Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Official: Mesut Ozil signs new Arsenal contract

Mesut Ozil has put pen to paper on a new long-term deal with Arsenal, which will keep him at the club until the summer of 2021.

The German international signed from Real Madrid in the summer of 2013 for a then club record fee of £42.5m. His future has been up in the air for some time, and with less than 6 months of his cirrent deal remaining he’s been free to discuss a contract with clubs abroad since January 1st.

However, the 29 year old has decided to pledge the best remaining years of his career to the Gunners, and the new contract was confirmed today by the reliable David Orstein of the BBC.

After a disappointing night last night against Swansea, it’s a very good news to go with the signing of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Arsenal should confirm the news today, and we’ll have further reaction and quotes as and when they drop.

Follow our transfer deadline day live blog here


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Arsenal legend in the making! Glad you stayed Mesut!


Yes. I could only read about our legends so far. Guess Ozil is going to be the first one I actually watched.

I didn’t feel a thing when Sanchez left. Always felt that he never connected with the fans. But Ozil is different. He has a connection and it was unimaginable to lose him.

Great news!


Agree. It would have really hurt me to see him leaving. The man is simply one of the most gifted players to have donned our jersey.

This is definitely the best news of this month for me, and together with the Auba and the Mkhi signings, I think this might have been our best transfer window in a long long time, inspite of the Sanchez, and potentially Giroud :(, losses.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

I am happy but he neeeds to start carrying the team. He has helped less than Fabregas or even Gilberto did so far.

Greg in Seattle

No one carries a team in this game. Maybe Messi, but even he couldn’t stop the needless goal-bleeding we have seen this year. Ozil can be, and clearly has been, the best player on the team. Up to management to maximize this three year window of opportunity.

This is fantastic news!


LANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twisted cuntloks

Yee fucking haaar!!! A demoralising transfer period is becoming a little more positive…

A Different George

Before I had any idea of this news, I saw his face during the Swansea match and I thought: “Oh, no, he had decided to re-sign, but now he’s changed his mind.” Whew.

Gooner Town

The pain of another legend-in-the-making, i.e. Fabregas, leaving us had hurt me to this day!
No more!
I am so soooo happy! And relieved!
Dare I say it, but I’m happier on Ozil signing than Auba joining 0:)

Gooner Town

Would have been a perfect day had our HFB not joined Chimpsea

Sanchez.. meh..


Also, he signed at this time, with the state we are in right now. I think the man is on his course to become a club legend. I just hope we bounce back really hard from this mess now.

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

Can’t wait for the start of next season!


Legend??? Loyalty???? there was no other massive offer..


I’m happy he signed, even if it took £350,000/week to convince him. But also think the only person who can consider him a legend at this point is the bank manager.


Yep. Im about there too. Not so glad he signed but it is important for us to adapt to the times. hopefully it gets the best out of him.

holding out for such an astronomical amount of money is not the stuff of legends for me.



Chippys chip

Fantastic news. Now sort out that defence and get a top keeper please.


He had 6 months left and would easily have gotten the same or more from ManUre or China – don’t piss on everyones chips – he could even have left for less money and nobody would have blamed him


That’s true. He’s 100% entitled to make this situation work for him. But just like good players don’t come cheaply, we shouldn’t be cheap with the title of legend.

Gooner Town

Messi makes a ton more… so does Neymar… Sanchez….
Nothing wrong with demanding for what he’s worth in the current market.

David Hillier\'s luggage

In the making? Orstein’s already a legend

Asrar Ahmed

This is part of the catalyst for change. You can see the changes by the mere fact we have signed a world class player in January which is something unheard of. Mislintat and Sanllehi are the best signings we have made in more than a decade. Aubameyang and Mkhitariyan was just the start. I believe there will be a huge shake up in the summer with some big signings coming in such as Lemar, possibly Malcom. The one forcing these changes is Ivan Gazidis. Wenger is fighting him on this as can be seen by the press conferences where he… Read more »


Lol the sponsorship deals don’t go with Gazidis and if they did we might be better off as we could sign new deals at probably higher rates.


Absolutely right Assistantref. I dont forget Ahmed a lot of players come to Arsenal because of who the manager is, Sanchez and Oil for instance

Jimmy jump

Exactly. I’d bet my house that Ozil wouldn’t have signed but for he knows Wenger is leaving and probably this summer. We’re finally acting like a top team and it’s down to one thing; Wenger is not involved except for possibly consultation. You’d almost think David Dein was back at the club lol. This was what RVP wanted to see. BTW Wenger is no longer the highest paid person at the club. Ozil is lol. Proof that Wenger is leaving

Julio Baptista\'s humble alter ego

you’re on. I’ll take your house 😀


Yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about!

Jack next please.


Why was Jack not in the squad last night? I hope he aint going


“I just don’t think you understand…”

On a related note, David Ornstein, eh? Man probably knows where my dad is.

Glad Gooner

Does he know when AW is going?



A Different George

There’s this thing that used to exist, called a journalist. Very few left in Britain, certainly covering football.




OMG this is such wonderful news! It totally made my day!! #yagunnersya


One game a week at best for that. No thanks

Ild rather 200k on a proper dm and 150k on a top defender. Even better 350k on a manager who can build a team


What a transfer window! So we’re gonna have Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang and Lacazette in our team next season.. wow! That is some attacking talent.

I have a feeling Ozil has been told something about a new manager that we don’t know. I just don’t think he’d agree to stay if Arsene was planning on staying for too long.


yeh m8 yeh

I fink he heard bout Ancelloti cuming, n signed da deal. Mesut loves Hancelloti – fact.


What an intriguing vocabulary!

Jack Action

Ummm – false. Ancelotti was the manager who said Ozil was surplus to needs at Madrid. Ozil got angry at being substituted one game. He has no love for Ancelotti.

This tells me that Wenger has no plans on going anywhere. Ozil loves Wenger.


or just possibly that the next manager is not ancelloti. It’s really hard to believe that ozil would sign up for another 3.5 years of what’s going on right now

A Different George

I think Ozil likes Wenger a lot, and also knows that Wenger will not be here in four years.


God I hope you are right.


Right? Because on the surface this seems like an insane decision to make given our current status.

When I saw his name trending I didn’t want to click because I thought maybe he’s signed a pre-contract with a foreign club. Phew!


350k per week is never insane. Plus they just signed Aubameyang and Mikh. Let’s see how much Sanchez wins for munure.

A Different George

I wish you hadn’t said that. I wasn’t happy about Van Persie either, but he won them the league, as simple as that. (If Sanchez doesn’t replicate that, it’ll be purely because of Man City.)


I think Arsene will stay for a long time or it’s gonna be Jogi Louwe. If Arsene leaves this year i’m willing to risk my house on Joachim Louwe being our next manager.


Can you please share your address? Im coming.


At this point, I’d take Yogi Bear over Wenger.


what kind of house and In what city?


How many bedrooms/bathrooms? Full basement? Attached garage?

A Different George

You need to start stockpiling umlauts now.


rumor is Joachim Loew which I really hope is right.


What rumors? The guy from a few comments up?

A Different George

Or as Trump would say: “a lot of people are saying this.”


I think his concerns would be less about arsene staying and more about uncertainty as to who would replace him. You wouldn’t have put it past us to sign David Moyes or something.

However i think the signing of auba is the latest and most significant evidence a new, serious operating model for the club and it is this overall package – the big players, the new senior management,etc – that is what surely pursuade him to stay.

You would now bet money on bringing in a big hitter to replace arsene at the end of the season.


My money is on Big Sam. Gotta be Big Sam!!!

Always Arsenal

He has always said he joined us because of Arsene, so I doubt that very much.


I made a positive comment in an earlier article about Wenger using very mild language and the moderator of this site blocked my post. The only reason Mesut signed was because he was reassured that Wenger will be here at least untill the end of next season. It was definitely not because our disloyal fans.


Maybe. I think the pay rise, the location and a lack of preferable suitors was also a lot to do with It though.


He could’ve gone to Man United for a big pay raise at the end of the season.

7 is a magic number

Wow, genuinely flabbergasted, astonished! MÖ you beauty…

Bossman Bill

Get in. Classic LANS.

Gudang Bedil

Yes Ozil you legend!

Now announce our future captain Jack! Aye!

Jimbo Jones

How about we have a club captain who gets in the starting eleven week in week out for a change? Someone dominant, reliable, consistent, ever present. I like Jack hes started to play really well but still not contributing where he needs to be at yet and lets be honest we’re in bad form despite him looking good. We need a leader who can make others up their game too.


How about Mesut?

A Different George

The players with the personality and self-confidence (justified or not) to be that kind of captain are Xhaka and Mustafi. I think Mustafi will, in fact, be in the club captain in a few years time–though it would be nice if he played a bit better in the meantime.


This has a blinder of a window for Arsenal all things considered. I’m very glad we seem to be moving on from the dithering approach of the last decade – sold Walcott, sold Coquelin, signed up some absolutely quality. Ozil with some actual top quality strikers in front of him is a compelling proposition. The whole thing is tinged with a touch of sadness of course as it really now feels like the end game for the boss. Rightly so, I hasten to add, but I love the man so much and we’ve been through so much together – him… Read more »


spot on

Jimbo Jones

Is winning the window the new 4th place trophy? ?


I really wanna see the boss leave by the end of the season and announce it beforehand, so that for this half of the season atleast, we fans, across the world, unite to give him the sendoff he absolutely deserves. No more WengerOut rants, no more pandemonium on ArsenalFanTv and no more hateful and pathetic comments on social media-Just one Arsenal FC.

Of course, the entire issue hinges on the extremely minor issue of whether Arsene decides he has had enough(or the board deciding he has had enough will do just fine for that matter)

David C

I think this team would have to get behind the boss if he announced his retirement, they owe it to him. I can’t see them downing tools because it looks like half of them have done that already.

So happy Ozil is staying, but I’m still surprised he wants to with the way we’re playing.


Genuinely think Wenger will announce in the summer that the next season will be his last, with a challenge to the team to send him out on a high.

Would be amazing for us to then win the league that year.

Pipe dream? Maybe.

Jimmy jump

Agreed. If wenger stays next season too it’s going to be really ugly. All these attacking signings will mean nothing if we continue playing the way we have under wenger, slow dithering, crab football. Auba can be huge for us but we need to have an entirely different attacking philosophy

Yankee Gooner

Wow! That is good news!

Cape Crunch

Always had a feeling he’d stay…massive sigh of relief though.
Just glad not to hear any more speculation about it as well.

Tim C

“…new contract was confirmed today by the reliable David Orstein of the BBC” – How dare thee spell thou lord’s name incorrectly!?!


Well, at least this soothes yesterday’s pains!


yeah I suppose. but ge was on the field and lost the ball for the second goal. hes the same guy just doing It for 200,00k pw more.

this may be the most unpopular comment In Arseblog history but Im just saying, he played.


Thank Christ…. now we just need to get a goalkeeper, centre half, defensive midfielder and a manager. ?




ÖMG get in there

Rwandan gooner

Hahahahaaa…Arsenal is on fire today. What a transfer season we have got too. Icing on the cake Ozil


Can we have this much good news every time we lose a game please?


Can we sign a defensive coach now please!

A new signing and a re-signing isn’t enough to sort this team out. It seems the Wenger name can still get players in the door but then the application becomes lackadaisical (is the pun intended?).

Wrighty’s Arsecast interview said it all about our training methods.


It’s been a top deadline day. If we announced a prime DM that would be the cherry on top. Great overall window – the right moves made for all the players that have arrived and gone (bar OG, will still be gutted if he goes west).


probably the best transfer window we have had in recent times. just need to get rid of ospina and buy a new no1 gk9sczeny


Why get rid of Ospina?? He was NOT even playing in the shit show by our GK and defenders yesterday!! Ospina played and we won the FA Cup. He played in Europa League and we qualify for last 32. So I dont understand your point. Actually Ospiina should replace Cech now.


Let’s call a spade a spade: Ospina is not good enough, period. We need a new starting keeper.


I agree he isnt a long time a long term solution.

RIght now though, I’d stick Olivier in nets and send Cech back to chelsea.


Ya Gunners ya!!

Attacking transition complete(atleast on paper).
Now time for the midfield and defence.
And maybe if the board grows a pair by the summer, a managerial transition by the end of the season will top it up nicely


Amazing. What is happening?


Do we win the Transfer Window Cup?


Wow. If you told me last month we would re-sign Ozil, and add Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan, I would ask what you have been smoking. Now we just need to average 4 goals per game from here on and 4th place COULD still be ours!


I thought the wise pundits said he was playing for a reunion with Moureen?

Now sign up Jack and put plans in place for Koulibally and a new manager during summer

Yeo K C

When Auba signed…he became the highest paid Arsenal player for half an hour.


Auba assisting Ozil and making him sign da ting knowing Mesut will be assisting him on the pitch.

Gudang Pelor

For all of you who still doubt ozil before this and even after he signed the new contract, you can suck my rx-king exhausts pipe.

Backary Lasagne

BRILLIANT NEWS! Ozil gets a hard time and sometimes fairly but he makes me love football and he makes me love being a gooner! I am personally hoping that he gets a statue outside the Emirates, if he can move on to club legend status. I love that he wants to be at the club and that he has shown it by signing this contract (although some may complain about wages, I don’t think we should get hung up on that).

Right, well I’m off to watch that Ludogorets goal on repeat for the next hour.



I wish I could thumb your up comment repeatedly for the next hour and great name too.


Ozil doing Lebron James behind the scenes and orchestrating the signings of Auba and Mkhi. Legendary Now he’s signed da ting we need to cut the shit and let the man play in the attacking third. I don’t want to see Ozil behind Xhaka or level with our defenders trying to start our build-up play. We made the same mistake with Alexis by letting him dictate too much of our play when he should have been playing high up like he did for Chile. For the love of god Arsenal, follow Jogi Low’s approach and construct a proper midfield behind… Read more »


After yesterday’s display, you would think nobody would want to ever play for Arsenal. This news really helped. Fantastic news! Thank you, Özil!


So is it Christmas today?


Great News! Far more exciting a transfer window than previous January ones with signings such as Bielik, Kallstrom, etc.. as the big signings of those windows.


YaGUNNERSYa!Oh Yaa..Oh yaa!

Billy Bob

Wow I really didn’t see that coming, especially after the Swansea game – really thought that would be the nail in the coffin tbh

Odjimogho Happy

Great news! I can now forget the shambolic display put up by the defence last night.



Man Manny

It’s like Ozil was waiting for:
1. Jonah to leave the boat.
2. Another world class player to take his place.
Well played.
Now Arsene, shore up the defence.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Wow. I did not see that coming. Thank God something going our way.

Billy Bob

Perhaps, having done one swap deal, we could swap granit for a decent cm


Yeah! Up the Gunners!




Jonny Evans would be the cherry on top – think his experience and leadership is needed

Ozil\'s little popped finish (you know the one)

Felt miserable this morning. The Auba news helped but I literally punched the air in joy when I saw this. This season’s fucked but at least we might get a few flashes of brilliance before the new era.


Why did he sign? Did he get a guarantee Arsenal will have a new coach next season?


I can think of two reasons why he signed 1 because nobody wanted him , and 2 he is a mercenary , don’t be foolish enough to think that he signed for the love of the club


Allegedly, he turned down an offer from PSG.


You’re like the back of my balls; All you see is sh*t.


He signed because he loves working with Wenger, like most players do.


finally ozil….you deserve our best love


First its aubameyang, now ozil signed, now waiting for transfer window to close and announce that Giroud is a still playing for Arsenal.. Oh btw.. F-off chelski.


Fantastic news!

The Passion of bergkamp from the book of Den 3:16


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