Report: Arsenal 3-0 Stoke (inc goals)


Arsenal: Ospina, Bellerin, Mustafi, Chambers, Monreal, Elneny, Ramsey, Wilshere, Welbeck, Ozil, Aubameyang

Subs: Macey, Koscielny, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Iwobi, Mkhitaryan, Lacazette

Arsenal scored three times late in the second half to pull off a much needed 3-0 win against Stoke at the Emirates today.

Arsene Wenger picked a side with half an eye on the Europa League, and without Petr Cech who was absent with a groin problem.

The game started in scrappy fashion with both sides giving the ball away a lot, and it was the visitors who had the first chance, Shaqiri curling a 4th minute shot just beyond the top corner with Ospina rooted to the spot.

Arsenal barely looked bothered, Mustafi gave the ball away needlessly three or four times and in general it looked like a bunch of Sunday league cloggers struggling to cope with a hangover.

Nice work from Aaron Ramsey saw him feed Bellerin whose low cross looped up in the air, and the Welshman was there first but saw his effort land on the roof of the net.

Ramsey had a shot deflected over after being set up by Wilshere, Mustafi headed tamely into the arms of Butland, and Bellerin’s optimistic volley from an Aubameyang flick sailed well over the bar.

Elneny picked up a 38th minute yellow card for a foul on Joe Allen, and that was about that before the half-time whistle blew to a crescendo of boos from a home crowd that could not have made their frustration any more clear.

There were no changes from either side at the break, and it was more of the same with Arsenal struggling to make any impact or create any real danger. Ramsey created a chance for Welbeck but the England international shot wide, and after Ozil played in Bellerin down the right Elneny saw his attempt well blocked before Monreal forced Butland into a save at his near post.

Arsene Wenger made his first change in the 61st minute, bringing on Alexandre Lacazette for Welbeck while Stoke brought on Berahino for Diouf. Shaqiri shot straight at Ospina, and the Swiss international almost broke the deadlock directly from a corner as his set-piece hit the post.

Aubameyang had the chance of the game moments later when he was clean through on goal, but Butland stood up and made the save. Lacazette shot from close range for a corner, from which the ball came to Chambers just yards out but he could only knock the ball into the keeper’s arms.

Frustration was growing, but when Ozil was fouled in the box, Arsenal had a chance to go ahead from the penalty spot, and Aubameyang stepped up to make it 1-0.

Mkhitaryan and Xhaka then came on for Wilshere and Elneny, while the visitors sent on perpetual annoyance Peter Crouch. Butland saved from Ramsey, Mkhitaryan had a pop and up the other end some Stoke gimp curled a shot wide from a decent position.

Mkhitaryan and Ozil again tested Butland, the latter’s shot going out for a corner and from there the lead was doubled. The corner came in, it was flicked on and Aubameyang drilled a shot into the bottom corner. 2-0.

Stoke’s fat heads were gone, and Arsenal were awarded another penalty when Lacazette was fouled, and the French striker was the taker this time, putting it into the same corner as Aubameyang to make it 3-0.

“You’re going down!” sang the Arsenal fans as Stoke lost their heads, and as poor as the game was, it was fun to see that happen and to put another nail in their Premier League coffin.

In the end, we did what we had to, and if it was unconvincing it was enjoyable because of how it will upset them.

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my name is bob

Lacazette and Auba look really tasty together…


Yep, seems to work with Auba, Laca, Ozil and Mkhi all on the pitch together

Too Drunk To Be Offside

So if you have two top class strikers and play them together they both score. Hmm interesting, who knew.


I don’t know people were questioning whether Ozil and Mkhi could play together, and writing off Lacazette once we bought Aubameyang

They are all really fkin good which probably helps …


If only it were so simple though. Are we going to play Aubameyang on the left now?


No. As a No.10. Bouldy said in his press conference that LaK7* can play football, that he could be a no.10. And in the first half, he hardly touched the ball as there was acres of space between Ozil and PEA. Normally, Ozil would have another no.10 in there to pass to, HM7 or before him Alexis. (And before, Santi when he moved forward from deep.) But we saw earlier this season that LaK7 likes to drop deep to get the ball, and as Bouldy said, and as we saw today, he can use it. He provides the perfect link.… Read more »


He hardly touched the ball, who is he?


It’s a “yes” from me.


Wenger knew clearly.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Was it the first time we play LMAO?


I think it was


Now we have the best acronym for our attack in the world




Sounds a little toothless


Absolutely blows my mind why AW won’t be the 3 of 5hem on together. Love to see Laca on the left, Mhik 9n the right, and Auba up front for the rest of the PL. Of course, with Ozil sitting in behind feeding them.


I’d rather have Auba left, Mikki right, and Lacca doing the number 9 stuff as he did today. That pass from Ozil by the way…wowza! COYG!

Andy Mack

Lacazette has hardly been fit enough to play since Auba joined, so not really ‘mind blowing’ yet.


I think Auba deserves an extra round of applause just for passing on the penalty to Lacazette


Man, was just watching Matchday live and the assholes there were questioning Auba for doing that.. what in the world goes in those people’s minds :/

David C

that was a pure class move by a good teammate. I’ll take that all day please! Game was done and Auba probably knew how bad Laca needed a goal.


Yea I think so too. When he took the first one i didn’t understand as I thought Lacazette is our designated penalty taker. But nobody would have begrudge him if he went for the hattrick. It jxt shows there’s unity between our two strikers which is good for the team going forward

Red Cannon

Yup. That was classy, especially because that could have been his first hat trick for Arsenal.


I was actually glad he did… Even if I did have money on an Auba hatrick haha.


Is Lacca the first choice penalty taker?


Don’t know about you guys, but i’m falling in love with Ramsey all over again recently


Anything to do with his conservationism?


Why? He was horrible today. Poor touches, dribbles , passes etc.


Much anger toward the Welsh in this one ………..

Clock-End Mike

Ramsey was Sky’s MoM, anfd even though I’m not a great fan of Sky ‘pundits’ & commentators, I think I agree. He was involved in most of the best moves and always trying to make things happen. OK, he had a relatively poor 1st half, but no worse than anyone else.


just like the rest of the team


Rubbish. He was our best player. Easily. The turn and pass to Belrin and then the lob that hit the top of the bar etc.


Were you actually watching the game ? This is a biased comment and not one you would expect from any club supporter .


Never stopped loving him. If fully fit and playing in a functioning team he’s pure class. Complete midfielder. For me he’s a bit of a mix between Lampard and Gerrard. Both players who have almost always had at least 10 goals and assists each per season. Would be a real blow if he doesn’t sign an extension. One of our most important players in my opinion.


Think the same. Put him in a team with more clearly defined roles and tactics and I think you’d regularly get the 13/14 version. Have a horrible feeling he’s realised that and I think we’ll regret it if he leaves.


miles away from Gerrard or Lampard, nowhere near as consistent or even half as good


If he has been injury free for a few months he’s always been consistent. Problem is he often gets injuries when he’s on top of his game. His last one was after he scored his first hattrick. And then people expect him to be as good as before as soon as he’s back. But we should have learned by now that he needs to be in an extraordinary fitness condition in order to be able to play his game. And it takes a whil after an injury to get back to that level.


I don’t know why , ramsey has ALWAYS been the same


Never stopped loving him. Even if he becomes shit, joins United, and publicly states that Mourinho’s alright, he’ll always be the guy that ended the trophy drought. And then went and won us another FA cup, fucking up chelsea in the process. He’s the biggest club legend since the Invincibles imho.


Lacazette is much more than an out and out striker. Really like his style of play. Auba wide and Laca through middle can get us plenty of goals.


I still don’t get playing Auba wide though. Apart from that one through ball from Ozil, he often looked completely isolated. Laca’s dribbling ability and combination play is surely better suited to the inside left role.

Arsenala Vista Baby

Laca & Auba can try a Bergkamp & Henry


That sounds like the most standard answer but would require us to play 4-4-2 and Wenger doesn’t use that anymore.


Haven’t seen it, was that how they played? Auba and Miki wide with Ozil behind and Laca in the box?


I’m not sure the positions mean all that much for the attacking players in our team


No. Auba played as a lone striker at the start. He stays up front. That was the problem, Ozil was deep and there was no-one to link him with Auba. Normally he’d have another no.10 creative to pass to. HM, or Alexis or Santi. We saw earlier in the season that LaK7 likes to drop deep and get the ball. This caused problems when he was the lone striker. But now, him playing between Ozil and Auba it was great. But if we play that front 4 and Rambo (who’s looking great) we need those 3 to track back and… Read more »


Why do people say they don’t get auba wide? He played wide his whole career pretty much until lewandowski left dortmund


Because he doesn’t dribble, doesn’t cross and has one goal from outside the area in the last 5 years. He might have played his whole career wide but he flourished when Lewandowski left and he played through the middle.


No. Auba up front where he stays. LaK7 dropping deep and being the link between Ozil and Auba. Bouldy said he’s a great footballer and can play as a n.10 and we saw that today. Ozil, HM and LaK7 behind Auba.


Can we do that in the first 15 rather than the last next time?


That would be better …


If we start with HM and LaK7 as well as Ozil and Auba then yes, hopefully.


Monsieur Wenger please start Lacazette and Aubameyang together in the remaining league matches, they can revive the legendary partnership of Henry and Bergkamp.
Aubameyang really showing his suave moves with his second goal.
Ozil cutting through the defense as usual.
Some sloppy passing at display too but eh, I really enjoyed the last 20 minutes.

Cygan Dreamin'

Alright calm down, it was only Stoke. Sure it was a good final 20 minutes, but saying that they can emulate Henry and Bergkamp is a bit premature

89 was fine

Great result so glad we can help send those nasty tossers out of the league.


Great to get the win, but Bellerin has become very frustrating to watch. One of the fastest players around and he never uses the acres of space down the right, but always turns in or backwards.


Dunno why is he so reluctant to carry the ball forward, always looking to offload it by passing sideways. Ozil looked murderous when Hector played him that ball when he was caught offside.


The kid has to plough pretty much the entire right on his own. Maybe he’s just really cautious about getting caught upfield.


I agree that there is a problem, but I don’t think it’s Bellerin’s fault. The problem is that, we have Özil as a winger in front of him, but he is drifting central all the time. So this creates the illusion that Bellerin is doing something wrong, but actually it is the lack of a wide passing option that makes it complicated for us to advance from the right side. With these players, I just can’t understand why we aren’t playing 4-3-1-2, with Laca and Auba upfront, Özil behind them as CAM and a midfield triplet, with Mikhi, Xhaka and… Read more »


Felt exactly same about Xhaka today. His presence on the field was immidiately noticeable.


Yeah Great win today
I get your point, Could have been worse against a stronger side
Every nich and inch of advantage has to do be in preparation for tougher sides


Damn! Where’s the edit for typos gone?

Andy Mack

Laca has been injured pretty much since Auba joined us and this game was his first game back. He needed a run out but starting whole game would have been a bit much for a first game after injury. So we may (hopefully) start playing that formation when the players fitness allows it.


Because we don’t have a right winger. He’s covering the whole flank on his own without a back 3. Yet he still played well. Pass for the LaK7 penalty, the chance when he crossed after a great turn and pass from Rambo etc


Be great to see stoke go down.


It would mean we wouldn’t have to play them any more


Does anyone know if Elneny can pass forward? Asking for a friend.


Elneny won a lot of tackles and made a lot of quick safe passes which allowed the team to escape the press and move forward.
Ozil however despite winning the crucial 1st penalty gave the ball away a lot in dangerous areas, a better team would have punished us in the first hour.


He won 1 tackle. Please stop spreading misinformation, just because you like the player. Its clear that cdm doesnt suit him.

Cliff Bastin

Honestly did not realise Glen Johnson and Peter Crouch were still playing professional football. Stoke is turning into an charity EPL “Legends” team.


No worries. They will become the championship league legend team soon


I’ve never heard what Stoke play described as ‘professional football’ before

Steve Vallins

It looked as though we had 2 weeks off , created more chances once we scored from the first of 2 definite penalties , great result but just made hard work of it

Godfrey Twatsloch

Still hotly debated as to why they were allowed out of the Orc Assault League and into the PL in the first place. Backhanders between the Orc Association and the FA probably.


Great! We’ve just beat a rubbish, soon-to-be-relegated team 3-0 in a meaningless end-of-season game.

All’s well now: new contract for Wenger!


It’s not meaningless if they get relegated because of it

Godfrey Twatsloch

Would it have made you happier if we’d lost to them instead?


“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” – Abraham Lincoln.
Happy Easter FG!


A 3-0 win in the PL is a win and should never be taken for granted whoever you play – 3 points , the same as a 5-0 win vs Spurs or City … nothing should ever be taken for granted …


There are other teams you can “support”…just saying!


Same old Fats. Always whining. May your life be perpetually miserable if it means Arsenal winning.


Not a performance to put bums back on seats, especially first half, but got the job done. Ramsey was clear MOTM for me but think Aub should get credit for giving up the chance to get a hattrick to help Laca with his confidence.


people have become sour minded?

to watch ozil, mkhi, auba, laca click would be worth coming out for a few hours on a sunday, specially if you already paid for the ticket.


I think people are just voting with their feet. There’s nothing to play for in the league and, tbh, we’re not playing that well either.


The joy of helping send the orcs down to the championship


3 nil but an awful performance. A better team would not be so forgiving of Mustafi and his wayward passing. Elneny looked good again so expect him to be dropped for Xhaka next game.
First half showed why this team is going nowhere, better 2nd half but still not great and another small crowd shows the fans have finally had enough.


This from an Arsenal fan and supporter ? Is this what supporting a team means ?


no you should blindly support your team no matter how bad they are and never have an opinion. Arsenal are a poor team and have been all season. Your opinion is clearly different i respect that.
But i fear mine is based on reality yours on blind optimism.

Andy Mack

Maybe against a better team the players wouldn’t have looked so lethargic and have missed so many passes, or maybe not…

Godfrey Twatsloch

Summing up Stoke: Shaqiri and Butland are good players, the rest are thug cunts!


I would take butland and that guy leno from leverkusen and let them battle for the no.1 jersey.

Surely butland will not be expensive when the orcs are relegated.

Godfrey Twatsloch

I’m surprised that Butland hasn’t gone to a better team a couple of seasons ago. We could definitely do worse than him.

And that corner from Shaqiri…fucking hell!

American Gooner

Did Xhaka actually look…good?


He looked like he was sat on the bench to me


Xhaka is good.


Lacca immidiatley change the game when he came on, he was making his famous runs and streched their defense which he opened the game for auba and ozil passes before with welbeck we was very statick and congested in midfield with wilshere and ramsey also 1st half shows xhaka how much important is he needs cobsistency and not to make silly mistakes.

Godfrey Twatsloch

I only watched the last 20 minutes but Lacazette looked so good. No wonder that the only option for the Stoke orcs was to assault him.


I think chambers played quite well today, nothing glaringly bad about him today so I think a quiet performance for a defender is a good one. I fail to understand why jack is the only player who likes to be direct and risky, everyone else will play the sideways or backwards pass if their is no obvious attacking move instead of instigating one. I think this is why auba looked average in the first half, he was making the starts of runs but instead of a ball over the top or through to him the pass went back to chambers… Read more »

Jean Ralphio

El Neny did really well today. Chambers too.


ozil , whats the point , I’m sure he would look good in the Spanish or Italian league , but the English league he cant hack it , he does nothing for the team , the only time he looks good is when the team play good , don’t care what people say he is crap we should cash in on him and sell him at the end of the season


Stoke came with two intents. Parking the bus and fouling us. In those games, Özil can look like he´s struggling. But then he cuts the bus open with a pass. Calling yourself a fan of Arsenal and not seeing the beauty of masterclass passing skills is an enigma.


No foolin’ – I sense a century of thumbs down heading your way, mate.


What about the pass for Auba’s 1-on-1 chance? That was like Bergy used to do.

Romford Pele

Maybe I’m looking to deeply into this, but Auba clearly demonstrated that the team comes first. He could have had a hatrick, taking him to 6 goals, on his 6th premier league game but instead recognised the benefit of allowing his colleague to end a drought


Maybe he’s thinking selfishly anyway:

-Lacazette scores, gets his confidence up
-Carries good form into Europa League
-We win the Europa League
-I, Aubameyang, get to start in the Champions League!

Just maybe.


Maybe he’s thinking they both start in the CL. With LaK7 dropping deep like he did today linking up Ozil and Auba. He did that earlier in the season but there was no out and out striker. I think this suits him best. Bouldy said on Friday he’s got the talent to be a no.10


Wow. I bet you also think there are alien bodies in a hangar at Area 51, and you wear a tin foil hat to stop the government from beaming bad compulsions into your brain.


It may not have been massively obvious, but I actually was kidding. I don’t actually know what’s going on in Aubameyang’s head. Hope that clears things up.

Ashburton Grove

Get in the lads. Awful match but I don’t care. Stoke can play their rugby in the championship. By the way Blogs, you should write match reports for all the papers, match report was very funny. ‘Gimp’ and ‘fat heads’ used hahaha, this is the future of match reporting!

Cygan Dreamin'

We were piss poor today but for the last 20 minutes. Should be beating Stoke at home, they are dog shit. The amount of misplaced passes in the first half was appalling.

Still warms my heart to see that shower of fucking cunts lose. Would love to see them relegated.


On the way back from the game, saw some people in balconies of nearby apartments singing “you’re going down” to Stoke fans who were passing. That made me laugh.

Godfrey Twatsloch

The section of Stoke fans who’ve jeered Ramsey for having his leg snapped by one of their Orc thugs deserve that.


In fact this lot were singing that very song when the chaps in the balcony gave them what’s what. Zero sympathy.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Back to Orcland they go. Hopefully never to return.


Chambers was great today. So was Elneny. Hope Auba and Laca can carry on from here.Complimenting each other would be KEY.


Laca: I love the hair, Auba, looks good on you
Auba: thanks mate, you’re Laca new signing

Teryima Adi

Lacayang. 442 it is.


I prefer Aubamazette


(Pierre Alexandre) Aubamazette?


IMO the booing before half time was for YET ANOTHER pass back to the keeper rather than attacking.

Red Cannon

Can anyone tell me what it said on the side of Aubameyang’s head? It looked to me like it said “ManUtd,” but I know/hope that can’t be right.


“Marina”…for his grandmother who passed away a few days ago

Red Cannon

Thanks. …A sad message.


The match showed that Arsenal are far from being on dry land yet after a horrible winter. CSKA will probably have noticed how efficient Stoke’s high pressure in the first half was against our perpetually disorganized defense. CSKA is better than Stoke. I guess Arsenal have to bring a 2-3 goal led to Moscow in order to advance in the Europa League.