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Guardiola: I asked Wenger if I could play for Arsenal

Pep Guardiola has confirmed that he asked Arsene Wenger if he could join Arsenal after he left Barcelona, only to be told by the Frenchman that there was no room in his squad.

The Man City manager said it was his dream to play in the Premier League, and that he liked the kind of football Arsenal played, but the circumstances at the time prevented the move.

It’s something that has been in the public domain for a while, as Guillem Balague’s biography of Guardiola from a few years ago revealed:

And ahead of today’s Carabao Cup final, the City boss was asked about it and gave a few more details.

“I would have liked to have played for him,” he said in an interview with Sky Sports.

“I called him to make an interview and he invited me to his home, he was so kind. I said my dream is to play in the Premier League and I would like to play with you and I feel I can help you.

“Maybe it was a little bit arrogant but he had his squad and he said there was no space. I understand completely but I would have liked to have played with him. It was not possible, so no problem at all.”

And the Catalan outlined his admiration for Wenger and his management down the years.

“He likes one type of player, with quality and respect for the ball,” he said.

“They are things I like a lot, so if people say we play a little bit like Arsenal of the last 20 years then it’s good for us.”

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Gudang Pelor

Whay a respectful gentleman. Completely opposit of the cunt thst is the manager of his neighboring club.

Donald\'s Trump

Nah he’s a cunt too. Hypocritical cunt


It’s a sad thing that nearly everybody in this game admires Arsene for what he has achieved and how he has achieved it, apart from a big part of the Arsenal fans. He’s a class act. And everybody is entitled to their opinion but if you call this man names or wish him bad things, I don’t consider you a real Arsenal fan. And I don’t care if you spent thousands of pounds per season to watch the Arsenal. As a true Gooner, you just can’t disrespect this man.

Capn Crunch

Totally agree. True fans will always love and respect Arsene the man, even if you no longer 100% believe in Arsene the manager. As a person, he is the embodiment of class, grace and intelligence, despite being on the receiving end of rudeness and ignorance from most of the media for his entire time in the Premier League.

He definitely has flaws but he’s definitely the kind of person we should try to emulate as a club

Kwame Ampadu Down

‘Apart from a big part of the Arsenal fans’

Sorry but that’s nonsense. It’s a very small part. You can’t lump in people who want Arsene to go now,but still love & respect him, with those who choose to abuse him. It’s just not right.


And we have the so called ‘Arsenal fans’ from all around the world wanting him to die. Such a world we live in…

Sir Henry Norris\'s Brown Envelope

I love The Arsenal more than i love Wenger, when he goes, The Arsenal will still be here.
Wenger’s legacy has been downgraded in the last few years, especially with the dreck that The Arsenal dish up these days

Heavenly Chapecoense

I truly think Wenger is a very good person but hate comments like this because they are too convenient and repeated whenever someone says a little nice thing about him.


See this space tomorrow if we lose tonight by any chance

David C

I love and respect Wenger, but he’s past his best by date. He’s starting to drag the club backwards sadly and it’s time for him to move on.

Time will help people forget the negatives from the last ten years. I can’t wait to see his statue at the Emirates one day, but that doesn’t change the fact that he should move on.

Pep is so nice, makes it harder to hate him 🙂

Kwame Ampadu Down

Even more sadly David C, he’s not starting to drag the club backwards. He has been doing so for 3/4 years now.

Evang. Simon

Can you please ask him again if you can take over from him? please be a little polite this time

Am I dreaming?


He certainly plays the right kind of football

I’m kinda hoping for Zidane when he inevitably gets sacked from Real Madrid and Wenger goes

He used to play with half of our old team for France


He won two champions leagues and la liga in his first two seasons, not sure why everybody is against the idea

Not doing too well this season but Bale has been injured a lot and the other two are not getting any younger

Drew Dewsall

I love Pep, he is true class and so different from Moureen Yo who has only good things to say about himself. It is a shame Pep didn’t come to play for us and then take over as the manager, but hey ho that’s the way it goes!

Goonerest Gooner

Is there any one left in football Wenger hasn’t nearly signed?

Faisal Narrage

Pep: “I would like to join your coaching staff. I believe I can bring something new to the club.”
Wenger: “Thank you, but our coaching squad is full. Bould is our full-time cone picker.”


Wenger oozes class and garners respect from his counterparts young and old. A real gentleman I look up to for his knowledge and values. Hope our boys win the Carabao Cup for him today. COYG!


3-2 to tha Arsenal today – Aubameyand , Ramsey , Ozil – time now 14:10


You got the 3 right!


I like Pep a lot :~)

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