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Chambers: I’m at an age when I need to play

Calum Chambers says it’s important that he keeps getting first team minutes at Arsenal and hopes to build on the ten appearances he’s made so far this season.

After overcoming an injury at the start of the season, the England international has gone on to play three times in both the Europa League and Carabao Cup and made four appearances in the Premier League.

He’s expected to start tomorrow’s second-leg tie with Swedish side Ostersund and could well challenge for a place on the bench when the Gunners take on Manchester City at Wembley on Sunday.

“It’s important for me [to play],” he told press on Wednesday. “It’s important at this age to be playing games.

“I’m at that age now and obviously the games we’re playing in, these are all experiences for me. Games like that [in Sweden] are all new experiences. The more game you play, the better.”

He added: “These competitions can help us for game time. At the start of the season, I got injured so that was frustrating. I worked hard to come back from that.

“Competitions like the Europa League, they’re all big competitions, we take them seriously. Every opportunity I get I have to do the best I can to prove myself. I’m just working hard off the pitch and every chance I get I’ll give it my best.”

Reflecting on the first-leg 3-0 victory against Ostersund, a result achieved in freezing conditions on an artificial pitch, he went on:

“It was a good win, we did a professional job, the conditions were hard but we put in a good performance. Training has been good since then and we’re looking to finish the job tomorrow.

“Momentum is an important thing in football and I think tomorrow if we finish the job it’ll give us good momentum going into the weekend.

“For me, it was probably the coldest I’ve played in. We dealt with it really well, it didn’t affect us, the team or as individuals. I thought given the conditions we put in a really good performance.”

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Would love to see him step up and be a first teamer. No idea if he is good enough but fingers crossed.

At 23 he has a few years to go before his peak so he has a chance.

SB Still

With Mert retiring at the end of the season and Kos’s achilles, I don’t see us buying more than 1 top quality CB in the transfer window, as we also have to invest in a DM.

It’s a huge opportunity for one of Chambers or Holding or possibly both.

We also need someone to coach the team into defending as a unit better.

Wendy Agnew

Chambers and Holding!!! OMG!!


Still a good defender, just needs to iron out some mistakes and become consistent. Looks to have natural ability on the ball which helps at arsenal 🙂


Needs to step it up then. Which given our recent record at back shouldn’t be too hard to do


Most likely need to add “…for someone else”. I’m afraid the more I see him the more he looks like another poor buy from Southampton. Man, they’ve had our number…..or more accurately Wenger’ s.


What because walcott didn’t score over 100 goals for us and chambo went for peanuts. Awful record


100 goals in 12 years. Fantastic. And how many games did he play “The Invisible Man” in? I saw him every week And I’m afraid it soon became quite apparent that the Emperor had significantly fewer clothes than had originally been thought. And Chamberlain went for 40m because the market for English players is hyperinflated. Not because he is any good.


Wow. Short memories round these parts.

Andy Mack

Whilst Walcott did have some memorably poor games for us, his record of 115 goals scored and 78 assists in 424 games (Per transfermarkt) is rather impressive, especially as he had so few games as CF.
The depressing part is that although he had the ability to change games, that seemed to reduce rather than increase the older he got…


While your point about how much impact he made being on the vane as he got older is true, it’s hard not to attribute that to his injuries.

Almost every time he looked to be living up to his potential he’d have a set back.

Theo could be phenomenal on his day – games against Newcastle, Chelsea and even Barcelona show this.

I’ll fondly remember his time with us, and his record is pretty good for a winger.

Andy Mack

Injuries were certainly a large part in that, but I’m not sure they’re the reason for all of it.

Faisal Narrage

It’s also something we see in general in recent years whereby many of our youth lose their “individuality” and become more homogenised into the arsenal way. They lose “something”, that individual streak to do something different.

Like, I know Theo was never the greatest of dribblers, but he’s decidedly very different to the player he threatened to be, skill-wise. Never attempted to dribble, and looked like he was trying to be an arsenal-like pass, pass-move player, whilst not having the technical ability for it.

In the end, he became this very efficient yet very limited player.


I’d be happy to have TW back for tomorrow’s game.


Calum’s got more dragbacks and Cruyff turns than Mats Hummels. Will thrive under the tutelage of a good defensive coach.


So where shall we loan him out to then?

George Onyango

Chambers go back to Boro. You are not good enough for Arsenal


Why is it that when someone posts a sensible remark (albeit yes maybe a little mean-spirited) relating to Arsenal players not being up to snuff, or Arsenal needing to do better, it’s shot down with the “thumbs down” by a majority of the people in this blog. Folks need to take off the rose-colored glasses a bit. This is our backup CB. Look at Chelsea’s backup CB. A pretty across-the-board talented Christensen. Tottenham have Davinson Sanchez. Liverpool have Lovren or Matip. Calum Chambers is slow and has shown extremely little promise in his time at Arsenal, other than a very… Read more »


Good question. Maybe because too many football fans are fan boys who watch/play too much video games. Have no idea what its like to actually play professional football. Think that clubs just have money trees growing out back to continually buy/sell players without any thought. And that a player’s career, potential can easily be summed up watching a 90 second youtube clip put together by any-random-jackass. And just talk out their asses on the internet to sound like tough guys. Across the board talented christensen? Good lord, son. And keep in mind its a free space: people may thumbs down… Read more »


What’s idiotic abt the comment? Fine, you disagree with Christensen assessment. Could Chambers usurp David Luiz as a starting CB? Chambers isn’t close to replacing Mustafi. Arsenal need to scout more promising players. Chambers isn’t promising. Fine, Holding is. I would acknowledge that. But Gabriel Paulista wasn’t. Elneny isn’t. Xhaka isn’t.


Davison Sanchez is a mistake waiting to happen. Lovren is in the same boat. Very happy both are not with us, much rather would have CC.


Davison Sanchez is MUCH MUCH better than Holding and Chambers


Ehhh. Yeah you’re right. It’s much much better for Arsenalthat he’s playing for Spurs. Thanks to Sanchez’s mistake we beat them in the first game this season and they got trounced by Liverpool. So I’d say keep him.


Sounds like you are supporting the wrong team son.


Because its not “positive” enough. The positive fan brigade will want you to believe Chambers is better than everyone you mentioned which is nonsense


Not exactly true. Christensen looks good for his first (second?) year and Matip looks to be settled in well at Liverpool – both are better options right now then Chambers.

It’s he hyperbole that Chambers is better off somewhere else when he is only a coming back from injury and coming into his prime that may irk some.


Appreciate the support Trez. I was thinking to myself “gee am I watching these same games”…


Christensen and Sanchez are bona fide first teamers at their clubs. Calum is possibly going to get there IMO..he looks a really talented CB, forget the RB nonsense


If the tactics is fuk*d up it doesn’t really matter who plays in the defence, paulista who allegedly flopped at Arsenal is now one of LaLiga’s top defenders, mert or as some like to call him turt-le is a world cub winner, kosilny who’s under performing lately is a Euro cup finalist, mustafi was valencia’s best defender before his inconsistent performances for us, coqulien (defensive midfielder) an underdog at arsenal now he’s in LaLiga’s team of the week..
So it doesn’t really matter, play him or holding or whomever suckup to you the most..it won’t change a thing


Agreed if the coach thinks defending is just a nuisance then that’s always going to be the case. Just haven’t seen too much evidence of Chambers being a terribly good defender , stripping all that out.

Heavenly Chapecoense

He was very good while on loan last year, I heard.


I agree, you are to good a player to be sat on the bench

Wendy Agnew

Not for us though!!!!


The problem is that he is another slight and relatively short central defender in a team without a dominant presence. In a three at the back he is not too bad though.


You are also at an age that you need to be better at playing.


Think i.m getting too old for this site ?


With the league gone it seems that Covers might have landed in a great position. The defence needs a transition. Koscielny and Mertesacker and in the Autumns and Winters of their careers and Mustafi is, following chaos theory, a sneeze in China away from a costly mistake in every game.

Chambers and Holding should be given a real run of it. No need to speculate. There is little reason to give them a go.


I find it very hard to judge any of our young defenders at this stage as our system seems to leave them exposed and the defence coaching seems to be poor. Also, I imagine that defenders really benefit from a good run in the team, building experience and ideally playing as a unit. Many will remember how much Adams developed after a poor start. I’ve seen glimpses that suggest both Holding and Chambers will develop into very good defenders but also moments to suggest they’ll never make it. I expect one of them will leave in the summer and it… Read more »


Needs to be sold. Whenever plays we concede & lose.

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