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Arsenal 5-1 Everton: By the Numbers

50 – Goals scored by Arsenal this season (Premier League only, not counting Own Goals)
10 – Goals scored by Arsenal against Everton this season
20 – Percent of Arsenal’s Premier League goals that they have scored against Everton this season
1 – Quote by Sam Allardyce before the match saying “[Arsenal] haven’t scored as many goals as they have done in recent years at this stage of the season which gives us an opportunity to try and shut them out.”
1.96 – Goals per game by Arsenal so far this season (Premier League, including the one Own Goal)
2.02 – Goals per game by Arsenal last season (Premier League, including own goals)
1.84 – Goals per game by Arsenal before beating Everton 5-1 (Premier League, including own goal)
1 – Letter of thanks Wenger should send to Sam Allardyce for putting a “hoo doo” on his own team by talking smack before the match

Ramsey v. Everton:

20 – Different Arsenal players have scored a hat trick for Arsenal in the Premier League Era (Ramsey was the 20th)
70 – Touches
57 – Passes
1 – Key pass
3 – Possession loss (including 1 tackle and dispossessed in his own 6 yard box)
3 – Shots on goal
3 – Goals
2 – Big Chances
1 – Dribble
3 – Interceptions (led Arsenal with Mkhitaryan)
1 – Tackle (won)

Mkhitaryan v. Everton:

10 – Different players who have made a hat trick of assists for Arsenal in Premier League history (Mkhitaryan was the 10th)
62 – Touches
42 – Passes
3 – Key passes
3 – Big chances created
3 – Assists
2 – Possession loss (both in his own half)
1 – Dribble (of 2 attempted)
2 – Shots (1 on target)
0 – Fouls
9 – Tackles attempted (led all players)
4 – Tackles won (he was dribbled 5 times)
3 – Interceptions (led Arsenal with Ramsey)

Auba v. Everton

25 – Touches
17 – Passes
3 – Shots
1 – Big chance (scored)
1 – Tackle (of 1 attempted)
2 – Aerial duels won (one each offense and defense)
1 – Blocked pass


94 – Percent passing by Xhaka (74/79 – his best of the season)
11 – Key passes by Arsenal, all from open play
4 – Key passes by Ozil (led all players)
2 – Key passes by Tom Davies (subbed on half time, led Everton)
4 – Successful dribbles by Tom Davies (of 5 attempted. Did I mention that he was subbed on at half time? Led all players)
3 – Successful dribbles by Iwobi (of 3 attempted, led Arsenal)
5 – Successful tackles by Mustafi (of 5, led all players)
4 – Successful tackles by Xhaka (of 4)
9 – Clearances by Koscielny (led all players)
6 – Headed clearances by Koscielny (led all players)


Sources: Opta via 442 stats zone,, and @Orbinho’s twitter feed


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So refreshing to see Arsenal play like Arsenal. It was rather beautiful, in fact.

Cliff Bastin

∞ – How much happier miki looks in a free flowing team.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Looks like he’s eager to show how good he is




Get yourself over to le cunt, age group may be more suitable for you. You’re welcome ?


third, at best? regular man united, you are


VAgooner quoting Yoda – on where Arsenal could finish if the arse fell out of all the teams around us.


Less possession loss, that’s just a stat. But mkhi scores on the eye test as well, our new 7 just makes our play so much better and with more fluidity.


What I enjoyed the most was the fact that we have multiple points of threat now. I really hope we can use this to fix our away form as well. Lacazette to fix his own form in the Europa League.

We NEED to get into that Champions League spot so that we can kick on next year. Enough with the mediocrity!

Mayor McCheese

Didn’t Auba have two big chances?

Gudang Pelor

I know right? The one he scored and the one from THAT Ozil’s pass.


In terms of how stats are measured, that chance was a yard or two to the left of the area in front of the six yard box, so doesn’t qualify as a “big chance”.

Still a bloody big chance though! And magical play from Iwobi and Ozil to create it.

James Atkinson

It was a big chance. The big chance area becomes fluid depending on parameters. He was slightly of balance but to me that was a certain big chance


Going by how 7amkickoff measures them, no it wasn’t. Chances inside and just in front of the six yard box are scored at the highest rate. It was a one-on-one, but he was about 7-8 yrds wide of the posts when he hit it!

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

Not sure if I would count Ozil’s pass as a big chance. He still had a hell of a lot to do, a less pacy striker wouldn’t have had a chance. Big chances are defined as chances anyone should probably score from, I think.


3 – Number of goals Aubameyang could ve scored if it wasn’t for Ramsey (first goal) and Kos ?
Probably the best 45 minutes this season. Can’t wait for the derby. COYG!

Alexit Micki Aubarsenal

Yeah I noticed that too, not sure if the same will happen if Lacazette is playing instead. Auba’s positioning to receive the final ball out of corners, crosses or set pieces is exceptional. He is already there to finish the ball even before the ball has landed If not for Kos & Ramsey. Great lift, just wait Liverpool & Spuds to slip and we will back into top 4.

Yeah, Lacazette will win us Europa League.

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

Can’t wait for the moment we line up LMAO, Lacazette has good ball retention and decent link-up play (the fact he’ll have Ozil and Mikhi, will definitely make it far easier); I don’t see any reason why not he could play on the wing.

Alexit Micki Aubarsenal

Hope Xhaka can keep his form like last night for the rest of the season, which will be very much depending on that.


No, I hope he is not in team for rest of season. One half decent performance against poor opposition means nothing.

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

He’s kind of saying the same thing as you but in a positive tone. Granit hasn’t had a great season, he put a decent performance yesterday, we hope he keeps it up.


Which Xhaka played yesterday?? Cos this one really put in some good TACKLES. Impressive, hope he keeps it up.


Can we all now agree that when we play in our proper colours we are unstoppable, but when we put on that City tribute kit we are woeful. Puma are to blame for all of our problems this season. #pumaout


I like the gray kit but yeah that blue uniform is shit

A Different George

I know it is petty, but it drives me crazy when, presumably for contractual and marketing reasons, we wear a second or third kit away to teams whose own kits are in complete contrast to our red-and-white: Everton, Chelsea, Leicester, Man City are obvious ones. A couple of seasons ago, we wore a kit at Norwich that was, in fact, much easier to confuse with theirs.

Lonely Loneliness

Ramsey may have scored a hat trick and he is of course a goal threat. The reason I do not like his inclusion is his indiscipline. The fact that he does not initiate or participate in buildup forces Özil to drop deep and initiate play. Özil should be applying finishing touch and should not have to do Ramsey’s Job. Twice yesterday I saw Kolasinac looking for a pass to where Ramsey should have been and both times he lost possession because there was no one available for a pass.


I said before game that Ramsey might score and the blinkered will feel vindicated. He played well yesterday and will when the opposition are as shit as Everton were. In the second half when fat Sam put on extra midfielder Everton actuatstarted contrilling the middle and Ramsey was up alongside Aubameyang more than xhaka.


Also kolasinac didn’t even attemp to jump for their goal. I thought that was a basic part of defending. Ball comes in, jump and try to head it.


I will say this for Ramsey – his first two goals were flawless examples of a midfielder making a third man run to finish a passing move. His technique was better too. Pure coaching manual stuff. Outside of that, he spent too much time on the edge of their area when he could have been 15-20yrds deeper. At times we attacked the box yesterday with 5 players and Bellerin and Monreal were ahead of Xhaka who should have been guarding the defence but was actually 20yrds inside Everton’s half. Finding a better balance at home is the key to improving… Read more »


The answer is simple against better teams. We drop a Iwobi, who is unnecessary and mainly useless and bring in defensive midfielder. This will have to be Elneny in short term. Jack comes in for Xhaka and voila we have proper structured team with real attacking threat. But no, Wenger being Wenger will start with same team next week and Spurs will tear us apart.


You’re not wrong about how to balance the team, but Iwobi on form is hardly useless. It’s just that the things he contributes don’t stand out to folks with a simplistic view of football.

A Different George

I’m wondering why they had so much trouble tearing us apart in the first Derby this season.


Look st the replay, the bloke was climbing all over him. No way he could jump.


Haha, the Ramsey haters just can’t help themselves can they.


Even i have noticed how when Ozil drops deep, we usually miss his creativity upfront.
Yesterday, however it worked to our advantage with Ozil dictating play from deep and Mikhi more than making up for Ozil’s absence whenever he dropped deep. I thought Ramsey was a lot more disciplined and was picking his runs properly(unlike the swansea game). Ozil and Mikhi floating around allowed him that space and i think that has always been his role.

The Squillaci Code

1 sad walrus


I feel bad about laca future……yes iwobi played well tonight but he should not be given the start always……wenger must use some tactics to use laca and auba in front…


I just need to hear Santori explanation about Mhki performance because if this was no confidence Mhki what does confident Mhki look like?

Auba looked very similar to Laca today lol jk I love Laca but I think you see Auba has another gear.

James Bassey

I believe we need an upgrade on xhaka and Mustafi,

Declan M

Bit harsh on Mustafi – the block on Walcott was outstanding. Just needs a bit more consistency overall. Xhaka is a bit more of a problem though, thought he looked a real player on occasion against the ‘lesser’ teams. Perhaps he’d be better with a proper CDM alongside him?

me 2

Good result for Arsenal.
Our new signings have brought a breath of fresh air to the club – for once everything wasn’t centred around a selfish, greedy bastard who believed the problems of the club were nothing to do with him.
Some top quality defensive signings and maybe Mahrez and I think we can genuinely challenge…


Pretty sure mustafi got a yellow card for an unsuccessful tackle!

Not a stats guy

Correct! But the author has never understood what a tackle is! Even though you can just look on the opta website for the definition.

Not a stats guy

To clarify i mean no. All tackles are by definition taking the ball from a player. A successful tackle is one where the tackling team recovers the ball. So Mustafis foul was not a failed tackle. And Xhaka going 4/9 for tackles is not being dribbled past 5 times. Being dribbled past is a separate stat


Malcom Macdonald’s debut was a terrible disappointment. Lost 1-0 at home to newly promoted Bristol City.


I do love tackle stats.

After hearing United fans say a problem with Mkhitaryan is he doesn’t put in a defensive shift, it was pleasing to see him put in a defensive shift.

Also, something people forget about Ramsey’s ‘Welsh Jesus’ period is that not only did he score whenever he wanted put he put in a ridiculous number of interceptions and tackles which seemingly no one would notice, Rosicky style. If we get a glimmer of that back then that would be amazing (though I still think he shouldn’t be anywhere near centre-mid against good teams).


All of this. Great points.


1 — manager with a face like a bulldog licking piss off a thistle.

Glenn Helder’s Jheri Curl

Gotta admit I was pretty underwhelmed by the Mkhi/Alexis swap but he looks exactly like what we need right now. Could help fill that Santi shaped void we’ve been missing for the last 18 months or so…. we used to have an abundance of these small, ball playing creative midfielders/forwards but at some point we subbed in a load workman sideways passing types. Hopefully having multiple points of creative threat in the team will free up Özil to do his magic too. Genuinely excited to see how their relationship develops alongside Auba. Definitely feeling more optimistic than a few weeks… Read more »


Everyone seems up for it. Finally we are making fast starts to games. Usually so slow out of the blocks.


It’s too early, but it looks like Alexis was more of an individual player than a team one which hurt our play. It really looks like the team has much more fluidity, not just in terms of gameplay but also mentally. Hopefully this renewed spirit lasts for a while and we plough down the sp*rs next week at our Wembley.


Mustafi did well.;)

He’s been putting in a host of critical blocks over last 5 games (never mind ‘tackles’)

Love the way he celebrated after sprinting back to make the block on Theo.

Monreal caught too high up again for that one.


Less easily illustrated with stats, Iwobi’s off ball running (and the team in general) opened up a lot of space and the movement created by the open architecture system pulled Everton apart.

But all you will get from clowns in the media like Gerard will be a moan at Everton being appalling at defense. They were poor but we made them truly appalling.


We have 3 playmakers (for respective countries) in the midfield. When you add Jack (if Southgate regains some brain cells), and to some extent Granit is a deep lying playmaker for the Swiss, you can see why going forward we are a lethal concoction. Defensive awareness from midfield over 90 minutes is another thing altogether. On the note, I thought Granit’s deep passing and set piece delivery was very good on the day. Its the edge he has over Elneny if the Egyptian tends to be more diligent tracking back. I think a combination use of the two would probably… Read more »

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