatasaray) the team was much better, but no, the game after, Wilshere was again as a 10 and Özil to the left. Then Wilshere got injured and Özil could take the lead again. Since last season we have had the… Read more »


Sanchez cant go to Citeh….we cannot sell to our title rivals!

Santa is a gooner

Title rivals? don’t make me laugh!


Title rivals? Us? Hahahahahahahahahahah…. You’re funny mate!


Actually, I rather think that was the intention..

Francis Jeffers

City aren’t our rivals as they aren’t challenging for fourth spot.

No team with xhaka cm is going to challenge for the title.

sixteen swans

Just how many big matches do you think he’ll start if he does? He simply isn’t needed there.

Fuck knows where he’ll actually end up not playing.


Title rivals!

Tomassi bom



Should have sold them both in the summer when we was not being held to ransom as we will be in January, it’s not like they have done much apart from collect around a million per month in wages between the two. Terrible business by the club

Isaiah Rankin

January? But the Europe League final’s in May!

Al Ameen

Maybe they should go.. As for me no player is bigger than a club and also Coaches and players wont always be dedicated to the club but surely the fans will. The club is for the fans players come and go.

John C

The problem is Wenger has made them bigger than the club by insisting they won’t be sold because they are more valuable on the pitch than cashed in.

That statement alone tell you they’re bigger than the club in the eyes of their own manager!


Sums up everything wrong with Arsenal at the minute.

I’m off to watch highlights of the Invincibles on youtube.


If they’re not commited and performing then sell them or bench them. We keep talking about our star players but, truth be told, we’re now well into the season and both seem to be struggling to get out of the starting blocks. In reality we need to prepare for life without them and, rather than forcing them into the team to appease them (as we did with Ox), we need to be giving our younger players more opportunities to gain some invaluable experience at the top level. Yes, we may drop points here and there, but with basically no chance… Read more »


Can’t help thinking it’s all rather missing the point. Until the manager changes we won’t make any progress as a team or a club.


Replace manager with owner and youre golden


Man that’s so awful. What changed in 3 months that we are thinking of selling them. Can’t believe there can be such level of indecision at such a big organization.


Wjays change may be availability 9f replacements and a potential cooling in prices.

Plus some cushion for certain clubs like PSG who spent heavy in the summer but may yet spend again or Italian clubs.

Le Coq Monster

I think both Alexis and Ozil are mostly pissed off that they are not featuring in Europes second best competition…….its pushed them over the tipping point and who can blame them !


Which is why over MANY seasons I emphasised how much more important the 4th place pot derided by those know it all in the media is compared to the FACup or any domestic cup competition …when a lot of familiar voices preferred us to win a cup.


well beter to see ozil go in atletiko in jan and alexis in psg or realm or abroad then on summer on a free to mancester clubs. i think nabil fekir rummors has some true in them and with nabil fekir and lemar we had good replacmenet.


I think AW genuinely thought he’d get one or both of them to extend if we could win the league this year. Since that target looks to be out of reach, he is tweaking his strategy. I don’t think his rationale qualifies for a bollocking from the fans, especially since the board backed the decision all the way too last summer.


Win the league this year! Haha


Let’s be clear – the players can agree pre-contracts to join clubs outside of England, for free, in the summer. Why would anyone, outside of England, want to pay in January? (Unless we’re hoping for a bidding war, leading to a club taking the financial hit to secure them before they’re free to go where they like)

My money’s on money changing hands, but both of them playing in Manchester (opposite sides) come Feb!


I see city not wanting to do business with us. They are fucked off with the way we behaved in the summer so they will wait. To think sterling may come to us is as amusing as ridiculous after the words of aw. He only wants to go to them so will ignore other clubs interest Man Utd have an open goal. No one wants ozil the way they do Sanchez. They can afford to wait. Mourinho will take even greater pleasure taking ozil for free and getting far more out of him than aw has. That’s aw’s fear and… Read more »


Some of these clubs can spend whatever they like, money means nothing to them


Plenty of moving parts. It will be wise to off load at least one of Ozil or Alexis this Jan. Aside from the 2 marquee names mentioned we also have to consider several aging assets. Per will retire. Koscielny and Monreal are wrong side of 30 as is Giroud. Debuchy likely gone. Walcott and Elneny are mediocre assets. Ospina may try to leave as Jack. Solving the situation on one or both of Ozil and Alexis could alleviate the amount of work we have to do next summer not to mention recoup on some money. I presume we are waiting… Read more »


Fuck them all. I just wish Santi a speedy recovery. He is one player i would like to see wear an Arsenal shirt again.
Santi, Giroud, Podolski, Kos, Arteta and BFG have done more for the club than these divas. They can piss off if they don’t like it here.


Honestly, what’s the point anyway. We can have world class player, but as long as we don’t implement proper tactics, it’s all chaos and short-term success at best.

Look at Belgian national team. They have an outstanding squad – with players like that, they should be winning games for fun. Thing is, they’re struggling. Kevin de Bruyne is pretty clear about it and criticizes Martinez for lack of tactics, since he knows very well what it is like to play under a proper manager.

Kinda resembles our situation as well.


get rid

Jim Gordon

After the way that the club mismanaged both players surely some people higher up have to leave too. In any business if there was mismanagement on a similar, someone would lose their job.
Especially when two seriously valuable assets were allowed to dictate how they want to leave. When both indicated they weren’t willing to extend, they should have been sold for maximum gain. Instead , the club are “hoping” to get something for them. Ridiculous situation.


Past the point of caring now. Sign up or get lost.


I woudnt mind sanchez going to spurs


Lets not get too carried away


Not overly keen to see either leave, but not the end of the world… I prefer the league/ UEFA cup team.. might not be world beatersbut much less of a circus


Should have sold them both in the summer by the looks of things. I really believed Ozil would have stayed. Always expected Alexis to go after the Alexis to City debacle.


So much as this has been poor management by arsene and the club. It’s also a pretty gross level of disloyalty, disrespect and weakness I’d rather expel from the club. Ozil has no fight qualities, grit or hard work when it matters. That is when the chips are down. He’s talented beyond measure, but That doesn’t cut it for me. Personally rather have a man and player replace that would repay arsene and our faith by signing an extension and squashing the negativity. Sanchez… meh once again a pretty selfish and self important guy. His football is becoming hard to… Read more »


It’s tragic watching this shit.

The only person who couldn’t see that both Sanchez and Ozil had to go last summer was Wenger. Now they’ll go for peanuts. I don’t see the point of selling them in January: we’ll still need them for the cups and for that all-important fourth place dash. We might as well wait until May and then let them go for nothing.

We are a joke right now.


If, instead of looking for replacements for them, Arsenal had strengthened the team around them then they might both be staying because they would be in a successful team and we the fans would be a lot happier……..just saying, like!


I find it constantly amazing how much negativity there is concerning Ozil on this site. It must be that Joachim Low is an idiot and plays this useless waister every match for Germany for fun. I hope he does decide to stay but I guarantee those of you who think that Jack or Iwobi will improve the team without him are deluded. If he leaves just watch how our creativity improves!


I’m all for them leaving. I’m sick of the constant ‘will they’ ‘won’t they’. It sucks the fun out of the game.

Stuck on repeat...

..And there in lies the problem. Is it: A) “We’ll think (in January) about letting Ozil and Sanchez go in January” leading to another mad trolley dash & fiasco of a transfer window when we first can’t make up our mind, & then have no time left for dealings?. Or…is it: B) “We are currently thinking about letting Ozil and Sanchez go in January” with a more thought out & prepared strategy as to who exactly we might sell to, for what price (if we can still even get anything), & targets thought out as to who we will possibly… Read more »


I already benched them in my FIFA 18.
Cazorla & Giroud are my leaders and examples in life.
Sad times really and I always tried to keep up the spirits..
But we’ll rise again nevertheless..
Sooner or later..


Both players have their positives and their negatives, and they are fantastic world class players when they want to be. Both players know they are likely to sign their last big money contracts with their next deal wherever they end up. That’s said, they’re both gone in the summer regardless. I’ve no interest in seeing stan line his pockets further, as I know we’ll be looking for ‘internal solutions’ until the summer anyhow. We need to knuckle down, figure out which manager will be replace Wenger, and plan for the future. Right now, though, we are well off the pace… Read more »


It’s funny all the talk of the Man City defeat is over with. We were played off the park.


don’t think, just DO IT


Totally shambolic situation. Both should have been sold and replaced last summer. Add in Carl Jenkinson who Palace offered 7M for last January to this mess. Another one leaving on a free now because the board said make up your own mind rather than telling him to go


must be nice to be in a job where you can happily throw 80m+ quid down the toilet for no good reason and with no repercussions. need to do some major surgery on squad and behind the scenes as soon as possible. horrible to say but spuds putting us to shame on and off the pitch in recent seasons.


I would let them both go in January. We are not going to win anything this seaason because of the appalling decisions made by Wenger and the board. So let’s build our team around our young players. And get a new manager asap.

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