Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Video: Arsenal 2-2 Chelsea – Wenger’s post match press conference

Arsene Wenger’s reaction to the 2-2 draw with Chelsea saw him rail at the press over their coverage of the referee’s decisions in previous games, their coverage of referees in other games, and their unwillingness to talk about football.

His frustration was obvious, watch it below.

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Good to see some anger and aggression. Hope he can gee up the players similarly.

Why Not

And other managers as well. Lets not pretend we are the only ones suffering from referees. The game needs to come out of the rock and stick age.


Wilshere should have been sent off for a second yellow, which was obviously a massive decision in Arsenal’s favour. Why is that not mentioned on this blog or by the reporters? It’s so tiresome having to read about referees yet again, and Wenger’s mind-numbing excuses for failure after failure. His lack of accountabilty continues to be a disgrace. Can’t wait until he’s gone so this club can move on at last and have a future.

Twisted cuntloks

Thank fuck Drogba no longer plays for them. We would have been looking at a hockey scoreline…


Or Costa.


No he shouldn’t. This claim that he should have been sent off is just more media crap. Honestly, when you listen to the way our media and ex-players think about the game, is it really a surprise that England have been rubbish on the international scene for the last 30 years?


The TV pundits made a big deal about Jack not being given a second yellow, whilst at the same time concluding that the Hazard incident was a penalty, albeit a soft one, because there was contact. You can’t have it both ways. You either book both players for exaggerating the contact or you penalise both defenders. In fact, the referee booked neither player for diving but only penalised one of the challenges, the one that cost Arsenal, of course. This doesn’t detract from our wider failings or Arsene’s, but it’s still a valid complaint. Playing poorly and winning used to… Read more »


To be honest, I’d also would have considered topping myself if that shot in injury time went in (instead of hitting the bar).

Spanish Gooner

And of course Lineker and his institution are all out criticising Wenger because it is actually in their interests to have shocking referee performances to create easy content in the media. Anybody can spend 5 minutes talking on match of the day about whether it was a penalty or not, but if they had to actually do some decent tactical analysis of the game then Danny Murphy, Shearer and a fair few others would find themselves struggling

Why Not

And Jenas the genius.


Lineker, murphy and shearer are pundits not worthy of an opinion on Wenger. Yes Arsene can be a stubborn old geezer, but he has more football knowledge and experience and should be listened to. The FA will find him guilty, but will not take any action against poor decisions.

\'desi\'gner gooner

That suicide comment at the end though was pure Wenger gold…The man sure has a super sense of humor.

Yeah he should have left after winning the cup in the summer but one can’t help but admire his pure passion for the game. He is absolutely correct when he says that a moron’s decision should not be the thing being discussed after such an amazing game of football.

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