Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Cech: I should have done better

Petr Cech admits he shouldn’t have been caught out for Bournemouth’s equaliser on Sunday after Callum Wilson managed to steal in front of him to convert Ryan Fraser’s cross.

The veteran keeper made the decision to go for the ball as it zipped to the penalty spot when in hindsight, he really should have stayed on his line. The goal proved to be the catalyst for an unlikely Cherries comeback as Jordan Ibe converted just four minutes later to secure a 2-1 win. 

After the game, Cech accepted his part in yet another awful away day for the Gunners.

“Obviously, the first one I’m disappointed with because I thought I was going to cut the cross on time,” Cech told the Arsenal website.

“Wilson arrived faster in front of me. It’s a matter of split seconds, but I think I should have done better on that.

“The second one had an element of luck,” Cech added. “It was a good long ball behind but it was everybody’s ball and it fell right in front of the player and he managed to shoot it very hard and squeeze it through my body.

“In that one, we were a bit unlucky. They rode their luck, they worked very hard all day and in the end, they got a big reward.”

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New keeper please


You cant really put the dropped points down to a mistake from Cech. As much as I admit that he is definitely not the same keeper that he was when at Chelsea, but he has definitely kept us in games we had no right to be in this season with some fine stops. So its difficult to really say, that yes, Cech, we lost that game because of your performance. He’s made one mistake in a game where our whole team made countless errors. So it would be too harsh to pin it on him. It was a huge oversight… Read more »


Backup keepers play the cup games everywhere across Europe. At the top clubs at least. Barcelona won the champions league and their first choice keeper missed out on a medal because he hadn’t played a minute of the competition.

This whole thing of Szcz being here pushing Cech is fantasy. Goalkeepers don’t get subbed on 80 minutes so it’d be either Cech or Szcz but not both. That’s how we got Cech in the first place. Sadly Chelsea trusted the guy with over 10 years left in him and us we did the opposite

Easy tiger

He has been wengerised.

Ivan Parasite

Afraid that will happen to Lacazette too. Wankerised.


New manager please. Everything else is irrelevant until that happens. Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

To Hull And Back

What about that Wojciech Szczęsny who plays for Juventus, I hear he’s a decent keeper………….

twisted cuntloks

I don’t think a top keeper like that would be interested in coming here oh


Szczesny was a clown at Arsenal. The professional environment and superior coaching at Juve has no doubt improved him. If he was still at Arsenal, he’d still be a clown, Wenger permits it.


Szcz was the best keeper in Serie A when playing for Roma (yes, better than Buffon or Donnarumma), that’s why Juve signed him. That we let him go for peanuts was criminally stupid.


Sounds like Szczesny is impressing at Juventus already, filling in for injured Buffon. Reading this makes me so upset he’s gone:

V is for Vic Akers

Who would have thought selling an international keeper who came to the club age 16 with 250 appearances by age 27 for 10 million would turn out to be bad business.

Crash Fistfight

Everyone but Arsene Wenger.

Crash Fistfight

I was replying to V is for Vic Akers above.


Sometimes it takes a move away from the nurturing club to mature a player who tried to get away with smoking.


So getting married and starting every game in Rome for two years doesn’t count as maturing? Cummon seriously, he, over any one else in recent memory deserved a second chance in my opinion.


and iwobi gets in trouble and his rewarded with a start the following game ? double standards all over the place at this club

Chippys chip

Should feck off with wenger pet, ya both past it and take kroenke with yous. FECK OFF WENGER AND FECK OFF KROENKE JUST FECK OFF RIGHT OFF

Chippys chip

Haha fickle feckers


Definitely need a new gk next season. The decline is inevitable.

Stuck on repeat...

Personally would have been happy to keep our old one…but we sold him in the summer.


atleast cech is admitting his mistakes . that in itself makes him a better proffessional than wenger ever has been who never admits an wrong and constantly moans against opposition players diving schedule and referees.


I’ve worked it out: Kroenke is a Spurs fan!


Takes one to know one?


How dare you?!!!


Kroenke is only a fan of money.


He’s definitely a cunt.


“In that one, we were a bit unlucky. They rode their luck, they worked very hard all day and in the end, they got a big reward.”

Unlucky? Rode their luck?

We were shambolic and they fought for every ball. Even after going 2-1 up, they immediately pressed us high up the pitch and wanted to score another one.


Exactly, i mean how in the holy name of blue fuck can a hard working team ride their luck? This kind of Bullshit statement drives me insane! Tell me again why did we sell buffons replacement for 10m? Surely a sensible logical move would’ve been to keep schezny and sell ospina

Stuck on repeat...

Logical & The Arsenal (*The AW) don’t seem to mix well these days for some reason.


Luck is what happens when Preparation meets Opportunity. I feel that with this side, there is a distinct lack of preparation. #COYG


Agreed we didn’t look much like scoring again. If you can’t score again you won’t win games


he’s right he should have done better… but then so should have 9 other players….


I know Jack had a good game but what more could Lacazette and Hector do?

It was a piss poor game but the narrative that only Jack played well is overplayed at times. AL9 could have had two assists in each half but sadly one was for Welbeck and the other saw Iwobi somehow beaten to the ball in the box.


Wilshere is pretty ineffective. Plenty of effort and nice touches but very little end product, and there never has been much end product from him. He wouldn’t get in a team that was challenging for the title.


Huge respect for the way he’s battled back to form and fitness but I have to agree. The test isn’t “can Wilshere play 90mins for 8-10 games in a row”, it’s “can Wilshere form part of a title-winning midfield over 38 games”.

Cazorla needed Coquelin next to him to show us his best form. Think Wilshere needs a similar player because the Xhaka partnership is bad on paper and even worse on the pitch.


I genuinely feel bad for Cech. He wins literally everything there is to win at Chelsea before being forced out (not a bad decision on their part). We have the dumb luck of getting a top class keeper simply b/c he doesn’t want to leave London for family reasons. He seems like a great guy as well. Thanks to Wenger’s misguided loyalty to an error prone backup (Ospina) Cech has had to sit on the bench for the FA Cup finals – the only real competition we’ve had any shot at winning since he joined. Instead of challenging for the… Read more »


He’s been winning the financial fair play league with us for a few years on the trot


He’s had some howlers himself and isn’t nearly as good as he was even two seasons ago. He isn’t good enough any more to be playing for clubs like PSG and we managed three FA cups without him. Also Ospina isn’t nearly as bad as some like to make out and when he did get a run in the side he had better stats than Szczeny or Cech, who is never dropped even when he passes the ball straight to Fabregas and doesn’t even apologise. He’s just another one who’s far too comfortable, and our goalkeeping coaching seems to be… Read more »


Honestly any keeper would look crap in this team


Ospina makes a few great saves but also gifts a goal to the other team almost every time he plays. the total lack of interest in him when he wanted to leave this summer should tell you all you need to know about him


Stats are irrelevant. Particularly when you comparing fa cup vs premier league


Can’t blame Ospina on Cech playing like
Enrique Hilario who was a hundred times worse a backup than David.


Makes the Szcesney sale more frustrating. Management really seems to not know what they are doing in so many ways.


Lots of people slating Cech but he kept us in the game vs Chelsea. To be fair to him he saved us from going down many times this season. Also, to those who complain about his penalty saving technique please go watch the Charity shield shoot out. He stood up when it mattered. I think he is capable of saving penalties on big occasions. Cech is a humble professional and a winner. We should be thankful we have him. I don’t disagree with the fact that we might need another quality GK but no need to put down Cech for… Read more »

David Hillier\'s luggage

Agree 100%, however Courtois blazed over and Morata hit the post so we cannot really give Cech credit there.

That being said, you right in that we need to stop hammering our players at every given opportunity. Its a problem in modern footballer generally, and makes me hate being football fan at times.

Stuck on repeat...

Agree with you to a certain extent on the Liverpool aspect. The support they got yesterday was fantastic. However, Liverpool changed manager when they weren’t performing. Liverpool are now buying players that strengthen their squad. Liverpool are selling talented players at a premium. Liverpool are going up the table. Liverpool (even if they had lost yesterday) gave City a run for their money & clearly had a game plan from the start. That’s why there is the current difference in atmosphere…In the past, even in there darkest hours there was change & hope. Just don’t see that from the Arsenal… Read more »


It’s true that Liverpool have chopped and changed managers but they sacked the guy who was closest to winning the league in Rodgers. Their ex captain Steven Gerrard has never won the league.
They got lucky with Coutinho money as it was a consequence of Neymar to PSG. They conceded 2 goals despite being 4-1 up at home against City. They are as bad as us but the one thing I see in their fans is loyalty. That used to be our strong suit but from the outside it doesn’t look like it anymore.


I’m not disagreeing with you about Liverpool in general. I just think we look at what is happening in the “now” moment. Right now they look great. They had a wonderful game yesterday even if they gave up 2 goals towards the end. PC was great business and the market lined up perfectly for them. What other players are they selling at a premium? Month ago or so there where stories or ideas of Klopp not being the answer. Not really improving. Game Plan? They do the same basic thing every game. They press the hell out of you. Yesterday… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

Remind me, but did Liverpool stick with their poor performing manager(s) during those bad spells?

If the fans and board at Liverpool where like us, Rodgers would still be their manager.

Mayor McCheese

Yeah, but at least we have a new stadium and balance the books and don’t literally kill players by buying new ones.


You can also argue that Liverpool over the years have made many mistakes on and off the pitch that has hurt the value of the club. If Liverpool had the right manager 20 years ago they could be bigger than Arsenal now. With all that history they have as a club.

SB Still

Cech being the straight guy he is (I do think he needs to be replaced soon), has owned up to that one.

However, when are we ever going to learn to defend under Wenger (rhetorical)! For a guy who is so clever especially who has pretty much done it all on a football field, it’s surprising that is surprised by the goals we conceded yesterday!

Jack WilXhaka

Arsenal should buy Kasper Schmeichel from Leicester City. Cech is so past his sell-by date.


He is very poor from his first game in an Arsenal shirt


He is that bad. I don’t know if you all remember his first game he is very slow. Does not make important saves i mean look at De gea, Oblak, Ter stegen these are the kind of keepers who can win you a match. Every season we lose almost 20 points because of cech. I have had enough

Stuck on repeat...

Meh. Coulda…woulda…shoulda…but yet didn’t…

Crash Fistfight

Disagree, blogs. He (or maybe I should say a quality keeper) should’ve come out to get that ball. He’s just old, slow and lacking in agility, so didn’t get there quick enough.

I didn’t think he should’ve been signed in the first place and I think the decision to sell Szczesny when he is 5 years younger than Cech and “home grown” was gross incompetence. But there you go, what do I know?

Faisal Narrage

You have not been a manager for over 1,000 games at this club, so apparently you are in no position to question the manager.


Ivan Parasite

How about Moyes? Will reach his 200th managerial role in PL games soon. Apparently.

Donald\'s Trump

200 wins?

Faisal Narrage

“The second one had an element of luck,” Cech added. “It was a good long ball behind”

If it came from a long ball, then it wasn’t luck, it was a strategy. A strategy that has been used against us over the years to a lot of success.




yes you should, I think its time for you to drop down to number two


Sincerely speaking i think he is one of the worst keepers out there now. I can give you countless situations he could have done better. I would rather we keep ospina in the goal post. At least it is very difficult to score him in one on one situations and is a lot faster. Amean look at vs lipool we did everything right to take the lead and this man just directed the ball to the net, he passed the ball to fabregas, even the liverpool first goal he should have come out early, last season vs aguero he was… Read more »


Still trying to figure out who amean is 🙁


de gea is one of the best 4 or 5 keepers in the entire world – so of course we would be better with him. that’s like saying Ronaldo or messi would be an upgrade on Walcott. however even having a great keeper wouldn’t change the fact that – kos looks like he’s close to finished as a top class center half. injuries are sapping his speed and that’s his biggest asset – our backup plan is to play 2 center halves (holding & chambers) who are slow and have virtually no experience – our central midfield consists of Xhaka… Read more »


Who are you going to have as backup CB? What experienced CB is going to come to a club to be a backup unless they are getting premium salary to do so?


well for starters we actually had one – Gabriel who has been pretty successful at Valencia.


I haven’t watched him play or do I care about watching Valencia or LaLiga games unless it involves one of the bigger clubs. I’ll just give him credit for being a starter at Valencia. Do you watch Valencia play? I know they are one of the surprises of LaLiga this season or are you just going off the fact that he’s a starter or an occasional match report that gives him high ratings? Last time I checked while he was here he was inconsistent at best. Obviously others can argue he was improving or he was actually good. The argument… Read more »


but to be clear – wenger imo is the overarching problem at this point. you could have degea with bonnuci & boating in front of him and we would still leak goals. this has been going on for years – it’s just been hidden by the fact wenger teams have tended to score a lot.


You are right its been papered over by scoring goals over the last X amount of seasons. Now the rot of what is happening in goal and CB is finally showing with the lack of goals over the last couple of seasons. I wouldn’t say if we had De Gea and JB and LB in front we would still leak goals like we are now lol For this season I would argue Cech is above average at best and only a healthy Kos is worthy X1. Mustafi for an experienced CB coming from LaLiga is horrible. He makes too many… Read more »

Ivan Parasite

Wenger said Cech still has 10 years in him. So no, no new keeper in his to do list for at least 7 years more. Hope that clarifies


Maybe we should go for whoever the goalkeeper coach is at Athletico Madrid, they’ve had some amazing goalkeepers of late, he would do a great job with Martinez.


Good point. Szczesney said he learned more in his first season at Roma than he did at Arsenal, and Emi Martinez has only just got a chance at Getafe, where he kept a clean sheet. I know we have a new goalkeeping coach but Peyton is still hanging around.


I miss Wojciech Szczęsny.


Is that you Djourou?


Because of the headgear etc. Cech is cowardly in those situation. These cheap rejects Wenger keeps buying will always let him down eventually.


Just simply get lost. Everyone can see he is no longer top of his game and yet keeps his place in the team season after season.


Cech joined arsenal in 2015.
He’s on his 3rd season. Ospina is clearly not as good. What on earth are you on about.


yes you should, I think its time for you to step down and be our number two


A litany of mistakes made in recent years : 1) Letting Szsc go to Juventus instead of giving him the number one role with Cech pushing. Considering Cech’s age and Ospina’s weakness with commanding the box, seemed logical but we hardly operate on logic these days. Pittance received for Szsc. 2) Letting Gabriel leave and entrusting faith in a pair of young defenders, neither of whom had yet to deliver on promise. Considering Gabriel was a fast improved player last season and experienced, again highly questionable decision. 3) Letting Gnabry leave instead of providing him first team assurances. Instead mollycoddlying… Read more »


WTF? couldn’t you just focus on Cech on your post? Gabriel wasn’t improving. He was inconsistent. Gnarby left in ’16 after having an excellent Olympics. Before that he was often injured or had bad run on loan. Ox was again coming off injuries and playing inconsistent. No reason to give him a new contract in ’16 maybe an extension if he was ok with that. He didn’t show any signs of consistency until the end up of the season. Not even before Jan to give him a new contract offer but at the end. Playing WB and not CM. How… Read more »


“I could have done better.”
That statement pretty much sums up the last 3 years of Arsenal at every level: the ownership, the board, the manager, the playing staff.
The problem with the club is that there isn’t any desire anymore. Everyone is content to just pick up a check and then go home, and that attitude extends from the top down. As long as Kroenke is here, this will continue.


Can somebody please compile a list of all the “We need to do better”, “We must do better” statements over the last two or three years, seriously it must be in the 100’s by now.


Yes, he should have. He has his strengths, is a great club presence, but let’s face it, he’s on the downside.

Our long search for a replacement for Seaman continues.


Cech has been a liability for awhile now.
Credit to him for taking responsibility.
The entire organization needs a shake up
and yes a new goalkeeper is needed.

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