Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Video: The Unai Emery appointment is not boring – it’s exciting

Here’s James from @gunnerblog with his thoughts on the Unai Emery appointment which was confirmed earlier today.

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Adesulure Segun

Wow i can’t wait to him coaching arsenal players. He is a very good coach and I sincerely believe that he will definitely bring success to arsenal. Good kudos to arsenal board management.


I am genuinely excited to see what Emery can do with this Arsenal side. A lot of the convictions thrown Arsenes’ way, stuff like; his tactical approach to games, player instruction, our poor lackadaisical approach to cohesively defending as a team, being too easy on the players.. and so on. Apparently Emery is supposed to be the exact opposite. And I have long thought there is an extra gear in this arsenal side that we haven’t seen yet. Hopefully with someone as meticulous as Emery coaching the side, we will see us push past this glass ceiling of bottling the… Read more »


Genuinely excited. I think he will try to see who in the team can improve and has the fight. BUT for sure he looks like he will reinforce from market too. Where Wenger left much room for interpretation, the Devil’s in the details for Emery and that’s just what this squad needs. he won’t be as dotting on certain players too having worked at PSG with a number of out of control egos. And he seems to suggest the collective game is also equally important (pressing as a unit over 90+minutes unlike the sporadic effort we have given all season)… Read more »

Kavan Buch

Very well said, its just a fact that fans/people on social media are just stupid with opinions about everything. Everything is negative & they think what ever the club is doing is shyte. Well, it’s optimistic! It’s a smart move! New head coach with a 2 years contract. No pressure as Arsenal team is like a spoiled brat, need some stick on the butts. Some good defensive signings & with the new coach, we will be with the top boys by next season end. And hey, in the end its a day we have seen after 22 years. Time to… Read more »


I agree with James. I would have been excited about the Arteta appointment purely based on his potential and nothing else.

Emery has trophies coming out his ears, he’s methodical, tactically aware and obsessive with his coaching, it’s EXACTLY what this squad needs.


This would be foolish.

YOur excitement would have been based on sentiment not judgement.


I really don’t get all the people on here complaining about how we appointed an experienced coach over Arteta. In a lot of ways Arteta’s biggest thing going for him is simply he has never coached before, so it allows people to think that he’s the next great manager. We simply don’t know what he will be – maybe terrific, maybe terrible. Lots of people have failed when trying to make the jump from #2 to the head guy. Going with Emery is a much better option for the club as his strengths (preparation, improving players) are things that we… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

I think after years of being accustomed to it, the Arsenal identity is now associated with “fetish potential”. We love a good potential to the point it’s becoming quite strange.


appointing arteta would’ve been obviously a reckless decision for sure. but i really believe arteta is one for the future. there are some people who are just born for this , and arteta is one of them. he shared his childhood close to footballing genius like guardiola and it was evident from the onset that he has good footballing brain. but what makes him as much a sure thing as anyone else is his personality. he commands respect everywhere he goes , and he has the drive to learn everything, atleast this is what i noticed. many people might have… Read more »


Our bunch of social media footballers will work so hard under emery.

From his press conference, it’s clear he doesn’t do “play around a bit” training sessions and demands everything for every game.

Özil Gummidge

Good points. Too good. I am refusing to adapt. Working on my “Arteta Might Know” banner instead



Heiku Staude

Just wanted to say thank you for making me smile. (Its a rare thing..)

Carlito Brigante

Where are the up and down vote buttons, have they been removed for a reason?


A plugin issue


Fantastic video, and the message was spot-on.

Clock-End Mike

I’m really excited about the new season — as James says, when you have a blank page yet to be written on, you can dream.

I have a funny feeling about next season, which could be very special. Arsenal celebrate the unequalled record of an unbroken century in the top division of English football, having been promoted to Division 1 in 1919 (at the expense of Sp*rs, who were relegated to Division 2, ha! ha!).


Like James, I do not understand why some people feel this appointment is boring.


What’s been a bit silly is how his treble with PSG has been dismissed. Yes it’s a weak league, but it’s a treble!

Sure he struggled in his first season there, but Pep’s first season at City was far worse. Klopp at Liverpool even worse than that.


Absolutely. They want to see what they want to see. Pep indeed did not deliver first season either with an expensively assembled squad. They point to Jardim and Monaco but forget the Portugese did not repeat the trick next season and Emery was able to deliver the domestic treble if shy of CL. And when he was at Valencia and Sevilla, he had to deal with loss of key players much like Jardim and kept it remarkably consistent. They like to point to Poncenttino as another progressive manager…who hasn’t won anything. Next they will suggest Arteta is the purist choice… Read more »

Xhaka's Left Foot

The amount of negativity around anything that happens with Arsenal is really amazing. People like Ian wright, everyone at ESPN FC, most pundits (not journalists) think any appointment that Arsenal would have made will be wrong. Everybody talked about Arteta being a the lowest Arsenal can get to Arteta would have been a revolution once Unai’s announcement was made. Every report that has come out in last 2 weeks has been wrong and the club have handled the process brilliantly. Only thing I want to know is if they consulted Arsene on this appointment (of which I will be very… Read more »


Ian Wright (bless him) has never been the brightest. Arteta would have been an idiot’s choice. There is nothing to suggest he can deliver for us. Talking about ex-players there has been some chatter about whether Steve Bould remains. Honestly, I think he should manage one of the youth teams. He has done nothing for our defensive cohesion during his time and has been no better than Pat Rice. Some fools think he should be kept to translate since Emery is learning the language. They don’t think Bould needs to be able to speak Spanish first? I’d rather we bring… Read more »


Emeryites !!
Oh the mirth!!!


Ridiculous how the media and pundits would want to paint an Arteta signing as “progressive” and “purist”…if anything it would have been pathetic and lacking any ambition. Again, (aside from Onstein who cleverly kept his cool), every next ‘reporter’ or pundit bought the Arteta story because they personally wanted to believe it. Truth is no one knows what goes on. Gazidis mentioned they spoke to Emery as early as May 10th so it would be hardly the case that Arteta was front runner and Emery was panic buy like erm Mesut Ozil was apparently (never mind we had to wait… Read more »


You’re absolutely correct. After the WC concludes, I cannot wait for the new season to start. I haven’t been this optimistic for an Arsenal season for a long time.

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