Carlo Ancelotti touted again as possible Arsene Wenger replacement


Earlier this week, James Olley wrote in the Evening Standard about how Arsenal have targetted Carlo Ancelotti as the man to take over from Arsene Wenger.

The piece suggested the 58 year old is seen as the perfect candidate to help transition the club from the Wenger Era into one which will require experience and new structures put in place.

Some of those appear to be happening right now, with Sven Mislintat appointed Head of Recruitment, while Spaniard Raul Sanllehi will join next month as Head of Football Relations (Definitely Not Director of Football).

While the Italian is a very obvious name to throw into the ring, the article also sounded like bits of it had come from Ivan Gazidis himself, as he looks to airbrush his profile for the post-Wenger years. For example:

Gazidis’s aim is seemingly to reshape Arsenal so that their  newly-acquired infrastructure embodies their core values and philosophy and not the idiosyncrasies of a manager’s personality.

Anyway, today in Corriere dello Sport, they report that the club’s hierarchy have decided Wenger will go this summer, and that Ancelotti will be handed a four year contract to take over.

They suggest that the man who has managed Juventus, Milan, Chelsea, PSG, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich turned down an approach to manage the Italian national side because of the Arsenal offer.

Whether they’ve been prompted into this by the Standard piece is unclear, and he would make sense as a replacement for Arsene Wenger, but we’ll have to wait and see what else emerges on this one.

Thoughts on this folks? Would Ancelotti be your choice as an experienced coach to help the club deal with what will be a seismic change when the Frenchman’s reign finally ends?

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Yes, please.

Mein Bergkampf

Too right. An experienced hand to steady the ship. Makes perfect sense which means Owen Coyle will sign on a six year contract.


Nah. Too old.


Not for a 4 year contract

Bon Jello

Haha I recall the Owen Coyle/Roberto Martinez successor stories that stifled, weird days, especially as some fans seemed eager on them…!

Ancelotti could ge great… but what do people think of Conte? I can’t see him being at Chelsea past this summer, is great in raising players confidence and already hates Mourinho… I like the guy!

Bon Jello

Personally I think the current ‘elites’ are Guardiola, Klopp and Conte, and I really think we could have a crack at the Chelsea boss. I feel he’d be willing to work on a long-term project.

…and he hates Jose!

(hates him! ?)

Mein Bergkampf

Don’t agree with Klopp, glad we never got him. Too similar to what we already have, albeit a little more successful of late. He’s had two and a half years to sort that defense out and they still defend like Craggy Islands All Priests indoor five-a-side over 75’s team.

Eric Blair

Experts on crosses?


These are FAKE hands!


I like Conte too – he’s also a classy guy (when not provoked by Mourinho), in the Pellegrini/Wenger mould. I think the problem is that he wants to return to Italy.

Bon Jello

Yeah you could be right there, though it may be because of the unstable seat at Stamford. He could thrive at Arsenal, and he seems to be constantly improving his language and media handling over here. And as you say, in that ideal mould for our club.

But either way, Ancelotti would be great, and both have strong identity and experience, plus star appeal (I cringed writing that) that could help bring some big names in.
Respect to Wenger, but this has made the future seem brighter for the first time in a while.

Another Sam

Id have Conte anyday over Ancelotti, especially when it comes to making ordinary players into very good, organised ones, like he did with the Italian national team. Ancelotti is better with all-star line ups imho. With Sanchez and probably Ozil leaving, and Kroenke not going to cough up £500k (or whatever silly money it takes) to buy world class talent, any new manager will have an uphill task to re-establish us as a top club, using the players at his disposal. Ancelotti also is on record as saying defending is ‘easy’ and has a laissez faire attitude to player discipline… Read more »


How about aletico’s simeone?

he seems to build hardworking squads with reasonable level of flair


If Conte didn’t have a mullet… its the like a neck tattoo and just speaks to poor judgment.

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

As long as we don’t go full Manure and fire coaches every few months.


Plus one.


Not a massive fan of him to be fair… hasn’t he been sacked from his past 3 or 4 jobs?

Would much rather see us push for Diego Simeone I feel he is someone who could really turn us into contenders. A failed Chelsea manager isn’t my first choice!

Bon Jello

I also really like Simeone, and a definite contender for a long-term project. But, whilst appreciate his defensive approach, it’s very unArsenal, and he’s almost always being linked to other clubs.
On the one hand, he may not be ideal for our club, but on the other hand we may need to take a different path (such as Simeone’s) in the future.

Though I’d hardly call PL winning managers ‘failed’, it’s more to do with Roman’s reign of terror. As much as I like Simeone, should Chelsea acquire him, they’d one day inevitably sack him too.

Eric Blair

Defense may be ‘unArsene’ but is not exactly ‘unArsenal’ considering our history. Maybe we should give defending a go again.


I wonder how long it would take before we start complaining about the negative football.

Bill mcbillerson

1 nil to the arsenal

Bon Jello

True, I just meant in regards to where we are now. But yeah, perhaps in terms of style one step back before two steps forward could be ideal. Start from scratch on game-plans and work to the players we have strengths instead of getting players to play in fashions that don’t bring out their best.


‘Failed’. He won the Premier League with them.


The double even!

Thierry Bergkamp

Nah, I’d still prefer Allegri

Bon Jello

Allegri, another good Italian! I actually believed some of the rumours last year/season that we had approached him as Arsene’s successor, seemed possible at the time.

Another Sam

I’d also love Allegri but think he’s on a long term deal at Juventus. I doubt he’d even consider it

Thierry Bergkamp

That’s where the club needs to sell themselves and make him an offer he can’t refuse.


Not a keen follower of Italian football but I’d heard that Allegri while competent was not at the level of Conte. He inherited a good side from Conte and has plenty of cash by Italian standards, but not massively over achieved.

Thierry Bergkamp

I’ve heard the exact opposite coming from Italy.


Allegri or the Monaco coach for me. Both doing amazing jobs


Rate him to do a job in the transitional period for 3-4 years before we go for the young revolutionary type. I reckon if we go for one of those straight away it’ll be too much too soon and they may end up biting off more than they can chew

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I ship it.


He would probably be my first choice, Surely this is too good to be true?


Let’s hope that it’s either him or it’s Naggelsman (did I spell it correct?).


My first choice as well, and has been for a while. A steady, experienced hand to manage what might be a tricky transition…and which would give more time for Arteta to develop before eventually taking over!

But yeah, knowing Arsenal, too good to be true.

David C

hmm, aren’t there any unknown coaches in the J-League that we could grab? haha

Carlo would be a good short term option until Vieira or Arteta are ready!

Igors Stepanovs

If anyone who’s actually managing now it’s a certain assistant manager of the Belgian national team

Scott P

Viera is doing well here in NY. Been watching him manage NYC FC and he had turned the team around completely.


“Would Ancelotti be your choice as an experienced coach to help the club deal with what will be a seismic change when the Frenchman’s reign finally ends?”



Good get. Hopefully he will be able to flourish despite the desire for crippling mediocrity from the chairman.


Personally I’d prefer someone younger with more energy, ideally with a different man-managment approach who can shock this team out of its comfort zone.

But if we’re thinking of a ‘transition’ between Wenger and the future, I suppose we could do worse than someone with Ancelotti’s experience.


I almost typed the same response as you, so i’ll just like yours and affirm here.
He would not be my first choice either but might be ideal in managing a major transition.


I agree. If what we are looking for is an interim coach, Ancelotti is a great option. But ultimately I’d love to see us go younger and more relatable to the current style of football/player

Gooner Town

I don’t think Wenger can win us the league anymore but it will still be hard to see him go.


Don’t worry, the sad old selfish Whinger will award himself a new contract, if he thinks we are going to get a decent manager.


Get out of here the man did his best for the club even if he has been failing to deliver the success he had early on.. no need to be such an ass about it. I want a new manager because i know the man cant do this no more but I also wish him gone so that people like you would just stop being disrespectful of the man.


It’s uninspiring. He’s a perfectly good manager, but, well, it’s would be a safe short term fix. Wasn’t Wenger supposed to be the transition to the next guy? Or is the idea to portray Wenger as a dictator-like figure and switch formats to a first team coach instead? Given the time they’ve had to think about this, you’d expect something a little more exciting and thought-out.


I feel going straight for a young manager would be like hetting Moyes to manage Utd, setting them up for failure. At least this way, we could let the hierarchy settle in, before putting our faith in the new guy?

Faisal Narrage

However managed United was doomed. They had a terrible squad, but were the champions. The only way was down for him or anyone.

We’re different in that we’ve already declined and currently looking like a 6-8th place team. We’re too good to go down further, but not good enough to go up more.

It’s not the stitch-up job as the United position was. And right now, we don’t need any “steadying”, steadying is what got us here.

twisted cuntloks

Definitely the correct way to do things. Ancellotti/Arteta dream team .


Why would Arteta be mentionned as part of a “Dream team”? He just started his coaching career, you know?


Yeah, what is this thing with Arteta? Whats he done to suggest he’s on his way to being a manager capable of taking Arsenal back to the summit of English football? He might but……
Also, is he not very much in Wengers mould football wise?

twisted cuntloks

Arteta, while number 2 could learn from Ancellotti. Then when ready and if still suitable, eventually move to number 1?

Mein Bergkampf

His uninspiring three champions league trophies…


What about his uninspiring time in Bayern?


Where he won a league title?


The way Bundesliga is setup BM should win it every year and have anomaly once in awhile.

When the players have to “allegedly” hold secret training sessions you know something is wrong and I think he’s too use to the having mega stars. We complain about lack of training or focus I can’t imagine CA working out well. It would just seem too similar in training styles.

Eric Blair

No worse a record than Pep there really.


He’s got 3 champions leagues mate can’t knock him that much besides I know we’d pay him a fortune but I’m still (a bit) surprised he’s thaaat interested in the job given the people who’d be above him here and the monumental task he’d have on his hands to make us credible title challengers


Isn’t a given if you were managing one of the big clubs that you have a good chance at winning CL? Milan in its height along with Real. He’s a good manager don’t get me wrong I just think we give managers too much credit when they manage a club full of stars.

Santa Cazorla

Not entirely convinced he’s the type of manager who can work within our budget to rebuild the team in the summer.

Bang Tidy

I think the whole philosophy would change if they brought in someone like Ancelotti. He wouldn’t agree to coming in under the same restraints. They’d have to set budget to tempt Ancelotti. It might be the shot in the arm that the whole regime needs. My predicted text already finds Ancelotti after ANC. Is this a sign???

Satori Hansei

Yes! I’ve been thinking our number transfer target this January must be Ancelotti! Why not? Even if he’s brought in just to help steer this ship for the until end of season and then the club can determine whether or not to offer him a four year contract. What has Wenger done so far this season to warrant another 4 months in charge? Absolutely nothing and has not done anything to suggest he deserves to stay until summer. A once great manager who has continues to allow to the rust to tarnish his legacy. We always say no one man… Read more »


Given who is ‘available’ I am not sure there are any other better options out there…
European experience. Yes.
Track record of winning things. Yes.
Have his teams played high scoring football. Yes.
BUT, looking at his CV I am not sure if he has come in and taken a team that is going through a rocky patch and taken them to another level.
Jury is out for deliberation right now for me.


Sorry to be the skeptic in the room but what makes us fans think that Ancelotti would want to come to Arsenal?

This guy has for the most part managed teams at the very top and at his age, I would think that his aim is to win even more instant trophies, rather than coming in to rebuild a side where the frugal owner simply doesn’t give a shit about.


He performed miracles with a very, very average Milan team

Daft Aider

Far from my first choice and a four year deal sounds bad,
we were always looking at an interim manager,
he would be a good choice in that capacity,
but 4 years????

Ted E.

I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the duration of the contract. Outside of our club, I hear it’s quite common to part ways with managers before the end of the contract term…


Is the current manager of Nagoya Grampus Eight available?

Would be happy with Ancelotti tbf, has experience of managing a top side and could probably bring in the right type of players. Many players would want to work with him which would help in the recruitment of new players.


You are probably already working on the “Ancelotti Out” banner for REDaction or BlackScarf. Although, you sound like the kind of kid that will end up using the fitted sheet, so no worries.


Sorry, don’t understand you reply


i don’t really care as long as its someone new


Given the huge change the club would go through when arsene leaves, I would like to see someone experienced take charge. Ancelotti fits the bill perfectly and offers a minimum guarantee of producing at least respectable results. That would be massive, especially considering what happened at ManU.


but if he really does come then i fear that ozil will not sign the contract given the bad blood between them


I don’t understand the negativity towards Ancelotti. It’s gone too extreme in my opinion. All of a sudden, after one bad spell, he’s now an average manager and not good enough to manage Arsenal. People have such short term memories now. His time at Bayern didn’t go well because he was replacing Guardiola, whose coaching style is so much more intense. The Bayern players were too used to the rigorous methods of Guardiola and so felt they weren’t being coached enough by Ancelotti, some then turned on him because of this. This will clearly not be an issue at Arsenal.… Read more »

The Limp Bar

Bad time being he was there for one season and won one league title. Guess next time he needs to win 2 leagues in his first year!

Tom Walsh

Yes. But after Wenger has won the Quadruple. Surely just around the corner…

Wright or Wrong

We are going to have to settle for the Treble this year.


I’m only concerned that he seems to move around a lot. We’re going to just churn out managers like everyone else now aren’t we?

My preference would be Joachim Löw. Someone that hasn’t managed all the other big clubs and can win the big stuff.


But he scratches his balls and arse and wallows in his own scented fingers….


Don’t we all…

Eric Blair

Yeah, but not on international TV in front of millions.

Andy Mack

What makes you think he can win at club level?
His Club CV is pretty poor.


Good choice. You need someone who big players would be happy to play for. Young so called up and coming managers (Poch – yawn yawn) can’t attract top end players.
A word on Wenger. I hope it’s his decision to go even if its not. I know we all give him shit but he’s given our club a lot. Think where we were heading before he came along. Yes, he has his faults but we can’t fault his love for the club. That may well be his downfall


I wish more fans shared your sentiment. I also want Wenger to leave as I don’t think he’s capable of taking us any further but there’s a way to express that. I am really disappointed with the name-calling and the amount of abuse he gets. And a lot of it is personal. If this is the way we treat probably the most successful manager for our club then we ought to think again about calling ourselves a classy club.

Faisal Narrage

I’ll always love nd respect the man, but I find such comments a little on the romantic side. The whole “that may well be his downfall” always makes it seem like everything he always did with love. Which isn’t always true. For instance, if he truly loved the club as you say he does, he would acknowledge the need for a DoF and willingly accept it, not be forced upon him. Not saying he doesn’t love the club, he clearly does and has done a lot for it, but it’s also been largely connected to such a unique position that… Read more »


I agree with the fact that if he really loved this club he would have been open to modernizing the approach to off the field structure. DoF he could have easily have setup where he was still in charge but let the DoF do all the leg work. Not worry about contracts or wages and let others handle that. Clearly giving him the benefit of the doubt during the stadium debt years but now he has no excuse. For me it changed the summer ’15 I believe we only got Cech. That was the downfall for me looking back. He… Read more »


Wed just had our best league finish 5th since the 91 title season and had managed to get into Europe plus a league cup semi final in Riochs first and only season we’d also aquirred the god of football DBNO10 , to hear some talk you’d think we were heading for relegation! ! It was also only 2 and a half years since our.last trophy the Cup Winners Cup in 94 , We weren’t getting 2 or 3 or more regular pastings in the league or humiliated by lower league clubs putting 3 and 4 past us either ! I’m… Read more »


Yes Nick I was around for Graham and Rioch and it’s absurd the way some fans (and neutrals too) talk about how Wenger built the club. We are and always have been The Arsenal. I agree he should have gone after the failures of 2008 and 2009, but whether I say that using polite or foul language, Wenger and his die-hards have a tendency to write off all critics as unreasonable, or deflect the urgency of valid criticism with refrains like “judge us at the end of the season”, an Arsenal mantra that the club must get rid of when… Read more »


Guys, I dont say he invented Arsenal or he was Batman or whatever. I’m simply saying that he’s done a lot for the club. And, yes, he has his faults (apparently this is because he’s human) but I dont think his character should be destroyed the way it sometimes is. Thats all


Fully agree with you on all those points. He’s earned a statue or a bust like Herbert Chapman. I disagree with your earlier point that he should choose when he leaves. No manager should have the right to continue under-performing until the end of a season when a change of manager could revitalise the team. I despise everything about Chelsea Football Club but let’s remember that in 2012 they were bold enough to get rid of Avram Grant mid-season and let di Matteo coach the team, and ended up with their only Champions League title. Due to that hard decision,… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

My reaction was to your “he should decide when to leave”


I just can’t get the idea of getting rid of him during the stadium debt years. I always had to give him the benefit of the doubt that was the reason he failed during those years. Owner refusing to invest into the club during those years hurt Arsenal I am one that feels like he’s done enough at the club to make his own exit but it gets harder and harder every season especially after the summer ’15. I’ll admit my love for Arsenal came during the AW years. I fell in love with the way they played and couldn’t… Read more »

The Limp Bar

Melt down.. you mean the season we lost 3 league games, got out first Mike Dean dosage at Birmingham (last min dodgy pen), had some of our best players long term injured (RVP, Rosicky, Eduardo) and still would have won the title if we’d held onto a lead at Man U? That was not a melt down at all, we got quite unlucky that year. 2009/10 onwards though is another story..!


No, no, no, nonononono, nooooooooooooo.


I like this idea because Ancelotti’s Champions League pedigree is incredible, he has unfinished business in England after Chelsea canned him, and he was responsible for PSG signing Verratti just before he started coaching there. We could do with some Italian.


I am not against it, but it wouldn’t be my first choice. Mostly because it doesn’t feel like it will bring much change to the dynamic of the team, but I might be wrong. Wenger leaving will be a huge change in itself, so there’s obviously a benefit to having an experienced and successful manager to take over. I hope the club use the transition phase to eventually get Arteta or Viera in the dugout, and for TR7 to be involved somehow!

Faisal Narrage

” and not the idiosyncrasies of a manager’s personality” Gazidis PR or not, this is bang on the money and probably the core issue of Arsenal right now. It’s built completely in the image of Wenger. Problem is, we’re all flawed, and now Wenger’s flaws are seen in the system. As for Ancelotti? He’s decent, but he’s more of the same. We don’t need a “steady ship” as there’s nothing about steadily being 6th. We need a reboot, much like when Wenger came. My pick would be Monaco’s Jadim. Reasons are; 1. Builds attacking team built on defence 2. His… Read more »

Drew Dewsall

“fast and quick transitions from attacking to defending” I reckon if they could learn to do it the other way around they’d be quite good! ?

Faisal Narrage

Sorry, what was that? 😉

Ten two

Jadim and Wenger don’t mix. They don’t meet eye to eye, so Wenger can’t allow


He would be a great choice but Ancelotti is a good manager too and a lot of young prospect managers in other series have failed in England. Ancelotti is proven in the PL. Jardim could be the next big manager but could flop too.

Faisal Narrage

He could. Wenger could’ve flopped. Ancelotti doesn’t guarantee success either. He just got fired from Bayern with their players not speaking fondly of him. For ever Moyes, there is a Van Gaal. I think the evidence and pros for Jadim outweigh the cons at least. Also Ancelotti did well with a great Chelsea team. This team is not that. What we need is a long-term project ala the old us and even Spurs. Ancelotti isn’t that. 3 years tops he’s here, then what? Another massive turnover of money, players and staff? We’ll just be doing what Spurs did before they… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

I agree wholeheartedly. Surely Monaco to Arsenal is a big move for a manager, regardless of how regularly he can get into the CL with Monaco? I’d imagine that he’s actually cheaper to get than Ancelotti because he’s not as big a name, either. Plus he’s younger, and is used to working with players that aren’t already big names. I think Ancelotti is a great choice for managing a squad of great players, but that’s not us and that’s not what we need. We need someone more in line with the changing style of football – I think coaches like… Read more »

Art Van\'Delay

Jardim’s a great shout for the reasons you (Faisal Narrage) mention but given the club have built a solid infrastructure and all the new man will have to do (All!) is coach the team, I’d go for Areta. It is a gamble but I suspect one well worth taking. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll find out soon enough and go the tried and trusted route but for my part, the club needs a dynamic change. I liked Mikel as a player and feel he was half coaching the team back then.


Hey…aren’t you in the import/export business?

Art Van\'Delay

It’s a sideline. My main gig’s as an architect.


Basically the Spurs?

Isn’t that who we all group together the Spurs, Dortmund, Monaco and those clubs in the groups of finding young talent and nurture then sell off?

Its going to come down to the next direction of the club. What is our identity going to be?

We can’t compete with the sugar daddy models but are we going to be happy with our club nurturing young talent and then selling them off and going in that cycle every 3-5 years?

Drew Dewsall

I think we should give the job to Jen’s we may never win anything again but him standing next to Moreenyo on the touchline would be hilarious.

Drew Dewsall

Who down-voted me on this? I wasn’t being serious!


PS. As much as the boss wants the run the club his way, there’s a great possibility that Gazidis wants to run the club HIS way, and I wouldn’t trust that man as far as I could throw him and I’m pretty strong.
A dictator who loves the club, or a dictator who loves himself?


Good for the interim, I’d say. Similar style of manager, but…different. If we can qualify for Champions League , then he certainly has the experience to bring us all the way, once we have the budget to buy the players we need obviouskt.


This deserves 10 poos on the poo-o-meter. Ancelotti was the man who let Mesut Ozil leave Madrid because he thought Ozil was not good enough for Madrid. It’s the same Ancelotti who benched Muller at Bayern and eventually got sacked. It’s stupid to sack a 67 year old and replace him with a 59 year old.

Another Sam

President Perez sold Ozil. RM coaches don’t have that kind of clout!


And the season after they let Ozil go, they actually won the Champions League.


Ozil won’t be here anyway


Not sure where this would leave things with Ozil. Ancelotti sold him to us in 2013 so his appointment would probably end any chance of him staying on (which looks unlikely anyway). Think the next few years are going to be a roller coaster ride. Hang on Gooners!


Please please please

Oh to be excited about arsenal again


The Bayern players apparently trained in their free time because they felt Ancelottis approach to lax. Hardly the rocket this team needs.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Rg21…..exactly this. Ancelotti is a good manager but his relaxed style works for clubs where there is an existing culture of success and real leaders among the players in the club. We do not have that & our players need a short sharp shock when Arsene goes. Simeone for me would be far closer to what we need in terms of management style.


Ancelotti’s earliest influence in the game was Arrigo Sacchi’s 4-4-2 with high intensity pressing. He relaxed his style and began experimenting with formations to accommodate some of the players he helped coach into legends. Guys like Zola, Zidane, Rivaldo, Rui Costa, and young Kaka.

Not too worried about Carlo’s work ethic.

Faisal Narrage

That’s great. Could make the same case with Wenger and pull out a list of players Wenger developed too.

Have you got any names from recent years though? I mean, Zidane? He’s currently manager of Madrid, that’s how far back you’re talking.


Sorry, I’m assuming most people know about his more recent success winning the Champions League while accommodating Bale and Di Maria in the same side. He also knocked out Pep Guardiola’s favourites Bayern 5-0 on aggregate in the semi, which looked impossible at the time.

My point is, the Bayern talk should be looked at in context. Simeone would be great as well, but Ancelotti is flexible and has the valuable experience of winning a double in England.


Sorry, I’m assuming most people know about his more recent success winning the Champions League while accommodating Bale and Di Maria in the same side. He also knocked out Pep Guardiola’s favourites Bayern 5-0 on aggregate in the semi, which looked impossible at the time.

My point is, the Bayern talk should be looked at in context. Simeone would be great as well, but Ancelotti is flexible and has the valuable experience of winning a double in England.

Another Sam

Conte or Allegri – both play to win but with some style and make ordinary players into very good ones. Both demand a high level of commitment and professionalism from their squad. Simeone would be a bad fit imo, even assuming he was interested

Kwame Ampadu Down

Why would Simeone be a bad fit but Conte a good one? They’re extremely similar imo. I wouldn’t mind Conte either but he’s at Chelsea so…


Apparently/allegedly/unconfirmed but yes, he seemed to have a very Southern Europe approach to training etc. Work-Life-Balance was probably great though 🙂
He also didn’t really trust the young players at Bayern, mainly Coman, which was worrying.
In my mind Tuchel would be perfect if he didn’t have beef with Sven :/

Malaysian gunner

Lets hope its true. I cant wait for another man to take over
and play direct and score and win asap.
The problem is the fm is playing in a style which is easy for the
opposition ie let Arsenal overplay/overpass and hit on
the break.Thats how the so special one won.


Exactly. Am sick of the pathetic Wenger style of football. Play to win should the first aim (bread and butter stuff!). Everything else is nice to have, but not make a clown of themselves try to play like Barca with crap players


Hiddink, has done well with limited talent and improved the defensive game of the sides he’s managed.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

This would be perfect if it happened

Ben Mitchell

Yeah deffo. We need an experienced coach who knows how to win things and in the last 5 years other than the FA Cup. Either him or a younger version of Pep say Simone etc.


Too old.

The “anyone will do” crowd don’ think.

We need someone younger to carry us forward.

I think the transition will happen after the summer.

Wenger is probably waiting for the National job with France. He’s 68yrs and its the next level for him, something to see him into a retirement in 4-8 years.

In which case Deschamp is a possibility.


Thinking about it he is probably the best available option…. Why do I feel so underwhelmed, perhaps the prospect of a new manager is nust totally alien to me having only 23 yrs on gaia

dr Strange

He’s a great manager but i’m a bit meh on this one. It’s a safe bet and that’s what we probably need but it feels a bit booring.

It would be exitining to bring in a young, hungry manager with a new way of thinking and a long term vision for the club. Carlo would be here at most two seasons and then we would need to find another manager. Give the next one time to fail a bit to be succesfull and skip the safe bet.

But I’m a bit bonkers so what do I know 🙂

dr Strange

I actually missed the bit about a four year deal. For fucks sake.

Old Boy Gunner

Would Ancelotti actually be interested in managing Arsenal, a club which according to Wenger, cannot compete financially with the likes of Manchester City? Maybe if, as should have happened years ago, Kronke & Gazidis stand aside and Usmanov takes over with his billions and his genuine desire, unlike Kronke, to put his money where his mouth to make our club great again!


IMHO, an experienced and reputed manager like him is a perfect choice for Arsenal during the transition after post-Wenger era. Lessons from MU‘s chaos after Fugi should be learned.


Realizing that I may be master of the obvious, isn’t the most exciting aspect of these reports that the board and “ownership” are looking to replace AW this summer? After all, as much as many of us love the man, our time on this earth is limited and it would be so refreshing for next season’s team and club to be different than the late-Wenger-period groundhog day experience that has become so stultifying.

Perry Groves\' nut-sack

We should bring back George Graham


Get Leo Jardim , one of the best coach in Europe right now and who knows how to work with limited funds . Cause the club policy on transfer won’t change.


Surely he will teach Arsenal how to defend !


that would be a sideways move by arsenal


I, For One, Welcome Our New Insect Eyebrow Inhanced Overlord!

Laughing Stock

Pray this is true. Carlo would be PERFECT.


He’ll do till Guardiola is free..


My problem is that this is too perfect to be Arsenal. At Arsenal F.C. we always complicate things and so this appointment while being the right one, is just not the way Arsenal operates these days.


Yes. And swap Sanchez for henrik miykiterrian’, would other gunners do this swap deal. …?
He nearly joined us before Utd, his brother pickeda house in London. Before wenger didn’t buy him as Sanchez did not move to juventus that summer.


No thanks, he’s too soft… would take Martial though

Can’t see Wenger doing business with Mourinho though