Leicester 3-1 Arsenal – player ratings


At this point you kind of have to admire our consistency on the road: another away game, another defeat.

This time, we lost 3-1 to Leicester at Filbert Street or wherever the hell they play these days.

Here’s how the players rated.

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Ozil 0/10 for attitude


Shoulda got rid of that injury with some positive thinking


The scoreline, well that’s the reason we are searching for a new coach. Feel sorry for AW, he was a great man no doubt, but the team needs a reboot.


The constant these guys are special. No arsene they need to work harder

Matt P

Absolutely. And Leicester are shit which makes it even worse


More damning, 6s and 7s all round, and we lose 3-1 to Leicester. Neither of which can really be argued with.

Best of luck to whoever is tasked with getting us off this plateau.


Wilshere would get a 5 from Blogs for the Ramsey performance.
The last action told the story !!!

Not renewing

Ramsey gets a 7 for doing nothing but running into good positions and not getting the ball. ??????????


I have noticed you can’t criticise Ramsey around here. He is Wales 2nd best player didn’t you know.


or, ozil


Except that Ozil is the one who keep getting criticized by pundits and rightly so.

No other manager but Wenger would tolerate his antics and his primadonna attitude.

Bould's Eyeliner

That’s what he’s supposed to do. And he did the other parts well…? Fail to see how that merits a lower score. His movement helped keep us in the game at 10 men for much longer than we normally would have. Don’t see how that doesn’t merit a good score.


He’s a CM and he shouldn’t be losing the ball so cheaply like he did. Ramsey seemingly never gets any flak on here.

Arse City Blues

You guys must not have been around for long..

Bould's Eyeliner

It’s not that I think he’s perfect, but rather that his pros consistently outweighs his cons. He’s not a one-of-a-kind superstar, but he proves his inclusion week in, week out, since around 2015. People are far more willing to overlook any issue from Wilshere or other beloved players rather than Ramsey, and that’s an objective fact. People have been shitting on Ramsey on this website for the past decade, whether Blogs agreed with that or not.


Imagine if that was Ozil instead of Ramsey.

Score would be at least 0-4 for Leicester.


Consistent Arsenal

Bring back David Hillier

One more for the away game un-invincibles record for 2018. Fingers crossed.


Don’t jinx us. That could end the run!


Unvincibles, surely.




or “crap”…works better


Aubameyang has a goal every 110 minutes for us which is exactly the same ratio as Kane. Small sample size, sure, but this is despite the fact that he’s playing in a dysfunctional team and has twice had to start on the left. If we give him the service, he can score 30 in the league next season.


What impresses me most is he is always in the right position to tuck the ball in (and he does).


His finishing is so good …

Lacazette is starting to look pretty tasty as well


I’ve been happily impressed at just how slick Laca is with the ball at his feet! I thought we were picking up a finisher, but he really looks like the sort of front man that can link up well with another striker, a fox-in-the-box maybe, and I’m looking at Auba 😉 And he’s much stronger and better in the air than expected too! Definitely looking forward to seeing the new guys blossom with us next season.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Both of them are good to watch. I’m really happy we have them and hope to see them in full swing next season.

I still miss Giroud though.

Cool Papa Bellerin

Auba also has 4 assists in 12 games. Kane has 2 all season.

Monkey knees

Players are on their holidays already. Nowt to play for, but pride. Which vanished long ago.


In 2007?


I temporarily live in Leicester so I was at the game in the home crowd in an effort to see Wenger for one last time. I was really taken aback at the amount of respect the Leicester fans around me had for him. In-between attacking plays (and despite the occasional abusive chants) I heard comments like ‘to be fair I’m going to miss him in the league’ and ‘they’ve played the best football I’ve ever seen since he’s been there’. I feel I’ve now witnessed the typical Leicester fan in their natural habitat and to hear that level of respect… Read more »


Hahaha! That’s an amazing story, man. Undercover Jalex!

Jesus Josephson

Deduct 3 points from Iwobi for playing the ball out when in possesion in the box.

89 was fine

I’m sure Mavropanos will learn from that sending off it looked a bit harsh though.


I thought maybe Holding was covering and it was harsh.

Mayor McCheese

Still, I thought maybe Holding was covering and it was harsh.

A Different George

Do you think maybe Holding was covering and it was harsh?


Agreed. Isn’t the wording something like “denying a clear goal scoring opportunity”? I mean their man could have had a quick whack at goal from distance before Holding quickly turned up, if he could sort his feet etc. But that’s a lot of hypotheticals, so I’d say hardly clear… I’d thought the ref would have erred on the side of caution. It’s like our Rob said the ref was a fucking embarrassment all game though, no wonder there isn’t going to be a PL ref presence at the world cup! Paid too much for consistently poorer and poorer standards. It’s… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

I have a good feeling about that red card. It’s a Koscielny-esque red card: make a mistake, destroy someone to cover it up, feign innocence.

I don’t like red cards, but I like Koscielny. I get the feeling I will like Mavropanos too.


what the hell is this rating?
Mavro should 3 – was a fckn silly foul and killed our game in the 15th min
how can be this 5 ??
Ramsey was very bad, I think this was his worst performance of this year
should be 4.5….maximum


It’s been really gut-wrenching, watching the team play away this season. Individual mistakes aside, we just don’t seem to be able to exert any sort of control over the proceedings. Really poor game management generally. How many times have we been in the lead or level and then lost the game? Real Jekyl and Hyde all season, and that’s something that urgently needs fixing. Hope we can end this horrid run with a win, or at least a POINT at a relieved-to-be-staying-up Huddersfield


Thank you, that’s the exact word: control. This team has had zero control all season.


Except when playing at home, where the team has had plenty of control.


They are special though. The new buzz word after the handbrake


They may well be. They need to show it though, by winning silverware, and soon!

Bob Bobbery

Ramsey had some good moments going forward but he really did leave Xhaka with an awful lot to do defensively


Ironically Ramsey still contributes 100x more defensively than Ozil ever was.


Give Holding an extra point for that comment!


I don’t get the negativity. Yes, our away form is terrible but today you can’t really blame anyone. The season is over so I guess we all agree that it’s a good thing to play some of the young guns. But these guys make mistakes. More than senior players. This is what happened with Mavropanos and I don’t think it’s something we should complain about. He’ll learn from it. Then we came back to 1-1 thanks to lovely work from young AMN and went all in for the 3 points instead of trying to save the one, which was quite… Read more »


In isolation we were very unlucky and the ref was shit…But having been terrible away from home all season its a trend not a one off..I felt similar frustration because we didn’t deserve to get beaten how we did on the day but there were also symptoms that have been there in other games this season,


This. Who cares about the result at this point?


How the fuck did you give Ramsey a 7…He gets a 5 for trying and showing desire and heart…With the ball he was shocking..Literally got caught about 7 times just receiving passes. Mav probably completed more passes and he was off after 15.


Lost the game thanks to Holding trying to play tiki-taka from the 6 yard box instead of booting it up the pitch prior to the goal. That said, I’d still give him a seven. There was one team playing football tonight, and another diving and cheating abetted by more refereeing so incompetent at this point that it’s indistinguishable from corruption. The result is irrelevant, really enjoyed the football, sadly expect next year values will go out the window and we’ll descend to the lowest common denominator of winning at any cost. The sooner the financial bottom falls out of this… Read more »


I agree with you. I saw a clip of Allegri boxing one of his players ears…and they were 4-0 up in the Coppa Italia! We need to employ a therapist for next season because a lot of our current players are going to need one if a hard arse manager comes in and expects them to give their all every game.


Xhaka is becoming one of my favourite players in this squad!


Penalty looked like a dive to me, one of those oh he got near me and my knees just stopped working how the hell did that happen kind of things.

But whatever, the defending in that phase of the game was so bad all around that you saw something coming, and you knew it wouldn’t be pretty. We aren’t good enough to pass out of the back at the moment, a consistent feature with all the away games I’ve watched this season.


hope we get rid of mustafi next season..he is a big liability


I guess we have a new common enemy in Graham Scott now


He’s had what, six games in the PL so far? And he’s already almost as bad as Mike Dean.


He did look a bit dishonest to his federation.

Nameless gunner

Disagree with AMNs rating.. he was poor.. I strongly think he is just too cool at some situations.. attitude problem? He made that cross field ball to Mavraponas that led to the red card.. he made some poor decisions.. did well to get the cross in though.. He needs real coaching.. but as you said he is a really positive player.. Also our tragic defending gets worse every game going, passing inside the box, back pass and cross fielders in tight conditions instead of just whack it in field.. our players are either too naive or too much engrossed with… Read more »


Ramsey gets a higher rating than Iwobi and Mkhitaryan?! They were the only ones actually trying to make something happen. Ramsey was way too careless in possession and has been for the last couple of games.


I think the red cost us. Inexperience from Mavropanos, a tug at the shorts and a trigger happy ref…that’ll do it. But overall the team regain a better shape (even if they had to take risks) in the second half. Interesting that we had 60% possession after the game and came close to similar number of shots even playing with one man down. I think if we take it up till the penalty on 68th minute, we were alright. The whole affair looks lob sided with the Mahrez goal. In the end, a dead rubber. Good to see Leicester fans… Read more »


As for players – 1) Cech – Kept us in it with some superb saves first half. 2) AMN – Rback should be his purpose. He has the power to recover but also go forward and do damage. Excellent work for our goal. Don’t juggle him into midfield. we find a different solution there. Bellerin needs to be pushed and AMN is the man. 3) Mavropanos – As I mentioned, too many simplistic voices in the media and fan base as per usual bigging him up as they did Holding before. Clearly proof is in the pudding and until they… Read more »


Far too late to go in for Fekir,now. I’ve wanted him for the last couple of seasons. Klopp’s after him & according to the media Mourinho will try & jump in before Liverpool. Fekir wouldn’t consider Arsenal at the moment until he knows who’s in charge & can we compete against those 2 now?

Matt P

Ramsey a 7? This is getting fucken ridiculous I am afraid


Ainsley maitland niles looks like he is going to be a great player. Calm and no nonsense. Really good to see. Thought mkhi had a strange game, he seemed to have it in for diabate he fouled him like 3/4 times. Auba is looking awesome too. We have the good basis of a team, like wenger said a couple More additions and I think we will have a good crack at it next season.


hope we get yaya, really want to be able to sing the yaya yaya kolo toure song.


Even if there is a good player somewhere in Mustafi and even if he could really benefit from playing with a proper defensive mid in front of him, I really think he should be sold this summer. Both sides should just acknowledge it hasn’t worked out and go their separate ways.


Clearly you can see the guilt on Gray’s face when the penalty is given, pretty sure I read his lips as saying “he didn’t touch me”, and I am pretty sure Mkhitaryan got the ball, hitting it back onto Gray’s foot, hence him falling, which surprisingly can happen when you get tackled. Holding would have definitely at least made it difficult for Iheanacho to score so basically some bullshit decisions lost the game. Very unlucky. Can’t say that about us too much this season, well played Arsenal. Keep up the growth.


Bit off topic but not really cos I am having issues trying to comment cos this website is glitchy as fuck half the time, as much as I love the service you provide, I think you could do with a new website design or something. I’m no expert but I’m sure there must be someone who agrees and who maybe could possibly help on this subject. My whinge is for positive change. Like a true “Arsenal fan”.


Don’t get why people keep saying “Can’t wait to see what PEA can do next season”. He’s already doing it! He already scoring almost every game. Forget PEA, I can’t wait till at least half the team starts putting in a shift!


I miss AS7