Saturday, June 3, 2023

Henry: If Arsenal ask for my help, I’ll say yes

Thierry Henry’s name has been again linked with the club as a possible replacement for Arsene Wenger when his former manager’s time finally comes to an end.

The record goalscorer refused to speculate on the position of the Frenchman, but said that if he was asked to help then his love for the club would make him say yes.

Wenger is under increasing pressure following Sunday’s 2-1 defeat to Brighton, and in his position as a Sky pundit Henry was asked about the possibility of a return.

“If you love a place and they ask – I repeat, they ask _ for help, you are always going to say yes,” he said.

“What I am saying to you is again, we are talking about hypothetical thoughts.

“We are hypothetically speaking before people jump ahead of everything, but I have never backed down from a challenge since I was young.

“If I had listened to people who were talking about where I was going to be, I would not have been here.”

And in terms of Wenger’s position, Henry refused to call for him to step down or be fired because of his relationship with him.

“We are talking about will he quit or not, I can never say that. I am not sitting on the fence, I can never say that.

“I have battled with this man, I can never say that. Do you understand what I mean? I can never say that.

“What I don’t want to see is what’s happening to him, and I would like him to have the last word, whatever word it’s going to be.”

Brighton 2-1 Arsenal – player ratings

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FFS, give it a rest you backstabbing, inarticulate fuck. As bad and desperate as we are, you are not the solution.

Yellow Ribbon

He was asked a question and hence he replied. Calm down.


I guess I’m still annoyed by all the Jamie Redknapp assisted bullshit from the other day.

What Henry should have said was, ‘Are you fucking kidding? With zero-experience of managing a football club, it would be absolutely ridiculous for me, or anyone else, to think I could come in and take over a club as big as the Arsenal. Ask me again, a few years into my actual managerial career.’


“If you love a place and they ask – I repeat, they ask – for help, you are always going to say yes,” Except for that time when they did ask for your help, even offered to pay for your help, the only thing you had to do was leave Sky… and you turned us down. So.. Thierry my man, you have a short term memory. As much as I love the guy, I find it really alarming how close Henry is with the Kroenke’s as they are one of the huge reasons as to why we are in this… Read more »

Too Drunk To Be Offside

What are you having a go a Kroenke for. Kroenke (wrongly) bent over backwards for Wenger, and gave him a free run with the team. Kroenke has given Wenger more funds than he ever had to spend. Wenger has spent over $500 mil in the past 5 seasons. After all that spending the team is sh!tter than it has ever been. Abrahamovic would have kicked Wenger’s sorry arse out of his club long ago with such a disastrous track record. Kroenke has still treated Wenger with respect. With the kind of sh!t Wenger has delivered he deserves more than any… Read more »


The funds came from us, the paying fans, for attendance, jerseys, TV, adverts

Kronke gave us nothing, and in fact took 6Mil from us.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

What does it fking matter where the money came from. The point is Wenger has taken $500 mil of Arsenal’s money and flushed it down the toilet. If you want to build a statue of Wenger for that, that it is upto you.


Kroenke allowed Wenger to do that, he had as much a part to play in this as Wenger. There are members on the board who did not want Wenger to stay, but that tyrant (because that’s what he is, make no mistake) is happy, as Wenger improve his position within the club financially. Kroenke is an investor, a leech who takes and gives nothing.

kroenke 2016 “If you want to win Championships then you would never get involved.”

I’ll just leave that there.


Never too drunk to be stupid.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

You just need to pull your head out of Wenger’s arse thats all. Then you will be able to see things clearly like the rest of the fking world.


I’m not for one second saying he’s got it right. But let’s remember those numbers in context with our presumed ‘competition’ spending. That’s less that Tottenham, Liverpool, and Everton have spent on new players in 5 years. The club has spent LESS THAN HALF of what Chelsea, Man U, and City each have spent. This last summer and winter windows Arsenal have a net PROFIT of 7.6m. That’s 18th in the league for player investment net spend. Consider that and tell me we’re not right about where we should be given the club’s money policy. And don’t try to tell… Read more »


Great stats. Do you have a source?

Dave M

Yes and “if” we have spent less its also on Wenger too because he has chosen such (signing no outfield players when funds were available) because he has too much faith in his friends that also sometimes double as professional arsenal footballers…sometimes

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Also regardless of where the money came from it was Arsenal money and Kroenke didn’t get in the way of Wenger spending that.

Kroenke could have simply told Wenger hey we need the money for diff reasons you can’t spend that much. However he didn’t do that.

Kroenke let Wenger spend the money he wanted on big signings.

Wenger never had the financial firepower like he has had under Kroenke and still the team is now sh!t. Kroenke didn’t tell Wenger what players to buy or not to buy defenders.

The buck stops with Wenger.

Stuck on repeat...

Agree with AW having money & control of signings up to a point…& that point was the last transfer window (or maybe the end of the one before). I firmly believe that the Sanchez fiasco on the last day of the summer window had little to do with AW, & was entirely down to the board. Looking directly at you Ivan, you shiney headed muppet. I also firmly believe that in this last window, whilst funds were released it was under the previso that it must be self financed (again by the Board & owner). I believe AW had little… Read more »

Dave M

This…they ALL need to go…


Even you need to go. #Toxic

Dave M

Still his club. He has the final say on how much can be spent. And like “Too Drunk To Be Offside” has said…money has been spent (and not spent at times when it was available…Wenger’s biggest cock-up: the season he signed no outfield players when we looked to be turning a corner and building momentum) and things have gotten worse. I have been a huge WEnger fan over the years, but he is a disaster right now. We are going backwards. If you can’t see that then you just love Arsene a little too much. He is a huge part… Read more »


How do you even know kroenke bent backwards for Wenger? Were you there with the discussion held with wenger? Yes he spent approx 500mil over past 5 seasons. How about comparing with all the other top clubs? It’s easy to say wenger out or wenger is terrible right now? You might not even know what wenger is facing. So prolly after you really know what’s going on in the board itself, then prolly you can start saying like you know everything.


What am I having a go at Kroenke for? He’s the main facilitator in all of this. He is the guy handing Arsene Wenger new contract extensions. He is the guy who is sitting in the US not doing a damn thing as this club slowly runs itself into the ground simply because its just lining his pockets. And giving him the financial collateral to widen his business portfolio in state side. The only thing he has EVER done at Arsenal was take £3 million payments out of the club which were dressed ‘up as advisory fees.’ Which the board… Read more »

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I agree that Kroenke is to be blamed for not having fired Wenger already. However that Wenger was allowed to destroy the club is still to do with the fact that Kroenke treated Wenger with respect that he didnt deserve. He should have been fired and Kroenke foolishly refused to do that. However Kroenke has given Wenger all the freedom he wanted to work. Kroenke could have told Wenger no no don’t spend 500 mil, I will put it in the KSE bank instaed. He did not do that. Its just that Wenger let him and everyone down. He has… Read more »


@Too Drunk To Be Offside I don’t really understand what your point is? Arsene Wenger has never spent £500 million on new players in a single summer. I appreciate you were just throwing a hypothetical number around, but regardless. The money we have to buy players is a direct result of players that we have sold. We don’t spend the money generated from our revenue streams as a club i.e. matchday, commercial, sponsorship…etc on new players. We sell a player, then we have to replace them otherwise (in theory) we wont be able to field a football team. Since 2007… Read more »


All those funds ??? We despite twice breaking our transfer record have actually got a net PROFIT on transfer spending plus despite the wages for the two new strikers and the obscene amount to Ozil still posted an overall net operating profit larger than last season’s ! So tell me again how much wiggy had put INTO the club ? We have a majority shareholder who cares only about money we have a manger filled with hubris who refuses to acknowledge he is past it probably because of his 8 to 10 mill a year salary and a gutless board… Read more »


Too drunk to say anything useful more like. The curtain is coming down on Arsenal’s greatest manager. Have some respect. Calling the man a leech is offensive. He’s dedicated himself to this club. Yes results are slipping and he should leave at the end of the season but in the traditions of the club show some class. It’s easy to throw insults around but it’s just as easy to have some compassion.


Because of course, be the deputy of the head coach of the U17 is something relevant. Come on… Let’s be serious, please.


Guardiola took the Barcelona job having only managed the Barca B team, and look at the success he had. Not everyone needs a heap of experience to be able to succeed at the highest level. Thierry has been a coach for years and has been an assistant for Belgium for a few years now, so understands how it works and has been coaching top players. Now I’m not saying Thierry is going to replicate Pep (as it’s a completely different and much more complex situation at Arsenal), but the point is that just like with players, if you’re good enough… Read more »

David Hillier\'s luggage

The big difference with Guardiola, and Zidane who always gets thrown into these conversations too, is the fact they managed the B teams (who play in the lower divisions) full time and worked their way up the club internally. Henry was given the opportunity to do this when offered the U18 role (which is more of a stepping stone to the first team in England than the U23 side), instead he chose punditry and a part time international coaching job. Henry might be a brilliant coach, even a terrific manager, we don’t know yet. One thing is for sure though,… Read more »

A Different George

Exactly right. For example, if Arteta took over Man City’s U18 next year, and became Guardiola’s successor two years later, that would fit the Guardiola/Zidane model.


“The big difference with Guardiola, and Zidane who always gets thrown into these conversations too, is the fact they managed the B teams (who play in the lower divisions) full time and worked their way up the club internally”

And it is also a problem when people dare comparing the B teams in Spain, which actually is the equivalent of the 2nd professional division, to a U18 league of kids.

So, sorry, but Guardiola and Zidane are good examples. So is Didier Deschamps who took Monaco with ZERO experience in 2002 and led them to the CL final in 2004.

David Hillier\'s luggage

I’m confused Kolokolo, are you agreeing or disagreeing? One of my points is Henry’s situation is completely different from Guardiola and Zidane’s as he hasn’t worked full time in a coaching role. Henry works part time with Belgium, nothing like the day to day managing or a Championship or League one side. Deschamps is a decent example, however there was comparatively little pressure at Monaco – Stade Louis II is usually half empty, nor was there the baying mob/immediate gratification culture that exists at our club now. Deschamps had one win in his first seven league games and Monaco finished… Read more »

Eric Blair

I totally understand the sentiment of thoughts like this, I share them myself, but that’s what they are; sentimental. There is no way you can compare Arsenal now to Barcelona when Guardiola took over. He had been actually managing week in week out and had been prepared for this role for years beforehand, taking a playing role in Italy just to expand his knowledge on this front. Not only that, Barcelona had the best group of young players on the planet coming through with one of them arguably the best player of all time. Zidane would be a better comparison… Read more »


During the 12 year period when Pep Guardiola was coming up through the ranks at Barca until he left in 2001, these are the head coaches he worked with: Luis Aragones Johan Cruyff Bobby Robson Louis Van Gaal When he became their coach in 2008, Frank Rijkaard had been there for 5 very successful years. That means both Pep and *the club itself* had the benefit of 5 legendary coaches over a 20 year period. In that situation handing over the reigns to a former youth team player is less risky because of the wealth of knowledge within the club.… Read more »


Hmmm…. ex player mangers end in disaster…tell that to George Graham!


Yeah, but the qualities of Barca/Real and Arsenal are slightly different…

Teryima Adi

At least we could start with Vieira and Henry combo.

Gonzo gunner

You should probably cut down on the swearing before you start calling others inarticulate.

some fat fella

Henrys american cousin would do a better job thanthis shit and hes got zero exprience of watching a football match


Don’t know. Zidane had close to no experience. Guardiola had only one year with the reserves. Julian Nagelsmann was a 28 year-old guy who saved a club (not a big club, I agree) from relegation to become one of the best club in Bundesliga. Why would he turned off on offer if he receives it? If you have a young player as good as Cesc, would you tell him sorry kid but come back when you have you’re driving license?


What managerial experience did Pep have before taking over Barca. Everyone needs to calm the Fck down. Backstabbing ???? Are you high.

One Dennis Bergkamp

He was asked before and said no.


I don’t think he’s the right answer, but he is talking about something that he feels very strongly about and in his second language. I don’t mind if that makes him a bit less articulate.


I’m sorry, but you cannot talk about the king like that. He’s an arsenal fan. And how are we fans feeling right now? Why would he be any different.

Couldn’t be fucking worse than whats happening right now could it?


I think the evidence recently suggests Wenger hasn’t had as much say when signing players (see perez, mustafi even xhaka all signed becsuse of that stat dna thing) and is being childish and going on strike because of this. There’s obviously a huge rift between him and the board and the players and the fans are suffering.

We’re always the collateral with this bullshit


…and speaking of inarticulate fucks….

Random Witness

Can I have some of what you have been smoking? I could use your incandescent “Hulk” like rage


Pure loyalty. Inspiring words from the man.


Loyalty? But preferred the money of being a pundit than coaching the young ones.


Why on earth would a man with no managerial experience be the answer to the current shambles. Go and learn your trade first, boy, then we can talk, when you’ve proved yourself.


“clockendrider” Calls Arsenal’s most profilic and decorated strker ever, a multimillionaire aged 40, a boy. Pathetic and racist


Speaking of which the Arsenal team has caused me lots of pain this year with their performances.

Pathetic racists.



Sorry, can you point out the actual racism in his comment?
If you are referring to the use of the word ‘Boy’ in the context of a 40 year old man, can you please explain to me how that is racist?

As far as i can see, you have just come on here and made apathetic comment yourself.

You may not agree with what ‘Clockender’ has said but please don’t come on here calling people racist where no racist comments are made.


Why racist? If he had said the same to Dennis Bergkamp (say) would you have said that would be racist? And why isn’t anything derogatory said about Thierry above also racist by your definition?

Or are you ‘COYG’ with a new name, using that word without any actually racist being said?


Language used to demean black people does not have the same meaning when said to a white person. That’s basic basic stuff. The history of racism is about the way darker-skinned people have been treated, which includes the use of certain phrases like “boy” being directed at grown men.

Not everyone can be expected to know that the term has a racist history. But you should know that “what if that was said to a white person” is pure false equivalence and pretty silly way to think about what is or isn’t racist.


OK, interesting stuff. I’ve heard ‘boy’ before in a comment to a white person, just saying they are immature. And never heard this growing up in Nigeria.

Searching online it has a very American slant to it, as someone from the UK I’ve never been aware of it.


Your argument is pure BOLLOCKS mate! Like all pc types you seize on a WORD but ignore the CONTEXT in which it was used then pull the racist card and defend it’s use with tired old arguments that I’m sure you pc people learn by rote ! Context is or should be everything where language is concerned ! Oh you also in your diatribe completely overlook regional ways of talking for example a carrot cruncher from Norfolk or Suffolk using the word “boy” while talking to ANY other male would be almost second nature !!


I said not everyone can be expected to know the racist history of using that word in a demeaning way. And yes, regional/local use of words can complicate things – it’s a good point.

It’s just a civil discussion on a football blog. Unbunch your panties and learn that shouting “pc types” and “race card” in all-caps doesn’t make you right, it just makes you loud.


Whereas calling people racist because they say somethingg you dont like and use a word which you choose to read as having political meaning is perfectly accettable. Attach the word racist and automatically win the argument. Who’s the fascist here, me or you!


Mate, come on. I explained why the word has racist history, but I didn’t accuse you of anything. For me, everyone gets the benefit of the doubt, esp as we’re all Gooners here. No big deal.

All this “fascist” and “pc” stuff reminds me of the Hobbits leaving Hobbiton for the first time and worrying they’ll never have second breakfast again. It’s a childish response to adversity; you encounter men and women from different parts of the world online and you can approach it with an open mind or stay put in your comfy little space.

A Different George

No American, from any region, would doubt that calling an adult black man “boy” was intended to demean him and was racist. Is the same true in England and other countries? Perhaps not always racist, but almost certainly demeaning, even if it is so ingrained in speech that the connotation is no longer conscious–like a French “garcon” in a cafe. No peasant ever called his landlord “boy,” nor any worker his boss; but the opposite is not true.


That’s it back away from your original ridiculous comment and still try to maintain the moral high ground. I think you’re being racist. By the way, I’m using it as you have chosen to use it. Can you see now how that somewhat undermines the efficacy of the word?


white person – says something racist (may not know its racist)

black person – yo that’s racist

white person – No it isn’t, worlds gone PC Mad, ill say what I want your choice if you’re offended, you’re using the race card, bollocks is that racist!

Black person- sigh :/

love how white people seem to know more about racism than those they are racist too LOL.


Agree calling him a boy is disrespectful but then again if the posters age is great enough like my own calling anyone 20 to 30 years younger “boy” is understandable I do not think it was meant in a “racist ‘ way the context and tone was that of an older man talking to a much younger male ! I get a bit sick of how quick some are to throw the “R” word around at the drop of a hat don’t you BOY?


Where the fuck do you get racist from! Oh of course, it’s just accepted practice for generation snowflake to call anyone who disagrees with whatever they have decided is the one truth a racist. You keep in playing Politically Correct Top Trumps son…..


I don’t mean to fan the flames here but it’s a bit more loaded than that. In any ex-colonial country (and certainly in France) calling a black man “boy” would be considered offensive – and racist. I guess the important thing is that the OP could have made his point without the (probably unintended) slur. Helps also to remember that this is a global site – people from a variety of cultures and nationalities post here – so a little understanding and restraint go a long way!


Whereas calling someone a racist on the v
Back of nothing whatsoever to substantiate it is ok. Grow a pair man.

President Eckener

Rather than complaining about how unjust it is that people have been offended by your words, wouldn’t it be simpler and politer to just apologize for an unintended gaff and move on? You can’t claim ignorance of why “boy” is a loaded term at this point, so the reasonable thing to do is say, “my bad, didn’t mean anything by it”, and let it drop. Reacting aggressively like you are is not improving the quality of debate here.

TL/DR: Politeness costs nothing, but gains respect.


You are the only one hurling insults around here. Several people have taken the time to explain – in fairly neutral and polite tones – why your comment may have been (mis)interpreted as having racial/racist connotations. In other words, provided substantiation for the initial reaction. You claim that’s not what was intended and I am happy that is the case. But, if so, why all this belligerent victimhood and internet tough-guy posturing? You’re just undermining your own case.

DB10s Air Miles

How is that racist? Ffs


I don’t know why people have thumbed you down, maybe due to your language. but, I think you are right. Henry chose punditry over coaching and ran off from Arsenal like a hare, why would we turn to him now? If we wait, we’d probably even get Zidane himself or someone better.


Pretty sure he is the assistant manager for the Belgium national team. Calling any grown man a boy is insulting.


Yes it is insulting and was designed to be so. Well spotted. Henry is behaving like a boy if he genuinely believes he has the credentials to be the manager off the back of very little coaching and no managerial experience. It’s like a 16 year old saying he wants to be an astronaut. Fine aspiration,now go and get qualified.


Don’t think he is the guy for us now (at all) but understand that as a pundit he has to respond to the hypothetical questions put to him. He loves the club.

It shows his high regard for Wenger if he wants him to have the last word on his career rather than get booted out.


….Nah actually you’re alright mate. Cheers though!


Give it to Titi, till end of season!


I got the reference and laughed.


Thierry is the reason I fell in love with Arsenal in the first place. But I really don’t think he is helping this situation at all.


So people would rather things continue as they are than give Titi a chance?


No I would rather we got in a manager with a track record to coach and get us back onto an even keel. Not a novice. The football world is littered with people who were excellent players but couldn’t translate that into coaching. The skills are not the same and until there is some evidence to the contrary I wouldn’t give the job the Henry.


I’m not saying there aren’t other options, but at this point I feel anyone would get better short term results.
Henry is working with lukaku hazard etc and they are tearing up the PL.

He is an unknown quantity as wenger would say but people are reacting as if he is Gary neville.


I don’t know why you’d bring up Hazard and Lukaku… they were ‘tearing it up’ long before Henry was appointed as a member of the backroom staff at Belgium.

Remember Tony Adams? Look at how his managerial career has turned out. Don’t get me wrong, maybe Henry will be a good manager some day. But first he needs become a manager – not just a striker’s coach or whatever he is at the moment. Look at Pep, Zidane, Koeman etc they all managed youth teams before they got the main job.

Big Dave

What the fuck are we waiting for? We need someone with a bit of passion.

Eric Blair

Oh no. If this is what the Kronke family (plus Gazidis) are planning then the trouble is only just beginning. They obviously don’t have enough football aptitude between them to make a Dein-like appointment, just go for a name which will appease the fans. I love Henry, but what has he done since he retired? A bit of coaching and sticking the knife in to earn a nice paycheck from the media. Wenger has to go at the end of the season, for everyone’s sake, but I have wondered for a few seasons now whether the bigger problem was his… Read more »

John C

If he manages in the same aloof, shrug, point and stroll way he captained us then he’d be a disaster.

There’s no evidence he has any ability to fix our problems, which are organising our defence and midfield. The suggestion of him taking over is ridiculous in my opinion.


Like our attack and GK don’t need reorganization

John C

Not to the same degree, no. Our goalkeeper would perform better with a more organised defence in front of him and our attack would perform better with a coherent midfield behind it.


This job would mess him up big time. Henry rightly has a big love for the club but that’s probably been wengers big down fall and stopped him from leaving years ago. My wish to wake us from this nightmare would be an experienced coach with proven track record who likes attacking football but undestands the importance of defending who doesn’t love the players and wouldn’t hesitate to kick some ass, smash some tea cups, drop any fucker any time, make subs change formation anytime and buy some big athletic type players that won’t lie down and cry. And would… Read more »


He’s the guy you’re looking for.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Henry getting the job is bonkers because of his lack of experience but Arteta getting it everyone find ‘intriguing’….the difference being ???? I don’t get it.

Jumping Jack Flash

I don’t think either candidate is a solution but Arteta sits next to Guardiola and notes things. And Henry exchanges thougths with Jamie Redknapp.

John C

Both would be silly choices in my opinion but Henry has demonstrated over the past couple of years whilst being a pundit not to be the most coherent communicator which could be seen as a bit of a problem when trying to instruct a team.

Arteta on the other hand has had the good sense to keep his mouth shut and therefore no one knows if he’s stupid or not.

So I think he’s probably seen as the lesser of two evils

Kwame Ampadu Down

Absolutely. We need an experienced manager. No debate.

As for Thierry… wouldn’t assume a good pundit would make a good manager. So why do the same for a bad one ? (For the record I never watch punditry so have no view either way)
Personally, I think Thierry has every chance of being a good manager some day.

John C

I don’t think being a good pundit would make a good manager but Henry regularly makes no sense whats so ever.

You need to be a good communicator otherwise how else could you pass on instructions?

Kwame Ampadu Down

As I said, I don’t watch much punditry but Thierry is an intelligent, articulate man. I wouldn’t fear for his communication skills in the slightest.

John C

He’s a clever articulate man who makes no sense whilst talking about football unfortunately.

If his punditry skills are to go by i don’t have any confidence that he’d give clearer instructions to this team than Arsene Wenger, i certainly wouldn’t want Arsenal to be the first team to see if he can.

This team needs clear direction and coaching and there’s zero evidence he could give that.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Jesus man. Let something go for once ffs. ?

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Pep is a great communicator, right ? Pep even stops talking to a player who is out of his favour. Ask Zlatan, Eto’o or even Henry when he decided to bench him for Pedro. Henry is said (by former coaches and teammates) to be very very interested in tactics and in knowing how other teams play. Domenech said: You talk about Armenian national team and Henry will correct you about the position in which a specific player usually plays. Also he was extraordinarily disciplined as a player. He can impose same on his players. Under Pep, you do not come… Read more »


He can’t say fuck or bugger on TV… Can at London colney

John C

Although whatever shit comes out of either of their mouths surely it would be very difficult to top this:

“When you have just the trousers on it’s easy to take them trousers off as well. When you’re naked completely you have to find a shirt and try to put it on again and that you’re dressed normally again.” – A. Wenger 4/3/2018


I am the one who favoured arteta over henry and i find your comparision so much valid now..My mind just thinks that since he is working under pep he just might bring some pep into arsenal as well…which is totally nonsense since he worked under wenger as well…i am all in for ancelloti,loew or monaco manager..


Personally, it’s because Arteta has kept his head down and his mouth shut while he learns the trade from the greatest manager in the world right now.

TH14 on the other hand chats shit on sky sports with the likes of souness and redknapp – both of whom are cunts.


I can think of one key difference.

Kwame Ampadu Down



Having seen how petulant and childish and selfish he could be throughout the majority of his tenure as Arsenal captain I am completely unconvinced he would cut it as a manager.

I will always love him for what he did for the club but just hearing him speak/seeing him on Sky irritates me these days.


This is so embarrassing what’s happening to our club. Look at all of us fighting on here over disagreements with others opinions… Arsenal needs to come together and that starts with us the fans. Yes we have terrible ownership, a now terrible coach who won’t f#&king leave, and Granit Xhaka as our starting MF every game, but we all know Wenger will leave when he wants even if it’s completely unfair and hurting the club worse then it ever has. We can’t do anything about it so why don’t we just accept it for what it is until someone grows… Read more »


I think it would be fitting for Henry, Viera, Pires and Arteta to have some kind of role in the future. Word is that an American coaching style will be favoured once AW leaves…so if a combination of these guys ends up at the club we should be happy shouldn’t we? Historically Arsenal have liked to promote ex players to the management role…we even had an ex physio as manager.

Tony grayson

All this blind loyalty is destroying our club, the board are protecting wengers ego at the clubs expense.

Arsenal Fan

please don’t ask him.

we need someone qualified.

let’s go back to basic. diego simeone please.


I really don’t want an amateur or a stop gap. I don’t care if it’s Henry, Bergkamp or Vieira, it will only ruin the fondness I have for them. Sure Henry may give a short term boost with his passion for the club giving the players something to believe in, but results based on that aren’t sustainable. Based on his lack of experience and sky punditry I really doubt he has the know-how at this point to grow a club rather than just give it a temporary boost. And knowing our board, consecutive wins would win him a 5 year… Read more »

Goonerest Gooner

Well, if it’s a choice between Henry and Brendon Rodgers……



Maybe Roberto Martinez when he gets fired by Belgium this summer.


“I gambled with Pep Guardiola at Barcelona, Arsenal should do the same with Thierry Henry” – Joan Laporta


Laporta would love to see us fail. What a prat.


Think I would prefer Bergkamp at least he has experiance with Ajax


And who would manage the away games? Steve Bould?

Or would Bergkamp, sitting in a comfortable armchair in London Colney, communicate with Bould/Keown in the dugout via a telephone hissing instructions and hoping signals don’t go kaput before he finishes talking


Bould is useless. Wenger never surround shim with the practical and with people who can bring something to what he lacks. This is the fundamental difference between him and the success of Fergie. If we are going to get a new manager it will be better prosecuted in the summer. There is no point to appointing anyone willy nilly. This will be WORSE for the club. No Ancelotti won’t do. Not that he isn’t good but he is older than Wenger. We need someone younger. There will be a shake up managerially this summer if anything predicated by the world… Read more »

Spanish Gooner

You can’t take Sky money to slag arsenal off every week to appear “unbiased” then walk into the arsenal job after 18 months working part time under the footballing genius of Roberto Martinez. Sorry Thierry.


Not the guy we need. A great guy though.


No ones asking you Thierry. We need a proper manager. Not someone learning on the job.


Not helpful at all.

And go get some proper experience under the belt first like Gary Neville


On the flip side, maybe we can dust him off to play up front.:D There’s no Aubameyang for the game against AC Milan. The whole idea of us relying on Danny Welbeck fills me with dread (I hope he can prove me wrong but he looks so clumsy) Why we decided to buy Aubameyang rather than retain (the NOT cup tied) Giroud and work on Lacazette is beyond me. It was a ridiculous move to buy a cup tied player for a competition which is (NOW ) our most realistic chance of sneaking back into CL and regaining whatever sliver… Read more »

santori Very interesting break down on TACTICS being peddled by Gatusso to decent effect this season. Two things : 1) Gatusso has little experience in management but unlike Henry has at least been fully in charge of the U19 team for the club. 2) It strikes me that the issues in terms of Milan and the squad make up, formation/tactics are very similar to Arsenal. They have the same issues when pushing fullbacks forward and being vulnerable to the counter and the spaces left behind. If we are to beat them at the San Siro, it is worth understanding their… Read more »


United came back from 2 down against Palace today to win it.

Stark contrast to us. When we went 2 down to Brighton, there is a lack of belief that we can pull ourselves back.


It’s a gamble but that doesn’t mean its doomed to failure. The only guaranteed failure is keeping Arsene. Preferably I’d like someone objective from the outside of the club with no strings to come in and clean house. But if it had to be Henry or Arsene, then it’s Thierry everytime.


“If you love a place and they ask – I repeat, they ask _ for help, you are always going to say yes,” he said.

Someone should have mentioned this to him as he signed for Barce

“If you love a place and they ask – I repeat, they ask _ for help, you are always going to say yes,” he said.

Or as he turned us down to work for sky.

Honestly like him less and less every time he speaks.

Lonely Lonliness

Let me Just say “NO WAY”

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