Friday, September 30, 2022

Video: The letter I handed to Arsene Wenger

James from @gunnerblog was working at the 3-1 defeat to Leicester last night, and after the game he was lucky to be able to hand Arsene Wenger a personal letter to him.

Here’s what he had to say about that, and what was in the letter.

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oh james <3

DB10s Air Miles

Fair play, what a lovely gesture. I wish I was in a position to be able to do something similar. I started going to games when i was 11 or 12, during the last few years of the George Graham era, Stuart Houston’s brief spell, Bruce Rioch and then Wenger arrived when I was 15 and his brand of football absolutely blew me away. I’m 37 now and very rarely go to matches, due to work commitments and finances etc, but feel that I was so privileged to regularly go to games during that golden period. He also made me… Read more »

Auba ma Ying

“I hope he appreciates the sentiment but I hope he doesn’t go and Google me and find parody YouTube videos where I’m wearing a wig, pretending to be him. Okay bye”



Much respect James, echoed all of our thoughts. Cheers

Mayor McCheese

Well done for keeping it short and sweet, James. My own letter, which I slipped under the door of a public toilet that I’m 60% certain was occupied by Mr. Wenger, goes on for some ten or eleven pages (single-spaced, 10-pt Times New Roman, double-sided) not only of my appreciation for the man and the club, but also how I learned to ride a bike, the color of my first bike, my favorite foods, my pen pal in Italy who was for many years the only girl who wasted more than two words on me (the second of which was… Read more »

Tas Gunner

McCheese you are a gem! haha


Hotels in Leicester look grim


Cheers James, lovely words.

I am groot

Nice. It’s good we have as some good bloggers out there to make up for Arsenal Fan TV and Daily Cannon.

matty t.

Very nicely put James. How lovely to be able to deliver it to him personally. I was able to write a few impromptu words in one of his leaving books in the Armoury. He’s certain to be inundated with letters and messages of gratitude and goodwill and I’m sure he will be left in no doubt how much the vast majority of Arsenal fans around the world appreciate what he has done both for our Club and for many of us as individuals.


Very few managers have been able to touch the sublime with their football. Wenger has done that on more occasions than not even if he has failed to secure more trophies than say Fergie.

BUT Fergi’s United were always more pragmatic, not as easy on the eye , more successful with the pots.

Yet we have had many moments with the players Wenger was able to spot in market and bring in to develop, that have touched beyond mere competition into something indescribably beyond this plane.

Merci Wenger.

Mark Kerrison

Lovely letter. Sentiments shared by many of us. What is a bit annoying though is that you were 10 when he arrived and I was fucking 26!!!


Excellently put James, and I’m sure heartfelt. I am glad that you mentioned that you had been critical at times, as without that it could be viewed as somewhat disingenuous. I’ve supported Arsenal long enough to remember Bertie Mee, George Graham, Bruce Rioch, Stewart Houston & Pat Rice, so I echo your comments on his impact and the transformation of the club that he has been the driving force behind. I’m also glad that some of his mindless detractors have been put firmly in their place by the overwhelming support he has received (and not just from Arsenal) as his… Read more »

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