Friday, December 1, 2023

Report: Swansea City 3-1 Arsenal (inc. goals)

Starting XI: Cech, Bellerin, Koscielny, Mustafi, Monreal, Xhaka, Elneny, Ramsey, Ozil, Iwobi, Lacazette

Subs: Ospina, Maitland-Niles, Chambers, Kolasinac, Mkhitaryan, Nketiah, Giroud

Swansea City came from behind to beat Arsenal 3-1 on another abject away day for Arsene Wenger’s men.

The Gunners took the lead against the run of play when Nacho Monreal prodded home on 33 minutes but the lead was cancelled out by Sam Clucas’ strike within a minute.

Petr Cech made a dreadful mistake to gift Andre Jordan Ayew the home side a second not long after Henrikh Mkhitaryan had come on for his debut before Clucas rounded off the scoring with four minutes remaining.

First half

Arsenal’s record against Swansea since they achieved promotion to the Premier League has been something of a mixed bag to say the least. We’ve had a couple of notable wins at the Liberty Stadium – a 4-0 this time last year and a 3-0 in October 2015 – but also three painful defeats at the same venue.

Despite being bottom of the table it was clear that last week’s unexpected victory against Liverpool had Carlos Carvahal’s outfit full of confidence. The Swans completely dominated the first 25 minutes and might have been a couple of goals ahead were it not for sloppy finishing and some impressive last-ditch defending by the Gunners.

Ramsey denied Mawson at the back post with the goal begging and Elneny made an unbelievably well-timed challenge to deny Clucas as he bore down on goal on 16 minutes. Cech’s goal lived something of a charmed life with a deflection taking an Ayew shot wide and Ki’s skidding effort zipping past the post.

Even watching on a dodgy stream, it wasn’t hard to spot Arsenal players being bad at football. Ayew and Fer took turns running at our retreating back line, in both cases leaving men in blue sprawled on the turf before messing up their shots.

An Iwobi shot aside, Arsenal hadn’t mustered anything of note on the attacking front in the first half hour. It was, therefore, a huge surprise when we took the lead.

The architect was Mesut Ozil. The German, who’d had little room for manoeuvre up to this point, found space on the edge of the Swansea box, looked up, saw Nacho Monreal making a darting run to the back post and curled a beautiful pass for the Spaniard to prod home at close range. It was majestic from both men and had Arsene Wenger off the bench doing his trademark double fist pump. (1-0)

Naturally, Swansea went straight up the other end and equalised. Mesut Ozil was dispossessed, Mawson picked up the ball about 35 yards out, slid in Clucas, running between Bellerin and Koscielny, and the midfielder slotted home at Cech’s near post. (1-1)

Back to the drawing board for the Gunners, who refused to renege on their dedication to moving the ball patiently in front of a bank of eight defenders. A Xhaka shot that flew over the bar was the best we could muster.

Second half

The first 15 minutes after the break were spent waiting for new boy Henrikh Mkhitaryan to come on for his debut. Wenger duly obliged, replacing Mohamed Elneny.

In classic Arsenal style, the Armenian’s new teammates marked the occasion by pressing the self-destruct button. For some reason, Monreal let a ball he could have cleared run out for a throw deep in Gunners territory. The Spaniard threw it to Mustafi who, under pressure, panicked a pass back to Cech. The veteran keeper went to clear but made a complete hash of it and Ayew just rolled the ball into an empty net. It was comically bad. (2-1)

Just for the record, the goal marked the first time this season in the Premier League that Swansea had managed two in a game.

The home side continued to have the better of things. Cech and Mustafi in particular looked rattled at the back. The German centre-back was incredibly lucky that Dyer couldn’t take full advantage of a misjudged header, his shot after pouncing on the loose ball, coming off the outside of the post.

Arsenal’s frustration continued to grow. A Mkhitaryan header saved by Fabianski, ruled offside, was the best we could muster. So on came Olivier Giroud despite the fact he was hours from a move to Chelsea.

It felt like we were running down the clock for the home side when with our passive possession of the football. Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass…give the ball away. Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass…bad cross to nobody. Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass…bad touch. Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass…offside.

With four minutes remaining, Swansea snatched their third. Monreal cocked up a clearance on the left touchline, Ayew beat Mustafi for pace and strength and when the ball squirmed to Clucas he smashed it high into the roof of the net. (3-1)

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Mayor McCheese

Is Aubameyang a defender? We could use one.


No defender in the world saves us. The system (if we even have one) is fundamentally broken.


Wenger and his mute sidekick have the amazing talent of making a team actually play worse than the sum of its parts.


I’m simply amazed at Wengers lack of any kind of shame . Any other self respecting manager would have left the club and retired . I mean look at the state of us . Every year we are going down and down . I can’t wait for the season to be over else we would be out of top ten .


To be fair, it wasn’t the system that caused the goals, but rather three (four) inacceptable individual errors.
Xhaka’s awful sense for his opponent,
Monreal’s unnecessary (because unprovoked and then badly executed) throw,
Cech’s bad clearance
and again Monreal’s inability to clear a simple ball.

Nothing Wenger can do about that, but to start/buy different players. (Which essentially is at least half of his job, so have no intention of cutting him slack here.)


exactly. for more than a decade its always been the players fault. even the transfers faults. hell even the referees the pitch bad luck injuries and lets not forget the fans fault. never wengers. #stockholmsyndrome

Mayor McCheese

It’s a combination of system and personnel, Shirley.

I think the next time Arsenal are playing, I’ll just masturbate instead.


Why ‘instead’ in this context? Why in any??

Mayor McCheese

Well, because I don’t masturbate to Arsenal games. It’s sort of an either/or scenario. Either I watch Arsenal, or I watch


Haha! Thanks for your welcome light-hearted intervention. I feel lucky I didn’t manage to find a decent stream or I might have done something drastic, like put my tv up for sale on eBay. Then I wouldn’t be able to watch porn on a big screen (instead of watching Arsenal play, safe in the knowledge that my girlfriend will be upstairs because she doesn’t want to see me getting so irate at 11 morons trying to kick a ball around, but mostly failing miserably)! Arsenal why!? Just when I think the spuds are coming down to our level, we go… Read more »


Maybe it’s our strategy. Being the philanthropists that we are, we believe in giving shite clubs the chance to never lose faith in themselves and shine like a finely cut diamond.


I’m not exonerating the players from blame for this. Sure Wenger’s no defensive genius but the players aren’t puppets, they’re supposed to be international defenders.

Time and again they just don’t turn up. Mustafi in particular has been consistently shite.


Yeah but it all comes down to AW, this is his team, his tactics and his decisions. He’s had years to change but keeps thinking this team will become Barcelona with all the mindless, passive possession. There are World Cup winnersand full internationals in this sides and they have no idea and it doesn’t seem like there’s a plan half the time

Donald\'s Trump

Barcelona and Pep’s tactics have moved in since the tap tap backwards sideways bollocks of the late 00s

Twisted cuntloks

I hear that a jet has been seen breaking the sound barrier on its way back to Dortmund lol


Have to agree with this.. Wenger was going absolutely bonkers when Monreal (though I love him) let the ball slowly roll out for that throw just before their second goal, when he could have easily played on. It was stupid and invited Swansea up the pitch to put pressure on the throw, and 5 seconds later after Cech forgot how to kick a ball, it was in the net.. Two MASSIVE errors from top qualit, highly experienced international players you would expect much better from. For all his shortcomings you can’t blame Wenger for these high profile errors.. As you… Read more »


Why’s Xhaka on that pitch??


to make ramsey look slightly less shit by comparison

Twisted cuntloks

But its wengers philosophy, isn’t it great?

Crash Fistfight

Or for the manager not to take off our only defensive-minded midfielder to accommodate two other midfielders that can’t be bothered to defend and do nothing in an attacking sense.

Too Drunk For Offside

Have I ever told you guys that Wenger is a useless fool, who should have been fired long ago. Signing att players is great, but how could even the big idiot that is Wenger not see that the problem is not the att but the def. Where are the additions in defence. Oh and don’t even start to say Johnny fking Evans. Wenger just fk off already.

Crash Fistfight

As someone else has said, though, we could have Nesta and Cannavaro in their prime back their and it would still make no difference. The problems are systemic, rather than personnel.

It doesn’t help when we never buy defensive players or ship off a goalkeeper who could be playing for us for the next 5 years in favour of a has-been, mind.

Too Drunk For Offside

Just once in one of these interviews, I would like some journalist to ask Wenger – “Mr. Wenger do you realise your defence is absolute sh!te?”

Would love to hear what he has to say to that.


Probably something pompous, that starts with “Look, ehhhhhh” or “Listen, ehhhhhh”

Das boi

Maybe we should let Martinez get a game or two and see how that goes instead of letting him go to leeds after another sub par game from cech. At this point it couldn’t hurt

Crash Fistfight

Martinez couldn’t get a game for Getafe. Doesn’t that tell you something?

Maybe we should’ve been ruthless for once and told Ospina to fuck off and Cech that he could battle it out to be No. 1 with Szczesny and if he didn’t like that, he could fuck off as well?

Silly me, Szczesny made Arsene look bad by defying him so there was no way back into his inner sanctum!


When Ospina got a run in the league he had better stats than Szczesny and Cech, and at the moment I’m all for giving him another chance because Cech is terrible. Martinez is a very good young goalkeeper who needs to play, he did well when he got a chance, and a loan to a club like Leeds would be good. At the end of the season if he’s done well I’d happily take him rather than Cech who is going downhill quickly.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Stats aren’t everything. Ospina came into the team when Coq had his golden 6 months with Santi & we were simply a better team. Ospina was the same then as he is now : some good saves, a lot of flappy moments & the odd howler……but because he replaced Chesney (he had a cigarette – string him up !!) the do gooders on here had to big him up way beyond his actual performances. Ospina is simply miles off being good enough.

Das boi

I always liked and rated Wojtek, especially over ospina. Even for Columbia recently he looks extremely sloppy. And as far as Martinez not getting alot of playing time at getafe i feel like that was more down to the classic loan player conundrum where its just more valuable to start players you own over a loan player. I thought he looked good enough to stay and push out ospina in the preseason. He also saved a pen :^)

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

Or don’t sell Schezny for 10m…


hmmm yeh cos none of you slagged Szczesny off ever!


Nestsa and Cannavaro would make a difference

Jean Ralphio

We are not scoring enough also.

Stuck on repeat...

Yup, there was 1 shot on target the entire game by the team, & our plan is to now sell Giroud as a final piece of transfer bisiness


Fist of goal….feet of crap.


We could have gone in early, signed Mahrez at 50m mark before City had second thoughts.

That’s 10m less than Aubameyang.

Add to 20m for Alexis (to City), 12m for Coquelin and 20m for Walcott, would have 10m odd to spare.

Add another 10m and get a solid enough DM/mid.

Instead Mslintat and company want to plough the depths of their black book ex-club contacts and bring in some complicated deal for a player we really don’t need that’s cup tied and another forced upon us who lacks confidence and is aged.

Bring back Dick Law.

Kwame Ampadu Down

You would rather be bought another Mustafi or another Xhaka who are both ‘excellent’ you keep telling us…and didn’t you tell us Arsene was ‘immaculate’ in the transfer market too ?

Jean Ralphio

Had we not won with Elneny still on the pitch you would have said Wenger should have put on the attacking players on our bench. Though I partially agree, Xhaka should have been removed and we do lack balance with Ramsey in the middle with Xhaka. Wilshere sits back at least.

Crash Fistfight

Ramsey didn’t look fit to me. I would’ve taken him off an put Iwobi deeper. Not that Xhaka was much kop. In fact, he was terrible, but at least he did something. Ramsey didn’t even make runs forward!


Are you joking? Ramsey was frequently ahead of Lacazette!


Well said

SB Still

For the 2nd goal, yet again Xhaka is letting his man run past him and score. For fuck sake, this is basics.

The Arsenal defensive bug has bitten Monreal too.

It’s carnage at the back – all experienced internationals looking like sun league footballers!


Neither Ramsey nor Granit can turn with the ball. Elneny is mediocre. None of them seem to have any awareness or sense of tracking dangers back into the box. jack was the closest to a player who could carry the ball for us and turn in midfield/protect the ball. With no outlet in midfield, the defense does stupid things like play the ball back into the danger area to try and work it our of the back. Recipe for disaster (especially in rain) But Steve Bould doesn’t help. He’s an experience man in these issues we term defense yet no… Read more »


Elneny is at least solid and tidy and gives some solidity. Put him with Wilshire and it works. Put him with Xhaka and it doesn’t. Put Xhaka with anyone and it doesn’t.

Gudang Pelor

Looking at santori’s comments and posts, I wonder what had elneny ever do to you or your family?


I’m hoping auba is not watching this . He might just call this off looking at the state the team is playing under Wenger

George the Gooner

It was windy and raining. ?


Can’t win all away games against the top 6…

What do you mean Swansea were bottom of the league with only 20 points?! Fuck

Asrar Ahmed

Every team knows what they need to do against us. Be organized at the back, pack the defence and midfield, when we get tired of passing sideways sideways backwards backwards the other team will get a chance to counter attack. Our defence is shit so more likely than not they will score. Rinse and repeat. For once, why can’t we try a counter attacking style, surely our attackers are quick so all they need a ball over the top when an opposition defensive line is forward in order to open them up. But instead we try to pass the ball… Read more »


This is EXACTLY right. It’s been the same for at least past 3 seasons. Not enough width, not enough forward runners, not enough getting to the byline and cutting it back. Today, like every game, we pass it back, across, around, but so rarely forward into space, at pace. We are pedestrian at best.


Winger is Man Utd’s chief scout in the south east. We give them ( again) a world class player & they give us a reject.

Reality check

They just out faught us.. i think we were still hungover from the semi final win.. In all the Alexis saga we forgot the reasons he was leaving for,. they have started to appear again.


This was absolutely horrible.


Well this has become a norm nowadays


Once again masters of our own demise. The only thing we did consistently all night was to hand Swansea chances on a platter. Embarassing.


Sad fact. Just never surprises anymore. I don’t even think the media or opposing fans care to relish in our incompetence anymore. You can’t even get too upset with it. Even as a branding, the club is going down the toilet. Instead of Draxler or a Mahrez and a proper defensive unit, we are getting a striker prone to tantrum from Dortmund who aren’t happy they are sixth…hehe bet he’s in for a wee bit of surprise then. And we get a has been from United…seen that before…Danny Welbeck full of pace. Band aids. They don’t even cover the cracks… Read more »


Get rid of that avatar immediately


This season’s away form aside (basically today was nothing new) but I have a legitimate question… Why do we play like a pack of cunts when it is raining? I know we are perfectly capable of cunting off when the weather is good but we’re especially bad when it rains. At least that’s my observation… That and the blue shirt hah

I want to rewind back to around 3 hours ago when I was excited and optimistic.


Because our game is based on quick passing and you can’t do that on a sodden pitch. The trouble is we have no tactics, so when it doesn’t work nobody knows what to do. Opposition teams have started to bully Mesut out of the game and the only other player to step up in that situation has been Jack, who wasn’t available today. Ramsey is a liability, leaves the midfield totally open and then the manager takes off Elneny so there’s nobody trying to protect the defense. It all becomes last ditch panic stuff. Agree that the chavy shirts are… Read more »


For the love of God, just go Wenger. Please. PLEASE!!


Steve Bruce in. PLEASE!




same old Arsenal… no matter who we bring in im afraid. by the way lets sell giroud so that we are one injury from Edie being our best option on the bench… good planning

Sheffield Gooner

Fucking shit. Awful. It gets worse every week.


Hello darkness my old friend…


Staying up till 3 in the morning to watch this debacle (with a severe blood infection rampaging inside me), supporting AFC is literally going to spell the end of me.


Good luck falling asleep now that you’re angry. If I were you I’d get something to calm my nerves.


We’ve lost away from home again…

Heavy Gunner

I’ve come to talk to you again-(or at least spout out crap at the post-match interview!)


Against the current bottom four, we have played 6 games so far this season, and got 8 points out of 18.
Swansea (3 points over 2 games)
Stoke (0 points from 1 game)
Southampton (1 point from 1 game)
West Brom (4 points over 2 games)


With form like that, we should consider ourselves lucky to be in 6th place!


It’s just not the teams . Our coaching is so ancient that we struggle against the teams that press us right on our half . Every time we face any team with some balls we loose . That’s the reason Southampton was our bogey team for so long. Wengers result against those kind of teams are awful, look at the arsenal vs Tottenham results after pochettink started managing , it’s depressing . But obviously Wenger would be blaming degree., weather schedule and what not today

Donald\'s Trump

Media’s fault


Oh dear. The solution doesn’t lie in the transfer market.

Honest Gooner

Im glad I missed the game

SB Still

Guess Capello’s (and any other on the shotlist) hand was strengthened this evening!

It’s horrible to see Wenger crumbling this way, especially after the high of becoming the most successful manager in the FA Cup!


Crapello? NOOO-OOO!

Paul Bryan

Ayew taking the Mkhi?


We’re taking the Mhki of ourselves and doing a fine job thank you very much Mr Ayew.


No worry, once we get Aubameyang all of our defensive errors will be solved.

Crash Fistfight

At least we might have a striker that tries to get on the end of crosses instead of one that hides on the edge of the box.


Have you seen Lacazette play for Lyon? Cause I have and I can tell you that he’s miles better than this. This chaotic system of ours, it’s embarrassing to call it a system, does him no favors and he’s still quite useful.

Crash Fistfight

Or alternatively the French league is weak and attacking players have more time and space to play in?


We tried to play one-touch football on a soaking wet pitch; I don’t think it’s the french league. Also, other problems too. Your point also holds true though, I just think that other factors are contributing more to what we’re seeing from him.


Precisely. Even Vincent Janssen was prolific at AZ. People assume Aubemayang will start banging them in, but trying to adapt to the PL at 29 will not be easy, especially with no service and that fucking clown in charge.


As soon as we scored the first I had a feeling we would concede very soon after. We switch off after scoring. Giroud should have come on at same time as Mikie, double substitution to try and have some impact. Lacazette for me should have been removed from the “action” cos he wasn’t getting any – or making anything happen at all.


He’s on the very short flight to Chelsea. Heard they may be in need of a striker or something.


Hahah nice one.


One of the most pathetic displays of the season and that’s being generous. Cech is an embarrassment

Kwame Ampadu Down

Was it Jack? Seemed like it was pretty similar to a lot of our away performances to me…


Also, the competition for the most pathetic display of the season is huge, so that says a lot.


Cech gave his jersey to the Swansea manager! WOW


Gifted them the game and the shirt.


Fingers crossed he’s going there…hahaha even as I type this I realise how stupid that sounds!


Not remotely enjoyable at any point.

Damo Dinkum

That’s not true, it was enjoyable for 90 seconds #classicarsenal


Atleast Aubameyang enjoyed London Heathrow Airport…

Coq au Vin

The lounges are superb!


Probably not opulent enough for his taste.

Coming to a theatre near you, a player who thinks he’s better than everyone-else in dressing room and will extend his dramatic skills whenhe realises he can’t score enough to cover the rather large hole at the back that keeps letting them in.


Wenger needs to go and take some players with him. Ramsey and Mustafi to name two

Crash Fistfight

I don’t rate Mustafi, but what did he do wrong in this game?

The first goal was a combination of Ozil giving the ball away, Bellerin being miles up front instead of giving him a simple pass back and Xhaka not bothering to try defending in place of Bellerin.

The second goal was Cech giving an assist.

The third goal was because no one in our team can track a run. Mustafi couldn’t really make a tackle without risking a penalty. Oh, and Monreal was pretty shit on that goal as well.


Can’t even replace the players we took out recently and you want to take more out?

Start with Elneny, Welbeck, Debuchy how’s that?

OTOH we have a great collection of unproven Cbacks – Holding, Chambers Mavropanos. Great policy to sell Gabriel.

American Gooner

We must be one of the most mentally weak teams I’ve ever come across in all of sports. It’s a direct reflection of the manager.

I have always liked, and will always like Wenger, but the sooner we get a new manager, the better.


No down votes… that tells you something.
I love Wenger as well, but he’s close to ruining his legacy.
Change wait for a change next season — with a fresh perspective.




New day same shit. If not for a few last ditch tackles we could have conceded 5. 5 goals to a team at 20th position. We don’t deserve to play champions league


Why are we so bad in away games?! Why is Xhaka still given a shirt? I need a new shirt.


The best thing that can be said about this season is simply we have added real football people for when Wenger leaves and are beginning the massive job of turning over the squad that will need to be done. I really can’t see how anyone can argue for Wenger even finishing out this contract so hopefully we’re working on finding a replacement and identifying targets such as a proper DM.


There was a point in the second half where I was yelling at my screen because I could see Xhaka, Elneny and Ramsey AHEAD of the ball within 20 meters of eachother.. It is unforgivable… at any level that is a concern… For us, it is almost encouraged. Farcical.


Atom? You’re on wrong website mate…
Man Utd is the one you’re looking for


Maybe mik has a goldfish I can change my name to

bob davis

Shit that was bad. Sort the defence out Arsene. What is Steve Bould’s position here? Buy some defenders.


we buy defenders and it makes zero difference. every defender looks lost playing for Wenger – that’s on the manager.


It won’t make no difference with players like xhaka and Ramsey in front of them. Terrible defensively and not much better going forward. Pair of cunts to be blunt.

Lingards\' Milly Rock

This. Swansea continually bypassed the entire midfield with one straight pass. Both are useless.


as much as I’m not an eleny guy I think we actually functioned ok with him as a dm and jack and xhaka (can play ramsey if desired instead). we desperately need a dm.


Gave up on Ramsey years ago but have been very disappointed with Xhaka there is something there but he comes across like a complete idiot – tracking and closing down players is just fucking BASICS


Bould’s position is that of the company Yes-Man. I suspect any of us could fill in for him.

Yankee Gooner

I believe that exactly!


Sort the manager out, Board of Directors would be more appropriate. Bouldy could probably sort the defence out in seconds; it’s Wenger’s dictatorial coaching that’s preventing him from doing so.


PEA is a waste of money. Buy athletic defenders and get anew manager!

Obvious Pete

Mind trying a ball in behind.. Jesus…


Xhaka, Cech, Mustafi. Probably getting paid 300k a week (?) to burn our club to the ground. What does Xhaka have to do to be ditched? How many chances did we waste on the other end? Can’t shoot? Won’t shoot? I’d love to see stats for how many times Arsenal get a ball into the box in a game and don’t even shoot. We are unbearable to watch.


Hold on. You’re singling out Xhaka, just because they happened to score the one chance they created when he was caught napping? Our whole defense is embarrassing and I have a feeling that it’s not due to the individuals but rather with the people tasked to make them look like a team.


The one time he wasn’t caught napping? There were multiple times he was tracking back marking nobody, wandering aimlessly in lanes where no players would be moving to, able to cut off nobody. In fact Id go as far as to say that he is the one midfielder who has mastered the skill of being where no opposition player and no opposition ball is about to be. It’s like the worst type of stealth possible.


I saw the same thing from other players as well. You just described the whole team. Plenty of time we were opened up because one of the defenders didn’t pick up his slack. Midfield was Swiss cheese (pun intended), but Elneny and Ramsey were also part of that midfield.


Spot on worst midfielder seen at arsenal for yrs epitomises the point wenger has brought us to on the pitch – crap and mediocrity. A midfield containing iwobi ramsey xhaka elneny at any stage is appalling they would struggle to get in to other mid table prem teams worrying thing is wenger rates them all. Bloke has lost whatever he had over past few seasons


Xhaka was beyond awful, stunningly and singularly inept in a match full of bad performances. He should have been taken off at half time for Mkhitaryan.


How’s your world class striker Lacazette doing?

Needs service? PL too much pace for him?

…never mind we can throw another world class striker to do the same thing for more money.


Aubameyeng spotted at airport…heading back to Germany having watched the game


Overheard …

” Wait you mean Arsenal are 6th? that’s no CL …like Dortmund?” – PEA

” Yeah but their gaffer is great at pandering to tantrums think about that…” -Mslintat


Ideal Situation.


Keep Monreal & change the back six, keeper included


I love this club. Subsequently, I hate myself.


Meanwhile… Jacky Boy is sitting on the crapper today thinking, “Incentive laden contract you say, whilst the rest of the lads are getting paid their full wage to not give one single fuck?”


The one down vote is from my mother. She doesn’t like it when I talk about hating myself. The fact that she lets me live in her basement at 42 years old does not help one bit.


I’ve rarely seen a team lack so much direction. The players look lost, the manager looks hopeless and no amount of signings will change that. I think it’s getting to the point where we need to stage an intervention.


Geez. I had Elneny as my MOM, until Wenger dragged him. Please retire Cech. What use is Ramsey? Go now Wenger, my pain is increasing.

Amn zim

Yah,something should be done..a strong protest should be set up


Well at least we’ve done what we needed to do… brought in 2 more forwards.



I can’t watch anymore backwards passing. Nothing was happening down the right. Ach, just fucking dreadful. This team is too easy to play against. You just know they are going to make a mistake. As an opposing team, just sit and wait for it to happen.

Luke Brown

Outplayed by Swansea. Says it all really.


Xhaka is the worst player in the world. Seriously!


I think Lacazette was worse today. Pointless talking about individuals. I’m gonna go bang my head off a wall until I bleed out.


couldn’t agree more, that mans ability to track other players are around him is so shockingly absent, you wonder how gets from the team bus to the changing room without getting lost.


Agree ffing dreadful player shouldn’t be anywhere near the intensity and pace of premiership we would be much better off with maitland-niles he can actually run and offer us something I would rather have any journeyman midfielder from the championship in there instead of him he is a nothing player. Can’t stand supporters who argue he a good passer, is he fuck you and I can stand there a pass 5 yards backwards and across the line under no pressure anybody who has played football at any level can do that. Wenger obviously rates him which is a massive concern… Read more »




Wow. Fuck. Wow.


I don’t care about Aubameyang anymore, just want to end the season now and overhaul the whole defense and coaching staff along with manager. No one reliable enough to lead our defense. ?


We have no coherent defensive plan which is at the root of our issues. I really think we have reasonable defenders to work with if we could simply get a manager in who knows how to structure a team


That’s was a disgrace….. how is it a long ball can be so lethal to a defence that my paraplegic great grandad could penetrate…. We have no one ever in the box and we always seem to be short of defenders when defending… I’m positive half our team is having a pep talk on the side lines in games as there definitely not on the field of play……. And this side ways backwards passing is soul destroying… And let’s be honest Czech is past it….lacassete is a flop and offers nothing… And even Ozil today struggled as there was no… Read more »


What a sickening result. How can anyone get excited about transfer news when we keep losing games like this?!

It’s official. We’re no longer a Champions league team , all we can hope for these days are the odd cup success.
Sigh life as an Arsenal fan…

Paulo Cuntchops

Wenger out


Defensive midfield defensive midfield defensive midfield. Xhaka can’t handle passing under pressure which makes it worse. Mustafi also. Things got better when Mikhi was there to relieve a flustered Ozil who had been triple marked all game. We made them look good. Mainly because we are doing the same transfer market mistakes before as we are now. We aren’t strengthening, we are just trying to replace. Bad policy means bad players. Means bad results. Mustafi and Xhaka we waited all window for when we signed them and they don’t look like first choice picks you would wait a whole window… Read more »


Why did he start Ramsey over mikhi. Makes easy to then treble up on Ozil as Ramsey will create fuck all.


Ramsey is straight back into the team and contributes absolutely nothing. As long as Wenger is the manager this will be the case, and the favouritism is hurting the team.


You call that what Swansea dished up football? Thank God we don’t hoof and hope!


I was going to comment but then realised I don’t give a fuck anymore. They have finally broken me.


That’s quite meta of you


YAY another one, bet nobody’s further up the season ticket queue tho!

The Passion of bergkamp from the book of Den 3:16

For the love of God what the fuck does Iwobi bring to our attack!? I cannot stand him. As for Wenger “blooding” in Mkhi,is it really necessary? He’s fit for fucks sake! Play him! Less said about Lacazette the better.

Kwame Ampadu Down

So 2 home wins & 2 limp, depressing away defeats since Alexis left. Please let tonight put an end to the do gooder bullshit (see post Chelsea comments) about Alexis leaving helping our ‘team spirit.’ We have none.


It was the same when he was here, so no difference.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Yeah…and….??? That was my point?


He hadn’t left against Bournemouth and now we’ve got this shite speculation about Giroud! Jack is I’ll – so YES! GOOD RIDDANCE to the selfish arrogant get!

Paulo Cuntchops

Doesn’t matter what players we bring in, we’ll continue to be dogshit all the while Wenger’s still in charge.

Jean Ralphio

Individual errors have cost us more points than ever. A new manager would not have stopped that Cech howler nor the other one he made a few games ago.


A new manager would hopefully have benched Cech by now, he’s terrible.

Crash Fistfight

For the ever-solid Ospina?

Jean Ralphio

At the same time he has saved us too. But yes, Ospina should start now. We can’t punish players after one error (his last one) because that would be poor man management. Would you like it if you were demoted because of one error at work?


At Jean.
No I wouldn’t, but then again…
I don’t earn £150K a week?!


Bloody farcical


Xhaka should be subbed off instead of Elneny. The protection for the two center backs are left way too exposed. Wenger substitution error.


Elneny was the one trying to hold it all together and he always offers an outball, but the clever professor decides to take him off. Mesut is being bullied because everyone knows he’s the only one who makes anything happen, so if you take him out by fair means or foul then Arsenal will just keep doing the pass, pass, pass thing until someone makes a mistake and you can nick a goal. The angriest man on twitter is right at the moment for sure, everything truly is shit.