Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Report: Arsenal offer Ramsey 5-year extension

The Times (£) report this afternoon that Aaron Ramsey has been offered a new five-year deal.

The Welshman has 12-months left to run on his current contract and has been waiting for the club to table their first offer.

It is expected that the 27-year-old, who currently earns around £110,000 a week, will secure a pay increase that puts him in the same bracket as Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The two January signings earn approximately £200,000 a week, significantly less than the huge £350,000 a week salary that Mesut Ozil secured with his new deal. We’ll soon find out whether that proves to be a sticking point or not.

Yesterday, Ramsey gave a first hint that he could pen a new deal by saying he’s excited to be part of the post-Arsene Wenger era at Arsenal.

Asked about new manager Unai Emery, the midfielder told press after Wales’ 0-0 draw with Mexico: “I haven’t spoken to him at all yet, but I think it’s an exciting time for the club. I can’t wait to get back there now.”

Ramsey was recently voted the club’s player of the season for the second time and has played and scored more times for the Gunners than anyone in the current squad. He has 59 goals in 331 appearances since signing from Cardiff as a 17-year-old a decade ago.

The report claims that Ramsey and Wilshere, who is out of contract in a month, will both meet with Emery next week when the Spaniard returns from a brief holiday in Portugal.

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Good news – though I wonder what this means for Wilshere’s future?


I’ve a feeling Jack has decided on his future, away from us. Or I could be wrong.


I think you’re right that you are wrong

Bould's Eyeliner

It wouldn’t be nice, but given how loyal he was to Wenger, how he was publicly ‘snubbed’ (from his possible point of view) by the board, etc., not making the English team—everything points towards moving to a new club. Maybe that’s what he needs, because he’s never going to outdo Ozil at his position. He’s also not a natural DM, nor has he the skill/practice behind that position at the moment.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

I hope he stays. Both these guys staying and a new arrival. Maybe that seri guy from France, or someone from Dortmund


it means that he will have someone decent to partner him in midfield


Staying in th premier league must be a much nicer prospect now that the orcs have finally fucked off.

Mayor McCheese

Excellent. Now give him the armband!


this becomes a little easier at the start of the season with kos on the sidelines. but how do you not give it back to kos once he is fit again?

Per Cider

New manager. He can make whatever changes he wants.

Mayor McCheese

Apologies for the misunderstanding. I meant armbands, plural, as in the ones I hope the new kit manager makes standard issue this season to cover the pink ones.


We don’t, he isnt likely to be a regular starter


Koscielny has been steadily declining over the last could of seasons that coupled with his recent injury record, for me, sentiment aside, does not make him an immediate starter. I’d give the captaincy to Aaron, for me he has definitely earned the right to be considered. Puts in a shift every game, can change the game and has done on many occasions. Who else would we give it to? Cech? I’m of the opinion that it should be an outfield player who is able to influence his team mates wherever they are on the pitch. Let’s hope he signs the… Read more »


How the fuck has this got 4 thumbs down?


Because Ramsey is immensely overrated


Emery is having holidays? Well, Wenger hasn’t had holidays for his entire 22 years at the club and this guy hasn’t even met his new players and is already having some? You would have thought there are a lot of things to do. As Ivan stated in his interview, the real work starts now.


Sounds like you need a holiday ffs?

Faisal Narrage

You’re a bit of a c-word, aren’t ya?


This is Arseblog. Cunt is perfectly acceptable.

I Love Taking Her Up The Arsenal

Not if you’re Samantha Bee.



Go support Chelsea then

Mayor McCheese

Please don’t take Ramsey’s name in vain.

Mayor McCheese

Wenger hasn’t had a holiday in 22 years? You must have those pics of him on the inflatable slide! Loved Wenger, but never enjoyed the sight of his bare legs, which tended to blind a bit.

Mayor McCheese

“must have *missed*”, obviously. Though the pics are a must-have, it’s true. I myself have several of them put up around the house.

Bould's Eyeliner

Is it an edict to have a portrait of Dear Wenger (on a slide) in McCheeseville


Oh my word if you watched his last interview discussing his 22 years at Arsenal you would have seen his bare legs and most distracting it was too. I’m sure he wore the shorts deliberately to put the interviewer off.

Teryima Adi

@ never enjoyed the sight of his naked


I seem to remember Wenger on a waterslide off the side of Dein’s boat….


Wenger cleared off every 2 years to earn extra money doing commentary for euros and wc remember which no doubt contributed to the last minute trolley dashes in the transfer window as he had total control of transfers. New regime hopefully won’t leave it so late.


Wenger never had a holiday ? I’ll have some of what your smoking

Down with holidays

Beautiful hypocrisy from ‘Mr Hates Negativity’ Berlingoon again !


The final thing you do before you take a new job is tell them your pre-scheduled vacation that you have coming up.


Perfectly reasonable comment, don’t quite understand the hostility?

Kwame Ampadu Down

If it wasn’t for the fact that Berlingoon has told us over & over what a wonderful, positive supporter he is, you could read his post as desperately whiny & negative.


@kwame Ampadu Down. I’ve always stated my opinion and will do so in the future but I’ve never been as obsessed with other guys as you seem to be with me. It was always about opinions not about certain people. But there’s no comment that I post under which you don’t refer to anything I said in previous comments. Your life must be really entertaining, dude. Really!


And look at the effect of AW not having holidays for 22 years. Perhaps Emery has perspepctive in his life, particularly as he has a wife and child. Ivan and Raul and Sven are doing all the work that needs doing right now. Unai will do his bit when the players are back.


This exactly. Emery is not a manager. He is a head coach. Has pre-season training started yet?


Handing contracts like confetti.

The Question

keep ram. let jack go. unearth a beast forged from the DNA of Kante, Fabiano and Ndidi, skip the world cup and let the season begin!



Faisal Narrage

“We’ll soon find out whether that proves to be a sticking point or not.”

I think it will. Understood why we had to bow to his demands, considering the situation of losing him on a free after losing Sanchez (can’t be stated enough just how bad of a cock up letting those contracts run down to that situation), but…and I know I’ll get negged for it, I still don’t think Ozil was worth that much.

D ceee

Ozil should have been sold rather than given that ridiculous contract. Fucking noose around the club’s neck.


350 for ozil is still fucking ridiculous


losing a valuable ‘asset’ for free, and then having to pay 40-50 million for a comparable ‘asset’ would have been more ridiculous. Maybe Emery can get more out of him. Maybe he won’t fall ill every away game starting this new season.


In all fairness he’d do well to get any less value out of him, unpopular opinion… but I think he’s a luxury player who’s not worth trying to accommodate.

D ceee

Exactly….what did he do to earn it???


He had the club over a barrel. Sanchez was not going to stay, and 2 marquee players leaving would have meant even more fan dissent. The logical thing to do was to have asked them, and Wilshere to sign new deals last summer, or to sell them at close to market value and then buy replacements. We did that with the Ox. As much as we might like/love Ramsey and Welbeck, if they don’t sign new deals, they should be sold, and the money should be reinvested in buying new players. Really bad business last summer, letting 4 players get… Read more »


yeah it is. Would’ve probably been 250 if we hadn’t fucked up the Sanchez situation so badly.
Every single ball that’s ever existed in this universe was in Özil’s court during those negotiations.

Bould's Eyeliner

You could also say that he earned those balls (heh), given how he has stuck with our club, despite the clear lack of people to offer his skills to.

It’s also clear that as much as we’d like to deny it, this squad is structured around Ozil. Emery is the same type of guy to defer to genius on the pitch, as his interview suggests, so I’m assuming his coaching will be more about how to make Ozil more effective as part of a team, rather than changing the way Ozil plays.

It should be an interesting season 🙂 COYG


Plus the Dr who probably signed his sick notes has left the club?


Ozil gets paid to take leaves.. where can I find such a job? Hmm

Yankee Gooner

Try your local landscaper?


Maybe they could increase Ramsay’s pay by a little bit more than 200k per week. He’s heading into the best footballing years of his life after all, and not forgetting Aaron has to support the rhino’s cause. Make it happen.

Fireman Sam

200,001 per week?


Just can’t fathom how players like Cech, Koscielny, Ramsey, Bellerin must be feeling when they do as much important job for the club, when a certain German player get paid 4 times to take sick leaves and go anonymous in big/away game.


i really hope the bitter people succeed in driving Ozil and Wilshere away from the club. Coquelin, Ox, Szcz, Giroud will no doubt help them in getting placed.


Great news, right up there with watching my daughter graduate from university this morning. It’s a good day all around!


congrats, if she has any tactical knowledge maybe she can be on the coaching staff?


She would be streets ahead of payton whatever she did


Man, that would be the stuff of my dreams. And hers too, probably … she’s already refers to half of the team as “my future husband”.


Why would you thumb this down?! It’s one of life’s big moments and a source of immense pride for parents!


Whoever thumbed this down is a c*nt.

Teryima Adi

Congrats on your daughter’s graduation. Let her soar to greater heights. Amen

Left for of Podolski

I really like Ramsey as our captain for the next era.

Plus when you look at the last year we said goodbye to a lot of the club’s recent history. Walcott, Giroud, Mertesacker and most obviously Wenger have all been synonymous with arsenal for a very long time. Would be nice to keep Ramsay as we head on towards a new era but with the memory of the old safely stored within the squad as well as the club.


Just heard..Chelsea planning to persuade Arsene Wenger to be their next manager with 250m budget


Also we’re about to sign Benzema


I’m sad after 22 years we never signed Kalou.


Or frey


I’m kind of mixed on this. I really like Ramsey, but he was our most obvious marketable asset. I don’t see where he fits with Xhaka and Ozil in a midfield, so I’ll be very curious to see how we strengthen that part of the field. Totally fine with him staying though.


Ramsey would be VERY foolish to sign a 5 year deal. Dude needs to leave. The club aren’t serious in progressing. We are now the 6th best team in the league. The way it’s looking, Everton might surpass us in due time. Liverpool have signed Naby Keita, Van Dijk and Fabinho and are looking to sign Allison, Fekir and Thomas Lemar Spuds are looking to sign De Ligt and Pulisic Arsenal?? We’re signing a washed 34 year old RB and a crap 30 year old CB. We aren’t making top 4 anytime soon. We probably have the 7th best coach… Read more »



Del boy

Wow talk about pessimistic! I’m optimistic. We’ve signed a very good coach. Our attack is brilliant. We have 2 of the top ten strikers for world stats, with ozil and Miki supplying them, we’l see plenty of goals next season.
Sort out the defense (which wont happen over night) , we are certainly moving in the right direction. Things are on the up! come on gunners!!


So far Sven is doing OK. He’s essentially rebuilding a team, and he’s doing it with guys he recruited to BvB, who know and like each other. Not a bad idea. Mhki and Auba were excellent scores, and Sokratis is a very well regarded defender who likes to DEFEND, instead of being a frustrated middie or fwd like some. This guy Lichtseiner same deal. Ready for these guys to take some people out and cause some pain, get our D back.


So you lament Ramsey for signing with us because we aren’t a top 4 club anymore but then cry that the team whom should have won the champions league ( if it weren’t for ramos) are signing quality players….

Also if you aren’t excited by a new manager after 22 years of the same one then be my guest and drop a big bag of rave sweets whilst strapping yourself to the nearest nuke to tickle your balls…


I want Ramsey to go somewhere where he’ll be appreciated more. Why did we let his contract get to this stage? Believe it or not, we were miles ahead of liverpool at the end of 15/16 season. Heck I would even say we had better players last season.. but the stupid board just folded their arms and let the club stagnate.


This is the downside of having a thumbs system. It encourages attention seekers.


I’ve been on here longer than you have pal.


My dad could beat up your dad


Our car is faster


I’ve got a bigger knob than you.

But I have to give you credit, you are a bigger knob than me.


Whatever rocks your boat knob


On here seeking attention, yes, you have been on here a long time.

You are doing well, though not in a ‘thumbs up’ way.


Of course when you give an opinion that isn’t “positive” or sounds “bitter”, it’s seeking attention. Funny how the “pessimists” are correct in their assessment.
I say it as it is. I am a realist.


Not seeing many agree with your reality.

Maybe consider if your reality is that of a supporter of the club (root of supporter: support) given how many supporters consistently down vote you.

Or whether you are just giving the worst case on something in the future when you don’t know what is going to happen.


Last time I checked, this isn’t a popularity contest. Supporting a team does not mean I can’t point out flaws that I see. If you don’t like it, please dont reply my comments.
The last time we had a back and forth, it didn’t end too well.
So just mind your business, I’ll mind mine. I could care less what you say on here

I've Been On Here Longer Than Even Arseblog.

Couldn’t care less. If you could care less then that means you do care about the comment and there’s room for you to care less. A bit careless if you ask me, which no-one has but I couldn’t care less. For some reason though I fancy a Whisper bar now.

You say our best player (according to many) needs to leave.

You say Everton may overtake us.

You say Wenger is a *million times* better than Sven.

D ceee

Maybe a bit early for the doomsday scenario but i take your point


Sounds like a good deal for him, especially given his incessant injury problems.

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

Hopefully our injury record will improve under the new regime…

Robin Wainwright

Oh no an overrated player who thinks he’s miles better than he really is. Poor first touch and poor weight of pass. Goes round in circles and slows attacks down. Selfish, plays for himself. Injury probe. Save the extra 4 and a half million a year he may be offered for 5 years and sell him. Then spend the money on a better quality player. He’s great at running around like a headless chicken. Should have sold Wilshere as well a few years back when we could have done.

Why not

It is indeed pointless when he runs into the ball to score cup winners. Ramsey, shame on you.

Uba Ngenegbo

Couldn’t agree more.

Fireman Sam

Couldn’t agree less


Happy about Ramsey. But I hope we don’t loose Jack. All these years and we haven’t seen him ply his trade with a real DM. We shouldn’t release him just when we are about to shake things up. New head coach, new system, new DM could all give us an even better Wilshere.


Feels wrong to me. That’s lots of money for a guy who has hardly played a full season without a semi-serious (or very serious) injury. I like him but won’t this tie up a lot of money that could be spent elsewhere? Between Ramsey, Jack, and Xhaka it just seems like 2 of the 3 of them have to go and be replaced by better guys if we’re really gonna be a different squad this year with new tactics. For all the talk of Emery’s pressing game, Xhaka, Jack and Ramsey all feel too slow for me. Imagine those three… Read more »


I love Rambo and really hope he signs on, hoping Emery can find a way to balance our team though.


Ramsey for captain 2018-19


It’ll be great if he takes it but if not, we should be able to find someone-else to replace.

We already have both Ozil and Mhkitaryan in similar role. Granted they are older, I think Mhkitaryan was half an insurance policy against one or both of Ozil and Ramsey leaving. Nothingelse.


Ozil and Mhkitaryan are box-to-box midfielders with obscene endurance?


Actually Mkhitaryan could fill that role. I see him dropping deeper as he gets older


Can he really run all day like Ramsey? I think only Elneny has that ability in our squad.


Hope it will work out and he does sign the new deal.


Ramsey is a very good player but I’m still a little concerned about his injury record – he hasn’t played a full season in how long & Wenger felt the need to limit his games this year & for the life of me I can’t figure out how we are going to get a functioning midfield with Ramsey in it. He really needs Xhaka to play well & the team really needs a DM in place of/alongside Xhaka. I’m really interested to see how this all works out as we can’t give both Ramsey and Ozil freedom from defensive duties… Read more »

D ceee

The squad is a bit of a balance


Telegraph says Jack has been offered reduced terms with lucrative bonuses. Like the sound of that. Seems like our contracts and transfers are logical and orderly. Weird!


I’m glad that the club have offered him a new deal and I’m glad that Aaron is excited by the prospect of playing under Emery, but he hasn’t signed yet, nor has Reiss Nelson…

Uba Ngenegbo

Another average player soon to be on a ridiculous wage.
When will the club learn

Merlin's Panini

Fingers crossed they both sign. I’m really interested to see what impact Emery will have on the games of each player in the squad, particularly how hard he will work them.


I imagine ill get a lot of down-votes for this because he seems to the flavour of the month at the moment; but Ramsey is an awful footballer: No heart for Arsenal, pursues personal glory at the expense of the team, always abandoning his midfield partner (Wilshere, Xhaka, Coquelin etc), has an ego equal to Sanchez (just without the quality). All of his goals and assists tend to come against weak teams or teams struggling for form or confidence, and they’re never the important goal to draw level or put us ahead. Always the 4th goal in 4 – 0-… Read more »

Uba Ngenegbo

Completely agree with you!
We can do so much better than Ramsey.

I Love Taking Her Up The Arsenal

Realistically who could we get? Transfer fee, wages and the desire to play for a club not in the Champions League. Or do you expect us to be signing Neymar?


great, now give wilshere a five year contract aswell, and a pay rise


Emery is really a wimp and will not push the board on anything. He will accept what he is given and show them videos and coach them. A dream come true for the board. They even got him to tweet pics of him and gazidis, such a pussy move.

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