Ozil: I am proud to have played for Wenger


On the day that Arsene Wenger announced he’ll step down as Arsenal manager in the summer, Mesut Ozil has revealed that the Frenchman was the main reason he moved to the Emirates.

The Germany international, who recently committed his long-term future to the club, also emphasised how proud he is to have played for a man who trusts him entirely to play with freedom.

Ozil became Arsenal’s record signing when Wenger paid Real Madrid £42.5 million for the midfielder in September 2013 and he’s gone on to become the Gunners key creative force helping the club to three FA Cups in the last four years.

“He’s the main reason I came here, he convinced me and I am proud to have played under him,” Ozil told Sky Sports ahead of Sunday’s match with West Ham United.

“Everyone has a lot of respect for him. He has won many titles, developed some good players and has always played excellent football, so you know as a player if you come here you are going to be able to develop and play in that style.”

Ozil went on: “He is an honest guy, a very respectful guy, has a good personality, and everybody wants to play under him.

“He is the boss who brought me here and wanted me to stay so I said I am comfortable here, I never wanted to leave and that’s why I stayed. Now we want to reach our further goals.

“To be a creative player like I am, he gives me that freedom and tells me to do my thing. He gives me his trust and belief and when a coach says something like that, especially someone like him, you are proud and you want to do all you can to fight for him.”

Like Mesut, fellow first team stars and former players have also paid tribute to the boss and on an emotional day.

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still trying not to cry

Mayor McCheese

I’ve given in. My cheese is all melty, and I don’t care.


Im glad knowing that im not the only one shedding tears

my name is bob

One of the best things Wenger did in the last ten years of management of this club was bring in the class act of Mesut Ozil to this club.
Thanks Arsene!


Class act my foot. 350k, when we cannot even give Shere an 100. Paying my tribute to Wenger doesn’t mean I have forgotten how he over pampered these boys. I have waited patiently for this era to end. I now hopefully await for an era of discipline and taking responsibilities. Let us see where Lazy players like Ozil would be then. Where should sign up now or………….


Apart from the fact that Ozil is very far from being lazy and covers as much ground as any other player, he has shown his class by his creativity which you obviously do not appreciate.


We are invariably a lot more shit when he’s not on the pitch

A Different George

It is hard to know if you have just repeated old talking points from some of the laziest and least insightful of television pundits (and that is indeed a league with serious competition) or if you have actually formed this opinion on your own.

There is a case to be made (I don’t agree with it) that Ozil is a “luxury player;” there is no reasonable argument that he is lazy.

Andy Mack

If you think Ozil is lazy then it’s clear that football isn’t the game for you.


Wilshere doesn’t even rate a 100k if we are talking the same scale.


wilshere does more in one game, than ozil does in ten games


Just imagine for a second thru all the 22 years, how many other top players like Ozil might not have joined Arsenal if it wasn’t because of Arsene…

He built and embodied the team’s DNA and values, which shall live on long after he’s gone


utter rubbish, players came before, and players will come after

DB10s Air Miles

Yep, can’t wait to start signing the Glen helder types again….. Not sure if you remember him?


what about bergkamp, bruce rioch signed him before wenger came, and he was one of the best players in the world, I rest my case

DB10s Air Miles

Rioch? I think Dein may have been more instrumental in that deal…….. we’d been linked with him for the previous couple of seasons, before Rioch was there. But even so, the calibre of players we sign/are able to sign has definitely increased by a country mile, but stick with your nasty and bitter agenda if that’s what makes you tick. Wenger’s gone now so you have won. You should feel content, happy perhaps…. so why keep banging your same old tired drum? You got what you wanted so be quiet and let the rest of us enjoy all the great… Read more »


I don’t have an agenda, I was only putting people right on what they posted, and I think its wrong of you to suggest I do

DB10s Air Miles

It doesn’t seem that wrong when taking into account all of your posts over the past couple of days. You might want to read back….. All you’ve posted is nasty anti Wenger stuff. Fair enough if you feel like it’s time for him to go, but he’s granted your wish now and all you’ve done since is bitch, moan and attempt to rewrite history. It’s really quite strange. It’s ok to acknowledge the good things he’s achieved and still be happy that he’s standing down.

DB10s Air Miles

We’d been linked with DB1O for at least the previous 2 summers, which would surely suggest that it was Dein as opposed to the short term Rioch. How can you possibly deny that the general calibre of players we buy/are able to buy hasn’t gone up during the Wenger era? It’s just silly! In any case you’ve won! You got what you wanted, Wenger is leaving so why are you still banging your tired old drum? Maybe keep your ill informed thoughts to yourself and be quietly intent why the rest of us enjoy looking back on all the amazing… Read more »


you are STILL missing the point, it doesn,t matter if it was dein or who ever, were able to to buy a world class player, without having anything to do with wenger, and its not silly it has nothing to do with who is the manager, players will go where the money is, its a fact, how do you think we got ozil, because of the money not wenger, and that’s the bottom line, no matter what you think, or believe.

DB10s Air Miles

So all these players lie when they say that Wenger was huge factor in their decision to join the club? So if palce had offered more money these players would happily go there instead? Come on….. Obviously money is a massive contributing factor nowadays but credit where credit’s due too. To say we were regularly signing the same quality players before is just nonsense.


Yea yea. Still butt hurt over your unrequited Wilshere love.

Little Mozart

I’m still in shock.

Ex-Priest Tobin

You’re almost as overrated as Arsene is. Would love to see you leave the club as well. Can’t believe the wage we’re paying for this guy.

Why not

Pure misery.

A Different George

Someday, Ex-Priest Tobin and Gereoma may actually enjoy watching a football match. But I doubt it.


On point!


You mean the most creative player in the Premiership he has more assists and created more chances than any other player.

DB10s Air Miles

All fire and brimstone as usual.


How many toy boys did you sodomise before the church excommunicated you, ex-priest?!


Familiarity breeds contempt, from many fans. Ozil showing what Wenger was like and why he is loved by so many past players.

As a friend said today ‘we can now go on to a new level’.

Let’s hope that is up rather than down.


I’m sad because he deserved to leave in MUCH better terms. Yes I’ve criticized him a lot of times, but I never forget he’s one of the reasons I love this club and football. When you think about it, leaving last season too wouldn’t have done justice to his legacy. 5th place and an FA Cup is no way for the man who gave us the invincibles to bow out. Now we have an opportunity to finish 5th place and win the europa league. He can leave having qualified us for the UCL. He lost it after the 2013/14 season… Read more »

DB10s Air Miles

Fair play Trez, that’s a very respectful and measured comment. I haven’talways agreed with some of your criticism but I agree completely with this one. I think you may be on the money with the last bit about transfers etc.


” I’m not sure if he steps back at Arsenal or he will go to another club – he looks quite fit, obviously, and he enjoyed the job I think, even in the last few years, so maybe he will go somewhere else ” – Jugen Klopp “I hope Wenger doesn’t retire from football” – Mourinho “I wish him all the best in the future. I hope he can be involved in world football in a different way with his experience – Arsenal, UEFA, FIFA… I don’t know. ” – Guardiola The fact that his current rivals think he is… Read more »

Robins boost



Wenger’s style is evolution, not revolution. I think it is apparent with all the world class stars he has handled.

Those players who suffer under a revolution perform for a short time before burning out or rebelling (see appendix on Hazard vs Mourinho)


Would Mesut get in your best Wenger team ever?


Yes! Just imagine him alongside Bergkamp and behind Henry!

Sir Bruce Rioch

Bergkamp is my love-child not Wenger’s 🙁


We’ll just have to make do with alongside Mkhitaryan and behind Lacazette / Aubameyang


NO, I wouldn,t put him in the reserves

Okechukwu Jude

Great Job Arsene. Now I feel he can go on to coach PSG. Am I the only one who sees it happening?



Merlin's Panini

No. I was wondering that too. If so I would be happy to have Unai Emery come the other way.


He’ll be sacked at PSG after a season.


i bet you was, BUT now you will have to watch it, because the next manager might not be so easy on you like wenger was, you could be heading for the door


On point!


I haven’t been around more than four years and I’m glad we are planning for the future but I’m still sad. God bless you Arsene and good luck


Ozil, led Sanchez astray, giving the diminutive, the impression that he too wanted out. Ozil had always known that he was not so valued in the T.market at the time, and that Arsenal cannot cough out such huge sums for two. He knew if Sanchez was out of the way the club would be better disposed to offering him much more. It is very clear now to see that Sanchez problem was ‘money’. If Sanchez knew that Ozil would be handed 350k, not sooo different from what he is earning at United, and with a little support from Ozil for… Read more »


Sanchez threw is toys out of the pram every time things didn’t go his way.

Kentucky Gooner

I agree. I can’t remember which game last year, but Alexis was competing for the Golden Boot with Lukaku and another. I think that is why he was always demanding the ball and angry when other players didn’t deliver for him. I think he had the “if they won’t help me reach my goals then I am done here”. Someone with better grasp of individual games and seasons can probably pinpoint the exact game when his chances for the most goals in the league disappeared. From that game on, I think his attitude deteriorated more and more until he was… Read more »


Ozil’s demeanour is usually not encouraging either each time we lose. Sanchez was rash and senseless; Ozil is cunning and untrustworthy.


Geremoma your pathetic anti Ozil rants are embarrassing. Give it up. You don’t appreciate the most creative player in the country and now you’re making up stupid stories blaming him For Alexis leaving.


I don’t blame him, with some of his team mates, the way they played

DB10s Air Miles

What are you taking?


There are some very strange people masquerading as Arsenal fans, I guess every club has their share!


Lame. Get a life.

Or continue your love fest with Afan offline.


Dick Law and Wenger have made many excellent signings unheralded by those who conveniently like to harp on red herrings with regard David Dein etc. Aside from Koscielny, Santi Carzola, Alexis, Ozil was a coup. Instead the media and their obtuse logic sold certain fans the narrative that Ozil was a 42.3m quid panic buy. When do they learn that end of transfer window market signings is NORMAL? Its a market not the supermarket. Prices aren’t fixed. Wenger had decided not to follow price with juve on Higuain early bc he did not know how much Ozil would cost in… Read more »