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Wenger on the West Ham win, his Arsenal history, and his future

Arsene Wenger spoke to Sky Sports after the 4-1 win over West Ham. He was asked about the win, and the big news of this week involving his future.

This is what he had to say.

Arsene, what did you make of that?

Our home games since the start of the season, if you look at the points, I think we are top of the ‘home league’, even if City will certainly be better than us when they have completed all their games.

We constructed patiently our win. In the first half it was difficult to find space, they closed us down well, but we kept composure and patience, and from the second half on we always looked like we could score goals because we found more space.

On top of that we showed great spirit again.

Was the 2nd goal key?

Of course. At 1-1 you could see ‘Were we wobbling or not?’, the second goal killed them, definitely. We had a spell in the second half where we should have scored two or three goals and when they equalised it was interesting to see how we would respond to that.

You said you can separate personal feelings from your job. What did you make of the warm applause.

It’s nice. You want your fans to be happy and if I can be happy sometimes, it’s good as well! Overall if you can combine both … I’m ready to suffer to make them happy but if sometimes I’m happy as well it’s not bad.

Good preparation for Thursday?

Yeah, apart from the fact we lost Elneny today. It doesn’t look good on his ankle. We didn’t have Wilshere or Ozil available today, for different reasons. So let’s see how everybody recovers.

What about all the times you said ‘I always respect my contracts’?

I do, I respect my contract today. I’m here [post match interview] and on the bench, that’s in my contract.

Have you made this decision because the board inferred they wanted to make a change, and you could take the lead?

Look, I have nothing to add to my statement, it said what I wanted to say and after that there’s not a lot to say.

Do you expect to get another coaching job?

I don’t know. At the moment my focus is, at it has always been, to this club. My loyalty is to the last day I’m here. After … we’ll see.

Could you ever return in some capacity in the future?

I don’t know, that doesn’t depend on me. I feel I create a knowledge and a history for this club. If you look at the number of Premier League games we’ve played together, the number of European and FA Cup games we’ve played together. We’ve build a history, a solid foundation on the structural front.

If you look at what it was when I arrived and what it is today, I think we’ve gone a good way together.

Are you sad?

Now at the moment I’m happy we won the game. For the rest let’s continue to separate my feelings from the result of the team.

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my name is bob



there are two

Anne Noyd

One home and one away.

DB10s Air Miles

Well played!

DB10s Air Miles

This made me laugh…… a lot!


Merci Arsene.


Arsene was clearly holding back his emotions in he interview.

Atletico can wait another season, just give this man the European glory he sorely deserves!

John Noshi

We will win it outrightly. We will smash them all around Emirates and then go play a full draw where Costa will lose his brain, or whatever is left of it.


Costa has to get sent off. That would really make it perfect.


He’s not playing in first leg due to injury


Ok I’ll settle for that


One thing I think we can all agree we’ll miss is the grace with which Wenger always navigates press conferences. Such a class act.


Legend. Great result today, let’s keep that going.

'desi'gner gooner

Classless from the journalists to try and hint to Arsene if he resigned because the board wanted him gone. But Wenger as always was classy and dignified in his response.
There is only one Arsene Wenger.


They usually are pretty classless


Shreeves is a moron and I’m surprised no manager has thumped him. He asks the most pathetic questions.


Class, pure class

DB10s Air Miles

Always has been, always will be.


Class act forever and always


I love this man. Merci Arsene.


Those who try to make him look self obsessed need to be ashamed of themselves. This man has lived and breathed for the club regardless of his salary. Despite his flaws, he has only one thing on his mind, the success of his club and teams. At the moment, his focus is clearly on europa and winning the slot for CL next season. He will want to help the incoming gaffer’s job easier. I think it was always his intent to leave end of the season. I don’t think there is this mythical push as invented by media (as per… Read more »

A Different George

Ok, I forgive the length of this post because it says something different. And interesting.


That protective book on Elneny’s ankle/foot.
Wondering if it’s yet another Wenger innovation
– so he can have a good read while he recovers and eats all that broccoli …


His voice was heavy. I could literally feel him holding back his tears.

Oh Arsene, you lovely, lovely human being. Don’t make me cry anymore.


I’m holding it back until he gives THAT speech after Burnley.

Billy Bob

Love the class from Wenger, puts a lot of other managers and journalists to shame!!! On a side note, interested that another X arsenal player is making the difference in the FA cup ?


Bossin’ it.
Merci Arsene


Bloody journo leading Wenger into territories where he didn’t want to go. Merci Arsene

Mesut O'Neill

Arsene Wenger was a great manger but the way he belittles Arsenal before he arrived is disrespectful. He constantly talks about how Arsenal were nothing before he arrived. I’m sorry but 2 league titles (1 with only 1 defeat over 42 games I believe), an FA cup & 2 trophies mr Wenger never won is hardly nothing. Wenger was good but also lucky that he had the back 5, Bergkamp & Wrighty.

Andy Mack

Firstly the back 5 he inherited were aging and hadn’t really done much for GG in his last season or for Rioch either. The question as should they be changed or could they be revived, he went for the 2nd option, but they still needed replacing pretty soon after. Similarly Wrighty was on his last legs when AW joined and can thank AW for extending his career as long as he did. Success goes in cycles. The top teams have a poor season where they consider 6th place a failure. The smaller teams have seasons where they don’t consider anything… Read more »


Just your imagination perhaps interpretation. All he’s doing is talking about the job he’s done.

Tony Hall

Talking out of your arse fella, never once heard him belittle the club in 22 years !

Granit(e) hard!

and I agree, 1000%….on both! i.e. what he is talking about or where he is talking from!


What a load of nonsense. Wenger has never belittled the club before he joined. He has never once said anything about the club being nothing. You obviously have an agenda to belittle the man who totally transformed the club and produced the most exciting team this country has seen. Remember the Invincibles and the defence he created and all the wonderful players like Henry, Vieira , Pires and inrecent years Sanchez and Ozil. He won 3 league titles including 2 doubles and an undefeated season als 7 FA Cups to put the facts straight. Never have I read such a… Read more »

Joe von Doe

He is Arsene, Arsene Wenger, he’s by by far the greatest man the world has ever seen!

Richard Gross

What a gentleman!
No surprises there..
I just hope that any future role for AW at Arsenal, doesn’t hamstring the next manager.


Spurs manager is considered a genius. They will finish 4th 20 points off the top with no trophy. If Wenger finished 4th with no trophy fans and media would crucify him. 3 FA Cups in last 5 years and fans tossed bile at the manager. True, the team hasn’t competed for the league since the year of the injury and the year we came in second. Sixth place and poor form on the road is not good enough. And, yes, wenger needs to shoulder some of the blame. But when all the other oil clubs were pumping billions into their… Read more »


It’s nice now to enjoy the games and his tenure rather than the almost constant vitriol .
Class act, love what he’s done and hope we win all our remaining games with him in charge


Sorry to squeeze in a different topic here guys but i found this one quite intriguing ..
Damien Comolli speaking about Arsene Wenger “Several banks refused to lend money to Arsenal if Arsene Wenger had no intention to extend his contract and at that time he decided to renew his contract for 5 years. Apart Arsenal, he has only his daughter.”


There was this article from s couple of years ago, in which China Arsene cites the 5 year consistency.

Of course that doesn’t mean he had a 5 year deal, at any single moment in time. Could have been on a 3 year deal, extended by 2 for example.

Either way, he got us through it, kept us there or thereabouts on a shoe string.

Only one Arsene Wenger!

A young Eddie McGoldrick

Yes I think there were rumours of this situation with some banks around the time of the construction of the Emirates.

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