Thursday, December 8, 2022

Cazorla back to square one after latest surgery

Santi Cazorla revealed last week that he’d been forced to undergo his 9th operation since last October as he attempts to come back from what was ‘simply’ an Achilles tendon problem.

However a post-surgery infection has caused untold damage, requiring skin grafts and follow-up operations, and his return to an Arsenal shirt seems as far away as ever.

Initially it had been thought he could get back to full training in January, but this latest setback has pushed that later into 2018, if it happens at all.

Speaking about the Spaniard’s situation, Arsene Wenger spoke of his sadness to see such a wonderful player affected so badly.

“I sent him a message because he had a new surgery and wished him well,” he said.

“He answered ‘look I have to start again, from zero basically’ and it is very sad, honestly. What he has gone through this guy is unbelievable.

“We speak about players being happy or not happy, that is a real pain because it is really, really sad but unfortunately he has to start again from zero.

“That means if all goes well he has to wait until he can run and after when he starts to run it will be at least six weeks to come back to training. When he will be able to run again I don’t know.

“I was hopeful of January but after, he had this setback that everybody knows about.”

When asked if he would ever play again, Wenger finished, “I hope so but certainly now not before February.”

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Getting sadder still. Waste of a great talent and a great guy. Hope he comes back at some point, sooner the better.


I would give Cazorla my Achilles if it meant we could get him back fit! One of my favorite Arsenal player since the invincibles era.

Little Mozart

No player deserves this, especially not Santi.


Why is it the best guys that get perma crocked? Why doesnt this ever happen to a Gallas, Adebayor, Bendtner, Nasri? Why only the Rosickys, Santis, and Eduardos?


u are right my Dear


No-one as happy as Santi should have to go through this! Poor guy, I’m absolutely gutted for him.

Ess Tee

Such a shame to read this. Was looking forward to seeing Santi back on the pitch for us! Starting to wonder if he will ever play for us again…


diaby, now cazorla, why does it always happen to us?

Niels Arestrup

There is no God.

Only José as Satan


que sera sera


It’ll be a miracle if he ever plays for us again but miracles do happen like Sanogo being a professional footballer ?


Feel very sorry for the guy but really hope this doesn’t become another charity case. If he’s permanently crocked he should be off the books ASAP.

At least this happened at the close of his career and not earlier on.


Perfectly appropriate time to bring up the financial implications of his heartbreaking situation. Glad you got all us well-wishers back on track to what matters most: how a sports club we have no actual investment in allocates their funds.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Professional football clubs use Insurance as a way to offset the financial strain of supporting a long-term injured player. However, I prefer to go with “It’s not your money so quit whinging like a spoilt brat”.

A Different George

Ah, the true spirit of Christmas. It’s wonderful to know I support a club that has such empathetic fans.


Completely inappropriate comment. You, sir, lack class.

Lord Bendnter

I hope he has a good, healthy speedy recovery without any more setbacks. It’s not even about Arsenal anymore or his Arsenal playing career. At the end of the day, there is always more to life than just playing for Arsenal. I just want him to be healthily running as soon as possible for his own good. I hope he is able to run with his kids and have fun and always stay smiling. He must be a very strong, resilient character, who always smiles, because sometimes the stronger you are, the tougher tests you get in life. All the… Read more »


His mental strength is amazing. Good luck Santi!


Santi if you’re reading I feel your pain. Even if you don’t make a comeback for the Arsenal I hope you recover and get to play again in some capacity


Love the guy, such a shame. Hopefully, we can pay him out of his contract in full and free up some more wages.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Why are you talking like you personally bankroll the player’s wages?


Completely inappropriate Josh.

Theo Layder

Such a great player and person. I love watching him play, hope he makes it back.


Let’s the wilof God be done my brother I known u will be back fit as ever before I love u


Was at the Huddersfield match a week ago and it was really lovely to hear his name sung. I hope word got through to him that this had happened. Should be a weekly occurrence.


yeah, 19th minute at every home game we should do this

Heavy Gunner

Oh why does it seem that God (if one believes in such deities!) seems to take the finest first- maybe God needs to punish people for being so lovable like Senôr Santi. Makes me weep, and I hope for the miracle that God is supposed to be able do to help our smiling wizard..




it is well with you santi

wish you speedy recovery Cazorla.

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