Saturday, December 10, 2022

Report: Arsenal 5-1 Everton (inc goals)

Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Koscielny, Mustafi, Monreal, Xhaka, Ramsey, Iwobi, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang

Subs: Ospina, Chambers, Kolasinac, Maitland-Niles, Wilshere, Elneny, Lacazette

Arsenal got back to winning ways as an Aaron Ramsey hat-trick, a trio of assists from Henrikh Mkhitaryan, a debut goal from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and a strike from Laurent Koscielny gave them a 5-1 over Everton at the Emirates this evening.

Arsene Wenger handed starts to both new signings, Aubameyang an Mkhitaryan, with Alexandre Lacazette dropping to the bench.

There was a nervousness in the first minute, with Mustafi almost caught in possession, but the Gunners settled down and in the 6th minute went ahead. Arsenal worked the ball from midfield into Aubameyang, he played it first time to Mkhitaryan, and his excellent low cross was met on the edge of the six yard box by Ramsey who sidefooted home. 1-0.

The Armenian came close to doubling the lead shortly afterwards, cracking a shot just wide of the post, and nice work from Iwobi saw Ramsey create a chance for Aubameyang but his shot deflected wide off Williams. Ozil took the corner, Mustafi flicked it on and Koscielny was there to stoop and head home from close range. 2-0.

It got even better a few minutes later when Ramsey got his second of the game. Iwobi fed Ozil down the left, the German kept running, played it back to him, he laid it into the path of the Welshman whose shot from 25 yards flew into the net with a deflection of Mangala’s arse. 3-0.

The Gunners had Mustafi to thank for an incredible block on Theo Walcott after the former Arsenal man looked certain to get one back for his new club, and in the 33rd minute Aubameyang had his first real chance of the game when sent in behind by Ozil. He raced through on goal but saw his left-footed shot saved by the feet of Pickford.

He wasn’t to be denied a debut goal though, and it came just four minutes later. Arsenal worked it through midfield, Mkhitaryan fed Aubameyang – who was offside – but the striker clipped the ball over the keeper from close range, what a finish. 4-0.

It gave us an impressive lead going into the break, and at half-time there was a chance with Sead Kolasinac coming on for Monreal who picked up a knock in the first period.

The visitors were fired up at the start of the second half, Walcott had a shot blocked and after carelessness in possession, the former Gunner crossed for Niasse whose close range effort came back off the post.

At the other end Mkhitaryan had a sight of goal but his shot was weak, and the game felt a bit flat. Walcott was replaced by Dominic Calvert-Lewin, and the substitute got one back for Everton when he headed home in the 64th minute, and Arsenal made their second change when Ospina replaced Cech who had picked up an injury in an earlier clash with Niasse.

The mood was lifted though with another excellent Arsenal goal in the 74th minute. Mkhitaryan won the ball back with a good tackle high up the pitch, he spotted Ramsey free in the box, found him with a great pass and the Welshman drilled home a low shot for his hat-trick. 5-1.

He was immediately replaced, to a great ovation, by Jack Wilshere. Calvert-Lewin had another chance but skewed his effort well wide, and the Everton man tried to buy a penalty but the referee was having none of it.

In the end, a lot to enjoy about what we did today, some freshness to the team and the way it played and, of course, three points.

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Great result. Looking v promising, though not sure why we can’t just do the same again in the second half… I don’t think we need Alexis and Walcott when we have Mkhit and Aubama, great players. Though isnt Ramsey rubbish? So many on here say so… Overall, more seriously, we looked far better as a team, hope we can keep it up home and away.

Gooner Town

If he stays fit, Ramsey will get you goals and that’s his strength… it’s his defensive side that needs work. But that’s a discussion for a different day!
Good to see him do well today

Twisted cuntloks

Auba’s finish was a thing of beauty. Reminded me a litte of Mr Wright

Greg in Seattle

Or, you know, maximize Ramsey’s strengths by pairing him with someone with defensive-leaning attributes.

Scoring five goals per game works, too.


You mean someone with defensive-leaning-attributes-and-also-the-composure-and-class-on-the-ball-to-dictate-our-play-from-deep-since-Ramsey-also-rarely-contributes-to-this? Yeah, and how many holding midfielders combine defensive beastliness and positional intelligence to cover a backline all by themselves, AND the skill to pass-and-move their way out of a high press and transition their team up the field? Because if you’re going to partner Ramsey in a midfield two, you need both those attributes to a very high degree. I reckon there are fewer than 10 players in world football who do both things to an elite level. When on form, Ramsey’s great; but he’s a goldilocks player who needs everything around him to be… Read more »

John Noshi

Some people are impossible to please. Aren’t they?

Easy tiger

Ironi is dangerouse when writte.


True, there is a great book by Nobel prize winners Kahnemann and Tversky called ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ that helps understand why people don’t get it.


Though I suspect I’m being over protective of the vast number of downvoters on this thread,


It is a genuinely brillant book.

Bernardo Binda

VERY promising



Because we blitzed them first half… Players always going to relax a little after that. I’m just happy that we’re moving the ball so well. Ozil and mkhi so good to watch. Ramsey had a belter of a game. Fuck big Sam… looking like a twat after his ‘weak’ comments. COYG!


I’ve always maintained that Ramsey plays the b2b role at a high quality, it’s only when he sits himself beside the CF that makes us terrible.

This match he’s been superb positionally, always stationed in the middle and offering himself as a passing option and then breaking forward with late runs. Then again, it might have been Sanchez’s ball hogging which made Ramsey’s late runs look like he’s stationed himself as a striker.


Bang on.

non flying dutchman

Of course Ramsey’s steller season was the one before Sanchez joined.

Not to dump on Alexis more but I cant help but notice how Iwobi is playing better now he doesn’t constantly have the Chilean constantly shouting at him for the ball.

Given how Mkhi did today, cant help but think this swap was an accidental work of genious

Too Drunk For Offside

Will merely say that this was a lot like the Arsenal of old. Crisp short one touch passing around the box setting up strikers.

Definitely a great transition to the P-E A era. Would still say that Laca could also play and that should be the target. The big four att that Arsenal hv could live upto any att in the EPL and the club should look to make the most of that.


The problem with Ramsey is that hes in all perspectives a number 10 he plays there and has all the qualities to do so, Wenger wouldn’t limit him with a number 8s or DMs instructions, but he hasn’t still figured out a way to balance things out defensively in midfield. hell he hasnt done that in the defense itself to begin with. After so many year its safe to say he wont ever.


Nice of Everton to send us their U-12 boys


Only Mourinho the Moron can let Mkhitaryan go! What a player!


Stupid man

David C

Seems a much better team player than Alexis. Suits our style better!


Alexis was named best player in squad every season since joining. He was consistently nominated as Leagues best as well. was our top scorer ever since…. One good game doesnt make a player better than that, especially a game Ramsey scored a hattrick in.


I don’t think anyone is arguing the fact that Alexis was our best player. He’s just pointing out that perhaps Mkhi is a better team player and suits our style. Personally I’d much rather have a well-oiled attack than waiting and hoping for a moment of magic from Alexis.


Alexis era is over … this team will rise to the challenge and will show that Arsenal is bigger than any 1 superstar …


The Moaner love parking the bus too much.


Well he let him go for Sanchez which is fair enough. What is ludicrous though is benching him in favour of Lingard and co. Only moron can pull such mad shit like that.

Bon Jello

Anyone notice how on Kos’s goal Aubameyang could have tried getting the tap in before him, but allowed our defender the space, and when the goal crossed the line Pierre looked genuinely happy at Koscielny and the team.

In today’s earlier kick off Martial took on two defenders and glided into the box and took a well earned shot. Immediately after that Alexis had a massive go at Martial for not passing, and Martial struggled in the game after that…

Sean Juba

Yes I noticed that too. Although I wouldn’t fuck with kos when he’s on a mission!


Wouldn’t fuck with Kos full stop


Well spotted Bon Jello!!


Was listening to the Yanited game on Radio 5. Alexis got the ball in the penalty area tried to dribble past a couple of players and ended up going wide so couldn’t get his shit of. This is what pundit Leon Osman had to say, “Sanchez should have got a shot off their but they’re coached at Arsenal to do that. It’s something Utd will have to get him to stop”.
I think The Arsenal are responsible for the worlds starving, North Korea, Hurricanes, Mud Slides, and the Spice Girl Reunion


Yep but the BBC saw it differently…. “On the flip side, there was also a hint of his individualistic streak – he did not seem too thrilled when Koscielny beat him to the scoring touch for Arsenal’s second, throwing his arms out in
front of him in an apparent gesture of mild frustration.”


i watched it and what I saw was Aubamayeng celebrating and hugging Koscielny …however , sometimes journalists like forcing a certain narrative


Why do you watch them man
Only was Id watch a Mourinho game is if Im in a bar and hear theyre a couple down already


This attack can blast apart the best of defences out there. I shouldn’t read too much into just one game, but for the first time in the 10 years that I’ve supported this majestic club of ours, our attack looks nearly equivalent to the likes of Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern. Mikhi, Auba and ozil are a deadly trio.
We just need to provide the right service to Aubameyang and he’ll slot the ball in.
Really happy to see Ramsey get his hat trick. And the standing ovation that Theo got was heartwarming.


It really looked like the invincibles games tearing teams apart with quality pace and finishing like old times the game is done in the 1st half. Now a real test next weekend.


Absolutely agree – now if we can just replace the passenger Iwobi with someone who will put in a decent shift and who has good feet and is willing to run at defenders (hello Super Jack!!)..

we’re in business! He’s a good lad but Alex sadly is not up to the level of this current squad – not with Mik and Jack around.


iwobi was really good today defensively and offensively also he was involved in 3 goals. he had some great turns and great passing when he has players of that class in front of him with ozil auba miki he will help him much more and he will play with more freedom.


Let’s just hope it’s the shape of things to come and that he’s finally learned that winning isn’t just about running forward and that he needs to put in his defensive shift. He is abject in that dept.


“our attack looks nearly equivalent to the likes of Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern

or, yknow, Borussia Dortmund


funny that


Remember he also let De Bryun leave.


And Mo Salah.


And Juan Mata.


Interesting that Auba got the full 90. Might be a message there for Lacazette, even with the injuries. That was a fun one, thank god.


With the injuries not occurring he would have come on.


I considered that, but then he went to bring off Ramsey while he was on a hat trick. In any case, I have no problem with it.

non flying dutchman

Ramsey is the most obvious swap for Wilshere… Glad he got his hat trick mind

Dave M

yeah and he is a lock for Europa games and carabaralacawaka cup final. Plus I hope we see some Lacawing action too. Not his fault Wenger set the team up to move completely away from his strengths over the last month or so with such slow boring possession at all costs football. Today we ran a higher tempo and who would have guessed we tore Everton a new one. No doubt Wenger will have us playing tippy tappy slow play again next game like always after a dominant hi-octane win. (Please Arsene…STICK TO THE FASTER PACE!!!!) COYG. Love Miky. Seriously… Read more »

Olivije Žirod

“Not his fault Wenger set the team up to move completely away from his strengths over the last month or so with such slow boring possession at all costs football” At home we are always playing like that. Why we don’t play alike in away games? I agree with Wenger that it must be psihological. I remember a game against Stoke.We played like we play at home but we couldn’t score. The main problem is we don’t kill games like at home. Most of goals we get are in the last 20 minutes and we are losing from winning positions.… Read more »

Dave M

So you think the players decide the tempo at which the team plays? You think Xhaka and Ozil are electing to not play long balls away from home, which is clearly their natural game? We set up to try and play through Swansea by controlling possession, which since they parked the bus well required so much support in attack even from the defenders and then they patiently waited for us to turn it over and ran at us on the counter. But you’re saying that is the players fault. You’re blaming our inefficiency on Laca, who the only way he… Read more »

non flying dutchman

Net game is Spuds, at our second home, Wembley… no way is that going to be slow


I think that was because Cech was injured and we needed to use that sub for him.


Damn blogs that was fast..


We’ve got Mickey Tarzan!!!


Man i love a guy who’s always smiling. Welcome to arsenal auba!


This attack can blast apart the best of defences out there. I shouldn’t read too much into just one game, but for the first time in the 10 years that I’ve supported this majestic club of ours, our attack looks nearly equivalent to the likes of Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern. Mikhi, Auba and ozil are a deadly trio.
We just need to provide the right service to Aubameyang and he’ll slot the ball in.
Really happy to see Ramsey get his hat trick. And the standing ovation that Theo got was heart-rending.

dr Strange

We signed some pretty good players…


Wow who down voted that comment! Pretty Good day

Declan M

Visitors from RedCafe?


The Arsemenian

Arsenal Fan

for the love of god. why is our backline pumping balls over the top when we have Ozil, miki and wilshire on the pitch.

dr Strange


Dave M

Exactly, please lets see some more of it. Some variety in our attack is so refreshing. What is the point in slowly building up the pitch every time and taking all the precious space away from guys like Auba, Ozil, Miky, Ramsey, et al. that thrive in a high-octane system with pacey attackers running into space?


Er, to keep their defense from pushing up and to take advantage when they do. Strategy.

Donald\'s Trump


Corona X

Eeyore is a mule. We call her Tussi in Norway.


The offside goal makes up for Laca’s against Stoke that wasn’t given!!

Scott P

Except that one cost us points 🙁

Bob davis

Great result. A solid attacking performance. Totally destroyed them in the first half.

Great to see Aubameyang get his first goal and Mkhitaryan who got 3 assists!

2nd half was always going to be about containing them rather than going gun ho!



Agreed. The second half was more even though I think I kind of see why Wenger hasn’t been playing Kolasinac. He is sloppy with his passing at times and a bit suspect in the air. He seems more interested in edging the player out of position while the balls in flight than jumping and contesting it. Their goal for example. The thing I continue to notice also is he is really eager to bomb forward but when the ball is turned over, he seems to take an age to be back in position. Anyway, he’s young and should learn hopefully.… Read more »

Fireman Sam

Kola seemed great when first turned up at the Arsenal but something ain’t right at the moment. He really switched off for the Everton goal today.


Nice of Everton to send us their U-12 boys


I’m usually very critical of Iwobi, (he frustrates me because I know how good he can be) but he was brilliant today. Liking this new look. I’ve forgotten about Alexis


He’s still a liability, especially given the talent we now have in the squad. Granted he can be great going forward at pace but he remains lazy and disinterested when he doesnt have the ball, showing no desire to win it back, or to tackle when others give it away to the opposition.
With Mik, Jack, Ramsey – even Laca as an option on the flank… is Alex really the best we have in a starting 11? I think not.


Assist king Mikhitaryan and Ramsey hattrick. Brilliant!

Scott P

Prediction: bonus rating will be 10/10 – Big Sam’s face as red as the seats at the Emirates ?


Maybe a serious one this time 10/10 the Emirates crowd for their warm reception for Theo (and spectator Rosciky)?

Andre Santos



we finally have a number 7 who rarely loses possession again


He looks like an adequate replacement …


For Rosicky, yes.


Alexis who??


Great first half loads of positive energy and looked right up for it. New boys looking good. 2nd half to forget. Nice to win 3pts.


Sizzling performance in the first half. Congrats to Rambo’s hat-trick, Miki’s 3 assists and Auba’s home debut goal. Onwards and upwards!


Mkhi was very promising today. Showed some encouraging signs of an burgeoning partnership with Auba today


iwobi’s best game for arsenal by a mile. he was superb in the first half


For Wenger had faith in the Welsh Jesus, and lo did he bless us with a Holy Trinity, we give praise.

Dave M

I am reserving the Wenger plaudits until we see him take advantage of the brilliant attackers strengths that we have for an extended period rather than one game (and against Everton – who lets face it we destroy everytime we play them at home). So many times we have seen this higher tempo lead to successes only for us to drop back into slow boring play that stifles our attack and exposes our defence. We are 6th on the table. We are barely in contact with Champions League places, let along challenging for the top which we bloody well should… Read more »


Exactly..I don’t get the down votes.. His comment is what u call a constructive’s not the first time we play attractive football and win with a big margin…consistency is the real issue…


Some ppl just get excited easily and they get offended if u r not as excited as them…waaaay too emotional :-/


Totally agree – I recall similar adulation when the previous no 7 hit the ground running… and then it all got oh so convoluted


We are in EFL cup final , in the knockout phase of EL , beaten Spurs and Chelsea convincingly , we are now able to play a team based game with Sanchez gone , let us focus on getting some more good results and moving up the table ….


A small thing I noticed is that Ozil really seemed to be in charge out there, was ordering his troops around like I’ve never seen him do before. I love it!


I loved watching Mesut do that. Still think we lack a commanding CDM to protect our technical players. I think guys like Mkhi and Mesut will play with much more freedom if they have a Viera type guy behind them taking charge of the troops.

Our technical superiority takes over in Home games but we need to show some steel in away games. We need to win dirty away.

Dave M

Absolutely spot on. Xhaka isn’t and never was a CDM. Wenger has failed at turning him into one. He played well today, but still was so often not playing where a CDM should. He is a central midfield and should be competing for the other midfield spot with Ramsey and Wilshere. Like many have said give AMN a go. He deserves a chance. That Everton midfield today was a joke the Xhaka, Ramsey, Ozil trio isn’t going to work everyday, but they are the wenger favourites and no doubt that is who we will see in nearly every league game… Read more »


I think next season Ozil should be given off in away games where you know the opposition will resort to long balls and kicking our players.
Maybe even Xhaka should not start.
We should get a new CDM and play him alongside El Neny with Jack and Ramsey interchanging between CAM and RM in those difficult away games because I fear Ozil and Mkhitarian will get kicked out of the park in certain PL away games.

Dave M

We ask for it playing such a slow style away recently. There is literally no space because its all short passing and slow build up. That is always when Ozil gets frustrated. So counter that by looking for long passes. Don’t give the opposition time to take the space away, don’t give them time to kick ankles in close quarters. Play some longer balls, Pull a winger in behind the striker disrupt their defensive structure through movement and variety in attack. Teams absolutely love it when Arsenal try to control possession away from home. All it takes is discipline and… Read more »




imo we’ve sent our best future hope for CDM out on loan… Christian Bielik. The guy is real class – young enough to do exactly what Hector did when he came in. Don’t get why Arsene loans him out when we clearly have a serious need in that area? Toss him in and give him the chance, he has never put a foot wrong in those pre-season game when he’s been given the chance

Sean Juba

Yes he’s stepped up. He’s a Gooner for sure – ok 300 large per week probably helps but he could have switched to the dark side and he didn’t.


Great first half reminded of the good old days. New signings look great and Ramsey was on fire….. Iwobi had a good game and Ozil was his usual self…

Feeling good right now

Let’s keep it gong…


The whining complaining people are downvoting all the comments


Probably some sneaky m… f… Spuds in here

Dave M

Dude everyone is happy to have a great win and finally getting to watch an enjoyable game. It was awesome, but if you are happy with our league position, recent form, and participation in the EuJoker Cup then good for you. I’m freaking not…I expect more and I expect us to play more like we did today, which is playing to our strengths rather than the slow, boring, ineffectual football we have seen way too often lately…and not just this season


I’m not happy with that shit either. Just been a lot of people putting a downer on the new signings etc which is hard to understand.

Dave M

They are bloody great players. Like I said earlier. I was devastated Manure got Miky before us. He was Brilliant at Dortmund. And Auba is an incredible coup. But just remember these signing don’t fix our pathetic defence, and if Wenger reverts back to slow possession football rather than a more direct free-flowing system that can handle turnovers from aggressive passing then the same thing that happened to Laca will happen to Auba. Auba even more so needs a pace system and space to thrive because he doesn’t have the same control and creativity as Laca. Laca is a Brilliant… Read more »


Actually since the start of the season there have been some amazing games that ended up drawing or winning. There’s been too much excitement because the defense has no confidence at the moment. Seriously you are missing the point that the team has been built that can turn this around from an attacking perspective. We finally have a team of world class attacking players in their prime who have won things and know where the goal is. Honestly all Wenger needs to change is have 1 less attacker, and a permanent destroyer that sits in front of the defense line… Read more »

Dave M

When was the last time we beat a good team by attempting to control possession and play through them with slow build up? Can’t remember? Neither can I… Remember when we beat City a few years back? We focussed on our defensive structure and hit them hard and fast on the counter. When we beat Spurs this season we weren’t focussed on controlling everything, we focussed on fast attacks. Same in the game against Chelsea away. Structure and attacking fast when we had the chance. Now look at the games when we have been smashed (yes all those Liverpool and… Read more »


Of course, use space when there is space, but in the games you mentioned with the liverpool or ManU games there was actually space to use. With teams like Swansea, and the lower half of the table, the only viable tactic against Arsenals technical superiority is to give up possession, park the bus and have fast players up top to counterattack our exposed defense. There is no fast way to beat a team that has it’s back 5, with 4 in front of it, camped on their 18yrd box. Either you go through with with intricacy, or launch stuff over… Read more »

Dave M

Yes rely a little more on breakdowns and play more direct. Force the pace of the game. Don’t allow them to dictate what happens. This will absolutely mean less possession, but it also means less predictability, more space, and exposing our own backline far less. You say launch stuff over until something goes in by chance, but that is just a binary view of it. We have Ozil, Xhaka, and now Miky (among others) who are brilliant passers with brilliant passing range. That isn’t just chance

Clearly the attempts to “play through them with intricacy” are failing


Dont have to lose anyone Renwahh, just replace Xhaka


Or take Xhaka’s roaming card away and tell him to always stay 10m in front of Kos

non flying dutchman

problem with that is Kos likes a run up the pitch too


I really enjoyed this match, and I will the next one, because I’m not thinking about that other garbage right now. We are where we are, the only thing that matters is clocking the W’s and watching what this new look is up to until I feel it’s worth being arsed to look at the rest.


Fantastic 1st half despite poor opposition and promising debut from our “newbies”!
Want to be as optimistic as Aubam smiles…
Wembley, here we come…..?


Oh Mkhi, you’re so fine
You’re so fine, you blow my mind, hey Mkhi, hey Mkhi
Oh Mkhi, you’re so fine


The zip and decisiveness in Mkhitaryan’s crosses today was what we have craved. More please…


Sometimes Zhaka plays as if to cut his head off and some other times he just play with such elegant that you will like to call and buy him biscuit.

I like Micky
I like Auba
I like Ozil
I like Jack..

I Love Arsenal


“You will like to call him and buy him biscuit”.
Well put, my friend.


Downvote fairies are at it again!

Sean Juba

There seem to be the most downvotes when we talk about Sanchez and his lack of team spirit and the fact that miki may be a better fit. If it is you downvoting us Mr Sanchez, leave us alone, take your dogs for a long walk to calm down, and make sure you pick up their shit. Then smear it all over your new bosses car/face. Or both.


Mourinho finding his car covered in dog shit is an amusing thought

Sean Juba

You see I was right. Downvotes for both of us when we mention maureen and Sanchez. I’ve a good mind to curl one out on their doorstep myself!!


Well that was fun! I know it is only one game, but we looked like a way way way more balanced team today. Mkhi was magic and Auba will score a hat full with him and Ozil behind him. I also thought Iwobi had his best game in some time.

After a long time of being bored of watching Arsenal, today was a reason to start being exited again.


Mkhit can cross and pass anytime anyday! Nice!


And shoot! he was a 20 goal a year scorer for Dortmund and nearly scored a screamer today

Hlebs dancing feet

I enjoyed the game but if it’s the left footed attempt you are referring to then I have to disagree and say he definitely could have done better.


When did Sanchez last get 3 assists in a match?? I was worried about Mikhitaryan seen him against Swansea, but my word was I wrong to!! Pace, Movement, Vision he had the lot. I wouldn’t have sold the Sanchez of year one or year 2 and might have hesitated with the Sanchez of year three. But this Sanchez doesn’t play the way he used to because I think he has dropped physically. I don’t blame he because he literally ran himself into the ground. His style also changed as he is playing and retreating further away from the goal from… Read more »


MASSIVE win. It seems the best form of defense IS attack! Mhkitaryan is winning me over, great performance, 3 assists. Ramsey with the hattrick, 3 behind the main striker in Ozil, rambo and Mhki lethal. Iwobi had an excellent game today. Protected the ball well, some good distribution and his feet, really tidy. But Mhki too. Where we’ve lost attacking intigation with Alexis we have better ball protection. Like the quick ball back out from Aubameyang too to Mhkitrayn for the first goal. Good to see him off the mark with a fortunate goal not called offside (but frankly who… Read more »


Never ever ever did I think I’d say this but WELL SAID SANTORI. Personally I think Xhaka’s the weak link in our team. Defensively he’s shocking and tackles in ridiculous places putting pressure on us. Mind you, I’d hope that when you’ve got the players of the quality we have now, a couple of the others including Xhaka will raise their games. Also, after getting rid of a few it may show the others that the easy life won’t be accepted anymore. Anyway, glad to see you’re happy. I know youre a true Gooner, just think you let it get… Read more »

Mean Lean

Glad to see you hold your hands up Santori.


Mhki looking like the right footed Ozil. He and Iwobi had so much space in the first half because Everton were so busy trying to stop Ramsey and Ozil.
Thought Iwobi who has had alot of criticism was excellent and even Xhaxa was much improved…
Auba looked good, 2 chances 1 goal and his pace stretched Everton everywhere in the first half. i think Wenger would have subbed him if he didn’t have to make injury subs.
Well done Ramsey.
Only negative was again Bellerin was awful..


Now waiting to see a straight W12 D0 L0
So we can pip tot & livpl
Until then fingers crossed


Difficult to make a verdict after one match at home where we always are strong,but the new guys show promise and the spirit seems higher without Alexis on the pitch. What is a consistent factor is our lack of defensive disipline and awareness. Better teams than Everton would have punished us today. Mustafi was operating Aas offensive midfielder and suddenly they were 4 vs 2 ?
Xhaka is not good enough and should be benched
before next match.

Indian Gooner

Scintillating first half that was. The style of play and the movement.. it was just a beauty to behold. Mkhitaryan was superb. Three assists in his first start has to say something about the player he is. Jose that c*nt has gifted us Mkhi on a plate I would say. Special mention to Rambo for his first ever hattrick. If he could add a bit more positional awareness to his incredible goal scoring abilities he is one hell of a player and would almost become undropable because he gives that drive and some much needed goals from midfield. Just got… Read more »

Ogunmokun Olaoluwa

up the arsenal


If you’re in the US NBC has a good documentary on now by Joe Scarborough on the history of the NLD. NBCs been great for football here.


Scarborough is a cunt.

Sean Juba

Well that was grand. Miki was ace – he seems to be happy to be with us and his work rate was excellent. 3 assists not bad at all. Glad Auba got his goal although it was offside. Great stuff from Rambo. Hopefully it’s the return of the Welsh Jesus. Fans reception for Theo was class. I have been consistently critical of Iwobi but he had a quietly unspectacular good game. Did the simple things well and grafted. Now to kick seven shades of shit out of sp**s…..


Back to winning way as our Abua got Hus debut goal and mhkita got his own hat trick Assist, and Ramsey steal the shown for getting his first ever hat trick.This is a new Era for us.COYG…


Well done the new boys, looking good with lovely fast pace link up play and great movement. These boys gonna fit right in. Nice to be getting a bit excited again, maybe we’ll no more on our next away game.
Big Sam your boys took one he’ll of a beating.ha ha.


Good win today.

Since moving to Arsenal, Mustafi must have made over 200 failed long passes, still he just won’t stop!


Fantastic 1st half. Looked like we could score from every attack. Losing the uncertainty over özil and s*nchez looks like it’s had a very positive effect on the team. However, better opposition would have scored a few against us today and Mustafi is a bit of a liability.


With this our front line we can breakdown any defense and Tair apart any Goal Keeper…???


Not sure if anyone else agrees Miki looks more a team player than sanchez
great start looks promising for the future especially if we follow it up next weekend.

Teryima Adi

A great performance


Finally some forward speed again. Still rusty defence. Brillant Mkhitaryan.


So nice to see forward passes. Very tired of the depressing crab-play we so often resort to.

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