Welbeck: Unity is strength and division is weakness


Danny Welbeck has denied that there is a split in the Arsenal dressing room and underlined the importance of his teammates staying united if they are to arrest their recent poor form.

The Gunners have lost five of their last six games, including four on the bounce, and know they must secure a decent result against AC Milan on Thursday’s in their first-leg Europa League campaign if they are to rescue anything from the season.

It looks very unlikely that Arsene Wenger’s men can secure Champions League qualification by finishing in the Premier League’s top four but success in Europe would present a back door entrance to the continent’s most prestigious tournament.

“I didn’t know about that until you just said, there’s no split in the camp,” he told Sky Sports. “I didn’t even know about that.”

He went on: “You’ve got to be united in these situations. Unity is strength and division is weakness in this period.

“We must stay together and fight, stand up and fight, because that’s what we need to do.

“Results have not been good enough, we should be doing a lot better than what we have been doing.

“We know playing for Arsenal Football Club that the fans are hurting, everyone involved around the club is hurting, we can feel their disappointment and that’s something we want to put right.

“It’s been a difficult period but going into the next match we want to make a positive result.”

Welbeck looks set to start Thursday’s trip to the San Siro with Alex Lacazette still sidelined and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang cup tied.

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You can’t give what you don’t have. This team just ain’t got it.

The Loon Ranger

You can take a horse to water but a pencil must be led. Howzat? I’m sick of these soundbites.


Yeah it’s just fucken club propaganda

Lord Bendnter

I think he needs to turn around and say those words to his teammates in the dressing room lol

Mein Bergkampf

We are all as unified as we’ve ever been. Unfortunately it happens that we are unified in thinking this club has a lot of deadwood and serial underperformers.

Twisted cuntloks

Including the manager…totally agree. It is the first time we have almost 100% unity for many many years.
That fact we dont fight each other now and have united for the future of our club makes us powerful and together we can bring about change.


I honestly believe that this same team, under a different manager, will perform differently. The team is filled with players who were performing at another level before coming to Arsenal. If they all have turned shit (and all have), it means the blame has to be passed on to the people managing them. We are training them to turn into shit.

Yankee Gooner

Christ, these bastards can’t even quote Orwell correctly!

Dial square

What a load of bollox, keep your mouth shut and do your talking on the pitch.
I get that he was just replying to a question but these quotes and sound bytes really really fuck me off, I’m not interested what Wellbeck thinks, he’s been a massive disappointment ever since he arrived at the club.


Don’t read them then…


Hahahah welbz


Thou doth protest too much, me thinks.


I will never accept player power in our club. If players think they can do what Chelsea players did with Mourinho then I don’t want to see any of them in an Arsenal shirt ever again.
It’s not even about restoring pride anymore. We have gone past that stage. Forget Arsenal, forget Wenger, forget the fans and the media.

Do it because you love football. Play like you play with your mates on the streets. Dont keep scores. Just play and express yourself and help your teammates develop. Just play the sport.


I agree with you but there comes a point when u stop putting 100% in when you realise there’s no consequence to poor performances. Your point is the exact reason we are decent at the Emirates

Mayor McCheese

You just know he practised that unity line over and over again before the interview, shoring up his mental filters against the feared, “I desperately want to make love to a…”

Laughing Stock

Poor Danny. One of Fergie’s go to guys, in the England team, world at his feet. Then Wengered to within an inch of his life and thrown to the Arsenal fitness and conditioning wolves.

Tas Gunner

Fergies fgo to guy? surely that was tongue in cheek?bebe,anderson,buttner was also his go to guy.stop blaming wenger for destroying something that didnt exist in the first place.


If only there was some unity in our play. The team is worse than the sum of it’s limited parts


How divided must we be then?


Regardless of what’s going on, I’ll watch all the games and support my team till the end of the season.

Just not the punditry either side of the match….

Up the Arsenal!


I will keep saying it no matter what happens the club belongs to the fans. Coaches and players come and go…


Someone give the guy a banjo and a cow’s arse to practise on.


Spiffing. They’ve all now suddenly got a PhD in Philosophy. How about conducting an experiment of sticking that spherical bag of wind between those two white posts and seeing what results you get, Doctor Sigmund Welbeck.

Chippys chip

Oh they can all talk the talk. Theyve learned from the specialist. Very few can walk the walk. Enough of this bullshit. Win games or feck off.

Arsene Baggin

Apart from Jack Wilshire, is there are player in or near the first XI who seem to care about the team they are playing for? Putting aside the fact that there might be better players out there technically. I have always defended Wenger and this team right up until the cup final. Not once have I jumped on board the “Wenger must go” train but right now that train has already left the station. I have patiently been waiting to see the manager turn it around but these last 10 games make me feel that this is his time. The… Read more »

Jung Beans

“Apart from Jack Wilshire, is there are player in or near the first XI who seem to care about the team they are playing for?” – Ramsey – Kos – Monreal – Ozil I think these players care. I don’t think it’s a lack of caring. I think it’s a lack of coaching. They don’t know their role, they don’t have a team dynamic – they are all good players playing to a different beat, and so there is no team cohesion. We can talk about Wenger forever, but we need to think about Steve Bould too. His defensive set-up… Read more »


Ozil? Lolz


Spot on with your point about steve bould here. Christ what are we paying for him? Organizing our defence? This guy has been absolute disgrace since arriving with expectations high! Wenger said back then he sorts out our defence… he has sorted it for sure, in abysmal way.

The Peter Simpsons

Well . . . that’s what we see from the stands. When this regime changes – and it surely must very soon – I’d be interested to hear how much ‘sorting out’ Bould was actually allowed to do.

Gonzo gunner

Time and again we hear people say Wenger doesn’t even let him speak to the players in a negative way so I don’t see what blame we can lay at him really if all he does is smile and nod.


Guy you have said it all. I have also not been part of those who say the man should be sacked but obviously he lacks that mental capacity. Take an instance the game with City. neither he (Wenger) nor Bould did move from the bench. If you say wenger should be sacked then his assistant should follow suit.


I’m sure every gooner would agree that the best scenario is for Arsene to win Europa & resign. But It’s More likely that we’ll get knocked out of Europa and Arsene stays. For our sanity I pray it’s the former

Made Arsenal Great Again

Naaa! I’ll go with WINNING games and the leauge is strength. Losing games and being the laughing stock of the sporting world is weakness


The day he was signed it was obvious we’d been shafted. Utter garbage.

Joe Bloggs

Well he has only shown his ability in fits and starts. Not his fault, but he is crocked so much its not been a good move for anyone.


So you knew it all along but are telling us now?
Some Arsenal fans are masters of revisionism.


Until the dictator is gone nothing will make any real difference .


Is Welbeck still a footballer?

Chippys chip

Bambi on ice in panto season beckons.


My lovely Gooner wife has said being an Arsenal/Wenger fan is like being in an abusive relationship, here’s how she puts it: If Arsenal was a boyfriend, I would have to say I am in a toxic, abusive relationship. Every year it’s the same, getting beaten, battered and let down til you feel you can’t take anymore. Then the season ends, the transfer window comes and there HE is saying “it’ll be ok this time” “I’ve changed” “we’ve signed whoever, it’s going to be different” So you take the leap of faith again and enter the season with hope. Two… Read more »


I’ve never aware of the club being abusive, so not sure the analogy holds. Disappointing, yes. I’m surprised she didn’t see a more obvious analogy – ‘it’s like being in a relationship with a polite guy who keeps telling you that they are trying harder not to spend lots of time posting on the internet site of their favourite sports team but keeps doing it and avoids the important things in life, like improving themself, getting a better job, doing the housework. Getting back from work and seeing him posting again, rather than doing anything useful, hurts. So a regular… Read more »


Piss poor


Np, thought it was funny but obviously too many of us here (includes me, btw) that it touched a nerve for.


Wenger just sitting on the bench and not making any subs against City tells you everything about our state.


Funny I used to get excited about transfer links of players now it’s about Wenger leaving…problem is both reports are a load of bollox


Shut up Wellwide, you’re one of the many problems wrong with this club.


Just changed my vote after noticing “Wellwide” 🙂

Kwame Ampadu Down

We already knew the team is unified Danny….loads of posters on here had told us so after the Everton game…. because Alexis had left the team spirit was great again, our problems were solved & that performances were going to reflect that. Sorted !


Oh those were the days. Evil Sanchez all his fault


Come on Danny one off your shin or shoulder on Thursday will be much appreciated and will lift the fans. As much as change is needed I can still hope the team wins a game. Coyg


Welbeck hatrick, come on, dont give in for a second and we can beat anyone. Is mertesacker really not an option anymore? He has always been slow, and him and koscielny were so strong.


Weakness is not being able to control a fucking football


Come on Danny!! Smash it.

Mesut\'s Ozil

I worry when players that are likely to get moved on if a new manager comes in, come out with these “kumbaya” statements. Danny always puts in a shift but SAF sold him for a reason, and I think any other maager will sell him too. So, for me, he’s the last person I want to hear from. What do players that could play for CL teams have to say about the current state of affairs? Hand THEM the mic


Van gaal sold welbeck, saf and mourinho both admitted it was a mistake. Im getting behind this team, arsenal are not big spenders, so we have what we have and we can work together to at least try winning the europa. Its different, but its happened to all the best teams in england at some point. im still a gunner through thick and thin. Come on, lets show who we really are against milan. Lets get behind them till the end of the season, then we can discuss, if we get in cl through europa and out league form improves… Read more »


Just two days before a very important game for the team for the season and there is just toooo much toxic and negativity amongst the fans. OMG!!! Like many fans have just given up hope and the fight. The team needs the fan now more than ever. If you support a team just to keep looking and picking on its weakness and mistakes…life will be just like living in a bad relationship. One simple option….leave that relationship eventho the love for the other partner is still there. Just walk away. No need to continue to talk bad about the other… Read more »


Of course there is no division! How could there be? They all lack the same stuffing. They’re all aboard the same Ship having been handpicked by the same gutless Captain! Only winners would create some division, in refusal to sink with the rest.

In Arse We Trust

was this an interview?


Scoring is strength and bumbling the ball into touch is weakness.


U r a weakness too danny boy….


Yeah sure. More talking less walking, as usual.


2-0 to Milan


Scoring loads of goals is strength, a handful of near misses and occasionally knocking one in off your arse is weakness.