Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Aubameyang: I’ll have to work hard to be new Henry

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang says Arsenal’s history and the prospect of walking in the footsteps of great players like Thierry Henry played a part in his decision to join the club.

The 28-year-old joins the Gunners from Borussia Dortmund for a club-record fee of £55.5 million and is expected to make his debut this weekend against Everton.

Speaking for the first time since his move to the Emirates was confirmed, the Gabon international also revealed he’s looking forward to linking up with new boy, and fellow former Dortmund player, Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

“Finally! I’m really happy to be here,” he told Arsenal.com.

“Of course I can join Micki in this team, so I’m really happy to be here in this great team.

“I think the club has such a big history and great players like Thierry Henry. He’s an example for us strikers. I’m really happy, like I said before.”

On his admiration for Henry, he continued: “He was fast and scored a lot of goals. He’s really an example. I think I have to work a lot to be like him, but I will do.

“I’m a fast player and I score goals too, like Henry a little bit. But as I said, I have to work a lot more.”

The club’s new record signing also had this message for supporters. “I hope that we will come back to the top as soon as possible. I will do my best to join in.”

We hope so too. Welcome Auba.

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Bitter sweet.. welcome Auba… shame to Lose Giroud to Chlesae

Northern Gooner

Well at least we know that after 2 or 3 good years with us, he won’t be jumping ship, he’ll be too old and on too high wages, for anyone to be interested.

I’m sorry for being so fucking negative but I’m really finding it hard to get behind Arsenal at the moment, it feels like we have lost all sense of direction and our soul along the way.


Great news welcome …. .. As for the criticism of Wenger from the media – social and tabloid , I think it is time for this to stop for the duration of this season … 2 big chances of silverware ahead … stop being fair weather fans and bloggers … get behind your team and that means also behind the manager who has given you 10 trophies , beautiful football , a team unbeaten for 49 games record, all this by keeping the club on sound financial footing ..The manager has the respect of all the great players … The… Read more »

Northern Gooner

You mean we have been losing all this matches this season because i question Wenger in an Arsenal forum???

I’m off to tell the wife so she knows how powerful I am!




Shall we sing Kroenkes name in the stands as well? Is that also covered under the definition of a true fan?


Spot on, couldn’t have put it better


Hakuna matata


This mean “problems all around’, right?

Lord Bendnter

Oh God, if we could just at least add a proper CB or CDM to this squad this transfer window, I would be so pumped!!!!!!!!!!

Lord Bendnter

Pumper than I already am with the renewing of Ozil’s contract!

Matthew Robinson

shouldn’t that be ‘pumped-er’…?


Ozil is gone.

he won’t be impressed by us adding an aging Mhkitaryan.

Unlike some of our fans, he isn’t stupid either. He knows Mhkitaryan is added to hedge on him likely leaving.

And I don’t think (like Alexis) he will be anywhere convinced that Aubameyang added will make up for the deficit in goals or the leakage at the back.

Poor additions that won’t convince him even if we sneak into the CL.

And the europa or League cup should we win one, it isn’t enough.

Delusional to even believe he will be staying.


Ozil already signed mate, try to keep up


Santori do you still still have that internet where you can’t use the house phone and internet at the same time?

Or maybe ceefax teletext for transfer rumours….


My word but you have just made a complete numpty of yerself.
And managed to insult your fellow fans in the process..
Top effort!


I’m amazed by how the whole outlook of the team has turned around, in the attacking sense anyway.

I was so depressed at the start of last summer about the future of the team. There were only 2 genuinely world class attacking players in our team, and both were almost certain to be gone by this summer. In terms of incomings, it was hard to see us attracting any top class talent. It was looking so bleak.

And now, we have 4 fantastic attacking players. Unreal.

George Onyango

No goalkeeper. No defence. No midfield =Zero progress

Thierry Bergkamp

I’ll add to that, sort of no manager


The buying team is rubbish too. Lousy deals. 56m for Aubameyang when we could just get Mahrez who will have added better balance., they just work around players and agents they know. But it isn’t with any consideration for tactical or strategic implications to this particular squad. But its so easy to fool fans with shiny new things. Just several months ago the same voices were going on about Lacazette being “world class”, pacy. where’s his pace? He can’t even chase down balls and he hardly holds up the ball for us. but the excuse is he gets no service.… Read more »


Are you Mahrez’s agent?!

Chippys chip

If so… Ya gettin sacked in the morning..


What happened to you Santori? You used to be Different ????


He seems to be channeling his inner Fat Gooner today.

And yes, We all have a Fat Gooner inside of us


They want 90m for Mahrez ie not for sale


Might be easier to attract top talent on the rest of the pitch now that we have that attack

There could be a certain logic to doing this bit first


i’m pumping on my manhood as we speak over all this!



Wendy Agnew

Thanx for sharing!!!


We already have proper CB & CDM !! Only thing is the inconsistency

Chippys chip

Or the quality? Maybe? Just asking.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Bad diagnostic for CB. It is the system played that has to change. Do you know any defender who prevents a goal when facing three opponents alone ? For CDM we all thought we got a real one in Xhaka. Last year was his first year so this year is the test and he has failed so far. It is at the end of the season that Wenger can conclude.


Alex Song is back in training! ?


Alex Song is back!


welcome onboard auba


Please you do not need to be like Henry.. Just score us a bucketload of goals.


like Henry did?


Won’t they give him the number 14 shirt, given it is available?


Don’t worry. He isn’t.

He’s 28yrs for a start.

He isn’t as pacy or skillful.

He is the type to receive the ball and score not the type that can also create.

Watch us play side to side again and funnel into the middle whilst our main striker is isolated and Ozil marked out of the game.

Jack WilXhaka

I thought you said Özil is gone! What are you on mate?


Wenger, please do us a favour – don’t bench him for Saturday


? he’s gonna bench him

Big Shaq

Man like Auba

Chippys chip

Welcome Auba. But the new Henry? Let us pray.




So new Henry wasn’t Theo ?


Theo’s 10 year long stay was just a smokescreen for Aubameyang. Madness.


We’ve lost Coquelin, Theo, Alexis and Giroud.

We’ve only gained Mhkitaryan and Aubameyang.

Lousy exchange.



Mahrez for 40-50M? Riiiiight

Wendy Agnew

You miserable bastard Santori!!! Or is it all tongue in cheek?!!’


I’d like too see him on the wing actually. That’s where we can use his speed the most. He’s not a great target for when we get stuck at the bus stop.

Michael Osborn

Considering 94/95 of his goals were inside the penalty area i think that is where i would like to see him most of the time!!!


Have you seen us play lately? All of his strenghts would be completely nullified as a striker in our current system.


He is fast and also a good finisher but his dribbling skill is miles away to be compare to TH14. At best he should be on the left side of the front 3. Plus winger have a lot more defensive responsibilities.


He’s not that fast.

You probably said the same rubbish about Lacazette being fast.

Please unless we sign Kylian Mbappe, don’t tell me his fast.


Aubameyang is fast just because he and Lacazette are both black does not mean they have the same attributes. I get genuinely annoyed when people say they are similar.


Just pump in the goals that would be GOLD!


Great news I hope he’s a breath of fresh air and inspires this team onwards and upwards. Hopefully he’ll settle in quickly and learn how to deal with the physical demands. The rest of this team are gonna have to learn to move the ball a whole lot quicker to get the best out of him and leave out the crabby side to side tipy tappy stuff.


Am so happy to have you at Arsenal. Like you said, we are all looking forward to getting back on top.


In light of who we sacrificed to get him here there must be zero tolerance for any of the bullshit he pulled at Dortmund. He better fucking behave!

Aubergine emoji

If the bullshit means scoring 100s of goals im all for otmm


We haven’t sacrificed anyone yet. The negotiating advantage is with us now.

We have got Auba confirmed so why do we have to let HFB go for a pittance?

Pay top dollar or fuck off – that should be our message to the chavs.

I’m so hoping Gazidis plays the Demba Ba card at 10pm.


There were mentions of David Luis being dropped in the deal for the HFB. That’d be some addition to our shitty defence given how he can contribute to the DMF role as well..

Robins Boost

yup. now that auba’s on board, we can ask for David Luiz + 30m for Olivier.


Providing the deal hasn’t already been rubber stamped. Nothing official from Arsenal about it yet.

Nothing official on Ozil having signed either.


You really want Luiz? Like Evans or Nzonzi. All half baked players. Arsenal fans are so easily fooled. Throw them United rejects and they lap them up like they are the next big thing …like Welbeck or Silvestre. Please. We have lost an asset in Giroud who could provide us a different way to break teams down. Instead we have gained a similar player to Lacazette and someone who cost a lot plus is cup tied for the europa. We’ve lost Alexis who acts as a catalyst provoking teams rather than us passing sideways because we are afraid(don’t have the… Read more »


The question is Mahrez worth 90M?

I swear I thought you said 40-50M would make it happen


If we keep Giroud then happy days.

Northern Gooner

he’s gone to chelsea


Yes it’s official. Like I said, that Aubameyang feller better fucking behave.


You don’t have to be the new Henry. Just be the best you can be, and you will be just fine.
Welcome to Arsenal bro


Great day. Now if we can get shot of Iwobi, Xhaka, Ramsey & Mustafi.
Also can someone remind Bellerin he has the speed to pass full backs on the outside without cutting in & passing back most of the time


Xhaka I agree really does need shifting, quite probably Rambo too. Iwobi is young and has a great deal of potential. I’d certainly keep him. And much as I’m pissed with Mustafi just now Kos was flakey his first few seasons. CBs maybe mature. A little later. Overall I’m on the fence with him


Spot on all round


You wanna get rid of Elneny, Chambers, Holding, first.

Granted Granit is flawed buthe still adds going forward more than Elneny.

And Mustafi is still stronger than Holding and Chambers.

Even the much lauded AMN is guilty of the same lack of tracking back as Xhaka is.

Bias much?

We are already so thin in assets so you want to get rid of the better players?

who else do you have? You think we are going to replace player for player?

Dream on.


Bias? coming from you? LOL


finally, we can move with confidence


Let’s go full blast on Saturday with LMAO!


Lol nice one


so we signed micky, auba and ozil …that’s fucking kwazaaaaaa

lets start the league afresh


Let’s start our pre season training now. Cos we gonna smoke teams next seaon.


Hopefully these guys- Auba, Ozil, Mhki- can help develop the young unproven attacking players in the squad. Herald in a new homegrown crop before Wenger is out the door!


eeeeeey score lots of goals…..Pa, Pa, Pa, Pa, Pa, Pierre Aubameyang-nam style.

I’m genuinely sorry about this…..


The next Thierry Henry 14? Get in Pierre. No pressure there


Welcome Auba. May you and Mkhi lift us up from the fog of despair to glory and riches




Lol I love how it’s always Thierry Henry everybody wants to emulate. Would be great if one day a defender signed and was like; I’ll have to work hard to be the next Pascal Cygan.

Robins Boost

yup. look up to thierry as a benchmark, and if you could get 3/4 of the goals he scored for us by the time you retire, then thank you very much, job done and you’re a legend.


I’ve got tears in my eyes.
Love you too ?


Sounds like Arsenal will score lots of goals the rest of the season.
My question is, how many are they going to score on us?
Are we going to start losing 2-3???
Wenger, sort out our defensive player!


At least he didn’t say he came to arsenal to win thropies. Keeping expectations low- i like that.


Looks like Lacazette will be the plan B to replace Giroud, i want to see Aubameyang as our target man asap, along with Micki of course.


That’s very clever. So you’re first purchase not too long ago has yet to settle but lets limit his time on the pitch even more. Meanwhile you think the other new shiny player will immediately adapt? or should we play one of them out of position? That will get the best of them. Lacazette is plan B? YOu do know 56m quid Aubameyang is cup tied for the Europa which is a realistic slim chance now of us sneaking back into CL. So you want to limit Lacazette’s time, rotate him even more so when he gets to play in… Read more »


Auba for the Prem and Laca for Europa. Which would be better for him anyways since he is very finesse more then physical.


Delusional. He’s not anywhere near Henry and he’s 28+yrs already. Arsenal fans never learn. Last shiny new object Lacazette we were told by same people trumpeting Aubameyang, was “world class” and pacy. Well he is neither pacy nor world class. Both these players need the ball to them. If you were truly world class you make it happen for yourself. We need players in other areas midfield which has been neglected for years and also a creative player on the wings to stretch our play. Instead we have lost a lot of pace, first with the Ox, then the limited… Read more »


I think you’ve mentioned it lik 1000x already that he is cup tied. Do you not think Arsenal know that though? You think they are going to be surprised that he is cup tied?

Your post get more annoying.

Merlin\'s Panini

You can start by getting a better haircut, Pierre.

Got to rank amongst the worst haircuts along with Chamakh, Gervinho and Cesc (when he had that horrendous mullet).


You cant be me! You can be better than me. Aim high bro!!

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