Thursday, December 7, 2023

Wenger on ‘dangerous’ United and coping with their threat

Perhaps in an attempt to stir things up ahead of Arsenal versus Manchester United this weekend, Arsene Wenger was asked if he expected Jose Mourinho to ‘park the bus’ when his side visit the Emirates.

The United manager’s approach to away games against the biggest sides has generally been quite cautious, and his defensive tendencies often come to the fore.

However, the Frenchman was not willing to drawn, insisting that his team will have to be prepared for a team that will look to cause them problems.

“I don’t expect anything special,” he said. “I just expect us to be ready to recover now.

“Man United is a strong team and I expect us just to cope with the problems they will give us. They will attack as well. They will not only defend.

“I haven’t seen them a lot and it is not down to me to judge the way they play. I have just to look at the way we play and to prepare well for the game.

“They are a dangerous team, they have made fantastic results so to beat a team like that you need to be at your best and that’s what I want to focus on.”

Further attempts to make it about the managerial head to head were rebuffed too.

“It is a game between Arsenal and Man United at home,” he continued. “I just want to focus and to prepare well my team, and give my team a good chance to win the game.

“Man United is doing well at the moment, we are doing well at the moment, so it looks to be a promising game.”

For more on United, and the rest of a busy week for Arsenal, check out today’s Arsecast

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“I haven’t seen them a lot”.
Is Wenger taking a cheeky dig at maureen? heheh


“I don’t expect anything special”


Yeah. That’s the line. Classic subtle Wenger.


At United’s press conference:
“Wenger says he doesn’t expect anything special from you, what do you say to that?”


“I dunno I’m not a specialist”


“Well, of course. I’m a cunt.”


Don’t think you needed the first word in this article


Rarely happier than when we beat a Mourinho side. Would love to see him upset, given what a complete —- he is.


Another power shift for us.we would be but one point away off of them with over half the season to play for.

Bai Blagoi

Don’t need to censor yourself. It is ok to call Mourinho “a special cunt”.


United are as dangerous like a boil on your bellend, true, but they’re also twice as ugly.


Dear Arsenal, please make Mourinho angry tomorrow

Declan M

I hate this game more than any other during the domestic season. Even given out results over the last two seasons, I’d still settle for a draw…

Declan M



We are in the best form we’ve been in a long time.
So let’s show up, thrash them 3-0 again, bring on Theo in the 90th minute just because, and watch that Jose cunt sulk and grumble himself to his eventual sacking later in the season when we pip them to 2nd in the league



1)play the quick passing tempo like last game

2) pass more accurately still and make better crosses (particularly with a weapon like Giroud)

3) cut out silly things like the way Lacaxetter and Koscielny tried to play out at the back and almost got caught out by Huddersfield

4) get sharper still in front of goal bc we will have far fewer chances.

5) don’t make any rash challenges or panic and put hands on jerseys in the box…these are a bunch if diving cheats we are up against coached by one of the best specialist in diving.

John Lukic

Laca whaaaat?


I expect the not quite so special one anymore Wil be targeting our specific weak points. One will be the space around Granit which will have to be managed closely. The player himself is prone to mistakes under pressure and will need to be supported. If Wenger doesn’t pay attention to these specifics and goes free form, we will be susceptible. Key to it will be how Ozil Alexis AND Ramsey interoperate their respective roles supporting defensively or when to attack. Similar issues put wide with our full/wingbacks need attention. United are quick on the counter. Players will also have… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

I agree with what you’re saying, but that push by Kolasinac stopped the player from getting into a very good position and was done with the sole intention of NOT giving away a penalty. The issue was not the foul itself, but the sloppiness with which Kolasinac marked the player (something that was a common theme the whole game, but because he’s the new fan favourite he still got a 7 from fans on the player ratings even thought he was shocking at everything apart from a flukey assist for Giroud).

Mac Lindock

Flukey assist? If Giroud hdn’t been in the way he’d have hammered it home himself!


We’ve missed from 6 yards plenty of times. GIroud was having none of it. And Kolasinac is left footed the ball falling to his weaker right where as it was set up nicely for Giroud’s left peg. Smash and grab.


The assist was not flukey but skilful, however his passing is not up to the standard of the rest of the team and his defending is hit and miss.
Long term he will improve as he works with the team. Tomorrow he will be targeted by the Moaning one.


I like Philip Auclair on the pod cast but you have to wonder the logic of some of these so called experts So he thinks MOurinho will stiffle things and Giroud will struggle against a 3 man defense. Because Giroud can only play as a sub for short periods of a match presumably? Rather than say Lacazette who tends to have to be hauled off before match end (current injury is proof in pudding) Because Giroud is not a greater physical presence than Alexis Because what? Giroud was not mobile enough to get into a position twice to finish last… Read more »


Are you for real?? You’re on Kola’s case in his first season when he’s still settling in, playing a new team every game, facing a new threat everytime. I don’t think there’s a left back in the league who is as strong, as composed both in attack and defence, he just powers past people like they are bunch of under 13s at the same time, has the composure to find the right pass most of the time. He can do with holding back a bit simetimes but attitude is not an issue at all. He’s a no nonsense beast, he’s… Read more »


I agree. Kola is solid in attack. Don’t let his passing stats fool you, he misses most of his passes or cutbacks in the opposition box because they haven’t really got to grips with what he intends to do. He misses them entirely because he predicts them to move to that area, and not missing because they were too long or short or wayward.


Someone kindly hand one of the young guns a slice of pizza and let history repeat itself. A spicy one too, lots of chilli, right in the face of that sour, bitter, classless piece of shit!


I hate any team that Maureen manages because I hate Maureen so much. He is an arrogant asshole. Whatever team he may manage at any given time I absolutely unequivocally hate. After flying from New York to London for my birthday, I had such great joy to be at the Emirates on May 5 to see Arsenal beat him 2 nil. Unfortunately, they moved the game from my actual birthday on the 6th to the 5th, but it was still a great birthday gift. Hopefully Arsenal will give me my birthday gift very early this year and beat Maureen and… Read more »


I’ve never mentioned this before, but I have problems sleeping. So I’m gonna record tomorrow’s game and use it instead of Night Nurse.

Maureen will find the biggest bus he can get his hands on and park it across the Grove. This will be the dullest, most soporific sporting event since the Timeless Test Match back in 1883 or whatever.

When he gets his point he’ll pretend that it’s a victory…and then take the piss out of Wenger


Focusing alone on the way we play is one of our issues, you need to watch your opponents too. This is a major complain of everyone that leaves arsenal.

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