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Wilshere: Arsenal were ‘not good enough’ and underestimated Östersunds FK

Jack Wilshere says that Arsenal’s performance in the 2-1 defeat to Östersunds FK was sub-standard, and that despite it being the laziest thing in the world to do, the team underestimated their opposition.

The Swedish side have not even started their league campaign yet this season, but took a two goal lead on the night before Sead Kolasinac gave the Gunners some breathing room with a strike just after half-time.

However, the Gunners were miles off the pace all night, and never controlled the game for any sustained period, something the midfielder puts down to not taking them as seriously as they should have.

“We were nowhere near good enough,” he said. “We improved a little bit in the second half but it still wasn’t good enough.

“When you are 3-0 up in a two-legged game, you still have to go again. We know it’s only half-time, we know what quality they want to play with and maybe we underestimated them a little bit.”

“We’re through, so that’s probably the only positive,” he continued. “We did show better character in the second half. We came out and we had a little bit of a go, but it wasn’t good enough.

“You can’t start a game like that and expect to compete at this level, even against Ostersunds, they’ve got a lot of quality and they deserve to be in this tournament as much as we do.

“We know that and we have to take that into the next game when we see who we get. If it’s a lesser team then we have to focus more.”

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Damo Dinkum

I’m getting so much dejavu, it’s like an army of black cats is marching past in formation.


Train fast, play fast. Too many games lately where we don’t play fast, seem content to jog around and play slow. Wenger needs to adopt the fergie hairdryer.


I’d rather Kroenke adopt the Abramovich P45 system instead


I don’t think it was complacency. It was just a lack of direction and quality.


We are quite shit and I am sick of it. Wenger out

Charles Orji

It’s a combination of both


As old Arsenal I think it started to go wrong by choosing to play at home in blue.
I think it is a disgrace we did not play in our lconic red & white.
Last night watching Arsenal : was depressing.


To be fair though, both teams were instructed by UEFA to wear their away kits in both legs because the home kits clashed.


Dunno why we underestimated them. Thought they showed enough in the first game that we should be know they were a threat. Were it not for some poor goalkeeping and a missed penalty in that we might not be through now


Well maybe the players read some of the many press articles saying we had nothing to celebrate from the first leg result as the opposition were so crap that anyone’s 2nd team would have walked it.


File under ” no shit Sherlock”


With the draw later today the worst thing for me is that other teams still left in the competition surely look at that insepid performance and think Arsenal is an easy draw. I hated the way Neuer was so smug and confident when we drew Bayern in the CL but in all honesty who can argue against it when we seem so complacent and poor even at home against Ostersund? Players can talk all they like about ‘underestimation’ and ‘not being good enough’ but at the end of the day it keeps happening and we’ve been here so many times… Read more »


Even you too was below par yesterday. None of you guys turn up except the fans.


Except the fans? The stadium was half empty. Fans should stop thinking that they are better than the team. Arsenal is still in the top 6 and in an European competition. The atmosphere and attendance in the last weeks and months is worse than most I’ve seen in the last years across whole Europe. Maybe fans should try to be top class before demanding it from others.


I think a lot of the fans are just bored of seeing the same old mistakes. we’re paying more than most fans in the world and watching bang average football.


Do you think may be if the club, manager and the players actually take fans into consideration fans will react differently. You can not expect to give SHIT day in day day out and not expect to get SHIT in return.


It cost me £30 for the train ticket and a two hour journey each way to watch that rubbish last night. I don’t expect a medal for it, but it would be nice if the team was at least trying. It’s got beyond the anger, to dark humour and just disbelief really. The highlight of the night was Willock falling over and having to change his boots, which was total farce. There was nothing wrong with the fans last night, there are season-ticket holders who travel from wales and other places far further than me, and it’s not always possible… Read more »


I hope it’s not shocking for you guys but spending loads of money and time to watch your team is part and parcel of being a supporter. You’re not there to have a good time. You’re there to support a football team. If you want to have a guarantee to have a good time for spending money go to a bar or a hooker.


I was going to reply to that but I won’t waste my time.

John F

Maybe just me, but I thought we were pretty arrogant at times, trying tricks and flicks, trying to kick the ball and run around them. It got to the point where I was rooting for Ost. at times. How hard is it to just do a professional job for 90mins?

John Hall

More bullshit platitudes….how many times have we heard it.

Charles Orji

I agree with Kean that you are the most overrated football player on the planet. Frankly speak (and if you want to be honest with yourself), it’s high time you move on to other challenges. Other players with your like mindset in Arsenal should be moved out as well, and players with winning mentality and purpose brought in and integrated into the system of the club. The most painful part is not really about the lost in itself, but rather the lackstru and I don’t care much attitude in which it happened. Arsenal doesn’t need this crop of players that… Read more »


Currently i don’t think bringing players with winning mentality to the club will change anything when The Arsenal board and Manager lack a winning mentality. Have you not realized that all the players who came in with a winning mentality have all moved on?


never mind jack, not much you can do surrounded by a bunch of amateurs, and all them moaning on here this morning, a couple of wins and all will be forgotten


The guys who played this game are very unappreciative of what the manager is trying to do for them. He keeps giving them chances to get some game time and perhaps get into the first team but all they do is embarrass him. Where do these players get the idea that they can undermine any team? What kind of pep talk is given to them?


Jack was woeful yesterday. No urgency to make himself available for the ball or track back.

Thierry Bergkamp

What gives this team the right to underestimate anybody?

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