Arsenal 4-1 CSKA Moscow – player ratings


Arsenal put themselves in a commanding position for the second-leg of their Europa League quarter-final with CSKA Moscow, beating the Russian side 4-1 at the Emirates on Thursday evening.

Read the report and watch the goals here.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

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Ozil a 10 for me for beating 2 players with that dummy in the second half


He played a dummy to himself. It was glorious.

When Ramsey hit the post I shouted mostly because if he scored it would have been from the same move as that dummy – about 20 passes before, one of which was a brilliant cross-field ball also from Ozil.


Does winning the penalty count as an assist? Because his other two were sublime.


Haha yeah that dummy is what I wish would happen in fifa when you hold r1 as the ball is rolling to you instead of it just losing possession every fuckin time!


I love the rasult, but to be honest, we did squander 3 or 4 easy goals.


After reading blog’s match report, can’t believe I missed the game! Will definitely be watching the repeat today! COYG!

Drogheda gunner

Ramsey has bein brilliant since christmas back to the form of three years ago


Ramsey was class but wasn’t Jack injured just last week in the interlul.. we shouldn’t ignore that. Asking him to suddenly play two games in a week is harsh from Wenger, and it showed. Clearly not fit, he was effectively hiding all game, just releasing the ball as soon as he got it. Sad to see, and poor management, it will knock his confidence back down after a decent few months. Elneny was raring to go by comparison.

Charlotte Bates

@Nketibag, did you miss Ramsey’s two goals? Plus, he looked confident enough imo.


Perhaps we just have to accept that Jack isn’t very good any more. He’s had plenty of game time and the zip has gone. West Ham for him I think.


or perhaps we just have to lament that we have lost one more brilliant player due to injuries, which all originates from the pathetic medieval ‘up them’ football.

Always arsenal

Yeah, let’s put this 4-1 win down to poor management !!

Danger Mouse

How the hell have people given Ozil 7.5 out of 10 !!?? He was fucking sublime.


maybe it’s too harsh but I think for 350.000 a week you can expect him to convert these type of chances. He scores a bit too less in general in my opinion. But don’t get me wrong. His main job is creating and he’s brilliant at that. But a bit more goals from him would be good. Should easily score 10 per season with his ability.


Three assists and they had no clue what to do about him. Everyone knows what Ozil is about and it’s creating. Taking a chip out of him for not also getting a goal is a bit like criticizing Aguero that he doesn’t win enough clearance headers.


Yeah, right. Its the same to expect headed clearances from a striker than to expect goals from a number 10. Good comparison.


it’s too harsh.


Great to see the lads Putin the effort. Ozil is so fantastic to watch when he’s on song.


I see what you did there

Faisal Narrage

Well you’ve got a lot of nerve to make a sensitive Russian pun like that.


Just havin’ a gas mate, if I get into trouble, Soviet. I understand if you think I Moscow away.

Hmm, these seem to be getting worse with each one, I should stop before they’re not even puns any more. Saint Petersburg.

Dave M

I’m just russian in here too add my two cents as well

Dave M

Are you Stalin for time before your next response?

A Different George

These are worse than the fucking Guardian.

Dave M

don’t tell people where I work man


Give Ramsey everything he wants. Put a banner up at the Emirates with him and rhinos on it if needed. Anything.


Good win and much better performance from Ramsey and Ozil than we’re used to see this season but CSKA didn’t help themselves by giving us so much space. Blogs may be right that Bellerin suffers from the lack of partner on the flank, tonight while given some help he was impressive.


Agree Ozil and Rambo rocked, but Bellerin while great going forward was repeatedly beaten by their winger and really struggled defensively in the first half.


To be fair, Ahmed Musa is capable of that kind of performance. Didn’t show through very much at Leicester, sure, but in the right team, like Zaha (and Gervinho?) he can be devastating.


Musa was their total threat in open play. to be honest!


Okay, why does Xhaka keep doing that thing where he gives the ball away and then gets mad and picks up a stupid yellow card in a doomed attempt to win it back instead of just playing defense? It’s almost like the coaching staff has never noticed this and isn’t telling him that if he does it again it’s going to cost him. Dominant performance, yes. There was some fine individual play and nice combination play. But there were still too many misplaced passes, some entirely unforced. I really like the way Lacazette is playing. I hope Mikhi isn’t hurt… Read more »

A Different George

I have never seen a football game where there were not some entirely unforced misplaced passes. I have seen Xavi and Iniesta do it; I think I even saw Vieira and Bergkamp do it, though I may be mistaken.


Not sure why CSKA didn’t get the memo about aggressive pressing to unsettle us. Give Ozil an extra second and he will pick you apart.


I think Iwobi tried to shoot but missed it so bad so it looked like a pass to Laca


Definitely a pass but a poor one, he should pass it with his left foot and we had 3 players available to shoot surely he would pick one up. But he looked sharp and did get in great positions he played good he just needs goal fora a confidence up as he is in low confidence now because iwobi in for would put that chance away don’t need to pass it.

A Different George

I thought he was right to pass, Blogs. A good pass would have given Lacazette a tap-in.

Billy Bob

Yep Rambo needs a new contract ASAP


Remember not so long ago many people saying Ramsey was a liability and should be shipped? Many people are dumb


Seriously, who does that twat Many People think he is?

Faisal Narrage

I’ve always liked Many P. Over the hill but still one of my fav boxers.


His positional discipline has improved markedly since we’ve moved to a 3 man midfield which is helping Xhaka look a lot better as well. His lack of discipline was a real issue the past few seasons but he’s seemed to have really sorted that recently

many people

Hey.. I am sorry, dude.. take my word back..


Jack isnt doing too much to cement his credibility for the WC selection or his reported wage demands…shame I like the kid.


Rambo haters will have to just piss off

Merlin's Panini

Great game that. We should have had six or seven with the chances created. I thought everyone played well aside from that moment of defensive madness that lead to their goal. It felt inevitable they would score from the freekick as it was all so careless. They suddenly looked quite good for about five minutes after that and, although they had some chances, they were pretty poor. Ramsey’s flicked goal got a “ohhhhh!!!” from everyone in the pub! Such a perfect reaction as it was so audacious. What a goal that was. Really hoping Mkhitaryan will be alright. That knock… Read more »


dude…this is arsenal we’re talking about. don’t make statements like that, you’re just inviting karma into us…


Don’t really understand the praise/excuses for Bellerin from Mr. Blogs this season. I really like Hector but he’s been pretty poor this year. I get that he’s being asked to do a lot of work because he doesn’t have much cover down the right. However, I don’t think this can excuse his decline in the basics like his touch and passing

Joseph Furey

Wilshere a five? One under Welbeck? Were you actually at the game?


Wilshere most over rated player on the planet…get he is an arsenal boy and all that but sadly not good enough by a long stretch…time to make room in the squad


think you need to wear glasses , wilshere is a class player , one of our best


I was, and Wilshere was shite.

Men With Ven

Brilliant game from Ozil and Ramsey.

Standard appearance from Iwobi, he’s really not good enough and it’s frustrating to see Wenger persist with players like him for way too long.


Iwobi isn’t good enough. It’s a worry that some people think he is. Equally as weird is the fact that his ineptitude in front of goal has led to the invention of myth with respect to other parts of his game.

He’s a dumb footballer. You can’t coach that away.


Thought Alex Iwobi’s cameo was…..interesting
He has all the tools but his mind just seems to melt as soon as he enters the 18 yard box of the opposition..He’s quite strong, good first touch and combination with Ozil and others, causes mayhem and finds himself in excellent positions…Then he gets into the box…


he seems I guess shy in front of goal, not a great quality for an attacking player, I feel like hes capable but just doesnt seem to have the belief right now


Whooping new contract and Captains armband surely for rambo…please dont arsenal this one up…please… what a player when fit and gets a run of games


Wilshere was fine, kept the ball generally well, a 7 for him and the cbs would make sense for the whole 90, but sure focus on a few isolated moments and under analyze. Also point should be made that ramseyvand wilshere swapped roles today, it was a bit risky as we missed Ramsey’s engine next to xhaka, jack n xhak are quite the slow combo.


He only has 3 more pass and way lower passing accuracy than lacazette while playing much deeper. The game just pass him by, a player on his position should’ve done much better.


I think since his England no show he’s bound to be down on confidence not to mention the ongoing contract feud. Maybe he wasn’t that good but I think he deserves some empathy with all that’s going on with him at the moment, probably shouldn’t be starting but Wenger loves him. If he signs a contract i think his game will certainly settle down again. Also based on todays game he and ramsey had swapped roles, Ramsey definitely showing he can play both deeper and further forward now, and in consecutive games, good signs for him.


To be fair Wilshere played an important role in the vital first goal too.


Again the one highlight for Mustafi his poor clearance but in truth he was solid all game and put in some very key tackles. You really ought to have a bit more balance. Other than that, two stand out players would be Ramsey and Ozil. Ramsey obviously playing for the White Rhinoes and Ozil, well what a spuerb 42.3m panic buy by Wenger he is. Lacazette also finding the goals which will be crucial. Does his confidence no harm. Granit was also solid today. Covered a lot of ground. Thought Mhkitaryan was a bit off with finishing and passing at… Read more »


I still don’t rate Ramsey. Please, friends, I want to like him, and I’ll support any gunner forever. Tell me why I’m wrong. He just drives me crazy as a player. Blogs and others will freely admit that Mustafi is either amazing or crap most games. I feel that Rambo is the same. Not trying to hate, just discuss. Thoughts?


Try and watch Ramsey objectively. Don’t watch him thinking he’s good, or thinking he’s crap and you will notice he is actually a very good player. Often criticised for going sideways or even backwards, you have to remember he plays in midfield and sometimes you have to go back to go forwards. At the very least for me, he seems good at not giving the ball away unless he is trying something like a flick in the final third


“Try and watch Ramsey objectively.” Now there’s a contender for most condescending blog comment of the year… My two cents: Ramsey’s been much, much improved this year (and the very tale end of last). Almost back to his very best. But the last several years, after his breakout year, he was, on average, very poor: frequently caught out of position too high up the pitch, maddeningly sloppy in possession, uncomfortable receiving the ball in deep positions when pressed (hence lots of backpasses), unable to play on the half turn, extremely slow to turn generally, selfish when other players were in… Read more »

Olivije Žirod

You would got plenty of thumbs up if you had written that about two months ago. That’s just how (Arsenal) fan base work – changing opinions game by game and not looking the whole picture. 😉

Going forward is not a problem by Ramsey, keeping discipline is. Playing practically with 5 midfielders surely helps.


Damn! Rambo’s was hot today!

Monkey knees

Aaron Ramsey fast becoming our most important/best player. Give him what he wants; he is pivotal to Arsenal!


Wilshere had the lowest passing accuracy of any outfield player.I won’t be bothered if he goes at the end of the season. he has been injury-free and has had lots of opportunities this season but never really impressed. Hopefully wenger isn’t thinking that he can convince him to stay by playing him every week like he did with OX


Jack has 2 off games in a row following an injury which helped him miss a chance of going to a WC and you lot are all over him eboue. Dude was motm several times this season, jog your media whipped memories.


I felt really bad for Iwobi; if he’d shot and not scored everyone would have slated him for not passing to the 3 (three!) On-rushing players.


The fact that Ramsey was always playing that highuphigh up the pitch is enough reason not to renew his contract. Guy is either poorly coached or doesnt respect his position enough to stay disciplined. That coupled with his injury problms and inconsistent form makes me wonder why her receivs so much hype. Against bette opposition this gung ho attitude will cost us dearly and we have seen it in the past.Jack is done at this level, love the guy but hes always hiding in games and cant win a ball back tosave his life.


He is a box to box midfielder, not a box to halfline midfielder. Ofcourse he’s going to spend a lot of time high up. You know who else used to do that? Frank Lampard, and he had a mad goalscoaring record

Kartik Iyer

Whats red and invisible? Man U ‘s attack?

Brown American Gooner

Am I crazy to think Ramsey would be a very good striker. Good finishing, good movement, composure


No you are not. I think we use him at times as a second striker that start deep so that opposition players will not see him until he’s already in the box


Maybe, just once, can we rate Hector on his defensive performance? Yes, maybe he was an 8 going forward, but defensively, he’d be lucky to get a 5. Stopped 1 cross. Got turned almost every time on his flank.


Good win, albeit a poor second half and some worrying defensive moments througout.

Mustafi continues to star in his very own episode of The Muppet Show and we need to move on from him and bring in better.

Speaking of which, the level of players at the club should be measured against the Welbeck-Iwobi bar. In other words, we need to move on from players at the level (or lower) of Shinny and Deadend, if we truly want to compete. Dead wood the pair of them.

A Different George

So, let me say what I mentioned last week. If you look at the “WhoScored” ratings, Mustafi is the highest-rated centre half in England over the course of the season. Perhaps their ratings are weird–though, as I said, the rest of their side includes De Bruyne, Hazard, Salah, Aguero, so it doesn’t seem crazy. Maybe their method is less reliable for defenders (Last I looked, their fullbacks were Valencia and Young, and this doesn’t seem that far off the truth either). But, whatever the weaknesses in their ratings, it just cannot be the case that someone who is the very… Read more »


Why are everbody leaving ten minutes before the whistle? I think we should have stayed and given the team the roar they deserved. And Özil. What a fantastic player!


Unfortunately some of us live some distance from the stadium and have trains to catch. i left ten minutes early and got home at quarter to one, if I stay to the end I would probably have got home at half past two, on the last train running. There are people who travel a lot further than me. We don’t want to leave early, I hate it, but when matches start after eight o’clock some of us have to.

Matt P

What a filthy goal that was from Ramsey.
Enjoyed that game.


Some of the negative comments on here are quite depressing. If you want to focus on the negative, imagine being a Sunderland supporter for a moment… and then think positive first and apply positive critique. Calling players useless or deadwood is just so lame, especially after a 4-1 win. We won 4-1! Playing some brilliant attacking football. It was exciting, you rarely get that if defence is the first priority. It’s almost as though ‘some’ people would prefer a scrappy 1-0 win with a perfect defensive performance. As a comparison, Atletico beat Sporting 2-0… i.e. they won by 2 goals,… Read more »


Thanks to those who downvoted, it proved my point about the category you sit in 😉