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Hector Bellerin wants the number 2 shirt for next season

Hector Bellerin says he wants to wear the number 2 shirt next season, now that it’s free following the departure of Mathieu Debuchy.

The Spaniard currently wears the number 24, but now that there’s a chance to wear the traditional right back number, he’s going to take it.

In a YouTube video with Per Mertesacker and Rob Holding, the players are asked if they’re happy with the shirt number and which one they’d like if not.

Bellerin expresses his desire for the number 2, and continues, “The two was occupied at the beginning of the season. I’m gonna ask for it.

“I’ve already spoken to Vic, he knows.”

Vic, of course, is kit-man Vic Akers, and perhaps it’s a good sign that he still sees his future at the club in the wake of stories linking him with a summer move.

You can watch the video below, including Per Mertesacker’s sadness at having missed out on his favourite number 29 because it was held by Marouane Chamakh at the time of his arrival, and Rob Holding’s desire to wear 5.

As it stands, Arsenal don’t currently have a 1, 2, 3, or 5, and with Mertesacker’s retirement at the end of this campaign we won’t have a 4.

We’re ready here at Arseblog News to give the people what they want. Not speculation about a new boss, not transfer tittle-tattle, but the real stuff: shirt number stories.


ps – We hope Hector announces his move to number 2 wearing a sarong made of chain-mail, a stetson, a shirt fabricated from ostrich feathers dyed pink, and a monocle.

pss – Can someone please Photoshop that for us?!

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Hopefully we don’t sell hector in the summer to raise funds,need to build team around him and Ramsey


50 mill sounds like a bluff. Say you’re skint and hope the asking prices come down. No self-respecting manager worth his salt (with ambition) is going to agree to that. I expect 100 mill probably made up a bit by some expected sales and/or offloading players’ wages (we have quite a few players on loan)

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No, Josh and Gazidis are daft enough to try to do it all on the cheapl

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Building a team around Bellerin is fine, as long as he shows improvement. Right now he has pace and little else. He is regularly found wanting in defence and up front he contributes precious little, with most of his crosses failing to get past the first defender.

Hopefully the new manager will be more adept at drilling the defence and Bellerin could live upto his much talked about potential.


Hector also needs a number 2 on the back and sides.



I was going to say something about his hair but you said it way better than I would have.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Number 2 for number 2 right wing with the new manager ? Will grab my coat.


Hair hair

Lego Shocks

Can we just give Mesut number 10 already!?


If Wilshere leaves this summer the number will be freed up.


Plenty of numbers left for a strong defensive mid, center back, new goalkeeper and either kolasinac or Monreal to take up the traditional number 3. We also don’t have a 12 or 15. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Maitland Niles or Elneny take up the 15 next season.

Depending on what’s going on with Jack, if he leaves Ozil will wear the 10 and we then have 11 spare.

How riveting. Shame it will be in that hidious puma thing shown earlier today


I wouldn’t be surprised if the primary signing Gazidis will push for is a dominant CM. Almost as if to say “There you go fans, we got rid of Wenger and got you that fabled DM you’ve been begging for since Viera left. Aren’t I great?”


If he *does* do that, props to him for doing so. I’ve read in a lot of places that Arsenal FC are notoriously stingy and incremental in their offers/negotiations. And it pisses off clubs. I don’t care who gets to take the credit, as long as they deliver success to our beloved club


Vieira didn’t play DM he was the more attacking midfielder in both his partnerships with Petit and Gilberto

Niall Shannon

Well that’s easily done… Can’t see why not. At least Hector is planning for next year at Arsenal and not somewhere else in his mind


If we had numbers 1-5 nailed down maybe Arsenal would be higher up the league. From 6 upward we look in pretty good shape.


Delighted he’s looking to stay on. The way some of the fanbase treat him he’s got every right to look elsewhere.


waiting for that photoshop! Hope the #4 goes to a shiny new DM


Very funny video. Both Bellerin and Holding hold so much respect for Per


Judging by that new Puma design they’re all getting number 2 shirts next season.


He also desperately needs a hair cut. Imagine how No.2 will look on his back with a proper trim.

Green Cannon

Came here for a link to the photoshop but I must say I’m thoroughly disappointed that no one has done it yet. So sad.


@We’re ready here at Arseblog News to give the people what they want. Not speculation about a new boss, not transfer tittle-tattle, but the real stuff: shirt number stories.

…Well we are not asking for baseless rumours, just possible prospects. you made the “poo-meter” popular by bringing news that have not been confirmed but are at least making the rounds. I even heard for the first time here that Brendan Rogers was being considered…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yes, it’s true. We’re considering him… as a replacement for Per in central defence. They reckon he could stop attacks dead with his solid wall of bullshit.

Cliff Bastin

1 – Leno
2 – Bellerin
3 – Monreal
4 – Maitland-Niles
5 – Holding


4-New DM
5-New CD


Where’s Auba?


14-Auba… Just gave the shirt numbers, not the 1st team 11 ?


New GK, please!!


Another year with Cech please


He can give his current shirt to Maitland Niles.

AMN has been nothing but solid in the fullback role with his strength and pace.

Rather than re-role him back into midfield again (ala Calum Chambers convoluted development plan), we should have him back up and compete with Bellerin to get the best out of the Spaniard.


Fullback positions are strong in option for us. Kolasinac needs desperately to deliver on promise and hopefully next season he can kick on better without injury As I have mentioned, the logical thing to do (with so many other areas needing attention in the squad) would be to back up Bellerin with AMN. Cback will be an area that needs a good look into. Like it or not, Mustafi is actually one of the stronger players. He has put in plenty of critical blocks and stops but his infractions get amplified by the usual stat merchants with their own axe… Read more »

Billy Bob

Are you angling for the managers job? If so, I’m liking your thinking ?

Dy Gunner

Worrying about a number, he should focus on how he can improve his game, because if you ask me he can’t defend for shit, and doesn’t know how to read the game focus on that no matter what number is on your back, and you’ll be a hell of a right back.


Needs to cut his hair…form will pick up as he will be more aerodynamic and look fast again



Just in case… It is p.p.s. rather than p.s.s., meaning “post-postscript” or after the postscript.

Yours truly,
A friendly neighborhood pedant

P.s. Good stuff from you on Football Weekly. Elevated that podcast this week from its fast-becoming-typical drivel.

P.p.s. Please, not Simeone!


2 Fast 2 Fabulous!


This is so funny, and so natural. Absolutely love these guys.


You know what i was about to come and say something negative about this guy but instead im going to wait to see how he plays under a new manager…Its going to be interesting to see which players thrive without Wenger and which ones dont’.

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