Wenger: We were scared…but then took control


Arsene Wenger was pleased with the way his side reacted to an under-par first half showing as Arsenal came from behind against Chelsea to book a place in the final of the Carabao Cup with a 2-1 win at the Emirates.

Antonio Rudiger’s own goal cancelled out Eden Hazard’s early opener before Alex Lacazette set-up Granit Xhaka for what turned out to be the winner on the hour mark.

After the game, the boss faced the Sky Sports cameras, here’s what he had to say.

On the difference in his side’s performance before and after the break…

First, for psychological reasons a little bit. In the first half we gave them too much respect maybe, too much distances, we were a bit scared to go really for it. Football doesn’t like that and we suffered from that. I feel as well we were not in the right position in the field. We rectified that in the second half and were much better and then we took control of the game. The good thing at half time was that it was 1-1 and we knew we could do better in the second half and that’s what we did.

On Nacho Monreal’s goal threat…

Yes, it shows as well it’s linked a little bit with confidence and belief. Once you score and know you go again for it. He was a little bit lucky today but overall he has good timing and good runs, he gets on the ball.

On the back four changing the dynamic in the second half…

Yes, in the first half we watched them play a little bit and they strolled through our lines. The second half we were tighter, we didn’t give them much room. When you win more balls your midfield comes more into the game and then you start to dominate the game. In the first half we were not tight enough.

On Sanchez’s departure removing the uncertainty around the club…

We lost a great player in Alexis Sanchez but when a team doesn’t know what’s going on in the dressing room there is less clarity and focus on performances. We know we have to deal with it now.

On signing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang…

No, there’s no news on that. There again, the clarity is let’s play with the players we have.

On playing Manchester City in the Carabao Cup final…

We have some time to prepare for the final but we are happy to take our fans to Wembley. I don’t know how many times we’ve been there [recently] but we’ve been there a few times now and we’re happy to be going again.

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What’s a “Chelsea”?


a pack of cunts


Also known as a bunch of mancs


It’s wembley…. What could go wrong! ?


Yeah, last year we defeated the champions there and let’s do it again this year!


When are they gonna build a Monreal statue at The Emirates?

Kartik Iyer

One of if not the best left back in the premier league. Arsenal’s mr.consistent!


Happy we are going to Wembley. And yes we can do it against city


I do wish he’d stop harping on about being scared, it’s not good for confidence. I sometimes think he actually makes the team nervous instead of inspiring them. It’s also embarrassing for the players. He does come out with some garbage lately.

Times Ahead

He had a nice little grin when he said “no” about Aubameyang…just saying…


‘Football doesn’t like that.’


‘Football doesn’t like that…..and we suffered from that’.

Sometimes Football is a little bit like my wife, you know


First we were afraid, We looked petrified,
Never thought that we could live with Hazzard in their side.

But now we’re back. In our rightful place
just wiped that stupid smile from off their face.

So they felt like dropping in, expecting it to be easy,
Now we’re saving all our goals for our trip to Wembley!

Yes we’re back!


I thumbed you up just for spelling Hazard with two Zz


My man of the match was a close one between Ozil and El neny but I have to give it to El neny. He was superb today. Played the simple passes. Dropped deep and kept his composure. You could sense the team trusting him more

Also really embraced the tactical shift in the second half. I admit he was guilty in the first 10 mins for all the Chelsea chances but he’s played extremely well today.

Hope he builds on this.


Either Elneny or Monreal for me, they were both outstanding.

Wenger is breaking my balls

Wembley is like the new Emirates? No?


YES. We certainly compete with the big boys regards to participation and performances there. Which is what Emirates was spose to do.


For a manager who gets criticised for his tactics what he asked Elneny to do was genius…He was filling in too make a back three when we didn’t have the ball than moved into DM to cover Jakc and Xhaxa when we did have it. Also Jack playeed with alot of discipline and Iwobi also.

KW gooner

Say what you want.. this man is my idol


Gaffer did great with tactical adjustment today.

They were all over us like a rash second half and I was worried we kept dropping deeper plus could not work the ball out of the back as we had no midfield outlet. It went to the sides and they closed down the fullbacks quickly.

BUT after the half, he dropped Elneny deep which allowed Koscielny and Mustafi to help midfield plus allowed our fullbacks to help support Iwobi and Ozil.


Conte again outfoxed by the man who doesn’t do tactics.


Though its only the EFL, if we beat Man City to it in this season of all seasons, I think it’d be up there the best cup wins in recent years. It’d be so fucking funny.


EFL? ELC. Though the point stands.

Okechukwu jude

@WengersCoatZipper Chelsea is a brand of drink. Some kind of rum, goes very well with coke and ice. We served that drink really chilled last night. COYG!!!!!

Teryima Adi

We have the owner’s right to Wembley.