Friday, December 2, 2022

Swansea 3-1 Arsenal – player ratings

It seems almost pointless rating individuals when our issues go way beyond that. It’s not to excuse certain players for their failings, but this current situation is one that can only be solved above their pay-grade.

All the same, here are the ratings for today’s 3-1 defeat to Swansea.

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Twisted cuntloks

I would like Wenger included in the ratings as his performance is just as important, no?

Mayor McCheese

I would like a rating system of just about anything other than Arsenal, just to take my mind off this dumpster fire of a season.

We could start by rating whiskeys. As in, how quickly they make you forget. I’d also be open to rating socks, glue, or chopsticks.

Clock End 20

An utterly pathetic performance. It doesn’t matter who we buy now, we need change at the top before things will improve.


Chopsticks need a good rating. Some of those fancy pants ones look beautiful but are too slippery to properly shovel it all in.

Mayor McCheese

Spot on. To be honest, the best chopsticks are the bog-standard wooden numbers you get with a takeout. The rougher the better. I’m speaking of the wood finish, of course. Not sex.


I second the woody takeout ones but would add that not all woodies are the same – it’s all about how well they properly split. I’m sure there are stats available on this. I’ll wait for 7am’s BTN column for a proper statistical review.
A quick tip: avoid splinters by rubbing two woodies together before making any contact with your mouth.

Fed up

Agree about the “sharpening” of the chop sticks so to speak, good tip. However, doesn’t it feel kinda cheap with the wooden ones? Yes they might be better than the metal ones, but is this a case where function is ssecondary? Feel kind of cheap eating with wooden sticks at a restaurant to be honest

Donald\'s Trump

The Far East are now quite advanced but still haven’t invented knifes and forks. I mean eating with sticks. Come on guys, get a grip.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Well at the moment I rate the Glenmorangie Sherry Cask Finish Lasanta.

A full bodied single malt matured in Bourbon casks and then finished in Oloroso & PX Sherry casks for a richer taste.

It’s everything Arsenal isn’t at the moment.

Mayor McCheese

Excellent. The Glenmorangie Sherry Cask is nice, though I prefer their Quinta Ruban.

Lately, I’ve been taking a break from drinking my usual favourites (Islay campfires in liquid form) and necking some lovely Lowland Auchentoshan. Surprisingly nice.

Btw, anyone else here think Highland Park is underrated???

Mayor McCheese

Also, no opinions on glue, then?

Arse City Blues

I long for the days of Copydex. The built in brush in the lid, and the excellently bogey-looking latex lumps around the brim. Oh those were great times…

Godfrey Twatsloch

Yet to give Quinta Ruban and Lowland Auchentoshan a go. Thanks for the tip.

I was given an 18 year old Highland Park for my 40th. A damned fine whiskey if you ask me.

For glue I tend to use the 3M permanent spray stuff. Not cheap but for various types of art work and collages it does the job like no other.

Mayor McCheese

Ooooh, nice call on 3M. They’ve long set the bar on adhesives, though for nostalgia’s sake I’m still a mite partial to Elmer’s white school glue and the Lepage’s brown glue that we used to squeeze out of a sow’s teet.


Maybe we could use a little bit of that spray stuff on our defence?


I think Wenger could give us a good glue rating…..he seems to be sniffing plenty of the stuff


I have contacted Elon Musk to make a Wengerless Arsenal for us. He hasn’t responded yet.

Donald\'s Trump

That’s because Elon Musk is Wenger’s biggest fan. In fact he named one of his companies after Wenger’s Arsenal ‘The Boring Company’.


There you go – ruining a good post thread by talking about football!

BTW, I always love the Islay peatiness
BTW, scotch is whisky, Irish is whiskey

Merlin\'s Panini

I would also recommend Auchentoshan. Very drinkable. I’m well into the Japanese whiskies these days though. My current bottle on the go is Taketsuru, which is quite nice, although I prefer the Yamazaki and Hibiki. The Nikka from the barrel is also one of the best blends I’ve ever had.
When I go for an Irish whisky I really like the Knappogue Castle.

Chris Kiwomya

Can’t go wrong with the Redbreast 12 for Irish Whiskey. For Scotch, I’ve got a bottle of Abunadh on the go – pure nectar.

Donovan Ricketts

Nikka from the barrel the best blend I’ve tried, although crazy expensive!

Btw, this is the best the comments section has been in a while. I vote for Arseblog becoming “random stuff that everyone likes” blog, until the team is sorted out.


I’ve been saying that for so long but blogs won’t listen. This is a potentially title winning squad with a now mid table manager. How sad


Title winning squad??? Nonsense. AFC has been selling their best players, one by one, for years and never replaced with equal and/or better quality, bar a few exceptions. All teams above AFC are better squads. Hands down


Yes Wenger should be subject to ratings. The players were poor but who is motivating them, organising them, putting the fear factor into them??


We need a new Manager. It is as stark and straightforward as that.


Do we need to get in the relegation battle before having a new coach?

Asrar Ahmed

Wenger said back in November we do not need a defensive midfielder… He created the invincible team – why not try to use it as a template to create a new team? The first standout attribute of that team was the sheer intimidation factor, the strength and the athleticism of the players. The GK was a commanding presence who had a great understanding with the defenders in front of him. The main CB was a monster who won almost every ball in the air, and he ensured his partner was up to scratch. The RB was a beast and could… Read more »


Forget and move on. Darkest before dawn.


Bring on Dawn – or any of the Ladies, sorry Women’s, team coaches

WengerOut (Former \"Media Hates Arsenal\")

Wenger , Xhaka , Iwobi , Cech ALL OUT.

Glen Helders left foot

This team is badly broken, Wenger needs to be pushed out now


True, that. I mean, how in the world do you convince an Ozil to re-sign on this evidence of the seemingly unrelenting deterioration of this team? There are players starting week in, week out that have no business being starters for what is supposed to be a big Champions League team (I’m looking at you, Granit Xhaka et al). Only under Wenger can this go on. Please somebody rescue us before we do a Liverpool and become totally irrelevant for the next decade. This man must go now, before we sink any further…surely that’s what would have long happened at… Read more »


We are Leicester City the season after they won the league. The players have no confidence in manager and change will only come once AW gets the fuck out. We have a very strong squad, but no manager to get the best out of them.

Mayor McCheese

Apart from the bit about having just won the league, unfortunately. So, basically, we’re just not that good, and haven’t been for a while.


How about Rafa?


Frankly, Özil would be a fool to resign as things stand. This is a sinking ship.


Resign or re-sign? It makes a difference. He would be well advised to resign.

Arse City Blues

0/10 – Wenger’s infuriating ‘method’ of integrating our new signings into the team. Start them and show some fucking intent, and show that you have full confidence in your new signing (for big names like Mik/Lac especially). It can start an amazing run of form and confidence for a player if they hit the ground running. The crowd would have had that little extra excitement too, all intangibles i know, but that psychology is so important for every player – being mere humans after all. His method worked with someone young that he is converting like Henry, but established star… Read more »

Olivije Zirou

I will miss Giroud and his beard. :'(

Twisted cuntloks

I agree, always thought he was a class finisher but I think his beard made him less streamlined when running and slowed him down a bit 🙂

Olivije Zirou

But he is not much slower than Lacazette though, isn he? Loved and supported him from the beggining to the end. I never spoke a bad word about him. His departure hurts me like hell. Similiar pain when Van Persie left.


I was totally with you up till the van Persie part.


Felt like there isn’t any leadership when Jack isn’t playing.

Clock End 20

I thought we really missed Jack tonight, at least he tries to make things happen. Xhaka, elneny, rambo were so unbelievably ponderous on the ball, we made it easy to defend

Mrs Maitland-Niles

At least Elneny did his job. Ramsey’s not much of a dribbler and his passing was slow and ponderous, Xhaka even moreso. What happened to our team of small, technically gifted players? This team is so lacking in creativity and players who can “provoke” defenders.


I do love how blogs defends Ramsey. We all have blind spots I guess. He is one of the most overated players I’ve ever very se seen. You’re description was spot on Mrs Nike’s


I think Xhaka has been poorly coached and his game has been killed. The guy was known to be a hot-headed guy, wasn’t he? And now, he doesn’t seem to be interested in tackling at all.


Lol why would you want Xhaka tackling. Thats the last thing you want that awkward MF to do.

David C

AMN for Xhaka would be my first move…

Dr. Phil

Genuinely think these are generous


Well I think the weight of evidence is telling us it’s not about individual players. It’s about how they’re managed and instructed tactically from game to game. For the last 3-4 seasons we’ve been scapegoating players like Walcott, Coquelin, Ox, and Alexis. Now they’re all gone and we’re still producing exact replicas of the horrible performances that killed our title chances in 2015. And small point Blogs, but the goals conceded stat in the bonus rating is wrong. Ten teams have conceded more than we have with 18th placed Stoke at the bottom with 50 goals conceded. We’re bad but… Read more »


Arsenal (34) have still conceded more goals than West Brom (31), granted they have a game in hand.


Ah you’re right, I was wrong to say Blogs made a mistake then. Thanks


And Mustafi gets the heat for Monreal’s two awful mistakes.


A rating of zero for Xhaka would be generous. Aren’t there any negative numbers we could choose?


So let me get this straight: we’ve conceded more goals than West Brom, every loss Wenger (and everyone else) talks about how poor we are defensively, and yet we’re about to spend 60mil on a striker?? less than a year after we spent 50mil on a striker????

Mayor McCheese

I don’t begrudge spending on a striker. We needed one after Alexis was sold. However, quite why we weren’t also looking to address the defensive side of things is beyond me.


It isn’t about the quality of our defenders. Its the [email protected] that they are not drilled at all defensively. Rather they are left to figure it out for themselves. It’s nonsense. Buying more defenders won’t solve anything. Wenger is to blame.


That’s nonsense mate, it’s because they’re ridiculously exposed by our shape. Of course they’re drilled defensively, and of course they’re good defenders. The trouble is they’re isolated so often from the midfield and the maurauding wing backs that the spaces are there for any striker worth his salt to exploit. The ironic thing is, Walcott and Lacazette would have a field day against is.




That’s because we have 6 Center Backs in our squad already. Plus 1 LB who plays there sometimes too. That’s 6 players competing for 2 starting spots.
This is exactly the shit we have had for so long in terms of wingers where we were always well stocked but with poor almost-there players. And now we have none.
You cant justify buying a 7th CB without moving on those already here.

Charles Charlie Charles

What about a defensive midfielder?

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

No need. We sold our best one for 12m as Wenger doesn’t believe in that position. Plus that would mean a position less for his son…


What about a manager who knows how to coach defence?

Mrs Maitland-Niles

I’ll start a Gofundme to buy mustafi just so we can replace him with a centre back…

Mayor McCheese

Ooooh, I like it! And if we managed to buy him, what would we do with him? I guess we could let him couch surf for a while until he sorted out a job.


how about 4 goalies this season lol


Just because we’re awful at one thing, doesn’t mean that we’re not awful at another. Of the top 6 teams this year, we’re only 5th for goals scored and a clear 6th for least goals conceded. We’ve lost one of our main goalscorers in Sanchez and a decent backup in Walcott, and we’re now possibly going to lose Giroud as well. With those players gone who is realistically going to score the goals? Lacazette alone up top with no service? Welbeck who needs about a dozen golden chances to score one? We need a goalscorer, simple as.


I would argue that in order to compete for the top four we need more defensive solidity than goal scores atm. If we were competing for the title, then yeah spend big on a 20-30 goal a season striker, but thats not realistic, we are competing for top four and right now its defensive frailties thats holding us back. I dont mind spending maybe a fraction of the Auba price on a decent, 10-15 goal player (kinda like, idk a Walcott type), I just dont like that we’re blowing a big chunk of our cash not addressing obvious defensive issues


I don’t think we have bad defenders, I just think that Wenger and Bould haven’t got a clue how to organise them. The defensive issue stems far more from midfield (see Xhaka rating) and the fact that Wenger’s tactics (subbing Elneny off when he was doing a lot of good defensive covering throughout the game) are total trash.

John C

Steve Bould is assistant manager not defensive coach, i’m sure if it was his responsibility to coach our defence they’d be considerably better


His youth teams used to concede for fun.

John C

So, still doesn’t change the fact he’s assistant manager not defensive coach.


That makes him even worse, they didn’t trust him to coach the defense.

John C

The position of assistant manager at Arsenal is basically a symbolic one, i don’t believe he has anything to do with the coaching. If someone has evidence to the contrary i’d be more than welcome to see/hear it.

Stuck on repeat...

GiddyForZelalem – tend to agree. But to be honest we HAVE money to buy for BOTH roles. But we don’t.

….& by “don’t” I mean don’t want to…& by “we” I mean the the manager…who is influenced by the Board…who is influenced by the owner…who has clearly instructed that any moves MUST be self financed & there MUST be profit (again) this window.

We’re so currently lost as a club, & that lack of vision starts at the top & worked its way down..


Wilshere out Ramsey in – get well very soon Jack!
Elneny substituted leaving no midfielders with any sense of defensive duties and then 2 goals conceded.

New manager urgently needed 🙁


Elneny was probably our best player with Monreal. Why he was taken off and Xhaka who doesn’t really help us in attack and can’t, sorry, won’t defend was left on is beyond me. He’s been our worst player this season. How many goals must he stand and watch us concede before something is done about it…

Fireman Sam

Xhaka is a lazy fucker

Mrs Maitland-Niles

I used to worry he was too hot headed but now he just seems like kind of a wet blanket


Xhaka contributes nothing at either end.


I smell rot


We need to stop making excuses for the totally inept players we have been putting up with for so long.
Xhaka is a bad player. Iwobi cannot be a starter at this level. Mustafi is not good enough.
And for the love of God, the manager needs to understand that terms like balance, strategy and tactics mean something. When you put out a side with zero width, a small slow striker, 4 central midfielders, against the bottom side in the league you will get exactly this.


the players look like they did for most of the winter last year – like they could care less. any other club and the manager would be sacked as it genuinely looks like they aren’t playing for him in most games anymore. might be time to announce this year is it so people can give him a good send off. maybe that would shock the players into actually caring knowing that their jobs were on the line with a new manager coming in


The lack of interest is frightening.
Whats worse is Sam the tactician is next………..hes told everyone before how to beat Arsenal……fuck it in behind the fullbacks all day long… know what, theyll do it again Saturday, and we wont even recognise it.
We are in serious trouble.


Oh smeg, I can see Walcott scoring a hat trick.


That stat about goals conceded says it all really. Abysmal..


At certain points during the game, Ramsey was ahead of Lacazette. He is supposed to be one of the holding mids. And this was when the game was at 0-0.


No he is not.
Firstly no one really knows what formation we were playing. But most probably we were playing a 4-3-3. Then the midfield 3 was Ramsey-Xhaka-Elneny so Ramsey should have been the most advanced in that.
And since Xhaka had zero creative input, Ozil dropped deep to create and Ramsey pushed forward to be closer to Lacazette.

Mrs Maitland-Niles

There’s being the “most advanced” and there’s Ramsey. Jack was most advanced against Chelsea but he wasn’t bombing past the striker and not tracking back. Wenger has to cop flack because he keeps letting him do it but Ramsey’s lack of discipline is ridiculous, he plays like a second striker half the time.


@ Araj….pure Nonsense


OMG I’m so glad you brought that up. Obviously as they started playing they were playing 4 at the back. I don’t think th eplayers have an idea what their positions are. Ozil was dropping so deep for the ball. Iwobi what a mess. Can’t create in the final third and has no goal scoring abilities. Why isn’t he dropping deeper to receive the ball. Why is he even starting.


Ramsey is a nightmare. I can’t imagine playing next to someone like him. No discipline, no tactical awareness and absolutely no football IQ. Useless

Tristian Beale

He’s one of the few players in this squad that will be remembered. Scored the winner in two fa cup finals. I’m not sure the rest of these guys will be remembered for anything positive.

Jimbo Jones

What bothers me is it’s nothing new…. and Wenger doesn’t drop him, or offer any guidance from the bench. So hes gotta be playing to instruction? no? And if he’s not then the managers got to do something. I watch him home and away every game or Wales and he’s box to box, tracks, tackles, intercepts, passes. No idea what we are trying to do, what a shire side we are now

Mayor McCheese

Wenger plays Ramsey as a box-to-box or a straight attacking midfielder, not as a holding midfielder. If you don’t like how Ramsey is deployed, I would refer your complaint to the desk of Arsene Wenger. Currently, Elneny or Xhaka is charged with holding our midfield. I use the term ‘holding’ lightly, though Elneny didn’t really put a foot wrong tonight.


I am sure every player has his good buts despite their shortcomings. Every time it’s mentioned that Rambo abandons his position in the hope that he scores, there’s somebody quick to remind us that those are his instructions, as if you guys have inside information we don’t. If Xhaka was a favourite of some you’d inform us how he has instructions (is deployed) to switch off. Ramsey is an 8. But plays like a 9. We have a false 8 not a box to box midfielder and it’s all on him and his instincts to lay ambush in the box.… Read more »


@ gooner spot on…plus his biggest strength being goalscoring…….have people analysed how many goals he actually chips in season in, season out?…….save for a purple patch four years ago, for a so called box to box midfielder, it’s not very much…I for one was very very pleased when he made a full recovery from his horrendous injury, but I think a lot of the Ramsey fans are blinded by sympathy stemming from that tackle


AW should quit using Ramsey in the MF and move him up to the wing or attacking position. Stop this charade of him being a MF. Or change the formation and tactics the team uses because Ramsey isn’t good enough for the MF the way he wants Arsenal to play.


He scored one goal last season in 23 games. It was the last minute of the last game. Everyone knew we were finishing below the scum and out of top four and he celebrated like he had scored a goal that matters. Get rid of him. He is not good enough to wear the arsenal shirt. Take the manager with ya.

Aaron Ramsey

I scored the winning goals in 2 cup finals to secure 2 of the 3 trophies we have won in the last 4 years. At most clubs I would be a legend


Most clubs are not The Arsenal……


Ironic that we’ve conceded more than ‘bottom team West Brom’, they are only bottom because we gave away 3 points to yesterday’s bottom team! Least we’re doing our bit to keep it tight down there.


Far too generous ratings – mean rating of about 5/10 should constitute an average performance, not the utter tripe we witnessed today.


I’d say that’s about arsenal average these days

Monkey knees

Enough really is enough, now. We are, have been fir years, stagnating. Wenger doesn’t lead this team. He doesnt manage during the game. We are a great club, but he is dragging us further down. 2 seasons now Ive gladly given up my season ticket and not spent a penny on the club. 4 friends habe done the same. Joker; just go

Olivije Zirou

I really don’t get why we have a top top quality performances at home but in away games we look so bad and clueless. We missed Wilshere a lot. Ramsey just breaks all balance in the midfield. For the whole game he was hiding between Swansea players. When he is not scoring he is the most pointless player. I didn’t even know he is on the pitch. As for Lacazette… He is a massive problem in away games. Giroud should have played those. We are/were missing presence upfront. I wasn’t very fond of Lacazette signing. I like big strikers. But… Read more »


…it’s high time you allow negative ratings.

…and a manager rating. With allowable negative ratings.


Kept wanting to switch it off. But couldn’t. It was a truly terrible game of football. Individual ratings do not express just how wretched our overall performance was.
By the end I felt sick. Maybe due to the beer and ice cream I was bingeing on to try and cheer myself up.


So from the past couple games it does seem like Iwobi has been our only real attacking presence…. well besides Monreal. Also Elneny is a very proper midfielder with positional sense and able to keep the ball moving. An very underrated. Cech is way past his sell by date. Clearly we only attempt to play attacking football with no balance in terms of defending. One does not have to be a defender to defend. And if this is the last time Olivier is going to play for us then all the best mate. You have been great, and better than… Read more »


Is there a refresh button on this season?


Why on earth would you want to watch this season again!?

Mayor McCheese

No. But we should be allowed to Move to Trash.


If only you could rage quit


We are embarrassing. The laughing stock of the EPL. No drive,no fight, just a group of unfocused, and undisciplined individuals who wouldn’t be rostered on most squads. It’s not all on the players this kind of shit show starts from the top. I’ve always supported Wenger but I’m afraid I’ve reached my wits end. So long and fare ye well. Arsenal need to have a fire sale on players as well starting with xhaka.


Our midfield needs some serious work. Everyone says our defensive side needs fixing but the best back 4 in history won’t save you from a midfield that consistently loses the ball or misplaces a pass in the worst places. Iwobi did it, Xhaka does it almost every game, even Ozil lost it cos he had to drop so deep to cover the misfiring midfield. The defence is actually fine, the fact they’re having to make last ditch tackles every 5 minutes from counterattack breaks means something is very porous further upfield.


Xhaka is Donkey. Thank you.


I’m tired of watching him switch off in our defensive third because when he does the opposition score. He needs to wake up, then get sold…
I thought i was the ONLY one who has been seeing this.. Xhaka SLEEPS when he has to DEFEND.


Abject performance, complete shitshow and the decision to let Szczesny go looks worse with every game. Michy must be asking himself what the f*ck he’s done…


Every time my stream fucked up I considered not even bothering fixing it. This team is so fkn hard to sympathize with right now.


Ain’t no one else noticed when ever we wear that bad luck blue kit we get crushed every bloody time. #binthebluekit.(bogeykit)


15 points, yes 15 points dropped from winning positions this season. Only Watford have a worse record.


Against whom too we dropped 3 points from a winning position.


Usual format
Unbalanced across the midfield which provides next to no protection for the defence and did little going forward.
compounded by taking the wrong man off when Ramsey or Xhaka were having the usual brain farts all over the place.
Slow sluggish start.
Throw in the usual mistakes.
Physically weaker throughout the team and of course ‘they wanted it more’.
We’ve lost many games like this over the last few seasons especially after a few wins.


We always want less. We never want anything. We are happy with our paycheck. FFS screw this team.


Disagree that Monreal letting the ball roll out was “such a small part” of their second goal. Could have easily played on and kept possession comfortably rather than let it go out which instead invited Swansea to push up and press us. It put us under extreme pressure unnecessarily, and Wenger was quite rightly going crazy on the sideline when Nacho did that. Can’t blame Wenger for that one I’m afraid.. And then Cech’s error… well, I think he’s in some kind of football retirement village at Arsenal. Errors like that are symptomatic of players in a comfort zone that… Read more »


Well…we all know Wenger let Szsc go too easily. As he did with an improving back up defender in gabriel when his youth project (yet again) in HOlding and Chambers was half baked and not yet shown return on promise. Its been a number of poor decisions. Gnabry let go to pander to the Ox when in fact he should have put a gun to Chambo’s head to sign the contract or promote the young German in his place. Instead we lost out on BOTH. Now we complain about Alexis sulking (at least the media does) then laud Aubameyang as… Read more »


Such wise words and the “football retirement village” comment brought a much needed smile to my face. So several things saddened me this evening. The loss of course, but even before that, seeing that Mhki was to start on the bench. I hate Mourinho with a passion but one thing that guy knows how to do is put on a show for the media. He starts Sanchez against Yeovil to prove a point and regardless of what you think of Sanchez’s actual performance no one could be left in doubt that Mourinho wanted him at the club. Fast forward to… Read more »


When Steve Bould took over from Pat Rice, I vaguely remember the talk was that his brief was to sort out the defence and sew it up, rather like in GG’s time. Demonstrably, he hasn’t done this and so it seems there should really be two coaching/managerial vacancies. The overall direction of the players on the pitch and their game by game deployment is incompetent.

Malaysian gunner

Stop blaming the players. The buck stops with Wenger. Even if he were to get Pele,Maradona,Ronaldo ,Messi,etc Arsenal will struggle to score. The reason is obvious. His passing to kingdom come is the cause because this give defences time to mass and hit on the break.
Until he leaves Arsenal will struggle for 4th let alone win the epl. And oh don’t think winning the Europa is easy. All managers know his intricate weaving pattern and will let him play his dancing soccer.
So much so for pretty soccer.I am getting tired of this charade.

Glasgow Gooner

Feels like we always lose the last game in January ( need to check that) and the inevitable panic before the window closes ( don’t need to check that) pay the money you bunch of pricks


Sick of it that Xkaha switches off defensively & is generally too slow. Can we not consider selling him? Surely there are better players we could buy with the money? The Iwobi experiment is also driving me nuts. I understand his potential, but he’s playing in an advanced forward position where he gets decent chances & hardly ever takes them! I know he’s young, but at the moment can we afford the extra inefficiency it brings? Not even Giroud from the bench could savage a point from this mess!! I am praying that Arsenal will pull all the stops out… Read more »


Done with Iwobi. Done with Xhaka. Done with Mustafi. Elneny the best player on the pitch most of the night and Arsene takes him off. This match, in the context of this season, should get a manager fired. Pathetic.

Mrs Maitland-Niles

Xhaka and Mustafi… fuck me…


Mustafi’s saved us many times last couple of games but under duress with no outlet provided by midfield, the defenders we have are not calm enough to work out the risk reduction options. But it isn’t rocket science. Yet a world class ex defender like Steve Bould brings nothing to the party either never mind Wenger’s aloof approach. Granit … he has his merits but he also has faults. not keeping his head on a swivel and tracking back to cover runners into the box. Still this isn’t just him. Plenty of other players are at fault including the ever… Read more »

Lucas Sam

Bogs, we should add another rating for the manager.


Lacazzette appears to have hit the wall or is carrying an injury as he does not have any burst of pace, hasn’t for a while.


THAT run in the first half was pitiful…i felt sorry for him.


I can’t believe there CB out ran our “quick” striker.

He is definitely a bust. He is only a technically gifted player with no size or speed.

Glasgow Gooner

I don’t see Arsene leaving amicably. If he got the chop tomorrow he won’t go quietly. That’s why it won’t happen especially as he’s always honoured his contacts blah blah


he’s leaving. The writing is on the wall. He’s left the purchasing team to do their job without interference but truth be told it likely would not be what he feels he needs. He will amble along as best as he can with it and hope to leave with a Europa cup and CL qualification again. Then in the summer he may be in contention for the National job (for France) after the world cup. So there will be a mutual parting. …meanwhile we will be left to the new machinery which is buying not for the sake of the… Read more »

T. House

How many games do Cech and Xhaka have to suck before they don’t play anymore? It feels like every loss, both of them are full crap.


No fucken accountability


At least we signed more attacking players….


Yeah we can lose 4-3 next time!


Swansea fought for their life, are we slouching toward mid-table obscurity? Leadership starts at the top. Big changes are needed.


We are already there…we just don’t know it!


A recent report stated that Arsenal had the 2nd biggest financial fire power after man city. There is no indication of this from the quality of our players

Win one today loose one the next week, hardly a top 4 performance. I hate to start the old war again but I think the old man’s time is up & due


Just had a flick through the comments. I did not expect such civility after such an abysmal arsenal display. I must congratulate you Blogs on cultivating such an eloquent following. Makes me proud to be a Gooner. Shame there’s no pride anywhere near the team at the moment.


Time to change the name to Arsene Football Club.


Why the fuck doesn’t Lacazette make a run at the goalmouth when it’s the most obvious fucking thing in the world that Bellerin, Monreal, Ozil or Mkhi are going to rip it across the goalmouth?!!? I’ve watched him watch probably a full score of low crosses zing on by and he’s within 5 yards but didn’t make a try!


I mean, Nacho’s got three fucking goals out of four matches that way!


It will be the same with ‘world class’ pacy Aubameyang. These players thrive on service to them. They have more space to operate in their respective leagues. They are not the sort of players that can make things happen for themselves (even if they try) Which is why these stats merchants always get it wrong. You want stats? Falcao had good stats before coming to PL. Lacazette doesn’t hold up the ball well which is as I have been saying for a long time now the reason why Deschamp started Oliver Giroud ahead of him for the French National side.… Read more »


It’s lack of confidence and sadly he seems very much like a confidence player. Wenger bought him and then sat him on the bench…or did Wenger buy him and is this the problem? Conte is making a big thing about not signing the players and blah blah blah, but Wenger will not admit all that is being taken out of his hands….in fact he would rather look stupid it would seem by denying that players are leaving or coming in when everyone else seems to know what’s going on. I bet you he doesn’t want Aubameyang…


I think its safe to say he’s not a physical striker that can do that? No wonder AW didn’t buy him previous 2 seasons. He was overrated and AW knew it but was desperate this time around to make a change.

Stuck on repeat...

Shambolic beyond words. If this performance was not enough to pull the plug on any deal involving the sale of Giroud then I’m completely lost as a fan of the club. Buying 2 new attacking players is not the solution half way through this season. Our problems are elsewhere. We’ve sold players (& likely still will with Giroud) purely to finance transfer moves AND still make a profit. This is NOT strengthening the club, nor is it funding investment to make us more competetive. This is being done by an out of touch Board, to not upset an owner whose… Read more »


Bunch of pampered little pussies…Didn’t fancy it on a damp mild night in fucking Wales.

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