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Wenger unperturbed by Deeney’s baiting

Arsene Wenger says the best way that Arsenal can respond to Troy Deeney’s suggestion that they lack ‘cojones’ is for them to beat Watford on Sunday.

The Watford striker came off the bench in October to equalise from the penalty spot against the Gunners at Vicarage Road in a game the Hornets went on to win 2-1 in stoppage time.

After the match, Deeney made headlines by suggesting that whenever he plays Arsenal he finds it easy to outmuscle them. Rather than be drawn into a war of words ahead of Sunday’s showdown at the Emirates, Wenger made clear that his sole focus is on securing three points.

He said: “You don’t think we’ve had enough controversy in the last week? We don’t need to add some more!

“What we can do is just respond with the quality of our performance. We’re not going to focus on what people say. You understand that if you respond to every single statement, I would be mad. I may already be but I would be even more mad.

“Let’s just focus on playing our game and winning again. It’s important to win and then win again to build up the belief. That’s absolutely vital.”

The Gunners will definitely have to be wary of Javi Gracia’s side on Sunday. The Hornets have won two of their last three games at the Emirates and four of their last seven at our place. One of our biggest problems recently has been keeping clean sheets. Thursday’s win in the San Siro was only our second of the year and should we fail to keep one on Sunday, it’ll be our worst run in the top-flight since 1988.

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We’ll win this one

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Welcome back from the Andromeda Galaxy after a decade long stay. How was the weather there?


If only it’s your turn to go there.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Yeah instead of sending Wenger critics to Andromeda how about you start hoping he starts getting things right instead.

Mein Bergkampf

Some people feel Wenger should not be let off easily and we shouldn’t loose “perspective” of the overall picture.

Others are glad he’s seemingly out of the funk and are willing to back him 100%.

We both get each other’s point of view and surely however you feel, you can see the others viewpoint and motives for those opinions.

Good. Now, I for one want to get back to actually enjoying the thing I love so much. And that love continues to grow with us smashing Watford tomorrow night. Let’s fucking have it!

Tankard Gooner

You’re bedside stuff.

Reality check

He knows his players might not fancy it so he’s playing it down in advance. We’ll see tomorrow If they actually have any pride. It’s not even Barca or Munich, its Watford phukin Fc. We can at least teach them a lesson, not to phuk with us again. If we want our fear factor back , we need to start putting clubs like these back in their rightful place.

Runcorn Gooner

Remind me what record Deeney has apart from a Police one?

Jimbo Jones


Reality check

Good one

Yolo Toure

Imagine though, just imagine if Troy fucking Deeney is the catalyst for our season? Him saying we’ve no bollocks, and our lads absolutely smashing Watford tomorrow, taking that into tha rest of the season and we go unbeaten / somehow win the Europa and finish above the spuds. Troy fucking Deeney.


Whist there is no doubtedly some truth in what he said (a bitter pill to swallow for all but anyone with a realistic perception of reality will identify with what he said) we need the team to give that cunt the most difficult game of his life. Put in a shift, put it up him and make him regret his words!

Jungu Beans

Troy Deeney is a tool not worthy of attention. I think we should play the shite out of them on Sunday and when we beat them 5-0, we should not even mention his name. That would make him very sad, and perhaps more chokey than he already is.


Who gives a shit what deeney thinks?

Granit(e) hard!

I agree completely, but sorry, no can do!……if we smash watford, no, AFTER we smash watford on Sunday, Deeney’s ‘Cojones’ is up for grabs on the socials.

The Far Post

Excellent! Not sure I want to grab Deeney’s cojones, though.

granit(e) hard!

I cant help but agree, lol…well played!


Surely we should be resting players for this one?

much as I’d like to make him eat his words


Nah I reckon Holding should beat the shit out of him.

Evang. Simon

Deeney deny d decision to dive.

Just win the match and the next one and the next and the next and the next until you win the EL

Hank Wankford

Troy frickin Deeney can go suck a dick!


Sick a duck you mean. But no. That vermin might actually….like to do that!


Good luck finding a volunteer for that.


I think he prefers cojones


no game in prem looks easy, with our form, I can see Watford getting something. With Aubameyang coming in for welbeck we might be more clinical at least. problems at back remain, and Xhaka is really struggling with Prem. Against Milan, he was more comfortable, not pressured and more time. He won’t have it today. going for 1-1. If we turn up today, 2-1. COYG


Dont you dare to be realistic! We just won a football game (1st from last 5) so with Wenger romantics back in town anything but being over optimistic will be slaughtered here.

Jimbo Jones


Arsene\'s Micki

I wish Xhaka kicks the life out of that cunt Deeny’s cojones. What a hateful twat


With the way the team has performed against some of the so called lesser sides this season I hope Wenger has found a way to get this team fired up and motivated for another ‘they dont like it up em’ scrap. Or will they have an eye on the big game to come on Thursday?

Sean Juba

Deeney is a fat thuggish cunt.

Granit(e) hard!

I hear you Arsene, but sorry, this has to be a grudge match. In fact, his now infamous atrocious comment should fire our boys up to crush them. These footballers all attend the same social circle outside football and for him to stab his friends in the back like that, all for the sake of five minutes of fame is beyond unprofessional and they should in addition to making sure they win watford convincingly, also make him personally pay for it on the pitch on Sunday. I have no doubt the fans will be baying for his blood…….if these were… Read more »


I’d have someone bait him into a red. Or just pass triangles around him for a bit until he’s gassed.


The triangle thing should only take a few minutes, the fat fuck.


Release the Kolasitank on that little wanker


Big fat wanker, surely?


Tks for getting us fired up Troy … hopefully we sting the Hornets with a 6-0 masterclass.
Mikhi to score again with PEA hat-trick and Cech penalty save when
Steve Bould subs on specifically to stud kick Deeney’s cojones and is then sent off to a standing ovation. COYG


The point of Deeny’s shitty comments was that we were actually so shit he was right. Don’t like what he had to say? Then play proper football next time!


Blitz the cunts.

me 2

A meaningless game because we have nothing more to play for in the league.
Who cares was is said by anyone..
The reaction on here to Deeney’s comments just highlight a general denial about Arsenal – a lot of people think we are good enough to challenge, that we have the fight and talent to win the league but the truth is we are no closer than Brighton or Burnley in winning the league.
We do lack everything that is needed to be successful…


Deeney is a master baiter


Off subject but ‘groans of frustration as Alexi Sanchez gives the ball away 3 times in quick succession.’ For ManUre right now. Seems familiar somehow. And he is not scoring.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Sanchez needed so badly to be shown the door and us swapping him for Mkhitaryan was probably the best business we did this season. While Sanchez hobbles on at that once great club up north, Mkhitaryan continues to look pretty tidy for us.


Deeney commenting on Arsenal players and cojones doesn’t know that all of them are full international players.. While Deeney isn’t ??

Godfrey Twatsloch

From what I recall one of his comments were something along the lines of if someone like him can score against Arsenal there’s clearly something not right about the team. And wasn’t it Allardyce who said something similar about his bread and butter tactics that had so devastatingly caught us on the back foot?

Like those two or not, there are useful lessons in what they said.


I guess they don’t play football in Uglycuntistan.

Drew Dewsall

Whether or not you want Wenger to leave, you can’t fault the man for being a class act in front of the press. Even when under such incredible pressure.

Yellow Ribbon

Arsene is just full of grace. Top notch as a person without a doubt.


Some of the fans on Arsenal FAN TV need to learn from him. Appalling human beings.


When he’s not discussing the teams trousers and coming out with absolute rubbish.

Tasmanian Jesus

Hope he tries to outmuscle Kolasinac.


“ Bosnian Kolosus with the dainty feet, fancy bumping into you here. Seen my Cojones? Should be on the pitch somewhere ” Deeney

” I step on them. Sorry. And sorry your face.” Kolasinac


Its hard to motivate ourselves in the league bc there is next to no chance to catch up with the top 4 pack (let alone the team ahead of us.

BUT we need to push to end of season and show some cojones indeed.

Lets take what Troy Deeney said as a positive.


AMN if Kolasinac is still feeling 50-50 on the ankle. BUT I do feel he is a good choice to compete with Bellerin at Rback when we get our full complement out left.

Chambers played well against Milan providing an outlet with his height. He played almost a Sagna role knocking balls down with his head from the half way line.

But if we are grooming him for Cback now, that’s the position he needs to work on.

Tankard Gooner

I dreamt mkhi and auba walked into training and said “wait wait, we’ve been holding back on the dortmund stuff. Been meaning to shut this two bit shit wannabe fat fuck off. “


Come little ones, let us gather round the village sociopath to hear what wisdom he has to share! Who the fuck cares what Deeney thinks… He’s insignificant and meaningless.


I like Deeney, he says it as he sees it, straight forward and honest, not all this packaging in everything you say or all the mincing of words you get with most other players. That being said i hope we thrash Watford, but it would be typical Arsenal to go out and beat a European “super” club and then come home and lose to a team like Watford.

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