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Frustrated Iwobi: We didn’t take our chances

Alex Iwobi has expressed his frustration at Arsenal’s inability to take their chances in yesterday’s 3-1 defeat to Man United.

The Gunners shot themselves in the foot, gifting all three goals to the visitors, while at the same time creating plenty up the other end.

Lack of efficiency in front of goal and a brilliant display by David de Gea ensured that Jose Mourinho’s team left North London with all three points, and that was playing on the Nigerian international’s mind after the game.

“I’m very frustrated,” he said. “You could see the passion and the aggression we played with today but unfortunately it wasn’t to be and we just need to credit Manchester United.

“We were pushing to get the equaliser, had a few chances, but credit to their keeper, he made a few good saves.

“We didn’t take our chances and they capitalised on that and made it three, which basically killed the game.”

For a the statistical rundown, Tim’s By the numbers piece is here, and for more analysis, check out today’s Arseblog: No comfort in numbers as Gunners self-destruct

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Defense let the side down yesterday. Full stop.


Its a combination. Defense was panicky but midfield provided no outlet early on. This was a problem which brought duress to the backline which either were forced into 50-50 passes (Koscielny) or holding the ball too long (mustafi) United made good keeping tight on our wide players and our central players can’t turn with a ball which means the defense has to hold. One potential option was the lob the ball long which carries its own risk of turnover but further up field. Against Huddersfield I mentioned Lacazette at once instance trying to play out with Koscielny from deep near… Read more »


‘we just need to credit Manchester United’ – please don’t, they had at least two gifts (the goals, ignoring the two penalties that should have been) and then we were the better team.


To be fair their attack is pretty impressive, it wasn’t just complete incompetence on our part


Do me a favour! What other top 6 XI does Lingard get into? He’s quick, but seriously average.


The way they cut us open was pretty ruthless …


I could say the same of Iwobi, wouldn’t get into any of the current top 5 or 6 teams

John C

I don’t think Iwobi would play for any other premier league team

Kwame Ampadu Down

The Lacazette incident was not a pen & if a MU player had got a yellow card only for a similar foul to Kos’ on Lukaku people would have been spitting fire on here. Gooners have to show a bit more maturity re: referees.


Agree with the Koz incident, could easily have been a red.

Crash Fistfight

I thought the ref got everything right apart from the Welbeck penalty. What was the Lacazette one? I don’t remember thinking we should’ve had another.


Honestly Alex?
De Gea made a PL record 14 saves.

I thought it was among the most exciting matches I’ve ever seen.
Never been more thrilled– more panicked– over 90 minutes.

OK– I too was frustrated with the outcome.
But only because the combination of De Gea’s brilliance– and seeing laws of physics defied– where only one ball entered the United goal.

If Arsenal played in front of goal like that for their remaining 23 PL fixtures?
They might win all of them.



I thought Arsenal took their chances. And I thought De Gea took them all away. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Fun fact: Iwobi is still just 21. I’m stating the obvious because a number of people have been questioning his involvement in the XI since yesterday. I think the kid is a talent, a testament to the Arsenal youth system, and someone we’ll be very thankful to have for the next decade. People blow smoke up Deli Alli’s ass and he’s been shit this season. Iwobi will eventually become more composed in the final third (he certainly hasn’t been anymore scatterbrained than Alexis down… Read more »


I just we used JW yesterday instead of Iwobi not because he played bad. I know its nitpicking but I just keep reading stories that he will get his chance and nothing. I know he gets in some matches at the end but yesterday would have been a great chance to see him get quality minutes.


Whatever it was.. it was one of the most captivating games in the recent years. Proud of the lads.


no, we didn,t, and we didn,t defend either

Heavenly Chapecoense

I will take winning like Man U did anytime. Who will remember how we dominated the game next year ? But statistics will count one victory for them, one loss for us.


Next year? Pundits will forget next week


How about the same day? I couldn’t believe my ears when Shearer’s opening narrative on match of the day was how Utd’s attack was so good and soo much better than Arsenal’s. Common, seriously, did you watch the game? 33 shots to 8. 15 shots on target to their 4. Fucking morons, I’m sick and tired of it.


I’m more sick and tired of Wenger. Thankfully he will soon be gone

Donald\'s Trump

3 goals. 1 goals.


Ok, fuck it. After a few beers I’ve decided I do need to feel positive. We played well yesterday. We all know we’re not winning the league this year anyway. We won’t make mistakes like that every week. Our defence has been solid recently. If the team takes the positives too and continues to play with that confidence and panache, we will definitely finish top 4 this season. That’s not enough of course but, realistically, it has to be our aim. If we get all introspective, we will start dithering and dropping points left, right and centre again. Take the… Read more »


Never say never. City are looking unstoppable but they have been lucky with injuries so far and have a lot of games to play.

Without Kompany last season they weren’t the same team. Also Aguero gets injured a lot. Take those two out and they might not be stomping all over everybody quite so convincingly.


We on the other hand get to rest our first team through the week, most weeks. Big advantage for Chelshit last season and Leicester the season before.


Sp*rs aren’t looking very impressive right now either, since we beat the shit out of them. Should have beaten United too, in a similar fashion.


face facts mate, we are shit, never mind other teams, fourth place is going to be very hard to get, so don’t build your hopes up to much

Kwame Ampadu Down

Kompany has played 6 times this season so it’s hardly valid to talk as if he’s been playing every week.


In addition, City’s wins haven’t been very convincing. Basically last-gasp against West Ham (18th), Southampton (11th) and Huddersfield (16th), and it happened against Bournemouth earlier as well.

Arse just played 1st (City), 2nd (United), 3rd (Spurs, at that time), and 6th (Burnley) in a span of 5 games. City can’t keep up those late-winners when they have a run of games like Arse just did against quality sides. Somebody will beat them – everybody seems to score on them.

Kwame Ampadu Down

This is the same arguments people made about Chelsea last season & Leicester the season before & Chelsea before that etc etc…..and of course you’re right, City almost certainly will slip up. Where you are wrong is thinking that if/when they do, Arsenal might take advantage. We won’t. Why do people insist on talking about the title being possible when it is clear we aren’t enough ? City’s amazing run is just a distraction from our own shortcomings. Let’s accept where we are, not stress too much when we slip up & just enjoy wins like Spurs on their own… Read more »


You really hate Arsenal, don’t you? I’ve never seen you say anything good about the club.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Ridiculous comment Arsepedant..if you can see me ‘hating’ Arsenal in my comments it says a lot more about your lack of maturity than it does about me. What’s truly sad is you probably think you’re a ‘better’ supporter and haven’t he awareness to understand how toxic & divisive comments like yours are.


Yes because we are in 5th. where 2-7 is very tight and there is 1 outlier and that is ManCity.

Hleb\'s dancing feet

Agree with iwobi up until he said we should credit United




I don’t know what to think about Iwobi. He doesn’t score goals, doesn’t make chances, but Wenger put him on yesterday in front of lots of full internationals. He must see something there that isn’t obvious to the rest of us.


He was good but rather have seen Jack come one then Iwobi.

You are right not good at scoring at all. If he can’t finish or create consistently enough then he is not good enough to be in the attack.

Lingards\' Milly Rock

Wilshere: 7 goals & 15 assists in 150 league games.
Iwobi: 6 goals & 5 assists in 47 league games.

Rose tinted spectacles or myopia…

Lingards\' Milly Rock

First time commenting.

He literally played the composed pass into Laca that led to the de Gea double save.
He quickens our play and links well with others; is only 21 and also a full international.


They, Utd, are a bunch of mercenaries like their dickwad manager……….I’m thinking we will finish ahead of them.

Glen Helders left foot

Not a chance, we won’t


I know this will be unpopular and I expect to get the reactional negative thumbs down but I have been a bit disappointed with Iwobi recently. He is young and there is a good player in there but he really does need to keep the ball more and more end product. Manc result certainly not his fault but I feel he is capable of a lot more than we are seeing at the moment.


What I liked about Iwobi’s performance, especially in the second half, was his willingness to get in the box and give the United defenders something to worry about off the ball. Wenger has been trying to push Iwobi to get more goals and assists and it looks like that very well may pay off. I don’t think he’s far off Sterling, who’s having the season of his life at City

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