Monday, October 3, 2022

Arteta strongly linked as boss as Freddie Ljungberg return confirmed

The question on everyone’s lips right now is ‘Who will take over from Arsene Wenger?’.

The current boss ends his 22 year tenure today as the Gunners face Huddersfield in the final Premier League game of the season, and what happens next is the topic of much speculation.

Right now the two main candidates appear to be Juventus boss Max Allegri, and former captain Mikel Arteta. The former has a track record of success in Italian football, while the latter has yet to take charge of a club but has spent two years as assistant to Pep Guardiola at Man City.

Over the course of the weekend, various reports suggest the Spaniard could well be the club’s choice to replace Wenger, seeing him as the man who could fit best into the new football executive structure.

Any new man will have to work closely with Head of Recruitment Sven Mislintant, and Raul Sanllehi the ‘Head of Football Relations’ – a de facto Director of Football. It’s not impossible for the Italian to do that either, but his reputation and experience might not allow for the same control from above.

Quite when the announcement will be made is not clear, but hopefully not too long as there’s a lot of work to be done this summer.

Meanwhile, Freddie Ljungberg is set to return to the club as a youth coach having departed last season to become assistant manager at Wolfsburg with former academy head Andries Jonker.

It’ll be nice to welcome back another former player, someone who understands the club and who can impart some of that Invincible knowledge on our young players.

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I think both Arteta and Allegri would be great choices. I think it will be the former as a Spanish speaker who knows the club makes much more sense, and given the structure the club has in place and some of the stories about his coaching work at City this year I think he’ll work well. Allegri would obviously be amazing though.

What happened with joncker and ljungberg at Wolfsburg?


Jonker and Freddie got fired few games into the season. Wolfsburg have changed two managers since and will play a relegation playoff next to remain in the Bundesliga.


I am sorry, but the appointment of Arteta is nothing short of further shit house decision making from a board that have opted for a cheap option dressing it up as ‘forward thinking,’ or ‘being ahead of the curve.’ That’s all it is. Frankly, I find it insulting. I know that’s a fairly strong perspective to have, but that’s honestly how I see it. It’s insulting to the players who have come to play at Arsenal during the peak of their careers – they deserve more; guys like Aubameyang, Lacazette, and say what you want about Ozil but he could’ve… Read more »


What experience did Pep have when he took over Barca or Zidane when he took over Real and I don’t think Arsenal compares with those clubs with the caliber of players and trophy cabinets. I actually would like Arteta at the elm some fans always seem to think they know better than everyone and are quick to those toys out if the pram What exactly would be insulting about that appointment? With all the noise you make about Spurs errm they haven’t won anything still!!!

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Pep and Zidane coached Barcelona and Real youth teams respectively. These youth teams are as strong as our senior team. Zidane was prepared by Real president to be where he is. He was assistant to Ancelotti and they won the CL together. Having been a superstar helps your authority over superstars.


Super stars which Arteta was not. How on earth would Ozil start taking others from a defensive midfielder who he just played with around a season ago, who some of the big boys must have thought that that his laxities made us concede many goals. How does even Arteta begin to look at the faces of kos, Montreal,Cech, Mustafi, Ramsey and be given them others. They’ll think he was an average player. That dressing room would be psunami.


I have this strange feeling that you might be insulted. Blogs, is there anything that we can do for this severe inconvenience of his? Maybe a written apalogy?


The appointment of Arteta would not be done because he might be the inexpensive option, but rather because he, or any other of the younger, less experienced candidates, has such potential to grow into the role and to work with the team in place. The decision-makers at Arsenal have, one would hope, learned from the success and consistency delivered by Wenger; while knowing they can’t replicate that with a few pen strokes, they will aim to bring in a coaching staff that will be able to continue those values and achievements over more than just a three-year period. I have… Read more »


Disagree, there are many experienced coaches that could last 5 years atleast at the club and that’s not short term at all. Allegri, Jardim, and Sarri are great examples. Arsenal can’t be a club where you are given a chance to grow into the role with absolutely no experience as a manager. It could be a small step up for a promising head coach, not the first step. Even Arsene in his day and age managed a European club and a Japanese club before Arsenal . The competition and level of coaches in England is much higher now. To go… Read more »


@Futsboller The would be appointment of Arteta is the cheapest option. That’s why we’re in for him. And those cunts are dressing it up as something else. And you’re naive enough to buy it. Also may I remind you, this is Arsenal Football Club. We are not a school. Or a college. Or a university. This is one of the biggest football clubs in world football. If you want to be here, you have to be good enough from day one. Not learning on the fucking job like a chippy’s apprentice. Mark my words, if Arteta is the new manager… Read more »

One of them is lying!

I agree with you. Although I love Arteta as a player but think it is too early for him. I think Gazidis is making a clever move by appointing a fan favourite so that if things go downhill, fans would have more patience with Artera then they would have with a Luis Enrique or Max Allegri. Plus it would be easier for Gazidis and Kroenke to hide behind a popular figure like Arteta than an unknown quantity like Luis Enrique (who has no ties with Arsenal). But if it works out then Gazidis will be seen as some sort of… Read more »


The thing is. Its not going to work out. We will be well and truly dead and buried. People often wonder how great teams end up in the lower leagues, when they used to be European heavyweights. And this is how it happens. Complete mismanagement from a totally incompetent boardroom, full of people only looking after their bank balances. Compounded by poor managerial appointments that should never have been given the job in the first place. People will say that I am overreacting but I’m genuinely not. The Premier League is so competitive now that it wont take too much… Read more »

Maul Person

Whilst Arsenal isn’t a traditional school, all those kids kicking about from the age of 8 or so are what exactly? The finished product?

Don’t worry, I’m being facetious. But on a serious note, if you honestly think there is NO on the job learning, then you are beyond help! Everyone learns, new players, new coaches, players stepping up from reserves to the first team. Sure, the extent to which we expect this differs but it’s as much about potential as it is about being good when [player / coach] comes in.

In short… get a fucking grip!


‘ Observe’ is the word for experienced Allegri; ‘learn’ is for inexperienced Arteta. Go take a class in English.


And what’s wrong with changing manager after a few seasons? Nearly every club in Europe seems to do so. The days of long serving managers like Wenger and Ferguson are gone. The new manager whoever it is needs to steady the ship (and it is in need of some serious steadying) and get us back in the mix for title challenge. Its not surprising that lot of people here would trust an experienced and proven manager for that task.
Building legacies can wait, we have a priority to be relevant again.


Can’t agree more. But I can’t understand what it means to build legacy without major trophies.


Nonsense! Didn’t you read that Mou. was beaming with smiles when Fariah tendered his letter of resignation and that Gaudiola would be please to let Arteta go gain real experience and that Klopp was only annoyed that his good friend did not even tell him, so that he’ll organize a sendforth party for him.


Wenger was a nobody


He wasn’t known but he didn’t not have experience. That’s the difference. He’d managed at Monaco, in Japan. He’d actually managed a team. Arteta hasn’t done anything.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

He won the french league with Monaco. Coached Weah and some other big names.

Tas Gunner

He won the league against an all conquering,match fixing machine marseille side.After the turmoils in france no wonder he went to japan in search of bit of real football and less business and shithousery.wenger was hardly “arsene who” when he joined us. the joke was on the paper who said it.


I disagree with the notion that an Arteta move is the “cheap” option. The board knows that money for players is a top priority. I think the management structure in place is designed to be more systematic and efficient in finding, recruiting, developing, and coaching players without being dependent on one man. Arteta wouldn’t be Wenger’s replacement, he’d replace the part of Wenger that did the coaching. For that we need a strong leader and football tactician. I know closer to zero about what Arteta is like as a coach, but he was a great leader on the pitch and… Read more »


You call getting yellow, red cards leadership. His stupid tackles and got angry unnecessarily. Yeah, Arsenal needs an angry coach, but anger in the right direction- the stupid board members.


You’re forgetting how perfect his hair is though.


The realculprits in all this? Were the short-sighted petulants who saw fit to drive Wenger from the job– one year too soon. The wheels were in motion by way of the installation of Sven, Raul, Huss, Per, et al to make a graceful handoff from a 22 year managerial stint– to most likely– a manager with stature. Ohbuthellno! Could not have that. Could not allow the new backroom the opportunity to castoff deadwood, allow overpaids to move, target the right players to makeover the roster– to build depth to strengthen the squad– giving, oh, maybe until next January to get… Read more »

Man Manny

This is a long rant high on probability but very little fact. You have a right to feel insulted; I am sure you’d be 22 years ago when Arsene arrived. Mourinho had no credential whatsoever as a player but I don’t think he’s done that badly as a manager. I think you should sheath your sword until you really have something to moan about if Arteta is appointed and he fails. Be sure you have 50% chance of having to eat this post.


This is classic ‘be careful what you wish for’. People like you who hounded AW out of the club are now worried about who might replace him. The grass isn’t always greener, you see.

Arsene who?

We need fans with patience and perspective.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Totally disagree . Two years with Guardiola because you were his friend doesn’t mean you are Guardiola. Wenger has been a candy man with the players and it did not work and de need someone with authority.


Fans seem divided on the matter. It’s somewhat alarming, I’ll grant. Yet there must be some qualities there which have taken him to this point in the process – which have led him to be such a serious candidate and indeed to get that Pep apprenticeship. Such qualities, should they exist (and hopefully they do!) would be invisible to all of us in the outside. But if they’re there, and the board isn’t just excruciatingly incompetent, then it could go well… gulp.

Ps – name begins in ‘Ar’ which is promising.

One of them is lying!

@Blogger … can we please have a poll for out next manager? May b Gazidis would see this and go with the popular choice…eh?


If Zidane could do it, then Arteta can

Arse City Blues

Current Arsenal situation vs Real Madrid’s when Zidane took over??

Jean Ralphio

Zidane is unproven and a shit manager in my opinion.

Laughing Stock

I agree. Apart from the 2 champions leagues and the third to hopefully come in a couple of weeks, what has he actually done in his 3 years as a manager?

One of them is lying!

He is no Guardiola … i think he is a good manager but not the top …Ronaldo and Ramos saved him a lot plus his opponenents were unlucky as well…like how the fuck Griezman missed that penalty at the 83rd minute in the final, i would never know… zidane was a superb player who is a good coach with a lot of luck…some people just gets that much luck…AW never seemed to have any…like how do you explain that Griezeman goal against us when they were down ten man and trailing 1 – 0… we need to see things in… Read more »


3 CL finals on the bounce. Yup he’s useless.


With Real Madrid and their unlimited resources.
Its difficult not to be successful..
Zidane can win when he throws money at a problem – but does he develop players?
I don’t think so…

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Yes he developed lot of his players when he coached the B team.


Why the need to insult and discredit legends when you probably haven’t done a 1000th of his achievements?

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Please stop with this legend thing. It is phony and boring.


Zidane was a world class football genius, Arteta was an average footballer and a shite captain!


Wrong, Arteta was great at Everton n was clearly their best n most influential player for years…I hoped we’d sign him on even years before we did. Baring his injury years he was a very very decent footballer!

Faisal Narrage

Even Zidane was at least manager of the B team of Madrid with success before moving up. He was developed internally for years before the role.


The invincibles will take over the coaching setup. Next i believe is DB10 as first team coach.

A Different George

Won’t fly.

Arse City Blues

Arteta seems like a nice bloke, and has worked with a couple of great managers in the last few years. But I am struggling to see him make the necessary changes to the mentality at the club, and am really struggling to visualise us challenging for the league any time soon again under him. I think we need someone who is less connected with the club if anything, more of a clean break and even fresher ideas. If it is Arteta, obviously we need to give him a fair bit of time to get his head round everything, and I… Read more »

Arse City Blues

Bring them both in maybe.. Arteta can continue learning the craft under another experienced and successful manager, who will bring a different football culture to add to Arteta’s dossier. I was surprised to see that Bould will more than likely continue.


It would seem counter intuitive to take Arteta from under Peps guidance only for him to be in the same position with a new bloke. I’m not convinced Arteta is the right man for the job mainly due to his connections with he current squad and a worry he won’t be able to discipline them when appropriate. If however he can get past that then Guardiola is surely the best example for him to have.


Wonder if we’ll get an announcement tomorrow.


doubt it


Me too, TBH. Would make for an exciting Monday though.

Bob Bobbery

In defence of Arteta a bit he’s not only ever played under Wenger and did leave the club to work under a different manager which does suggest he wouldn’t just be someone who came in and wanted everything to be “as is”. I can understand the reasoning behind appointing someone who understands the values Wenger helped foster at the club but would be able to bring in fresh ideas as well.


Going for Arteta instead of Allegri would be mind boggling.


unai emery has emerged as the new favourite to take over the arsenal job, as allegri also wants 200 mil to re build arsenal, funny that two managers linked to the arsenal job both want 200 mil to re build arsenal, sounds like the team will have a major over haul if one of them takes over, and its to early for arteta to take the job, its going to be interesting


It’s difficult to say what Arteta will bring. He was a good captain and Guardiola obviously rates him.

He trained at Barca and played here so he has the right background in that sense.

Would love to see him get it and succeed but would prefer somebody more experienced. Seems a gamble.


Everything is a gamble. I’m all for Arteta. Think he always had a very good understanding of the game and Pep doesn’t make you his main assistent, if you don’t have something special. He loves the club and the majority of the fans like him. Would have my full support if he’d get the job.


True but some things are more of a gamble than others.

For sure he would have my support, I just hope it doesn’t backfire if they do it.


That said I suppose all we lose is a season or two if it does backfire


Good assistants don’t necessarily become good managers!

Look at all the assistants that Fergie had (Kidd, McLaren, Quieroz). However, Pep did have Tito, so there is always an exception.

Former players don’t necessarily become good managers!

Adams, Zola, etc.

Tough call. For me the gamble is too great!

David Hillier's luggage

Can’t stand the c*nt, but Mourinho was an assistant too and his record as a manager speaks for itself. Van Gaal was also an assistant, even if he wasn’t great at Utd, won La Liga, the Bundesliga and the Champions League as a manager. Even Steve McClaren, I agree hardly the world’s best manager, won the Eredivisie with Twente and not one of the big three.

The “assistants can’t be good managers” adage is nothing more than a cliché and very much an oversimplification when it comes to young coaches.


Got to wonder how Arsene would feel, being forced out only to be replaced with his former captain who has no management experience. Gazidis essentially saying to him “Arteta could do a better job than you”


Arteta is about 30 years younger and will develop as a manager, as Arsène has developed as a manager with us. Think he would welcome that decision as he always rated Mik very highly.


To be fair I think Arsene had to go at this point, and he knows that himself.


Actually Wenger being the classy fellow he is, I’d not be surprised if he was supportive of such an idea. He has always talked about education and wanting somebody who would uphold values of the club. Wenger also took up his first major role (Monaco) at a similar age. With regards Arteta not being able to shake things up I think that’s also unfair. I was recently reading about what makes successful CEOs. Companies are often attracted to the idea of bringing in an outsider to inject new energy/ideas but research seems to suggest that internal promotions are most successful… Read more »

Bob Bobbery

That’s not really fair though is it? For one, I think Wenger has a lot of respect for Arteta but, also, his role would be about a tenth of the size of Wengers. They’ve had to bring in about 5 people just to continue what Wenger did alone..


Absolute genius – the biggest management shake up in AFC history and they want to give the job to someone who’s never managed a football team. At least he’d be cheaper than an experienced top-level manager. Rejoice…..

Jean Ralphio

We should trust Mislintat and Sanhelli (sorry for the spelling). They know more than us.

Auba ma Ying

He’s not Mislintat’s preferred option.

One of them is lying!

I would want Julian Naggelsmith (not sure if I got that right)..young but proven…dont know much about his work method but results speaks for themselves…managed a relegation thretened club to a champions league spot


Julian Nagelsmann


Love Arteta but not keen on him being our manager. We are in a turnaround situation and need someone with real experience. Allegri or Enrique for me. No harm in exploring options but I don’t want a former player as our manager right now.

DAC Gooner

If we accept that he knows a lot about what happens at the club, then Ornstein (quoted above) said, “Arsenal not close to appointing new manager. No agreement yet on chosen candidate, negotiations at relatively early stage, thorough process ongoing, next week looks unrealistic. Once decided, IG/RS/SM will present recommendation to #AFC board. Arteta among names being considered”. I don’t doubt whoever gets the job will be supported, but I would be astonished if it was an untried manager such as Arteta. At least Vieira has now got some experience under his belt. It may be a tad controversial, but… Read more »


Arteta would come with a good knowledge of English football, the club’s history and values, and he’s sure to have picked up a few tricks from Pep, not to mention his own ability. What worries me is that someone so junior might just get walked over by our IRS trinity. Would he be able to hold his ground on certain transfers or players like maybe an Allegri/Enrique/Jardim would?


With Sven in place I’m less worried about the transfer side of things than I otherwise would be

Everything he’s done so far has been great


Fair enough, but for me the jury is still out till he has had an entire summer transfer window. Let’s see what he does this critical summer transfer season.


Im swedish (duh), and believe me.. Having Freddie in the club is no positive thing. Hes dumb, beyond belief. Hes commentating every 2:nd-3:rd bpl game, and when i hear him talk i honestly think its a 8-year old trapped in a grown mans body.


Not all footballers have an education in public speaking, you make an interesting point but surely that’s not enough to dismiss someone?


No but when you hear him try to explain tactics, youll notice its not about the phrasing, its about his lack of a fotballbrain. You will see in the future.. Just believe me when i say that hes not coaching material what so ever

Bob Bobbery

Clearly Arsenal thought he was the first time and Jonker respected him enough to ask him to be his assistant. He wouldn’t be brought back if he had nothing to offer, he’s not like some former players…


If true, this looks like a hell of a gamble, at a time when the club need a firm and experienced hand at the wheel. You would have to question the motives of the Board; is this about football, or is it a desire to assert control ? Frankly, much as I like Arteta, I don’t believe he’s the man for the job right now – he’s too inexperienced and his authority would be too compromised.


Hmmm Arteta… I really hope this doesn’t happen. For me he is a symbol of the most mediocre period in Arsenal’s recent history. He was a panic buy at 23:59 on transfer deadline day, deserted the club he was captain of, and completely underwhelmed throughout his Arsenal career with a range of breathtakingly beautiful sideways passes…and he was slower than Mertesacker! I know this all sounds harsh but I never connected with him as a player and he has no managerial experience or true connection with the club. Just another also-ran who never really understood what it was to play… Read more »


Maybe coffee?


I thought he together with Mert and Santi really bailed us out. We would have been fucked otherwise.


Yes, I thought he was excellent for us until slowing down towards the end. And then he was still very good behind the scenes by all accounts – he seems a very decent person and I want to like the club I support as well as just support it.

If this happened I’d be a little nervous, of course, but also excited.

Bob Bobbery

Would be something slightly poetic about mertesacker and Arteta being manager and head of the academy. If they did well that 2011 trolley dash really would have worked out haha



I think you’ll find that assessment flawed and factually incorrect for the most part.

Fair enough you don’t fancy him as a manager, but Arteta was as much a Gooner as other lauded ex players. No need the slag him off and discredit everything he done for the club.

Men With Ven

Wow, this is so wrong. He was a very solid player who did a good job at a time when we needed someone with maturity and experience in that midfield position. He also seemed to have some class and handle himself well. Hardly an also ran…

I don’t want him to be our manager but your assessment of his contribution as a player is way off base.


One has nothing against Mikel Arteta as a person , but he does not have the experience to manage a club like Arsenal and the same could be said about Thierry Henry and Vieira .


My main concern with Arteta would be that he could still be seen by certain squad members as “one of the lads”. I trust in his intelligence and ability to be a great coach one day but we’ve yet to see him control a dressing room let alone one he was part of just a short time ago. This may be completely misplaced and I would love nothing more than our lego haired capitán to lead us to glory once more.

Mr. G

Arteta strikes me as someone who will make a good manager, but as a first managerial job this is too much. He needs to get experience first.

Allegri would easily be my choice.

Laughing Stock

I know Arteta hasn’t even got the job yet but I thought we’d be challenging for the title by now. This is like the Wenger Emirates year’s, absolute shit. #artetaout

Kwame Ampadu Down

Arteta was an uninspiring choice as captain for me. Nice guy, good pro, always said the right things to the club website….but someone to provide inspirational leadership when the going gets tough ? Not for me. I fear the reason he’s fancied by the club as manager is the same reason he got the captaincy. A good company man, unlikely to rock the boat ..which is a particularly useful asset in the club’s eyes with the new set up.


Mikel was smashed up game after game, had his ankle smashed, stretchered off unconscious, had his teeth knocked out, because at that time every opponent knew that to stop Arsenal you had to stop Mikel Arteta, and that the refs would let them stop him by fair means or foul. It’s easy to be glorified when you step into a winning side, what Mikel and Per did for this club was probably the most important and unappreciated leadership ever. They picked us up and put us back in the fight. To say that Mikel was an uninspiring captain with no… Read more »

If you’re not excited about him coming back to our beloved club, just watch his farewell interview again. He’s a top bloke and a true Arsenal man.

Kwame Ampadu Down

He might be but we don’t need someone who loves the club, we need someone inspirational & I just don’t see him as that.


You don’t see a lot of things.


He reportedly deleted all his Arsenal related pictures from his Instagram account after he left. I can never understand that and since then I have liked him less. A more experienced hand would make more sense to be honest


As did Wishere when we went on loan.

Bob Bobbery

It’s Instagram… who cares?


I’m pretty sure it’s about sponsorship and branding. Players, and in this case, backroom staff, can’t be seen to be promoting other companies.


What an incredibly stupid comment.


I’d love to have Mikki back, and I also think it would be a very shrewd move. He’s backed by Arsene and Pep, who I suspect know a bit about what it takes to be a good manager, and he’s a fighter. He and Per stopped the slide and steadied the ship when we were rock bottom, and he even got Ramsey playing with some discipline. For me I prefer Mikki to Allegri , but the only reservation I have is that a certain section of the fanbase wouldn’t give him a chance. I’d hate to see empty seats because… Read more »


Agree with all of the above. Top man, Arteta. We need a new impetus, new ideas, greater energy, bringing success. He never jumped about when Citeh scored goals against us, genuinely loves Arsenal. Wouldn’t have been my first choice, but I can see many positives, so I’ll be for it if it transpires. Hope all supporters can give him time.


Anyone know why Eddie Howe aint linked anymore?


not good enough


Arteta would be the worse choice out of the lot.
Its one thing to coach players and another thing altogether to manage a huge club like Arsenal.
Arsenal need an established manager who knows how to win – not someone with “potential”.
Allegri and Arteta and Manager and Assistant Manager – now that is a different kettle of fish…


We’re not getting a manager, but a head coach. Look at all the backroom appointments over the last year. Wenger is our last manager (in the strict sense of the word “manager”).


Just think.
at 4:55pm today a new era begins..

Joseph Furey

Echoing others on here, I don’t fear the appointment nearly as much as the fans’ response to it. London-Irish, I was born an Arsenal supporter, and the reason why I’ve continued to support them has had more to do with their culture (worldwide, people saw that Wenger was a cut above the fucking mob) than their record. I want our – Wenger’s – values to live on, and for a more urgent and tactically savvy understanding of the game to be added to them. Arteta fits that bill, though cries of “cheap” from the professional whingers will doubtless accompany his… Read more »


Odd appointment for me. It’s widely accepted that things have become too soft at Arsenal, with too many players rustling happily in their comfort zones, no clear consequences for poor performances, and a weak collective mentality.

So why in God’s name would you install a guy who was mates with most of the squad only a couple of years back? Seems unlikely to drive a culture change.

We need a grizzly badass who is gonna let the squad know that the party is over.


As I understand it, Arteta was a big influence both on and off the field for Arsenal. He was respected by the players and the manager. When he left Arsenal dropped out of the top four.


Mikel Arteta is not ready. Now is not the time.


Nelson Vivas will be an exciting option


Seems like a gimp


Enrique was the leading candidate a short time ago until it ‘became known’ what his financial demands were, both personal and transfer market – suddenly he was at the back of the queue!

I sense the same with Allegri if the rumours are to be believed and hey presto Arteta is favourite.

I’m not anti-Arteta, he’s obviously got a lot of talent I just hope this isn’t going to be a decision based primarily on finance?

Auba ma Ying



Yes, but who actually knows what the finances are? One red top of blog puts £50 million and everyone else follows, then it was £200 and again, it’s repeated everywhere. I don’t think anyone saw Mislintat coming in or Sanllehi, Arsenal keep their transfer dealings really quiet and we only usually hear at the last minute. I don’t think that an Arteta appointment would be driven by finances, and I also think that he’s very much his own man. The fact that he left to work with Pep and is still respected enough that they want to bring him back… Read more »


proven top manager candidates want big salary and £200m for players from one of the wealthiest clubs in the world….well, surprise surprise! £200m buys you 4 top players – maybe – in today’s daft market.
I love Arteta and he has amazing hair, but he has no experience.
It’s not a gamble, it’s squirrel food.

Gooner Sam

Read that Henry is being also linked with a return in some capacity….perhaps as assistant. Arteta / Viera and Henry would be an exciting combination for me. I think having a fee invincibles around the team is exactly what we need. Could install that strong mentality that we lack

Rabid Fuzzle

Arteta ia a gamble. Sometimes a gamble pays off though. Worst case scenario, we have a year or two of a rioch / moyes situation, then we roll the dice again. Most of us wanted change. Here it comes!

Not sure about Arteta, if he does get the nod. Let’s not forget he played under that most below average of managers, David ‘looks like a ball bag’ Moyes. Imagine 10th being a trophy mind set, aka Evertons mantra when that ball bag was managing them. On plus side, Arteta will insist on Lego like hair from squad members.

Bob Bobbery

He also played under Arsene Wenger and worked with pep Guardiola…

Why not

Won the league with pep


This is what Pep said about Arteta

‘I’m not the right guy to talk about that because my opinion of Mikel is overwhelming.

‘He deserves the best. We are so comfortable working with him, he is one of the reasons for our success this season.

‘There are many names for the next Arsenal manager. I don’t know what their plans are but I know Mikel very well and he deserves all he wants.’


Thumbs up for the Lego-like hair reference.

I Didn't See It

Arteta out!


Didn’t take long, hasn’t even been appointed yet

Sànde Class

Oaahahahahahahahahaha! Thanks for that matey. ??

Auba ma Ying

It’s Gazidiz’s fault if we get Arteta. Sven wants Allegri and Sanelhi wants Ancelotti.


No coach is able to build a winning team if he has square pegs in round holes. The new manager needs to instantly be able to communicate with IG RS SM.

If we are even considering Arteta I doubt we would be doing several nights transfers. It will probably be a defender, goalkeeper. And the rest is down to sell before you can buy.

This season our net spend was less than 10m. Maybe harsh on Wenger but they probably tried to save up as much as possible for this transfer window



Bob Bobbery

I’m concerned about this idea they want Arteta because it will give figures above (Ivan in particular) the increased power they want..


It does look a bit that way

dr Strange

Best would of course be Jardim as manager and Arteta as assistant.


Exactly! Jardim’s a man who’s won a league with a bunch of youngsters despite the existence of a petro-state sponsored club and clubs with more established success. Despite the eventual departure of his team’s core, he nonetheless managed to retain the loyalties of enough players to achieve a credible finish and a Champions League spot. Surely, he’s demonstrated sufficient tactical nous and management skills for the Arsenal job!

Ooh ahhh Ray Parlour

Nice to see we have learnt how to agree with each other after the in/out/all the way about…
I want Big Sam, now maybe you can all agree that that is a shit idea ?


I’m leaning towards David Wagner just to spare the expense of changing letters on the plane banners when we want him out.


The real culprits were those who saw fit to drive Wenger from the job– one year too soon. The wheels were in motion by way of the installation of Sven, Raul, Huss, Per, et al to make a graceful handoff from a 22 year managerial stint– to most likely– a manager with stature. The new backroom required the opportunity to castoff deadwood, allow overpaids to move, target the right players to makeover the roster– to build depth to strengthen the squad– giving until next January to get all the contracts sorted too. Prior to next Summer, there might well be… Read more »


I’m going a protest today against pollution in the local waterways. I will brandish my Arteta Out sign with pride.

Calm the fuck down everybody.


I find it difficult to determine how successful the decision on the next manager is before that decision has been made and especially before a game has been managed by that appointee.

…but then again I’m no clairvoyant

Kran stoenke

I like arteta but he represents an unsuccessful time we had. We need a completely fresh replacement. Someone to lift us. If it’s a former player we make manager, I’d like to see an invincible such as Vieira or Bergkamp. But I fear the state the club is in, if things go bad, we won’t see them as legends any more. Perhaps at this moment in time we need a fresh approach. Someone with no connection to the club.


Bring Arteta as coach for the U23s and let him get his experience there for 3years before rising up to the plate.
Bring another experienced coach that’s been there and won it all; they rarely stick longer than 3 years these days. Get Enrique, Anceloti or Benitez. I wonder why no one talks about the later. He’s been there done it, and with New Castle, he’s had the team punching above it’s weight.


I’m afraid the growing possibility that the new manager will be Arteta really disturbs me. He’s had zero experience managing a club (being someone’s assistant for a couple of years doesn’t count for me) and the only reason I can see for him being in the running at all is that he will be cheap (compared to Enrique or Allegri) and malleable. In other words, he will be a docile Kroneke puppet. It doesn’t bode well for the future direction of the club in my opinion.

Alan egan

If you had a 500 million pound business would you appoint a novice who might some day be a great general manager just because he had been a good employee.or a proven succeedfull company boss..why should Arsenal football ball club be any different… If they give it to Arteta it Will be the end of us ever been top euro or even English club again.fuck the board out


Gazidi will pick someone that he can boss around. His only intention is power.

This team will finish 5th or 6th next year unless they spend 200 million this summer on a new keeper. Two new center backs and a dominant box to box midfielder who can also play out from the back.

Otherwise more of the same. The days of being a self sustaining club must end if this club is going to compete against the money of man u and man city.

That’s modern football.

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