Elneny: Ostersund win sends a strong message


Mohamed Elneny says Arsenal’s convincing away win against Ostersund sends a message to their continental rivals as they embark on a Europa League run that could lead back to the Champions League.

Nacho Monreal’s early effort, an own goal and Mesut Ozil’s first strike of the European campaign were enough to see off their Swedish opponents 3-0 despite pre-game concerns about the artificial pitch and cold weather.

The Gunners will look to finish the job and secure safe passage to the last 16 next Thursday before the tackle Manchester City in the League Cup final.

“To win away from home by a three-goal margin sends out a strong message to other teams in this competition,” Elneny told beIN Sports. 

“We hope to win the Europa League title in order to qualify for next season’s Champions League. That’s only in case we don’t get a top-four spot in the league this season.

“One of the main reasons we are really focused on winning the Europa League title is to make up for the Premier League title if we’re not able to win it.”

The likes of Sporting Lisbon, Borussia Dortmund, Athletic Bilbao, Marseille, AC Milan, RB Leipzig, Lyon, Celtic and Atletico Madrid all secured wins in their respective first-leg ties. Should they all progress, it could make for an interesting draw in the next round.

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What you smoking Elneny?? By beating ostersund you think we are sending a strong message? Ohhh dear Pathetic

High gunner

some fans are unbelievable.. you ALWAYS must take some things into consideration..? 1) what else is he supposed to say? 1b) this is probably after a game, when emotions and thoughts are quite different than analyzing things in front of your computer or your sofa. 2) did you take into consideration HOW the question was put to him? many times the questions the manager and players get are twisted in ways so that the journalists get the answers theyre looking for. for example they dont ask: what kind of message do you think this win sends? instead they ask: Do… Read more »


“Its a win and we move forward” So what if its a boring, unusable quote. BE EXCITING ON THE PITCH, not in the interview. Fuck the sound bites and trite bollocks. Honestly too much hunger from some people for “Information”


ofcouse its after a game when emotions and thoughts are quite high/different. Players are media trained to handle these questions. yes if he says something like this and it comes as an article in my beloved Arseblog then I will sit infront of my computer or Sofa and comment about it.

Wenger\'s Smirk

Players are definitely media trained. It appears fans need to be arseblog trained. Absolute shit show.


No No NO, the “official media” requests or demands that spokes people are “media trained” so we do not want that for the fans media, else we will again get the total packaged garbage of many words saying nothing.
How much more refreshing AFTV and other fan media(although some of them do try to follow the official media example, that’s bad) where we get the pure unbridled emotions of fans.
Imagine AFTV being able to commentate on football matches?
That would be pure gold. 🙂


Unfortunately fans are not trained to handle what they read in the media.

Mein Bergkampf

We’ve been sending a message for a decade. It reads “We can’t defend for shit and have severely wavering team morale”.

Lord Bendnter

High gunner, I salute you

Big Cheese

That he loves bacon.

SB Still

Interviewers are looking for sound bites, just like in life some people are fishing for gossip. It’s upto the interviewee to navigate the same. As an example – after matches where the referee has played a crucial role, the managers get pushed to comment on the man in the middle. Not always the managers ans those Qs directly or fully, else they’ll mostly be serving bans/fines. We are yet to turn the corner in our away games. It’s not a performance that is going to send a shiver. It’s a positive result against a team that we were in normal… Read more »


“The likes of Sporting Lisbon, blah blah”

Yup, this competition is still at the standing around, drink in hand, trying to make polite conversation stage. Dinner hasn’t been served yet, and I’m hoping that we are still here for the desert, and wafer thin mints. And don’t have to leave the table during the main course with the raging shits.


Just one wafer thin mint…?

Mayor McCheese

Fetch me a bucket!

Big Cheese

That’s what she said.


I’m hoping we wake up and have to make the trophy breakfast


And then send it packing, because of that prettier one with the big ears…

Yellow Ribbon

We still have to overcome Athletico and Dortmund. I don’t want to just sit back and be like we are going to win the Europa League.


Definitely no resting on our laurels, Liverpool two years ago should be the perfect example to use. All the way to the final then spanked.


Not to mention ‘Leipzig, Milan & the 4 Russian teams still in it.


It’s better than having to overcome Barcelona and Bayern.


Hopefully at least some of them will overcome each other

Athletico is the one I’d really rather avoid


Dortmund not that strong dis year and on the brink after winning d first leg 3-2. Atletico mite lose focus d closer dey get to FCB in d league, besides we can avoid them till the final.


Is it really such a trial to type th rather than d?


If u are as old as i u should let the yuth do dem ting, after all we did our ting 2 and formed our version of english. 🙂

OK, in case that is too hard for you to read: Here a translation from google:
If you are as old as I am you should let the youth do their own thing, after all we did do our own thing in forming our version of English too.
this comment is not to be taken seriously in any way

Nicholas Wreh-Kamp

Michale Owen would be proud of that kind of talk.
Wtf are you smoking Mohamed?

True gunner

Yes, that Arsenal can beat small fry teams.

Mayor McCheese

That’s right. We’ve sent a strong message to small-fry teams. We will not be overawed by minnows!

Sheffield Gooner

(Unless they’re from Nottingham)

Big Cheese

Well, we did play Per “where’s my walker” Mertesacker and Rob “Foul at all costs” Holding.


Sporting Lisbon, Borussia Dortmund, Athletic Bilbao, Marseille, AC Milan, RB Leipzig, Lyon, Celtic and Atletico Madrid…

Hate to be pessimistic but I wouldn’t fancy us against many of those teams the way we’re playing at the moment.


On form I would agree, but barring the early exit in the FA Cup this year when we fielded a far too inexperienced squad, we have been very good in these types of matches. I think we’ll do well against whoever we’re drawn.

Big Cheese

We’ll beat all those teams easily. We’ve got….wait for it…….Danny Welbeck.


A Madrid are hanging on well to Barcelonas coat tails. They are clearly favourites in the UEFA Cup this year


How did that help them in their champions league quest?

They couldn’t even reach the Arsenal exit stage. Good side but we can beat anybody.

M. Raspail

Celtic? Really?


Er, not sure it sends that strong a message.
I like Elneny but if thats the kind of Walcott-esque nonsense he’s going to spout, someone needs to politel suggest he stays well clear of a journo.


I imagine after the game he ran to a random journalist and just said what he said out of the blue.


I like Elneny, and want to see more of him in the Holding role.
However, with regard to the “message” in beating Ostersund, Spuds played Juventus, away, in the Champions League and acquitted themselves very well……..thats called a “message”.
Have not been to the gin cupboard yet today………Im eyeing it up for around 4 oclock.

Big Cheese

Fuk Shyte


Poor Mo, it’s harrowing to see the effects playing for arsenal has on his mental state.


“To win away from home by a three-goal margin sends out a strong message to other teams in this competition”

Wenger’s been saying in his pressers that for a professional player Home or Away should not make a difference and here we have Mr. El Neny who thinks we have made a statement by winning against Ostersunds Away from Home.

It gets worse when you read articles like this-


If this had happened back in the day Mad Jens would have broken quite a few phones.

Glasgow Gooner

Maybe that’s why Vardy never came. He had spent the previous few months hating our guts.

Drew Dewsall

So far Ostersund have beaten Herta, Galatasaray, Paok and drew with Athletic Bilbao at home. It’s a tricky place to go, with awful weather and a plastic pitch. So whilst “Sends out a strong message” might be pushing it a bit, I don’t think a 3-0 away win in those circumstances is a bad result.


No, not a bad result but it wasn’t a commanding performance and I think players need to be a bit more savvy when speaking to the press. Had to make me laugh when Ramsey came out and said he knew how to manage his fitness better. Think it was a couple of weeks later he pulled up in a game and has been out injured again.
Wish they would keep it shtum and do their talking on the pitch


Absolutely spot on.

Considering the number of false dawns we have had, its just best not to say too much and get on with it.

Big Cheese

Totally agree. Someone should wire Bellerin’s jaw shut with the wires from his smart phone.


That’s an entirely reasonable, logic-laden post. What are you trying to do, sound like a sane “supporter?”
That’s really out of character ’round here where the moaning fuckwits are always out and ready to complain.

Well said. Cheers.

George Onyango

Arsenal cannot win Europa. Yesterday during the second half of the match ,the Swedish team became physical and were marking closely and Arsenal started backpedaling and making mistakes.
This team will win nothing!Sorry to say that!


Then go support City.
Ya think the Arsenal fandom don’t know that we’re in some tough sledding here. Its the worst record in the Prem in maybe 20 years, and we’re in Europa … like a bad 80s song. Ya think anyone is thrilled about the situation. Honestly, what is the point of that post. Jaysus – what the fuck is the point.


He has a point though.

That’s the point.;)


If this opinion is that of an Arsenal supporter , then I respectfully submit that it is not at all advisable to continue to be a supporter unless you are a masochist and derive pleasure from these feelings . If this is the opinion of a person who is in fact a supporter of an opponent of Arsenal , then it does not matter in the least and a total waste of time .

Which is it ?


“if we’re not able to win it”… please tell me this was lost in translation


English is at least his second language if not 3rd or more. Sub in ‘Since’ and relax. It’s the week’s end.


Oh my.


No it doesn’t.

Jean Ralphio

Briefly watched Lyon and Red bull play yesterday and we have some work to do if we are going to win this. There’s also Athletico. Red bull look the most impressive.


Particularly if we are relying on Welbeck up top.

Yes, some teams in the competition won’t be as generous as Ostersund.

They were a bit intimidated but after 2 goals let in, they looked much better, a couple of decent players in the squad up top for them and we would have had bigger problems.


A comfortable 3-0 win away which is more than halfway towards ensuring qualification for the next round . In what way is this a negative and why all this negativity ?


Eerrrr I don’t think so eln, after all it was only mickey mouse team


The performance wasn’t that good. We barely created chances, looked very susceptible on the counter, and their build up play was more convincing than ours.

We have the same player type in every position. They’re all attacking midfielders. No true wingers, no true DMs. They all have the same skill set. Thus no cutting edge, no runs in behind, and defensive lapses in transition. Overall, the football is crap this year.


Exactly. We did not create enough up front considering the opponents. At times, we were being given a go by the Swedes. So we buy a striker in January who is cup tied for a competition that may come to mean CL for us. And we conspire to sell Giroud. I’m not sure I follow the logic of the new buying team nor do I think they are communicating properly with the gaffer as to the needs of the team both in strategic terms and for squad balance. We (were forced to) take on Mhkitaryan when we need someone with… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

Conspire to sell Giroud, santori at it again.


,If this opinion is that of an Arsenal supporter , then I respectfully submit that it is not at all advisable to continue to be a supporter unless you are a masochist and derive pleasure from these feelings . If this is the opinion of a person who is in fact a supporter of an opponent of Arsenal , then it does not matter in the least and a total waste of time .

Which is it ?


The resident team spokesman strikes again.


I thought it had been handed over to Bellerin.

Frimpong was the big spokesman for a while.

Heavenly Chapecoense

This function does not bring luck. Djourou was very competent on it.


mo’s dreads are starting to look magnificent at this point.


No, it does not.


Hiding to nothing with remarks like this. The message our club sends is one of what happens when you give a manager complete control.


Does it really? If you can’t do the job against Ostersunds, I have nothing to say. Too many people have fog in their heads. A little OK performance against a mediocre team and suddenly AMN should be in the midfield or Elneny for the matter. Conversely : One (good) last ditch challenge by Mustafi and suddenly he is rubbish, worse than Bellerin who gave away a penalty. Too many unbalanced views. I don’t think we have solved ANY midfield issues. The opposition was weak and we did what we should have done. Against better teams, we will be found out,… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

For a first time in years, Arsenal had a great transfer market, brought in a world-class ruthless striker to replace another world-class player. Got another one who is an improvement to Walcott. They cannot buy 8 players in January. If you can get Aubameyang, you don’t wait.


If anything, the match highlights the need (STILL) for a stronger defensive midfielder. Elneny and AMN are OK against this level of opposition. But even so, we were open at times, AMN lost the ball which led to the penalty which had it been say Flamini many would be having a tedious moan about. Elneny was knocked off the ball too easily many times. Fortunately, Ostersund did not have the quality to match their physicality. I feel we are lacking 3 things in a midfielder : 1) Some height to cover the Cbacks. Neither Koscielny nor Mustafi are tall (over… Read more »

Don Cazorleone

Bore off


Good points.


Is any one else impressed by how Mo has been quietly turning in some solid performances in the midfield. He’s the only midfielder we have who actually defends and shields the back 4 or 3 without bombing up the pitch. Great pass completion as well. I think he should be used in games where we need extra protection.


Its difficult understanding the level of negativity on this post. Most of you on here were pessimistic about the game before it got played. From some of the comments, you’d think we got overrun by the home team. I remember Ospina making only two meaningful saves all day but somehow it’s the end of the world To be honest I’m more worried about the lack of faith shown by the fanbase than I am of our away form. If we listen to some of you here, you won’t know we won a cup final last season and are possibly on… Read more »


Elneny doesn’t sound like a particularly smart guy. Lame


I totally agree with you.

Just like my grandfather used to tell me.
In their days, under the British colonialism/rule, they were taught how to speak English.

So they’d be told to pronounce 10 common English phrases and given their accent and difficulty it would be concluded that a five year old British kid was way more intelligent than a 40 year old local.

I see how you judge smart.


I rarely enjoy reading the comments on Arseblog these days.
Once upon a time, they were often interesting and entertaining, and even informative. Now I prefer to read many of the blogs on my phone, so I’m not tempted to read the comments.
This selection is among the worst. Call yourselves fans?


Don’t mind them. They are obviously the cause of the lethargy surrounding the club.

Buying the wrong players, playing them out of position, completely lacking a plan. Incompetent fans!!!!


The many empty seats on match days kinda send out quite a strong message as well.


Playing Ostersunds on a Thursday sends a strong message

Merlin\'s Panini

Clearly this message was so strong there’s been no other news for two days.


This is actually true


Put your head down, do your job properly,let’s win something,then we will make such claims ..if we lose the next match we fans will think” there we go again” and yr comments will look awkward

Tony grayson

funniest headline I’ve read in a while! this is just proof of our demise☹