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Cech: Efficiency in front of goal decided the game

Petr Cech says Manchester United’s attacking efficiency made the difference at the Emirates as Jose Mourinho’s side stole all three points against a dominant but error-prone Arsenal.

The Gunners had 76% of the ball, earned 12 corners and forced David de Gea to make 14 saves as they peppered the visitors’ goal with 33 shots, however, they still went down 3-1.

After the 3-1 defeat, Cech drew attention to the abject start made by his teammates who gifted the Red Devils two goals inside 15 minutes.

“It is an unlucky game,” he told “We need to make sure that when we create chances in a big game we score and don’t make mistakes, which the game was decided by at the start with our two mistakes and they scored.

“At the half-time we were sure after having so many chances that if we scored it would be on, and I thought after 2-1 they missed a big chance and we had a few chances to equalise.

“We thought it would be the turning point but unfortunately they scored a third goal and the efficiency in front of goal decided the game.

“There are not many times you play United and you dominate the whole game, having so many chances, so this is positive, but we are disappointed.”

Earlier in the week, the Gunners found an extra gear against Huddersfield to turn a nervy one goal lead into a 5-0 hammering for the visitors. On Saturday, the same ruthlessness went missing.

“We played against Huddersfield and we were on the other side of it,” lamented Cech.

“We had a spell where we had four shots and everything went in, this time it was the opposite.

“Obviously you need to make sure before every game that you give everything, and we completely dominated most of the game but got nothing out of it, so it’s disappointing.”

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I like it when a GK insists on the offensive failures and speak more than quickly about the errors of the defense… What did cost us more, Petr???


I like it


Should’ve done better for the first goal. Too slow to get on the floor. Cech has max 2 season as first choice. I’ve said it time and time again.

Granit(e) hard!

…..and you have been wrong time and time again, i am sure…Cech still remain one of the best in the world. The defense is there to protect the keeper, no, the whole team is there to protect the keeper who is there to protect the goal. if you leave yours exposed through stupid mistakes like we did?…then you concede a goal, simple!…cant blame it on the keeper. keepers reach their prime around 32ish and some top ones has remained there till 40ish, and I personally will have Cech for another 4 to 5 years by which time hopefully one of… Read more »


It would be more reasonable to say the team cost Arsenal the game.
The defending was very poor and so was the attacking play.But that is what happens when you play players who don’t want to be there.
It just seems to be the same debates about the same things year after year after year.
If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always got.
We are twelve points behind having played a game more.
What is Arsene Wenger judged upon?
Can someone explain that please?


No explanations for you. Go back to the pool of negativity that you were derived from

Ivan Parasite

As you please. Let’s judge Wenger in his last 10 PL games & tell me your conclusion :

Ivan Parasite

I am disappointed too. But if every bad performance means kicking out the manager, u should not be here because u dont understand arsenal..u could try Chelszy and Everturn. They fire managers a lot and can keep u happy.


Wenger should not be judged on one game.
But he MUST be judged on the season – if we finish outside of fourth again he has to go..


He’s gonna go either next season or the one after


It literally is three steps forward and one back.
And losing to teams who are around us.
We need to learn from our mistakes but we don’t seem to.
And there needs to be pressure on the manager but there seems to be none.
On the face of it its not a disaster but the trouble is you would look at City and those loses would become wins or draws at least.


Lucas Fabianski is in the best form of his career. Sometimes I wonder whether it was the right decision to let him go. Cech is (was?) obviously a very good keeper but in my opinion it’s like age is catching up with him. Too slow to react sometimes especially for low shots. A quicker reaction could have saved 2 of the 3 goals yesterday.


Cech I think you need to improve yesterday’s lose is on you and the defence the rest did their best your goal keeping skills has been 60-40 so far which isn’t good enough you can try by improving pls.


Individual defensive errors cost us the game, you don’t need to be particularly efficient when chances are handed to you on a plate.
Shame because those errors completely overshadow what was actually a very good performance overall.


I think Cech is way passed his best as well.
I would to see Butland at the club.
I am aware that Butland at Arsenal would bring in some uncomfortable connotations lol


Butland is massively overrated, very average keeper


I don’t know.
I am just losing all hope that Arsenal will ever be a force again.
We need big changes…


Ore just one…… The boss


Yes, because it was the boss’s fault that the players scored 1 out of 33 chances right?


Of course not, but he´s unable to build a title challenging team.
We´re 13 points behind city at the moment


well he bought them


starting with the manager


chech, you are talking shit, we lost because of our shit defence, not our attack, we was lucky united only got three, yes our attack wasn,t all that but the defence was a lot worse


I must admit I enjoyed most of the game. The atmosphere was great and the attacking made the game really exciting. OK we lost and should have done better for the goals but we’re not going to win the league and part of what we go for and pay such stupid prices is the excitement and there was a lot of that as we peppered the goal at the North Bank. Don’t really know why he decided to bring Iwobi on when Mustafi went off, perhaps Jack isn’t knocking on his door hard enough.


Good question on Jack. I saw Iwobi coming on and groaned. Really don’t rate him at all. Jack is much better passing the ball. And it doesn’t seem — to me at least after watching every match — that Iwobi really does all that much off the ball. Arsenal down 2 goals. Jack has WAY better passing and field vision than Iwobi. That was another – in a very long line of – IDIOTIC sub by Wenger. And Cech. Good god man, stuff it. If he had half the athleticism and shot stopping prowess of De Gea, then the first… Read more »


Oh really? Yeah sure, because Mustafi and Kos were brilliant yesterday weren’t they? So in the summer we will need to be extremely busy not only to replace Sanchez and Ozil, but ALSO a couple of title-winning centre backs, and a world class keeper as Cech will need to be replaced soon as well. Finally, thank GOD this is one of Wenger’s last, if not the last, season in charge; every season it’s the same with him, a good run that finishes abruptly and we need to be happy with a top 4 finish. We are a better club than… Read more »


LMAO, yeah right Cech, try to protect the two duds in front of you.


two, you mean five


This has been some time coming. I mentioned before we needed to be more efficient in front of goal. We have been too slack with our chances, flipant with our efforts. The less we punish teams for our efforts, the more they grown in confidence and the more pressure put upon our backline which always seems to have an influence of calamity built around its DNA. That’s the other problem, too much panic at the back. Even when Mustafi lost the ball (or Koscielny) there were opportunities to cover but we went into panic mode. For the first goal, Monreal… Read more »

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