Friday, July 1, 2022

Arsenal 4-1 West Ham – player ratings

It was back to winning ways at home, as Arsenal beat West Ham 4-1 with goals from Nacho Monreal, Aaron Ramsey and two from Alexandre Lacazette.

Read the report and see the goals here.

Here’s how the players rated today.

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I think that Aubameyang is a pretty good player

Clock-End Mike

He has a goal or an assist every 90 mins so far. That’s pretty good. Better than Walcott (every 111 mins), Ramsey (115 mins), Mkhitaryan (121 mins) or Sánchez (125 mins). (My stats, top 5 players over this season only.)


Giroud used to have a goal every 68 minutes for us. Now he is scoring for the rugby team in West London.

Clock-End Mike

When was that? Up to the point he left this season, Giroud scored 7 goals (no assists) at one every 181 mins. Last season, a goal every 111 mins (plus 7 assists, making a goal or assist every 77 mins, which made him our most effective forward that season), but stats were better last season across the board: Pérez had a goal or assist every 79 mins, Sànchez every 94 mins, and so on. The season before that, in 2015-16, when Giroud was our top scorer, his stats were a goal every 141 mins, or a goal or assist every… Read more »


I think that was for France. He’s just scored a beauty for chelsea, I hope they win the cup, I’d rather Oli got another one than manure.

A Different George

If you watch that goal in slow motion, his footwork looks like Messi. Seriously. I always liked Giroud, but I never thought I would say something like that.

Not renewing

Went to game as thought it would be emotional and packed. We were awful for most of the game. None of starting 11 would get in top team. Maybe monreal at left back. Think we only have two class players in Ozil and Aubameyang. Squad needs complete overall. Huge job for incoming manager. I think we have all been blinded wishing these players were good enough. There not.


Not sure why this is being voted down because he is absolutely right. I was also at the game and we were awful. Monreal was good, Belerin was shocking. Maybe Sky was showing invincibles reruns.

Arse City Blues

Wow, thats how spoilt we are, good old Wenger.. Not a bad result then huh? So many teams get praised for being absolute shite and winning 1-0. We weren’t great for long periods of the match, but we were great for key moments. And.. We won 4-1.


Especially Iwobi, he is so careless with the ball, his breakdowns start so many dangerous opposition attacks. Maitland-Niles also must take more care. Both of them are overly casual, is it an Arsenal thing?

Yea olde billinator the eeeeradicator

Bellerin may not be having a stunning season but any team would want him, Lacazette is pure class we haven’t seen him at his best yet, I may be wrong but weren’t Barca rumours happening about Ramsey?


I’m downvoting for bad use of “there”.

Merlin's Panini

Umm… It’s “overhaul” and “they’re”.
And I disagree. We need to improve in some areas but we have some very good players. Not just Özil and Aubameyang. With the right coach and some defensive reinforcements this squad would be very strong.

Arse City Blues

We’ll I’m sure you really added to that passionate and positive atmosphere.

These players are suddenly under a completely different kind of pressure now, and as the match went on they showed maturity and quality to win against a team with so much more to lose than us. Whether we played amazing football all game or not, we won 4-1.

Don’t renew. It’s no biggie.

David C

it looked like we had a game plan. Wenger knew they were going to stay behind the ball so we had to be patient. We seem poised to pick teams off in the last 10-20 mins with all the speed up front. So I think that led to a bit of a boring first half, but come on, that last 20-25 mins was pure class.


I disagree. I think Özil, Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang, Monreal, Bellerin, Ramsey and Lacazette are all top players, some underperforming under Arsene. By top players I mean would attract interest from the top three clubs in each of the major European leagues, I’m not saying they’re all Lionel Messi.

Beyond that, I think we have a second tier, many of whom have to go but a few of them can also do much better.

That’s 7 players I’d want to keep, in case you’re not counting and 4 to bring in or need to step up under a new manager

A Different George

Very few clubs have more than two or three top players in the sense of someone who would start at almost every other top club. Man United have three (De Gea, Pogba, Alexis), Chelsea have Hazard, Kante, and probably Courtois. Liverpool have Salah, Van Dijk, and possibly Mane and Firmino. Man City have the most: Fernandinho, Silva, DeBruyne, Aguero, probably their keeper, possibly Jesus, and a bunch of others who are borderline.

Granit(e) hard!

Pal, i don’t care if we had played with a team of one one eyed double humped donkeys, never mind ‘awful players’, ….a score line of 4 -1 is good enough for me mate. No disrespect to donkeys intended!.


What I like about Aubameyang as well as his play is he seems to be as happy when other players score as when he does. Even with the team’s struggles after his arrival he genuinely seems happy to be here and seems to be a great team player.

my name is bob

I thought Opsina was pretty solid tonight, if he does play on Thursday hopefully he can replicate that performance.
In other news, we should let Holding start against Athletico so he can call Costa crazy again!

Gunner Rob

Costa is out for Thursday, Holding can shout at him from the bench


That would make my day

A Different George

Is that true? Sufffering from terminal nastiness?


Can I just say that on every corner, I worry about Ospina being able to contest for the ball? Great shot stopper, but less than commanding in the sky.


Cech has been awful lately, but lets all have a go at Ospina. He hasn’t conceded from any set plays so what’s the problem? Cech makes me nervous these days and is certainly no upgrade.

Corona X

Upgrade or not – only one of’em has got a kick ass helmet!


‘Eat shit’ 🙂


Arnautovic really is a tool.
Surprised at how strongly we lined up today. Really hope Elneny is back soon.


It looked as though Egypt better worry. That was a nasty ankle injury.

David C

didn’t look good on TV, he really rolled it and you could tell he was in a lot of pain.

Shame, he’s been improving lately. AMN looked pretty slick in the role as well.


It seems arsene has indeed being forced out. Well we all wanted for board to grow some balls and fire him and i guess they finally nutted in. Right now i feel sad for le prof and some may feel injustice, But i believe it’s our feelings talking and logically board has taken the right decision to force him out.

Clock-End Mike

And how is this view (based, I assume, on the questions Le Prof keeps being asked by journos, rather than on anything as peripheral as facts) anything to do with player ratings?


Honestly don’t mean to be rude, but this is best discussed in the Wenger article comments, not here.

Yellow Ribbon

Why does it even matter if indeed the board has forced him out or not? You think this board has finally grown a pair by doing it? Noo..! Stop living in an illusion. Let them prove it by appointing a good manager and the way they take this club forward. He is leaving. That is all that matters. Now let him leave with some respect. I am pretty sure that it was Ian Wright who started it. Not sure why he did it.. but this is something that I would not have expected from him. Gone out of a lot… Read more »


His post match conference post would have been right..i kinda posted this in a wrong place.


Absolutely agreed Yellow Ribbon. Wrighty really disappointed me with that shit stirring. Leave it alone for God’s sake, I’m not really interested to be honest. If the board does nothing then everyone is on their case, if they have given him an ultimatum because of the seriously bad football and results, then they are said to be hounding him out. Arsene has resigned, why can’t people just leave it at that, give him a good sendoff and move on?


Lol now you calling ppl peasants? Good argument


Really surprised Rambo and Kos started today given their problems. Let’s hope they’re good for Thursday!


Xhaka’s defied mathematics there, incredible!

Merci Arsene (GoonerestGooner)

92% of the time he completes 100% of his passes.

He’s like that aftershave in Anchorman.


Lacazette had very good game. Good chemistry with Auba too. Iwobi though… He must step up. Really.


Agree with most marks except: 8 for welbz, he was sharp and energetic. And nearly scored with his foot! Rambo 8 – he was class. Iwobi- 6 not a lot came off for him but he worried really hard and showed good energy. Not convinced by him… we look so sharp with Auba on the pitch, just waiting for him to click with Ozil…

Agree with bonus rating – but can we have two? 22/10 for Arsene as he’s pure class.

A Different George

I thought Welbeck was much better than the rating. Besides two dangerous shots, he interchanged positions really well with teammates, kept the ball, passed well. Maybe, this is how a confidant Welbeck plays. (We’ve seen for a while now how a confident (and fit) Ramsey plays and it’s pretty damn good.)

My other observation is that, once again, for much of the match we showed how much we depend on Ozil.


While we do depend on Ozil it’s not as if we’ve never played poorly with him in the side. The bigger issue is our slow build up style.

Granit(e) hard!

I agree on Welbz. C’mon, at the very least, the luxury of 2 ‘proper’ sizzling strikes, with his feet?….. in the same game deserves a higher rating than a miserly 6.5 in my opinion


Xhaka has really impressed me of late, producing the sort of form we all hoped he would deliver at the start of the season. Interesting to see if a new manager can find an effective solution to our midfield conundrum that involves him or whether he becomes surplus to requirements


Still think ospina should have caught that ball instead of punching it before their goal. Poor from the gk


I have a bad feeling about Elneny. A real shame because he was suddenly getting quite creative and sharp

Pat Rice and Beans

10/10 for the bonus rating.
And what a assist from Ramsey. A new contract for the guy should be one of our priorities in the summer.

Merlin's Panini

I seriously don’t understand why we can’t replicate this away.
Maybe we need a yellow kit again.

Olivije Žirod

It is all about confidence. At the start we played very good football in away games (apart from Liverpool game) but we were unlucky. At Stoke we dominated when some decisions went against us. At Watford and City there were also some bad decisions against us. Then slowly game by game it came into our head that we can’t win in away games. The second reason is we can’t finish games. In most away games we scored first and we made a plenty of chances to score the 2nd but we didn’t. Our defending is poor this year but we… Read more »


Iwobi had a very poor game today. A change of managers poses a real threat to him. Wenger seemed determined to develop him here, but the new guy may not have the patience. I’d like to keep him, even if he goes out on loan.


Wait & see how does in the World Cup (if he plays) also a change of coach may give him a kick up the backside who knows.


Like Pires, he seems not suited to playing on the right. Could be a peripheral vision thing.

Tony Hall

Tell you what over the next seven days it is time for the the players to stand up and be counted and make Arsene proud. They need to stuff AM on Thursday and then Man U on Sunday. Nothing would make me happier than Maureen’s miserable, whiny face after losing to us ! It’s about time !


Did you guys see when Arnautovic shoved Auba out of play and Laca ran over to him after got up and gave him a high-5? That’s what you call team chemistry.

Aubameyang’s movement is sensational and Laca’s shooting technique is near-perfect.We need to become a counter-attacking team if they’re gonna play together next season.


is aubameyang gonna claim that goal, or, does it go to kane?


Bonus rating:
0/10 – The producer, who, when Arsenal get a semi counter attack around the 90 minute mark, decides to show a close-up picture of David Moyes for around 5 seconds.


Easy to get carried away. We struggled till Ramsey’s cross ended in the net which was pretty late in the game. That said : 1) Ospina – Reasonably decent. One spectacular punch flying off his line. 2) Bellerin – Started of OK first half but simple passing went astray a bit second half. 3) Mustafi – Maybe could have been better covering Anautovich but he has played a lot of games and odd mistakes aside has also come in with good blocks for us 4) Koscielny – Did OK but surely we need a Cback to come in for him… Read more »

Arsene's Micki

Never knew Arsenal have a defender called Anautovich. Surely learning is a continuous process.

I Didn't See It

We signed Anautovich after the game?


How good was Giroud’s goal today? World class.

Superb feet. He’s going to the Wcup.

I think we should have kept him and got Mahrez instead of a cup tied Aubameyang.

If the board appoint a lightweight young manager who can’t hold his own, Mslintat and company will run all over him. As much as we are poor now, it could get worse.

Hope the right people lean their weight on the matter and we get someone who can hold his own.


Think Niles had a good game when he came on…has some slick footwork at times, nice little shimmy in the second half sent Kouyate to the shops. We do need someone better though and he can remain mr versatile for another season or 2 getting more experience. He should be starting infront of Bellerin at RB given current form. Iwobi continues to look good until he gets to the 18 yard box and from there shit just goes pete tong. In a our good opening spell 2nd half he Plays a nice one two , shrugs off his man, then… Read more »


10/10 for the full turnout in the station


I worry about Lacazette and his octogenarian athleticism. My Grandfather would get around the pitch quicker, even after his knee replacement.

He needs some serious power and speed training from someone like Margot Wells or Darren Campbell.


To be fair we looked better when Maitland-Niles came on, no offense to Elneny but I would have given them the same rating if not niles slightly more. Pleased for Laca, he’s been gagging for that last 10mins. Also though Welbz was our brightest player first half, 7 for me.


Ramsey’s goal deserves an assist for Auba, he did the keeper and the defender by leaving it, quite a genius instinctive moment. Deserves a lot of credit for it going all the way in, could’ve snatched at it too, but the more I watch him the more he stands out as a real team player as well as being quite the talent. Impressive start for the new boy.


Ok no Auba didn’t do the defender, my bad, it was late here in NZ and i just caught motd, poor Rice lad.

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