Thursday, December 8, 2022

Bournemouth 2-1 Arsenal – player ratings

Despite going ahead through Hector Bellerin, Arsenal endured another dismal away day, going down 2-1 to Bournemouth.

Read the report and watch the goals here.

Here’s how the players rated today.

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Bournemouth were shit lol


that says a lot about us then


We are above them int table, I think we need to get used to that being a good thing. Top 10 team in the making.


Steve Bould out

Ritchie Powling - Barking Playboy

Steve Bould in. Preferably alongside Keown, under a different manager.
A manager that understands the value of defenders being trained in defending by ex – players who were, not coincidentally, excellent defenders.

By that logic, I’d be hoping for Simeone first, Ancelotti second.


ive been saying this for a while, as much as its mostly wengers job to do coaching, to have a defender as your right hand man for 10+ years and having defenders who cant defend for 10+ years is ridiculous. and you cant say its because wenger doesnt let him coach. because that means that bould isnt allowed to talk to players on his own. I get that wenger might muzzle him during training, but not one defender can talk to bould on a personal level about their game? BS SAF stayed relevent and at the top by changing his… Read more »

Das boi

Please sign some players Wenger


What would that change? He signed over 20 in the last 10 years and we are worse than ever.


good point

Das boi

What do you mean? Are you implying that signing Sánchez and Ozil made us worse that season and the next? Dont be so childish

Easy tiger

No dont.


why not?


wenger shouldn’t have signed anything since 2008 as far as arsenals concerned

my name is bob

I slept through that
Probably for the best


I woke up as the second went in. Life is cruel

Original Paul

0/10 for Wenger.

el Nino

0 for Ramseys hair cut. Did he lose a bet or something,,,,

V h

That haircut is as bad as the Arsenal contract team.


lol. I was wondering the same thing. Maybe someone took to him in his sleep and this was the best that could be done with it. Bellerin and Iwobi are probably quite happy though.

Jimbo Jones

To be fair I know that there’s plenty of Ramsey haters out there but the guy was meant to be out injured for 3 more weeks but is rushed back into action due to the desperation of the boss. Class act right?

We shouldn’t jump on someone who has been one of the very few decent players this season along with Jack and Mesut

Jimbo Jones

And our form has gone deep South without him


Where did it say he was suppose to be out for another 3 weeks?

He’s been out since the 10th of Dec.

Jimbo Jones

Cali, the club and injury room reported it. As of last week even. If you listen to the podcast below they read through the injury room report at about 4:20 they get on to Ramsey.

He has barely trained and is not fit. The Welsh FA were shocked he played yesterday.


The problem starts with kroenke. At what point do you have enough money?

Original Paul

Arsenal are now on a par with Kronke’s other teams. That didn’t take long! 🙁


I think people will hold onto hope but kroenke is the death of ambition.

Don Cazorleone

Actually, the Rams did very well this season.
Incidentally coming after they fired their head coach.

So you just never know!

Fingers crossed…


He’s going to rely on Ramsey?

Original Paul

That’s just one of his teams though isn’t it? And haven’t they been a bit crap for some time before?

Greg in Seattle

His NFL Rams went young and this year won their division handily, and are considered a massively up and coming team. Not a fan of Kroenke but we can no longer say all of his teams suck. That said, why the owner hasn’t canned Wenger is hard to fathom, because even a cold hearted businessman should see the value of his investment plummeting. People don’t buy merch for midtable teams.

Rectum Spectrum

The move to the Emirates meant for a few years we had to ‘tighten our belts’….sell some star players and promote from within/take punts on cheap players.

So we were already effectively in ‘Kronke Mode’ when Kronke bought the club….that’s why we accelerated to the end game as per his other teams. Hell it might even be why we came up on his radar in the first place!

David C

As a Canadian, I was soooo gutted the moment Kroenke’s bloody name was mentioned as I’ve had plenty of years to witness his nonsense…..

I bet he doesn’t even follow the team or standings. He probably doesn’t even know we played today.


i love arsenal and arsene.

i hope this bad patch gets over soon.

hope the mafia money starts to leave soon.


And i truly hope that you tried to be funny with your comment.

King 14enry

Bonus rating is spot on, such a depressing season.

SB Still

On a such a shambolic day, Liverpool are shredding ManC – 4-1!

The benefit of that is not another Invincible team.

Hope it also means ManC get serious about making a bigger bid for Sanchez.

Antonio Valencia

Honestly, this team has some great players. Any other coach would easily have this team in the top four. I don’t care who we buy anymore. I would rather drop out of every competition so that Arsene leaves than win another trophy.

Fireman Sam

I’m not sure many of our players are “great”.

But I agree another manager would likely get more out of them.


Klopp is showing Wenger how we should have used and developed Ox, and I wonder what he or Guardiola could do with players like Iwobi or Bellerin. Unfortunately our young players don’t seem to be able to fulfil their potential here anymore. Probably because atm our tactics, system and coaching boil down to pass, pass, pass and hope Sanchez or Ozil do something amazing.


I’d like Arsenal to drop out of everything too, if it meant fake fans like you would go elsewhere!


You’ve got the nickname of the tosser that I hate the most at Man Utd. He’s a cheating diving Cnut


Don’t know if we will get the replacements needed to salvage this season. As much as I respect Arsene, should we wait for him to ‘respect his contract’ until 2019? Isn’t the slow fall down the table enough of a sign that things need to change this coming summer?


I really hoped that we are already after the stage where we ask this as an open question. Fuck yes-he should have been gone years ago and fuck yes-he should be sacked effective immediately.


Exactly. Makes a lot of sense to sack him now at least. The performances are getting worse every season, hell every week. As soon as Özil is injured we have no one to carry us over the line any more. Jack tried very hard today and was miles better than any other of our players which says it all. Depressing, numbing stuff

dr Strange

Walcott has to have the highest offside/minutes ratio in the world.


He’s still around the squad.

pack of Alexis Coquelin, keep Walcott and elneny.


Where have you been for the last week???


I think you misunderstood Santori’s post.
He is complaining that we are getting rid of Alexis and Coquelin while keeping Walcott and Elnany.
When you see the performance that Coquelin put for Valencia, it is clear that he was under instructions to pass the ball to the so called better players rather than attempting long passes himself. That may have made sense with Cazorla but Xhaka is no Cazorla. IMHO a pairing of Coquelin and Wilshere would be more effective than Xhaka and Wilshere. BTW now that Ramsey is back, will our captain Wilshere be dropped?


Fuck Wenger.


Lacazette went full Alexis today.

Got so desperate with lack of service that he went on to playing midfield himself.


I never saw him give the ball away then sit on his ass whilst the opponents raced off and scored, once!


players are very average. sad to see our decline. absolutely no leaders out there. how the powers that be led us to this .


We don’t need creative players and technical players. We don’t need ready made quality. Plenty of time to develop talent at Arsenal. Never mind us slipping below 6th.


Bring on Ramsey concede immediately – says it all

Team played well enough until that point, and changing formation to accommodate a pampered boy mid match is bound to have consequences. We got got what we deserved.

But please sign Jack tomorrow – great display especially first half – bossed it


Fault was partially Granit’s.

The midfield does not bother tracking back.

We were OK with back 3.

As soon as we put Ramsey up, our attention turns to moving up the pitch but without caution to the back.


In other news, our last season’s reserve right back is running the game for Liverpool.


Yeah he really is!


well… at least Liverpool have ended Pep’s hope of the “invincible” run. That much is safe for our legacy for now.


It shows that AOC was smart enough to realize that he was never going to become the player he thought he could be with Arsenal. Whatever happens, he had to get out. The Emirates is where talent comes to stagnate.


You mean the player that most on here slated for much of the season? Said we’d robbed Liverpool of £30m for! That reserve player?


A lot of people on here were celebrating when we sold him, I thought they were mental at the time but looking back I guess they were just in denial. The fact that he turned down more money here to develop as a CM and all-round attacking player with them says it all, and I wonder if other players still at the club now wish they made similar decisions when they had the chance *cough*Theo*cough*. Anyway it’ll be Iwobi next at this rate followed swiftly by AMN and Nelson, moving to find out what kind of players they really are.… Read more »


2 signings were never enough to improve our team from last season. Consistency defines your quality and we are consistently dismal this season.

Anyways….. I still live for Arsenal. Even if we dont even have entertaining losses anymore.

Jimbo Jones

It’s not about signings. Hope people will eventually wake up and stop trying to rearrange bloody deckchairs

We already have a talented squad, far better than our league position. Ramsey, Walcott, Xhaka could all well be too class if they’d made different career choices.

What we lack is a defined system, style or effective leadership on and off this pitch.

Wenger out since 2012

Crash Fistfight

I beat you to it by a year, so ner.


Ramsey, Theo and xhaka class. Don’t give up the day job Dimbo Jones ?

Jimbo Jones

Really? Rambo and Xhaka both had cracking Euro 2016, including AR in team of tournament. They have seemed to do very well in other teams that have a system and in which they arr played in their correct position. Also Theo was hot property in world football when he signed for us too. The fact is none of them have hit the heights they should have. I suspect if Aaron Ramsey and Theo had gone to Utd and Liverpool they could well be very different players; can you tell me who has Wenger actually developed to his potential in the… Read more »

Jay Salhi

Joe Allen also had a cracking Euro 2016. And Xhaka’s cracking Euro was largely fiction from excited Arsenal fans wearing rose colored glasses. Xhaka is the epitome of mediocrity.

Jimbo Jones

The welsh Jesuses! Put it this way, do you think our players are capable of a lot more? The point is everyone is underperforming under Wenger

Beezus Faffoon

We could have signed 10 new players and it wouldn’t have changed anything. Change is needed at the top, I’m afraid, and I say that as someone who as always been prepared to let Arsène leave when he wants. Time’s up!


How desperate do we look now. Theo and Ramsey coming on to win a game. It’s only the very blinkered who could see most of our squad. The writing was on the wall and RVP new it. Never understood the hate he gets when he voiced what everyone on here has been saying since he left. The club is not gonna challenge for top trophies


Wenger out

Glen Helders left foot

Could the people who down voted this please explain why they think Wenger should stay


You think it’s only his problem. Butbyou can’t be sure it’s not a boards fault. Maybe those fuckers dont give enough money for Arsene to buy players he wants or at least not to offer them propper wages. No good players = shit position in league table.


I would take every arsenal player versus their counterpart on bournemouth, it wasn’t the quality of the players today.

Beezus Faffoon

The board aren’t in charge of tactics, training drills or squad selection. It isn’t the board who plays Ainsley out of position, etc. I don’t think it’s crazy of me to suggest that man for man Arsenal are better than Bournemouth. How can it be that we, having been in front, lose to them. No disrespect meant to Bournemouth, but we ARE better than them. It’s not even like they’re having a good season!


I’ve got a good idea! Instead of playing football – just decide on paper who’s got the best team and make the table up from that!


How about, play the right fucking team and formation. Stop doing the same experiment the same week with the same result !!!


Because he IS class, he won’t buy a trophy to make himself look good! He won’t park the bus, cheat or put himself before Arsenal. Morality and integrity are two qualities missing in a lot of the top teams today!


He is also stale and well past his sell by date. When he arrived in English Football, I would say he was five years ahead of other Managers, even Ferg’. Now he is at least three, to five, behind most of the others, including the likes of Eddie Howe. Bournmouth shouldn’t get close to us. Our budget dwarfs theirs. But they won. We are not set up right. We don’t do defence – consistently. We don’t scout the opposition. We don’t change tactics depending on who we play. We offer ‘comfort zone football’ for the likes of Walcott who jog… Read more »


I hope the club end his contract tomorrow, to be honest.


I agree with you entirely.
But not about Ancelotti…he is another manger with 1 foot into retirement. We need someone young and hungry and prepared to break some eggs


All of a sudden we seem to have no quality at all. No winners no world class players. Also we seem to be in a place where Wiltshire is seen as out savour. Now I love Jack but really? It’s an absolute mess.


The depth we had was illusionary.

we are not carrying enough creative/technical players of world class standard that are already the real deal.

We were at least a Mahrez away going forward even with Ozil and Alexis.

We can’t even disguise our poor defensive abilities with goals. We are lacking big guns.

Chippys chip

Jack doesnt wilt.

Fireman Sam

Jack is great, but obviously not enough on his own to save us.

We’ve generally lacked leaders on the pitch for a long while. Maybe our recruitment policy needs to focus specifically on personality traits. We have too many “nice” players – where are the hard nuts? I can only think of Sead at the moment.


I don’t think i can take a second consecutive season of Spuds finishing above us. Painful times


Get used to it. We’re deteriorating, Spurs are doing everything right. they’ll have to sell some talent, but at a huge premium that will fund their stadium and keep them above us for a long time if we don’t get a new owner.

Merlin\'s Panini

We are really shit now aren’t we.


Yes you and many of the supposed SUPPORTERS really are!

Make sure not to celebrate at the end of the season!

Jimbo Jones

Don’t see us celebrating anything at the end of this season to be fair Dawn. Is Wenger a rare breed? Yes. Will he always be a legend. Yes. Is he the man to take us forward. No. We are a club in freefall. The results are showing what we all know.


Kroenke out, Wenger out. It’s a time for a total fucking revamp of the whole club.


Youve got to say Theos beard is a lot nicer after the little trim since The Forest game

Mrs Maitland-Niles

I think Wenger will leave at the end of this season. I think the players know it too. This looks like a team that is rudderless.


but he needs to be gone by tomorrow!

Chippys chip

Need a clear out top to bottom but at the moment lets enjoy the 49 49 undefeated playing football the Arsenal way. Feck off city


The bonus rating sums it up well today

Yorkshire gunner

Please please please let the ancelotti rumors be true, I love wenger but at this stage I’d take girouds alter ego, inate carbon rod, over wenger, just because it’d be a injection of something fresh


Anceloti ain’t much different to Wenger. As soft as shite
We need a young chap with ball big enough to drop players on the bench if they don’t perform to the standards of their wages

Tas Gunner

Some generous ratings there blogs.Although,can’t really blame them after seeing gabriel and ox this season since their moves.Players are also the victims in a way.


Ox leaving us to better develop as a player was the canary in the coalmine and damning indictment on our handling of young players


Players are the victims????
And what about 2000 Arsenal supporters that made the trip to south coast?
None of them deserves anything more than half of a star rating. The only one I rated 2 stars was Jack.


It was all so pedestrian. No speed. The Bournemouth left flank was open like a German Autobahn, yet we did nothing there except the goal. Whenever an Arsenal player gets the ball they take eight touches, allowing the opposition defense to find their positions. If we play like this against Östersund, they’ll put us out of the Europa League as well. Sure, they’ll be in pre-season, but in -22C our comfortable players won’t move faster than today. Not that it would cause the board to sack the manager, as “catalyst for change” was the catchphrase of 2017. 2018 looks like… Read more »

Don Cazorleone

It’s because this team plays in Wenger’s own image: Conservative, slow, passive and unreactive. Precisely the same way this club approaches transfers and contracts. It used to rile me when I saw people calling Wenger stubborn, but really it’s the only word available. – The stubbornness of refusing to pay a pound more than his own personal evaluation of players regardless of market influences. – The stubbornness of not selling underperforming ‘project players’. But mostly, the stubbornness of playing sideways possession-football regardless of the opposition or flow of the match; exemplified by the way this team likes to knock it… Read more »

Paulo Cuntchops

Wenger out


Again I have to say we need a “manager rating”.

But on here it will usually be between 0-5 for Arsene. He doesn’t seem to make any difference whether we win or lose.

Can’t believe we still talk about Arsenal not defending well after it being a problem for over 10 years.


It jas been a problem for over 15 years..just back then we had Sol

Gunner Matt

Ancelotti 10/10.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

I can’t take another season of this. No joy left for this season, we’re so average and boring without Sanchez and ozil.
Time to say good bye Wenger

Average Joe

It’s quite baffling how Wenger wants to replace Sanchez and Ozil with just one player (that we know of at least). We need at least 5 if not 7 world class players if we ever want to compete on a level that is required for Premiership!

Not 1, not 2, not 4, AT LEAST 5 fucking players!!! And not just at least 5 fucking players! 5 extremely good players, and a goalkeeper on the same level with AT LEAST as Courtois or Lloris!

Anything less than that is not going to be enough…

Average Joe

Oh, yeah, and Wenger should retire like yesterday…


honestly what world class player is going to want to come play for Wenger and Arsenal at this point? the only 2 we have are already leaving. the team is hurtling towards mid table – the CL is gone unless by some miracle we win the Europa league. Wenger clearly is in decline & at best has one more year left. basically every up and coming French talent has turned Wenger down – and that was prior to this. there’s just no chance we are going to get world class players to come until we replace Wenger.


Can’t arguue with your there Joe, problem is what world class players are going to want to play for Arsenal at the moment?
We are so far down the list of desirable clubs to play for, the best clubs complete for the best players and i am afraid we are not in that category.
There is a huge rebuilding job to be done and it should have started years ago.

Average Joe

That is the main reason for a new manager, I think. Someone with enough reputation, experience and vigor to give potential new players the will and desire to sign. Not just a promise of a better tomorrow, better tomorrow that is actually viable!

Arsenal Pakistan!

Drop xhaka. Too relaxed and casual about defending. Go 4-3-3 from next game with Niles Jack and Ramsey in mid.
Also protests planned for next Saturday if anyone’s interested.


Three or four seasons ago it was bad enough that Arsenal fans were fighting each other in the streey. Now I pine for three or four years ago. To paraphrase Steinbeck: Fear the day when the punches stop falling. It will mean the spirit has died. But seriously, this is so, so sad. And who will do anything about it?


Bring In Usmanov.


Sickening…Everyone but Jack was disgraceful.. What was everyone doing for the first goal..Cech aside watch how many mistakes are in he build up..

V h

The only thing that makes you feel worse after watching that game… is watching Liverpool and Citeh.

we are so f-cking far away.

Olivije Žirod

You know it is going to be hard when you are missing 6 first team players. No one could compete with that. But we were doing our job till the 70 minute. We miss some luck to scratch those games in the last few weeks. We badly need 2 signings in January. Liverpool take a bow!


You can see why Giroud starts for France in front of Laca. Laca really turning out to be one of the most disappointing signings in recent years

Art Van\'Delay

Perhaps if they got the ball to him, he might know if that valuation’s correct.

Drogheda gunner

Whats the story with cech hes broken since we got him?ospina has to be worth a run in the team?


Selling Szczesny was insane.


Buying Cech wasn.t great either..there was a reason Chelsea replacesd him


Mission impossible to defend wenger these days. Only thing is that they keep playing shit even when he’s not on the bench lol


Well.. at least City aren’t going to be unbeaten this season


Hopefully with Sven coming from Dortmund our teams identity in the future will be clear: we will recruit a cadre of young, attacking-minded players coached by a manager with a clear philosophy. We will then not kid ourselves about our place in the world order and sell those young players off at a profit to the bigger clubs, fill our coffers, and keep this machine churning. If we make the Champions League, great. If we don’t, well, at least we wont be sitting on world class players and selling them for fucking bupkis a few months before the end of… Read more »


For a money minded club. We have been pretty shit at the business side of things. What I want to know is besides the footballing side, is our administration team full of half wits? Everyone saw this Sanchez (ozil, jack, ox etc) situation happening 12 months ago. Why is there no proactive planning? Atleast line up a signing to help take the heat off the club. I don’t care if it’s a young prospect or a stop gap measure (more like a Benayoun not a kallstrom). OR is there a bigger problem at the club? Where has the money gone?… Read more »


Happy invincible Day


Well at least city aren’t going to be invincibles


jack man of the match again, ozil who


Yeah, it’s not like we missed Ozil out there or anything, you muppet.


Arsene is my hero but his time was over at the end of last season. After this run of form I no longer have any sympathy for him. If he decides to continue beyond this summer it will only be because of the money he’s on and not because he feels it would be the best thing for the club.


Jack best player by a country mile. Iwobi I thought worked hard, great assist, better playing from a deeper role, good protection of the ball, released the ball quicker for us. Lucky to get away with elbow in box but otherwise good. Granit too anonymous. Not sure what he is adding. But we don’t need anyone in midfield since we have the mediocre Elneny. Sell Coquelin we don’t need him. Lacazette clearly needs service like Gervinho and TGSTEL. Poor off ball movement. Lacks pace. Welbeck obviously a great replacement for Alexis. Don’t bother buying Draxler. Our back line clearly does… Read more »


No we don’t need Coq. Get off this revisionist narrative.

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