Thursday, December 1, 2022

Reports: Aubameyang at London Colney to complete Arsenal move

Reports this afternoon say that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is at the Arsenal training ground to complete his move to the Gunners.

The 28 year old travelled from Dortmund to London earlier today, with tens of thousands of Arsenal fans online tracking what is believed to have been his flight with the FlightRadar website and app.

Aubemeyang was spotted earlier at Dortmund airport with his ‘people’ and is now apparently at London Colney to undergo a medical and complete the formalities of the move.

We don’t have any more detail at this point what the terms of the deal will be, or whether Olivier Giroud will be involved. The Frenchman was set to be in the squad for tonight’s game against Swansea, but there are growing rumours that he could go to Chelsea in a transfer which could see David Luiz move the other way.

It seems Arsenal are now fully committed to this January transfer improv session, making it up as they go along and having a grand old time doing it.

At the very least it makes the final day and a half of January interesting, and we’ll wait for further developments as and when they happen.

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David Quibbs

Ive got a massive erection, i need to pump it into something


Get a grip on yourself.

Daft Aider

handy comment

Easy tiger

Best today?


sounds like he has


Relax, we’ll be getting our mikhi out later

Easy tiger

That is so disgusting and yet so funny?

Mayor McCheese

I have an erection as well. Wish I could say it was massive.

Daft Aider

If you shrink your hands it will seem bigger,
well it worked for Trump anyway

Mayor McCheese

Nah. I’ve given up hope. Looks a lot like the last parsnip at Sainsbury’s if I’m honest.

Goonerest Gooner

I used to work in the fruit and veg section at Sainsburys so I now have an extremely grotesque image in my head.

Thanks for that.

Lonely Loneliness

Well, This escalated rather slowly !!


Indeed, sign him up already!! And while you’re at it, drop this nonsense of selling HFB to the Russians of west London. Winning the Europa cup and clinching 4th spot is an ‘all-hands-on-the-deck’ affair. Why strengthen a direct rival for 4th with our proven, handsome goal-scorer? Makes no sense to me!

Mein Bergkampf

Wenger obviously thinks he can get around the whole ‘strengthening our rivals’ thing by making every deal a swap… Cue the Bellerin to Citeh deal for Fabian Delph, Gündoğan and Mangala.


I think Giroud wants to stay in London.

So no Dortmund deal.

I don’t see him swapping for West Ham. He will have better offers than that in the summer particularly from Italy.

So maybe a loan.

I don’t think it would be wise for us to sell on to Chelsea such a strong asset.

We are in direct competition (just about) against them, Liverpool and Spurts for a CL spot. It would be extremely foolish.

We’ve already strengthened United.


Particularly as Aubameyang is cup tied for Europa. Makes little sense to me why we are in for him other than we are hedging on a Giroud departure in the summer which is in some ways jumping the gun on our part (no pun) We could have added Mahrez instead for 50m or less and he wold not be cup tied plus would provide better balance. But Aubaemyang it is in part bc of new buying team arrangement. I don’t think the buying team has put the composition of our squad entirely into their foremost thoughts… they have preferred to… Read more »


I heard you can’t get Mahrez for anything less then 100m


Sideshow Bob to us for a hfb? Silly season indeed.


Exclusive footage of his medical here


I’m a little confused.
Will really miss HFB if he goes. Probably more than Sanchez. Not sure that Sideshow Bob is the guy to bring the defensive stability… Has he been a DM in the past? He’s a pretty decent footballer.


Would we use Luiz as a DM? He’s wank as a CB, especially with our defense, he needs discipline, not a license to roam.

He might not be too bad as a ball playing dm


He is good at the ball playing aspect


We already have Elneny, no need for another sideshow Bob


Sideshow bob is rubbish.

I much rather have Elneny and you know what I think of the Egyptian.


Woo Hoo


If we did get Sideshow Bob, how incredible would that be. From swap deals being as rare as a Coquelin goal, to two in one small window.


Wow, I am so excited that PEA’s move is finally reaching the finishing line soon!!


Now we only need a new tactician then we are set


I’m excited but will be incredibly sad if HFB leaves us.

Rectum Spectrum

yeah but in a way like I love my wife but then playmate of the year Victoria Silvstedt shows up at my door declaring her love for me. I love my wife and I’m sobbing as I load her bags in the boot of her car. its a sad day and then i go inside with victoria. sad day. but happy. sad.


despite the down votes – I saw the humour in your post and it made me laugh

Rectum Spectrum

i appreciate its a touchy subject.

Giroud was not going to get enough minutes to go to the world cup. He wants to play each week and deserves too. He’s been loyal to us, put up with a lot of shit. He deserves the move. Yes it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth..but he wanted to stay in London because of his family.

He deserves it. We have to take it on the chin. We’re getting Aubamayang as a result of the move too so best to see the funny side and move on.


I’m wondering if this is a triangle. BVB have said they need a replacement and are interested in Batshuayi. Chelsea are willing to let Batshuayi go, but again only if a replacement can be found. So, it could be that OG to Chelsea (barf!) is the key to PEA to Arsenal.
(Giroud to CFC) + (Batshuayi to BVB) = PEA to Arsenal


Chelsea are wankers.

St. Cathorla

That is correct, according to our lord and savior David Ornstein.


There is also a possibility we buy Aubameyang out right without recourse to being involved in this unholy love triangle.

Which is possibly why we are now paying upwards of 60m for the Gabonese instead of less.

Its a post coital headache and permutation we should frankly avoid.


I have some thoughts on attacking and midfield triangulation which I shall explain in a slightly longer exposition.;)

Goonerest Gooner

Please don’t Santori ?


Wait, David Luis is getting involved now too? ??

Man Manny

I am getting so excited that I am afraid for my heart. I hope this transfer is made official as early as this evening. I can barely sleep!


yeah but just remember wenger is still the manager

Man Manny

Yes. The greatest manager Arsenal has ever had.


we could also do a swap deAL ON Wenger. We swap Conte for Wenger…

Lack of Perspective

The same conte that wants to buy andy careil or peter crouch. Na


Err…Wenger has got the better of Conte several times now.

Slightly vacuous thinking there. From the “anyone will do instead of Wenger” crowd eh?


David Luiz? Yeah what we need is another jazz riffer in the club. Can’t we just get a manager who drills defenders? It would be so much easier


“…and we are hearing its a swap with Giroud going to Chelsea and David Luiz coming the other way with a bag of Werthers originals and coat zips”

Hereford Gooner


Reality Cech

I haven’t done any work today

Goonerest Gooner

For your username alone, I say you should never have to work another day in your life

Rectum Spectrum

he has been cleared by Dortmund to have his medical…but the deal is not yet complete with them yet to green light.

this is as close as a transfer can get to being down without an actual agreement in place.

surely ALL arsenal fans couldn’t have been cunts in a previous life. Surely we don’t all deserve this…just some of us?


It’ll have to go through regardless. Too much invested in it already.

What I’m surprised with is that Chelsea did not go for Aubameyang in the first place.

Surely they have enough to hijack him under or in front of our noses, particularly knowing how thin skin we are with price.

Instead they are going through a convoluted way to get a (has been) replacement for a promising young striker they are more than willing to sell on.

And some people would prefer to swap Wenger for Conte…go figure.:D

Rectum Spectrum

I am astonished no one came in and stole him as we dithered about. (ending up paying nearly exactly what they asked too). Astonished.

It like…I’m expecting him to jog out for arsenal on match day and it turns out he’s a midget or something…just looked big in the photos. Everyone realized but us.


Ah that new striker smell.


Lacazette had a new striker smell too.

As did Falcao.

Rectum Spectrum

similar to what Zlatan said of his time at barca under Pep…they had a ferrari but drove it liek afiat. We’re not playing to Lacas strengths. I am more than happy to give him the rest of the season to settle in. His work rate is impeccable. I think Auba with Mhiki and Ozil supplying will help and those 2 could be a formidable partnership.

Lord Bendnter

You think you are a massive Arsenal fan, but then you see fans tracking his flight on a Flight Tracker website/app….

A Different George

When I read that, I couldn’t figure out if Blogs was just having a good laugh. I want to track his helicopter from the training ground to the Liberty Stadium, landing on the pitch just before kickoff, like the Leicester owner used to do.

Sean Williams

Can’t believe that the transfer is happening. Can’t believe we are spending money. If we get David Luiz that will bring a little celebrity. Love his free kicks.

chimezie kingsley

I cant Waite to see this guy in arsenal color the deal is fantastic with mkhitaeryan, ozil and lacazette our attack will be full of experience if added david luiz


If or when it happens, it will be the first time since Henry that we have a proper pacey striker that we’ve been starved of. Not one but 2. We simply haven’t been able to replace Henry. Last time we got close was Higuain.


He isn’t that pacy. Same crap was spewed about Lacazette being the pacy striker we have been missing, he isn’t that fast either. Next to Giroud of course everyone is fast but positioning and experience is better than pace (see Welbeck) Unless we sign Kylian Mbappe, forget mentioning pace. We will have two mobile assets who are efficient in front of goal is what it is. But we stand to lose a battle axe that can break down heavy defenses. The only potential up side in that is we may possibly play Welbeck in a clearer role more centrally because… Read more »

Asrar Ahmed

LOL he isn’t that pacy.. hahaha


If it happens, it happens


With all transfer discussion, I almost forgot about Swansea


A swap of Giroud for David Luis? I think that is the most revolting thing I’ve ever heard!! To see Giroud in a Chelsea shirt would be disgusting enough, but to give David Luiz an arsenal shirt would be too much for me!! Anyone else please?


If it happens, I hope someone leaves a rake on the pitch for him as a joke. Hector, I’m looking at you.


Really sad to see HFB go to Chel$ki. He’ll probably sit on the bench too because when Moratta’s not there Hazard likes to play as a false No.9

Not that I think this helps but apparently Sideshow Bob is one of the nicest guys in the game

Greg in Seattle

I…I…have to admit that the idea of Luiz as a DM next to Jack is wholly intriguing. I feel dirty.


I’m pissing my pants..this has to be the craziest January transfer window for Arsenal ever !

Also genuinely more excited than when news broke of Alexis joining us in 2014


I don’t like that bloke called Luiz. Hell I don’t like us selling those lots our Giroud!


I don’t like him either and also love the HFB but I used to love Sanchez. Now I think he’s a cunt. Giroux would fit and Sideshow Bob would fit. Just have to make sure the groundsmen don’t leave any rakes laying around. I’d love to see how HFB does in a side that plays like we used to when Wenger was good. Peace brother.


So used to things going pear shaped for us I’m gonna stay in my ‘na ain’t gonna happen’ mood until when and if its absolutely confirmed. Then check we still got Giroud before raising a glass and smerking at my spuds following work colleague.


Kudos to AFC for making this signing come true. Best winter transfer ever for us.
Guys, I want to use this medium to hail our must reliable and ever breaking news outlets before acclaimed 5 state studded media outlets. These guys have been bae throughout the period “@moleyfootball and @ThePlugAFC.


My keyboard is hyper active. She can’t even wait to start typing those 5 star performances we’ll get from our new recruits.


I’d welcome the Giroux/ Luiz thing. Seriously. As much as we love to hate him, he’s a winner.


Wow, Sideshow Bob lining up next to Original Bart Simpson…

Rectum Spectrum

I can totally see Wenger as the aging Mr Burns…totally lost the plot…built his ‘spruce Bruce’ (I said GET IN) picking players who remind him of cartoon characters. Walking round the training ground whistling, throwing breadcrumbs to the birds as the players get on with it in spite of him.


Suppose Luiz would be on a perm-anent deal.


“Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang” to the tune of “Black Betty” by Ram Jam

Saint CJ

Arsenal fans: Wenger is too sentimental with his player, not ruthless enough!!!

Also Arsenal fans: No!!!!!! Not HFB!! We’ve developed a strong sentimental bond for him!!

cultured determination

so the thing that could happen by the end of tomorrow:

David Luiz


Thumbs up if you’d like this outcome. Thumbs down if you dont.

Dial square

Thumbed you down anyway, for being 12 years old (ps, if you are actually 12, apologies….)

Lack of Perspective

THumbed you down for the poll.

Rectum Spectrum

Better Luiz than Johnny Evans!


Fuckin hell, from “get rid of the January transfer window” to “lets swap half the squad out!”

Very sad to see Giroud go if he does, but this certainly has the look of a “catalyst of change”

Buzzy Gurkha

The triangle Bashtuyia to Dortmund .Giroud to Chelski. Aubameyang to Arsenal.#sadbuttrue


David Luiz as a holding midfielder might just work you know…

Bring back David Hillier

Wenger’s last throw of the dice to save his arsenal career. My head says let’s get this done and kick some arse, but my heart doesn’t want Wenger in post at end of this season. Sideshow Bob isn’t a defender or midfielder is he? A midfender, if you pardon my spoonerisms.

Monster Coq

20m euros for giroud? 20m! Just keep him for christ sake!


All those transfer windows were we looked out the window at the other kids playing in the snow. This has gone a long way to making up for them


Well…at least its going through.

Not convinced this is the best move for us or that the transfer team in anyways worked hard enough in our interest instead of their own.

But better Auba in than no one and better his credentials than a Perez type player (no offense)

Hope he scores goals because its not a guarantee (as seen with Lacazette, Falcao) at least at start. But still feel we lack a creator/technical wizard. Mhkitaryan is OK but not the best option out there.


That’s funny, for a minute there I thought you said David Lui… wait, what?

Tasmanian Jesus

Giroud for Luiz?
Wouldnt it be almost the same as just converting Giroud into a CB?
Are we getting transfer advice from Harry Redknapp this month?

Well, I guess hes not too bad…just dont wanna see HFB at Chelski!


Seeing as how my chrome car guise is blown if I show up at the airport in a gold one no one will notice. Hiding in plain site, that’s a striker!


I think Wenger will/must have in mind to play BOTH Aubameyang and Lacazette together. Pointless paying over 110m quid for the two assets to rotate or be played out of position and not to their strengths. Over last 2 to 3 matches, he seems to have been experimenting with a rotating set of wheels in midfield and attack to good effect. The front 3 and midfield 3 seem designed to rotate through their positions : …………………………Aubameyang………….Lacazette……………………………. ……………………………………………Ozil……………………………………………. ……………….Jack………………………………………….Mhkitaryan……………… Monreal………………………………..Granit………………………………….Bellerin The fullbacks provide the width. But it seems Wenger prefers two assets higher up. Against Chelsea we frequently saw Ozil push… Read more »

David Hillier\'s luggage

I hope we’re just using Giroud to get the Batshuayi to Dortmund deal signed, then pull out at the last min.

Unrealistic, I know.

Lord Peter Of Highbury

David Luiz and £18m? Good God man, we are doing business like a proper club!!


Well, this is good news. Top four should be a realistic possibility although I’d like a couple of more defensive additions too, like a good CB or a really good DM but I think Wenger will have done enough with this Aub deal…

Sean Juba

I would get back on your plane if I was you mate. Joining his shower of shit will only cause you a world of pain. I speak from bitter experience. And take Wenger with you – Arsene – I’ve had it being respectful towards you now – just fuck off and stop killing our club. It’s ours not yours. It was ours before you arrived and it will be hours after you finally piss off


…because Dortmund not good enough for him lying 6th in the Bundesliga. he needed to trade up to something more ‘world class’ to match his ambitions (and tantrums). Welcome Aubameyang…oh wait no don’t sneak back into the private jet, I’m sure our loss today is just an aberration…no we’re not in sixth it’s only existential and besides you don’t have to play CL with us or europa since your cup tied. The gaffer is awfully good at pandering to tantrums you’ll see. Ah 60m quid well spent. Who needs midfield or defense, creativity or keeper? Bring on the “world class’… Read more »


Lucky I didn’t trundle down to the pub and waste good money today. Hew.


So its announced on But I feel totally underwhelmed after last night’s bollocks.
And I’ve got the hump, not an erection.


Aubameyang will not change the team unless we get rid of AW. There, i’ve said it. His methods are ruining players and causing players who come to Arsenal to want to leave 2-3 years later. I fear for some of our youth coming through at the moment, they are not blind and i’m sure some of them will decide to jump ship now rather than later. The team is not really rubbish, we’ve seen the other side, but how can a team become rubbish one week and brilliant the next? The scale between brilliance and mediocre is too big to… Read more »

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