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Contract talks with Wilshere to take place later this month

Talks between Arsenal and Jack Wilshere over a new contract will begin later this month, according to Arsene Wenger.

The midfielder’s current deal expires in June, and as yet there’s been no discussion about an extension.

After his first Premier League start of the season, the 25 year old that he hadn’t spoken to the manager about new terms, despite the Frenchman insisting he would sit down with him in December.

“No, there’s no update on the contract,” he said. “We’re in the same position as we were two weeks ago.

“Nothing’s changed. There’s not really a date in the diary. I’ve only read what the boss has said in the media.

“When it’s the right time to talk about it, I’m sure the boss will call me and we’ll have a chat.”

At his press conference on Friday, the Arsenal manager said he’s been waiting to see how Wilshere performs and that he will start to sort out his future towards the end of the month.

“Yeah, I will talk to him,” he said. “I said the end of December and it’s the beginning of December so it’s true that we are not far.

“I wanted to see as well how much he can contribute, how he will last physically and of course it’s about him being happy to be here.

“That is important, but I consider him an Arsenal man, and it’s important as well to feel happy here.”

Asked if his recent performances were doing improving Wilshere’s chances of a new deal, Wenger replied, “That’s for sure!”

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Give him a contract i say. ..

Too Drunk To Be Offside

All that truly matters is that we give Wenger a new contract ASAP so we could continue this gloriously sh!tfest of a ride into midtable mediocrity.

7th and sliding. Well done Wenger, well done board, and well done fans who want him to stay.


I don’t think that many fans wanted aw to stay, and even if some did I think the board would not be influenced one way or another. The way I see it is that the next 18 months is about leaving the team and the management structure across the club in the best possible shape for aw’s successor. (I’m not confident that this will be done!, we’ve been completely rudderless for a long time)

Cultured determination

Im still dreaming of a jack-ram axis. With alexis surely gone, we could play a diamond with a sold DM at the base, jack ram in CM, and ozil behind Lacazette and Giroud (or Eddie :))


I’d like to see AMN in his natural DM position along with JackRam as the CM axis in front in a 4-3-3.

John C

We tried that a couple of years ago and it was a disaster


As much as Granit has some flaws, he us indispensable at the moment. He has to be fair also quietly improved in recent games. Ramsey is a good player but tends to forget caution and push too far ahead. This tends to leave Granit isolated. The link position he plays carries the most interpretation. In that Jack may be more discipline in balancing staying close to Granit to offer us an outlet from defense and push g into the box to overload our offensive option. To me Ramsey is more keyed into the Ozil role but Wenger has been try… Read more »


We’re nearly at the halfway mark and I’d be shocked if Granit has created many goalscoring chances. Defensively he hasn’t gotten carded a lot but he’s definitely still pretty bad at either not tracking back or not tracking runs when getting back. Those errors have resulted in goals at least twice. I believe in Granit’s ability but he’s nowhere near indispensable. I agree that Elneny and coquelin are mediocre , and that’s one big reason he’s not being rotated or dropped.


Yup I agree. With Xhaka, a player in his role and skill set must also have a really good positional sense kinda like what Gilberto and Arteta has. The potential is there and he’s slowly getting better but we need the right balance now.

I see him as a lesser version of Alonso. Hopefully he’ll come good.


Really hope Wilshere is offered a new deal. At bleak footballing times like these (best players on the verge of leaving; not competing in the league; lack of long term direction) it’s the history, passion and sense of belonging that the football club as a whole brings that keeps you going. After the insipid performance against West Ham the other night, BT Sport re-ran the Rocky & Wrighty documentary, which put things into perspective. It’s a great club. And I’d rather see an ‘Arsenal man’ (who has real ability as well, let’s not forget) running out in the shirt than… Read more »


I think we can all relate to Jack’s passion and commitment to Arsenal (leaving aside he ditched us last year!?). It makes a big difference seeing an Arsenal lad in the team, and a very talented one in that. Hopefully he stays fit and gets a contract.


I think this is good for us, Wilshire has to be the most talented English player right now.




It’s the the beginning of December …it’s the 15th. I’m tired of being treated like this by the club and people in charge.


If he leaves in January I’d be devastated, he’s the only player at the club who has any fight in him at all. I’d be up for full on mass protests and demonstrations if he goes!!!!!


As glad as I am Jack is getting minutes, lets not forget he forced a loan move last year and decided playing at Bournemouth and getting in the England team was more important than Arsenal’s cause. Wenger’s “if Jack is happy…” comment indicates where the real problem lies. Does he really intend on signing a contract? Time will tell. Easy to blame the club and manager, who ironically, were recently heavily criticized for paying Jack’s wages whilst he was injured, by most of the same fans who are now demanding he starts. Short-termism is not the right approach when making… Read more »


Jack left last season for 2 reasons imo, game time and match fitness. Furthermore he didn’t force a move, it was agreed between the clubs as well, as Howe explicitly stated last season. I’m all for the good stuff you’re preaching mate, but please don’t let your opinion cloud facts ??‍♂️

John C

Presumably the club and manager were heavily criticized for paying Wilshere’s wages whilst he was injured by the very same fans who wanted Moyles or Rodgers appointed manager!?!

Namely the made up ones in your head!!

Clive St Helmet

C’mon now Arsene, December has never begun on the 15th.


I’m not sure I understand all the angst spewed at the club on The Jack contract.

Firstly had we signed a new co tract and he got himself a new long term injury, there will be more dissection at “the way we conduct business”…mostly from people who have never been in “the business”

Secondly now that Jack is showing both appetite and ability, it makes sense then to talk about a contract.

I don’t see a problem.?

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