Wednesday, October 5, 2022

VIDEO: Every goal scored by Aubameyang in the Bundesliga (16/17)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 24 hours, you’ll probably be aware that Arsenal spent a rather large sum of cash recruiting a new striker – Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

He seems to like scoring goals. Lots of goals. Which is good, because we’ve sold a whole load of players who used to do that for us.

Pierre could well make his debut on Saturday against Everton, exciting stuff. To moisten the loins we’ve decided to share this video of him repeatedly kicking a pigskin into the onion bag for former club Borussia Dortmund.

He did it 31 times, more than anyone else. And sometimes to celebrate he wore a funny little mask. Lovely.


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Looking forward. But damn, I miss that handsome french bloke.


Goals 2 and 3 reminded me a bit of henry just hope that we can supply the creativity that dembele and kagawa did.

Dave M

Hopefully Ozil and Miky can be his Dembele in providing these goals…Dam Dembele is good too!


Dembele’s creativity was drool worthy. Can’t see any of our young ‘talent’ matching that. Particularly goal 26: drive into 3 players and slot the ball through the gap at just the right moment. Genius.


Reus was excellent and instrumental in a lot of these goals also. the back heels and flicks were something else


Yes completely agreed. What a player he is.


A fox in the box – only one goal scored from outside it.


I hope he gets as many tap ins as in this video.


Those tap ins show how good his movement is. It is up to Özil and the likes to find him.


And his old pal micky! If we can sort defense and midfield out, our creative attack and strikers look very very good.

Dave M

We need to play a higher tempo for him to score like this. Same reason why Lacazette is struggling because we have resorted back to slow build up tippy tappy play and ignoring deeper passing and more direct style, simply missing all the wonderful movement Laca makes when the ball is deeper…funnily it has coincided with us playing terrible lately…hmmm… Said it 1000x we need to play high tempo football and that becomes even more apparent with the addition of Abu. Do we think Henry would have been as effective if it was all tippy tappy slow build up? Absolutely… Read more »


100% agree we need to play higher tempo, but lacazette isn’t nearly as quick as aubametang. Hopefully that pace will help on counter attacks at least. If ozil knowsthat ball over the top or through is an easy option, it’s a game changer…. Hopefully


I agree, but to be fair playing a high tempo is difficult especially at the Emirates where teams sit deep. Our only hope to move it quickly in those games is when the opposition ventures forward and we have space to work a counter. City can break these defensive teams down becuase they have world class players all over the park. But recently even they have struggled against well organized teams. They also know precisely where to be at all times and in all scenarios. I wouldn’t mind us conceding some possession. 74% possession against Swansea and what a load… Read more »


To be fair, a lot of his goals throughout his career were also him carrying the ball in the box and finishing it. Something that we’ve lacked in a centre forward since RvP really.


Watching those goals I was mostly thinking that if we were creating those types of chances then Lacazette would already have 20 goals. I’m afraid that if we continue with our ponderous build-up play, Aubameyang will look just as frustrated as Laca.

We need to take advantage of transitions better, and learn to not waste all game passing in our horseshoe pattern of impotency.


Ozil’s gonna set a new assists’ record


It’ll be interesting to see how the team is set up in those away games. We have a team far better suited for rapid counter-attacking than the usual half hearted possession-based fare we have seen in away games this season.

And I sincerely hope Laca doesn’t take Auba’s arrival in a negative sense and Wenger somehow finds a way to make them both play to their strengths

Dave M

SPOT ON! Counter-attack, direct, high-tempo football. Ozil is literally one of the best 5 counter attacking footballers in the world. With PEA and Laca ahead of him playing at pace and making runs we should be ripping teams to shreds. This would even suit Xhaka who is clearly being told to reign in his creativity. Can’t blame Kroenke and Gazidis for that. Our slow ineffectual play is 100% squarely on Wenger’s shoulders…


If aubamayang were a cartoon he’d be scar from lion king

Perry Limerick-Aubrey

Welcome to Arsenal ?


Will he get the service ?, Will Prem defences be so accommodating ? I’m looking forward to finding out – COYG !

btw Theo looked ominously good against Leicester last night – I’d prefer not to have to face Everton so soon after his departure.


If he doesn’t get the service, then there’s something fundamentally wrong with the way we play. I mean, we have Özil (and I guess you do understand), one of the most creative players to ever grace the football pitch. Then there’s Mhiky, sublime player as well – let’s not be fooled by his spell under Mourinho. I mean, it’s Mourinho, even Messi would probably look shit. I would like to mention Lacazette as well, but boy I’m really not sure how we can fit all four into the squad at the same time. Let’s hope we can overturn this season by… Read more »


We will do ok. All four of them can fit in with a 4-4-2 formation which commmon sense right now dictates. We could go back to the glory days of highbury when we tore teams new ones weekly with that formation but Arsene has got to keep his boy toy Ramsey off the starting lineup FFS. Please. We have got two pacy forwards with poacher instincts in the team now. He can come on off the bench.

Dave M

Why not play
Back four:



Perfect balance…but we have to play a high tempo…none of this tippy tappy BS that just plays our strengths out of the game


Aubameyang has scored 4 goals in 4 games against spuds over past two seasons. Have to say that their defence is as good as any in the league. So, we can keep our hopes high about his chances against Premier league defences.

Uncle Ben

Theo was and is a very good player. Just had no confidence left at Arsenal, the move looks to have revitalized him which is great to see – wish him all the best. Wouldn’t be surprised if he scores a lot of goals next season.

David Hillier\'s luggage

Seems to not care which foot he strikes with. I like that.

Mousmane Membele

So much space afforded in the Bundesliga. Also I spent most of the video marveling at Dembele.

Rich D

No wonder Barca bought him!

Dave M

Yeah wow. He is good. But we could have more space if we simply looked for longer passing and played a higher tempo instead of focussing only on possession and trying to pass it through walls of 10 defenders…

Tankard Gooner

Is it just me or does this guy not take too many touches before shooting? Proper poacher.


Haven’t a clue how we’re going to line-up. What’s our best starting XI at the moment?
Surely we can’t relegate Laca to the bench?




As soon as you start play around with line-ups, you realize midfield is still unsolved. What about:


Özil must have one of the game’s best football brains. He should play at the heart of the machine. But I realize this formation might not be ideal defensively.

Jack fights heroically, but he slows the game.


Best of Luck to PEA – a top top signing.
And to Oli who Wenger rightly said saved our skins on numerous occasions. A class act.


Two things have surprised me with Aubameyang. 1) How much of a fox in the box he is. People may say it’s a reflection of the poorer standered in the league he’s in, but it’s certainly an art, and you have to be there to put them away. He seems to also have the pace and drive to score a variety of goals which is exciting. 2) He seems really likeable. Shy, yet confident and eccentric all rolled into one. We needed this to arrest the slide, a star name and a sprinkle of gold dust. It adds confidence. Im… Read more »

Indian Gooner

All our other players have got to do is to find Auba inside the box and the rest he will take care. A proper goal poacher this bloke is.
Just wanted to give a special mention to dembele. No wonder Barca went in and paid so much money for him. What a player! Sad that he is injury prone.


Ousmane Dembele is not injury prone , he missed the preparation with Dortmund and went on strike to get his Barca dream move and eventually he got injured shortly after his barca debut. But you are right he is an amazing talent that supplied Auba a lot last season. Shame Wenger did not go after him while in Rennes. Auba is a great pocher, fast and relentless in his moves and appeals . If mikhi , ozil , wilshere can supply him with one touch football then he will score goals. But if it s the pass pass and sideways… Read more »


We just signed Henrik Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang. If you said Arsenal would do this two seasons ago I would of been in disbelief. Although I love the signings, it’s hard to say goodbye to Theo and Giroud. Both guys I’ve watched score over 200 goals for the club between them. Never missed one. I would of loved to see atleast one of them stay. We have gone back to a 433 and I think the formation switch killed Theo. We move on with some brilliant signings and some players close to our hearts moved on. Love the Arsenal, let’s finish… Read more »


We need to start playing offensive football again. 4-2-2-2 Laca-Auba upfront, Mikhi and Ozil behind with Wilshere and someone disciplined enough in the middle.


Can we get that Dembele fella too? How many of those goals was he involved in! Poor BVB, who is left?


well if barca sign grizmann in the summer then am sure we can get dembelle in 2019 as he will not play at all.


Cue wenger dropping him to the bench for this weekend after all the exciting build up.

Then bringing him on later to play in the wings

Chippys chip

You know it. Might get 10 mins. Need to ease him into the pace of the premiership bollocks. Walcott plays and scores for fun in a new team. Wengerout kroenkeout.

Özil Gummidge

Finally a decent replacement for Francis Jeffers.


What gives? Whoever uploaded the video made it so those of us out of the UK can’t watch it.


Try hard my boy


Judging by this video we should hire this guy Dembele ASAP.


its all very well doing it in the Bundesliga, lets see how he does in the premier


Most of his goals are tap ins made by dembele….will that translate here since we dont have anyone who can cross the ball? Thats the problem Lacazette has…no now we have two good strikers who need service .


Bellerin must be pleased….he hasn’t got the dodgiest barnet at Arsenal anymore


He already has a cannon … looks suspiciously like ours


Looks like a Lacazette II, need a lot of service to score. Buy Dembele in the summer ?


Just had a listen to the Arsecast So…we know Lacazette isn’t as “world class” or pacy as once lauded not to recently ago, now we do the same with Aubameyang. Instead we are prepared (some at least) to countenance him ‘dropping into Europa league or sit on the bench to rediscover his mojo. HOW the hell polishing the bench helps with rediscovering “form ” is anyone’s guess. How not playing competitively on a regular basis and becoming a better player sounds at best daft. Then there is the Europa. The thing that gets me is we have left ourselves now… Read more »

Miguel G



What strikes you from the video is really the superb assists of Dembele. We don’t have anybody of that pace and quality with us now. Mahrez or Lemar would come handy…

Tony Hall

He is lethal in the box and good with his head. Can’t help worrying though that he was helped by Dortmund being a fast attacking team which we are erm not 🙁


That Dembele is one hell of a player.


the way teams set up against us I cant see too many TH7 type goals ( maybe against Citehh ) . Looks quality though

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