Arsenal 5-1 Everton – player ratings


Arsenal were labelled defensively weak ahead of this game by Sam Allardyce who discovered that people in glass houses should not throw stones.

Read the report and see the goals here.

Here’s how the players rated today.

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Best bonus rating!


10/10 How does that feel butterface sam
? Like a knife through butter that’s what – take your foreskin face and dark age tactics back north you big sweating gobshite.

We play

Quoting Shakespeare again?


Foreskin face?!


10/10 to Sam’s gum. After goals 3 & 4 he chewed the hell out of that cud and it stood up to it like a chomp.

granit(e) hard!

Agree…except you miss out ‘gum chewing so and so’


Harsh with Özil…

A Different George

The brilliant tactician shows how to outsmart Wenger. I’m thinking he might be the right man for England.


Could we have a bonus rating 10/10 for Mangala too? I think he pretty much gave away 3-4 of our goals today if you watch the goals again closely

Sarson vinegar’s frightening Sarnie

I had a bird shit in my mouth once.

We never went out again.



Great match.. everyone played with passion

my name is bob



Good days to be a Gunner. I can’t wait for when our forwards gel. We’ll beat any team on our day.
We’ll done Auba for getting your debut goal. Mkhiki those assists were sublime.
Let’s do this week in week out and end the season on high.

Dave M

I missed it. What were Fat Sam’s word this time?


Something about cojones?


Sanchez who?


Adiosis Sayonara-chez


An attempt was made 🙂


Mkhitaryan is pure quality. Liked him at Donezk already and at Dortmund I really fell in love with him. Was absolutely gutted when he went to United. Amazed that we have him and Özil now to create stuff. Glad for Iwobi and Rambo as well. 2 players that get way too much stick. Both were brilliant today!


We thought he might be the Ozil replacement, but we actually ended up with both of them!

Ainsley\'s Mum

My only concern is people talk a lot about his inconsistency. Was that an issue at Dortmund or can we put that down to factors at United? Still, what a debut.

Ainsley\'s Mum

Mkhitaryan looks different gravy. Obviously can’t base how good he’s going to be on just the one game but I’ve a sneaking suspicion he might be another fantastic attacking player who just couldn’t develop in to a centre back under Mourinho


Thought with Aubameyang, Mikhitaryan and Ozil being so dominating it freed up Ramsey to play his box to box game but also freed up Xhaka to play his game. He didn’t have to join the attack or try to create so much. He had a much better game than recently.


10 /10 for Wenger who didn’t bench Auba for Welbeck.


10/10 for you pointing this


↓Seriously! Le Prof ain’t all that ‘leopard too old to change his spots’ now is he? ?


I knew Mkhi was good despite the Mourinho effect but he looked really good today. 3 assists on his home debut. Auba was quiet for the most part in general play but his pass for Mkhi which led to the 1st goal was surprisingly great for someone who I read a lot isn’t that great at linking up play. Great day all round and if they and the rest of the team perform like that against that lot at Wembley, would be a terrific start to their Arsenal careers!


Heh. Mourinho effect! The same bugger who’d maligned SALAH, KDB, LUKAKU and the rest of humanity (including Chelsea FC 2003 and Manure)! ?

SB Still

Can’t wait for the next away game to test out this quite new look starting XI. About time improve by leaps and bounds on the away record.


NLD, at our favourite stadium after the Emirates…

David C

same formation or drop an Elneny/AMN type in mid for a bit more protection on the road?

Also ,what happened to Kolasinac? I was so excited by his play at the beginning of the season…


He’s been Arsenalled. Coached the direct play right out of him.

In all seriousness though, he looks like he’s confused out there and a bit bereft of confidence.


For me, he looks like he’s not trying hard enough. The power we saw in his first couple of games seems to be completely gone.
I hate to say it but maybe he’s enjoying London a bit too much…
Whatever it is, I hope he will fight to get his place back because in that form he’s not good enough

Ainsley\'s Mum

I think the midfield might be alright if Ramsey plays a little more conservatively (I know, I know). We’ve got more than enough creativity in that three behind the striker for him to do that

John Air

What a game!!! PEA, Ramsey, Ozil, Nacho and Mikki were immense today. I hope Nacho is fine… we need him. One negative is our propensity for defensive errors. I just hope that the team looks at Mustafi’s moments of madness and encourage him to remember his primary role in the team. At the risk of sounding like a negative fan, just the fact that I was nervous even when we were up 4-0 isn’t encouraging. Teams need to feel dead in the water after they concede even just a couple goals from us, but we make mistakes that are completely… Read more »

Fireman Sam

It was Kolasinac who switched off for the goal though right?


Mad to think Auba and mkhi haven’t played together in over a year…. One game back and they find each other like today imagine another couple of sessions together.. Lethal

Average Joe

Fuck YES!!!

Gudang Bedil

Yes yes yes! The attack looked very potent despite early days.

Still need to work on defensive structure though. Poor Cech and his clean sheet record 🙁


Also, people who are big walruses should not be repeatedly hired to manage football teams.

spanish gooner

Aubameyang gives us what Walcott (pre ACL) always did – a rapid threat on the break that means teams can’t press us high up the pitch because he can be set off with 1 ball over the top. This will give Xhaka the time to spray his passes and play to his strengths, and I for one am excited

Olivije Žirod

What I loved about Aubameyang the most is that he didn’t want to be involved in play and let the other lads to do it. He was there patiently waiting for a ball and was always dangerous and in right positions (5th goal is the schoolbook example). That is what I am missing from Lacazette. He wants too much to be involved so he goes deep. therefore we don’t have bodies in the penalty area. We were missing that in away games. Iwobi was once again one of our best performers on the pitch (like in most January games). Hopefully… Read more »


Lacazette is still fairly young, hopefully he can learn a bit from PEA and really kick on.

granit(e) hard!

I agree with your analysis, especially on Iwobi. His explosivity, quick feet, strength on the ball and ozil like eye for a pass are known qualities because they were the skill set that helped him break into the first team ahead of most of his peers the same age. What i however think is quite commendable is this new defensive prowess as you rightfully pointed out, because i believe it is something he recently added on to his game. i distinctly remember a few months back in an interview after a game in which he failed to track back a… Read more »


Loved how Mkhitaryan plays so much like Ozil, will take a lot of the pressure off of Ozil and allow him more freedom. You can see how dangerous the two will be both drifting all over the pitch. Aubameyang had a quiet day, but showed what he can bring with some great first touch layoffs (including the one for the first goal), really smart runs in the box and the breakaway speed. It will certainly take him time to get used to the team and how they play and also the new league, but as long as he can keep… Read more »


I honestly thought Mkhitaryan was a fast Santi at times…
Considering I was disappointed we were getting a player who was off-form, i am glad to admit that he blew my mind. Especially the chase and cut back for ramsey’s 3rd


his form looked ok to me


I think they meant off form since rarely ever got to play at man u.


reminded me of Xavi and Iniesta the way the midfield was conducted. only missing a biscuit like player


Agree with all except Mustafi. Some good work but several dangerous errors and various passes to no one.

Viva la prof

Ha!, I forgot about the bird shitting in his mouth. It’s been a great day.


Winning is fun!


beautiful football played throughout the first half, was outstanding, like the new boys just synced in with ease. we didn’t lose the second half like we did with palace at home so thats another positive to add. but boys, kolasinac, this lads on 150k a week, and yes hes out of form, but what im worried about are the aspects of his game that wont really change irrespective of form. pace, is he fat ? his first touch is doesnt cut it, and less said about his passing the better, doesnt seem to be positionally placed well defensively either and… Read more »

Olivije Žirod

Nacho is sick apparently.

German Diesel

Glad Auba played the full match. Exciting interplay going forward, such a joy to watch! I’m loving the knock on effect it had on Iwobi and Bellerin who looked like they were playing up to a higher standard set by our new guys. The work-rate on Miki was very impressive, looks like he’s got a good engine to go with his excellent technical qualities and creative spark. Mustafi, a bit nervous today but worked hard to make up for his mistakes. Need to create competition for his place in the team. Xhaka is not a defensive mid (as so many… Read more »


Where does this leave Ramsey though? We can’t play 3 midfielders in this formation!

Billy Bob

I do want to see Lacazette playing in this team of high tempo, not his fault he had to drop deep just to get the ball!!! Still think Elneny for the game against the squits up the road, need someone more disciplined than xhaka


Xhaka error-free? Watch that goal they score again. He switches off, stops and leaves Kolasinac alone against two.


I missed that detail, but man, when I saw him get in Özil’s way and take the ball off his foot in the Everton box in the second half it was a total facepalm moment. Otherwise I did think he mostly had a better match but should perhaps be hanging back a touch more when we’re on attack.

Make Arsenal Great Again

It’s obvious Cech is done as a number 1 keeper for a top club. It’s time to move on. Otherwise we looked good with the exception of a few nervous moments…..

Olivije Žirod

And what has he done wrong today? He had some nice and very important punches. Other than that he didn’t have anything to do.


Cech is done as a number 1 and has been for a while. Reflexes and shot stopping ability has been on the decline since his debut..

Jimbo Jones

I thought he made a bad decision staying on after he picked up the injury. His movement looked restricted and perhaps could have done better with the goal.

It was pretty obvious he was struggling and have no idea why he wasn’t taken off, 199 clean sheets or not I’m more concerned with the good of the team. It’s not like he achieved them with afterall


you are done!!!


Jack must be worrying again – not only Ramsey back but he scores a hat trick.
Laca also worried at being dropped and PEA already has a fans song which he hasn’t after 6 months.
I’m worried that we performed like this in last home game then were awful away and look who next away game is!


Competition is great!


NLD is always a different story. It might actually come at just the right time.

Sean Juba



What an enjoyment it was to watch that free flowing attacking football, especially the first half. I have to admit, it tingled my balls a bit.


Ditto on the tingles, I like it when Arsene goes back to ball tingling football, respect to the new recruitment Big Ballzy Wenger.


I love the arsenal!!!

Merlin\'s Panini

Great win. So pleased for Ramsey. He gets so much stick and sometimes I can understand why. He was back in Welsh Jesus mode today and long may that continue.
I just hope Wilshere still gets plenty of game time because he had been our best player recently and I want to see him signing that new contract asap.
Mkhitaryan looks phenomenal. It seems he’s at the right club now.
So satisfying to smash an Allardyce team. He really is such a cunt.
I’m just going to enjoy the win today.


But seriously, how sexy was that Özil pass to Aubameyang? More like that and it *might* help me get over not seeing Giroud anymore.


Think we might see that one again


Let’s not get too carried away with the win. I think that all in all we are better offensively, playing a lot more the good old Arsenal way, but the lack of balance in midfield is still the main issue we need to address. I think that we still had a major issue handling with pressing (in the first 20-25 minutes of the second half they were much better than us, controlling the game by pressing us in our own half..), exactly like we had issues with it before the transfer window. I think that Xhaka isn’t mobile or quick… Read more »

Tony grayson

Imagine Cazorla somehow came back to his best, even if it was just for one season. 3 world class playmakers in him, Ozil and Mkhiki. That along with the goal threat of Aubameyang, Lacazette and Ramsey could be the best combination we’ve seen in years. If we sort out GK/ DM and CB in the summer, we stand a good a chance as we’ve had since the last time we won the league


Don’t forget the most important position 😉


10/10 for making it exciting to watch the gunners again. That first half movement should be the blue print from now on. 2nd half shows work still to do but if you can get 4 goals in a first half I’ll take that all day. Really nice just to injoy 3pts, new players and a great win. Bonus to shove it up the fat Sam very satisfying.

Yankee Gooner

Ha, it’s been so long I’d forgotten he was the kiss of death!


Ozil…as dangerous pre and post contract signing.
And you will continue to see him putting the shift…even more now with the new contract. Of course unlike and contrary of what the so called pundits and cundits have been saying….”oh he is putting himself on the shop window” (that was Sanchez!!) “oh he is playing for a contract” (well he deserve that contract.
And I agree…. abit harsh on Ozil. 7.5? That first and one touch pass to setup Auba alone deserves an 8!!!


Much improved from Iwobi today, looked much sharper. I would really like to see Wilshere in that role with this lineup though!

John O

Giving a 7.5 to both Özil and Xhaka makes me think you are grading on a massive curve.


Blogs, why do the readers’ ratings get reset to zero? They weren’t zero when I voted a couple of hours ago, but they are now. Happens often…


Heartening first half. second half some old habits crept back in as output in midfield slackened. We shouldn’t be shy of scoring goals at this stage bc we may come down to GD. Thought iwobi was largely excellent. Great first touch, dribbles and protects the ball well. One or two dodgy passes still but otherwise good quick release effort Ozil also with a superb pass today. But the new boys also looked sharp. Mhkitaryan isn’t going to engage players like Alexis does but he keeps the ball better and moves forward with purpose. AND great goal between him and Aubameyang… Read more »


put ramsey on £400.000 a week , NOW


It’s time again

Fireman Sam

Well done to Ramsey. He’s a great all rounder to have in the team. That hat trick will do his confidence a world of good.


Xhaka OK today but if only he could take the ball from opposition attackers the way he did from Oz


for me Xhaka is the weakest link in the team, always passing back to defenders, the guy simply can not drop his shoulder and turn to push forward, always passing back to defenders, his positioning is so poor and always late on tackles. Niles should be given a run in that position in my opinion.


Let’s play a game: when we lose continue to have a good go at the manager like you do and when we win give credit to him with an equal amount of gusto.. that should be fun..

Robin van Pussy

Bonus Rating 10/10 Theo Walcott some of his first half play reminded me of the Theo we fell in love with, remember anfield 60 yard run? We’ll miss you Theo!

granit(e) hard!

He has still got his pace and you can see why he will be a threat to most opposing teams but what i found amusing was how quickly we read and nullify his threats, some times ganging up on him……that is because the lads have been doing that in training with him for over a decade that he was an arsenal player, so they are attuned to him and its all kind of natural. probably why big Sam eventually took him off, but it was too late anyway.


Was such a great game playing with Everton,
I like to be played with Man City like this,to bet them lol,
We love Arsenal,??


Might have been said above, but I thought Xhaka had a great game. Looked as if he’d been told to actually play the defensive role he has meant to have played all season. Broke up play and won the ball back well – more of that!