Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Wenger receives three game touchline ban

Arsene Wenger will sit in the stands for Arsenal’s next three games after admitting he directed inappropriate language at Mike Dean in the referee’s changing room after the West Bromwich Albion game.

The Frenchman was furious that the official awarded the Baggies an 87th-minute penalty after Kieran Gibbs flicked the ball onto Calum Chambers hands from little more than a yard away. The converted spot-kick led to the game finishing 1-1.

Wenger initially said he’d contest the charge but appears to have changed his mind.

This morning, reports seemed to suggest he might get a stadium ban which would have left him watching at least one game at home. Things haven’t panned out that way.

The boss will travel with his squad to Nottingham Forest on Sunday but he’ll have to watch the action from the stands. He’ll do similar for the Carabao Cup semi-final at Stamford Bridge (where he’s sat in the stands before) and the trip to Bournemouth’s Vitality Stadium.

Wenger has also been fined £40,000.

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Refs given a pat on the back?


Not just a pat on the back, they managed to turn that shower of shit refereeing performance into a nice little windfall 🙂


and what will Mike Dean’s punishment be for his mistake which cost a team points?

Andy Mack

He’d been fined 5 half-time chocolate hobnobs…


Do you think Mike Deans on the prowl…there seems to be one down click on every criticism of that rat on these comments…

A Different George

I was tempted to vote you down to increase your paranoia.


No paranoia there buddy just confusion for the aparent love for Dean….but go for it…no place for it IMO


Wenger should be allowed to dip balls in nails before penalty shootout practice with Mike Dean in goal… footballs I mean…non-chalent yet clearly unnecessary clarification..


Is that a cryptic crossword clue?

Corona X

Isn’t a ball dipped in nails gonna hurt the shooter (Wenger) just as much as the goalie?


Probably more ?


Good catch…
need to think of a better way


Half in nails. And invite Poldi back as his stand in shooter.

A Different George

In fact Mike Dean was the referee yesterday for Spurs-West Ham. So, his “punishment” was a match at Wembley, pretty much the only game in Europe, broadcast all over the world. I don’t know if Taylor’s penalty decision was “farcical,” but the FA’s response to Dean’s incompetence certainly merits that description.


Mike Dean is punished daily when he sheepishly peers into the singular mirror he has fastened above the toilet in his home. It may be squat in size and therefore appears to show a strong shapely man looking back at him but Mr Dean knows the truth. He’s a small, week, petty individual who if the world went to shit would suffer by being put on a leash and forced into all manner of unspeakable acts by his big overlord owner.


We can but dream of him living in this wholly deserved dystopia.


That’s pretty dark


Of course I’m not a fan of Dean. He’s been overtly hostile towards Arsenal for over 10 years now (the stats back this up). However I fear this whole ref saga is distracting Gooners from the main issue; our team plays a bit shit nowadays. Let’s be clear, we should have been home and hosed against West Brom (with the amount of possession we had) and we should have lost against Chelski if Morata had his boots on correctly. I know there is nothing we can do about it, but I just hope all of this doesn’t distract us from… Read more »


Whilst Dean carries on as normal, trying to be the centre of attention. I hope Wenger showed the FA the 7amkickoff analysis from a couple of days ago.

The Limp Bar

I couldn’t find it.. got a link?

The Limp Bar

Thank you kindly!

The Limp Bar

-1 for that comment?? Mike Dean IS on the prowl!!


And he has another ban potentially for the Anthony Taylor issue?

The Limp Bar

Not sure why you’re getting downvotes for that, it’s true – the FA clearly want to throw the book at him, they’ve just given him a 3 game ban, wouldn’t surprise me if they gave him a 5 game ban for the Taylor on as its a second offence.

The Limp Bar

So that prick Dean not only cost us points but now our manager for 3 games. I really hope the club make a huge deal out of this. It’s always the same 2 guys.. Anthony Taylor I think is just a shit ref who we’ve been unlucky with. Mike Dean though, there is something else going on there. Something needs to be done about him, he should never officiate any of our games ever again. I want the club to go to town, to contest this every way possible, make the biggest song and dance possible about it. Because it… Read more »


Well done, Wenger for admitting it and not saying ‘but I was wrong’. He is right, Dean is an appalling referee and person.


Well done Wenger for not grabbing Mike Dean by the throat, forcing him to the floor and continuously shouting “who’s talking now bitch” in his face.


It is up to those who attend games to let this self important talent vacuum know that we are on to him in the loudest way possible. So that even the Sky Sports directional microphones can’t blank out the sound.


While I wholeheartedly agree that certain refs should be nowhere near certain teams it’s very much in our own hands how we play. If we had numerous obvious penalties disallowed it would be one thing but the fact is we didn’t do enough to win the game. We where wasteful and insipid and that is to often the case with this team. Both Manchester clubs regularly have issues with descisions against them but when you’ve pasted the opposition by 4 goals it becomes less infuriating.


It rankles with me that some who should know better, are suggesting fans who accuse Dean and Taylor of deliberate bias, are slightly deluded conspiracy theorists. The fact is, there are one or two referees with a clear bias against Arsenal and Mike Dean is chief amongst them. There is also a conspiracy of silence within both the PGMOL and the FA, who prefer to punish those who dare to speak out, rather than recognise they have a problem.


But the point is we should be able to put the ball in the net more than once against one of the worst teams in the league. No amount of cuntishness on Deans part can play a role in that.


No, that isn’t the point at all and frankly I’m a bit fed up with people keep making the rather obvious point, that if we were more than one goal up, the award of a bogus penalty would not have effected the result. Yes, we are struggling right now, for all sorts of reasons we’ve already debated ad nausiam and we’d all love to see a return to the days when Arsenal would steamroller the likes of West Brom (though I remember the annoyance of much better Arsenal side losing 2 -0 in October 2005). But we are where we… Read more »

Red Fred

Not a bad result to be honest. He can still give team talks in the changing rooms and get a better view of the action from the stands. Just hope they can sort out the communication properly. Don’t want a repeat of when Pat Rice was looking up to the stands in complete confusion. Chance for Bouldy to stand up and show some authority.

Sheffield Gooner

Yep, we might even get some instruction from the sidelines during games now. That would be a pleasant change from sitting deeper and deeper in the chair and fiddling with your zip whilst the team descend into confusion on the pitch.


The second decision – to be announced on 9th – will probably take him out of the stadium or for a further 5 games.

Might be good to get someone on the line actually shouting at our defenders to do their jobs – has Bouldy forgotten how to do that? Is he allowed?


Rather have Jens there to be honest.


Now might be a good time to surreptitiously put a new manager in at the helm.


Wenger so right to insult ref and let him know in person what a complete and utter stain of rats piss he is. I hope wenger was japping his finger with bulging eyes as the insults came flying out of his mouth like a machine gun. I nearly broke a few blood vessels watching that tosser give that penalty. It lifts my heart to think of Wenger raging on him.


Very typical of FA. Wenger probably have been banned more than all the EPL players combine now.


Mike Dean has no authority and the FA are not serious as a footballing governing body.

Lord Bendnter

A think a fairer punishment would be to lock Mike Dean alone in a room with Wenger for about an hour or so. Sometimes it’s nice to “talk things out” one on one in private.
And it’d be nice to make the room sound proof. So u know… they could talk calmly without any eavesdropping….


3 games for daring to challeng the bent instutution. Wow.


FA is the most corrupt useless association in the world, i hope fans can shout at the hopeless mike dean and force him never to officiate Arsenal matches again, or else someone shoot him in the leg.

The Goooch

They understand the rules they don’t understand the game.


I’m guessing the FA think Mike Dean is punished enough for looking like Mike Dean.


Not just that. He IS Mike Dean. Imagine waking up every day and being reminded of that.

CA Gooner

Mike Dean – The shit that keeps on shitting.


Not suprised at all, and I doubt Wenger is aswell, he didnt want to practise damage control, he wanted to make a statement, which considering the protective nature of FA and refs was always goining to result in punishment. Now we are all waiting to see what Mike Dean will be given; non league football until he shows some f*$%! Sign off people skills, let alone ability to manage top lvl refereeing.

Don Cazorleone

He’ll have taken the hit now, rather than further contesting it, so that he only misses one league game (and two cup games).


I am sure bis comments after the chelsea game also influenced the lvl of punishmen

Too Drunk To Be Offside

The Dean guy is a c*nt. However, cant the FA just fire Wenger from his Arsenal job and do us all a favor?


And the F.A would replace him with who?? Stuart Pearce??


Too drunk to understand that the FA can’t sack Wenger.

Why Not

Alcohol makes you stupid and depressed


Honestly these Ref howlers cut both ways. Remember Anthony Taylor was also the one who awarded the goal against Chelsea in the FA cup final which was controversial in Alexis potentially ‘handling’ the ball and Ramsey potentially ‘interfering’ with play in an offside position. He also punished Moses for the dive. How Mike Dean is still reffing at this level is of course beyond me. BUT we should frankly be doing more to finish our chances and prevent these sort of anomalies in decision making from affecting us. Touchline ban means little to us anyway since Wenger isn’t the sort… Read more »

Hand of god

Noone wants to hear about that illegal goal, you!


So I presume that Wenger admitted swearing at Dean, but only the FA and PGMOL could possibly deem this to be “inappropriate”. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a more appropriate use for industrial language.

Big Rob

Mike Dean is a Jasper Carrot lookalike cunt, that is all.


And equally funny. Though not in the same way.


I’m a bit confused…….I thought the charge inferred Arsene questioning the honesty of the referee and lots of swearing (insert three lots of and/or’s). The punishment seems to only refer to a bit of naughty language. I reckon some sort of deal been done as Arsene has changed from saying he would not back down on anything he’s said and a spirit of contesting the FA’s charge to not contesting it at all. Hopefully the deal is that Dean will get binned off for being a useless incompetent waste of space.

For Gods Sake

Mike dean is such a wanker he has gone blind.


That would explain a few decisions


For 40k the club should simply file a suit (or whatever the applicable equivalent is) to the FA. If nothing else to get a chance to present these statistically outlying facts of Dean’s record against the club (yes, I do mean ‘against’) in hopes they finally acquiesce and remove him from future Arsenal matches.

I’m sure it’s fantasy, but To me, when you add up the bans and fines, it’s worth a punt and the legal fees if for no other reason than to put a shot across their bow regarding Dean.


Total bullshit!! Arséne gets a ban alongside payment of a fine but no one (FA and Referee Association) will review Mike Dean’s performance and dish out appropriate sanction?? Arrant nonsense!

Steve Vallins

IMO Wenger gets a ban and fine for referees inconsistencies , as a team it doesn’t matter how we play we still get shafted


Fair enough.

So, what did Dean get, then? Oh.

Steve Vallins

Dean got the Spuds v WH and again we got 2 fingers


should have banned him for three months, the team might do better

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