Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Report: Arsenal make second offer for Gelson Martins

Via SportWitness comes news from Portugal that Arsenal have made a second offer for winger Gelson Martins.

In typical Gunners style though, the second offer is the same as the first one we made which was promptly rejected by Sporting Lisbon.

Their president, Bruno de Carvalho, turned down an initial bid of €30m, believing it to be insufficient for the 23 year old who scored 13 goals and made 13 assists for the Portuguese side last season.

A second offer of €30m was hardly likely to change his mind, but A Bola say that the player is keen on a move to North London and that may be part of the reason why we’re trying to play a bit of hardball.

Our reported interest in a winger is certainly quite interesting, and with a new negotiating team in charge of our transfer business this summer, we’ll see how efficient they are over the coming weeks and months.

Martins is part of the Portugal squad who kick off their World Cup on Friday with a very tasty fixture against Spain.

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Wenger: “That offer to buy Suarez from Liverpool was pure banter, I dare someone to do the same haha”

Emery: “Hold my beer”


Offer for Luis Suarez was just a mistake someone in club say he was a release clause in this contrat for 45 000 000.

That was true but it’s was not standard release clause because this was just ticket for start négociation with Liverpool.

And Liverpool say no way !! JUST A MISTAKE this is the real story..


Should have been £29,999,999.

Prof Wenger to Emerytus

You should be a salesman.

Anne Noyd

Don’t you think it’s about time we gave that Joel Campbell kid a chance?


Are we still in 2016?




In a word, NO.


Absolutely. He’ll make a great LWB with a chance


Offer for Luis Suarez was just a mistake someone in club say he was a release clause in this contrat for 45 000 000.

That was true but it’s was not standard release clause because this was just ticket for start négociation with Liverpool.

And Liverpool say no way !! JUST A MISTAKE this is the real story..

Men With Ven

Classic arsenal, a negotiation master class.

Gudang Pelor

So it wasn’t Wenger who was penny pinching, it was arsenal in general?

DB10s Air Miles

Of course. Wenger was a convenient shield for the board.


And he never complained. That’s why they kept him for so long ??


and you believe this report and start having a go at the club. FFS!


Kroenkes love their moneys.


For sure. I mean, Kroenke married Walmart ffs. They low-ball every single vendor, every time.


It’s not their money, it’s arsenal’s money. They’ve invested nothing into the club, and we’re 100% a self running and sustainable club.

SB Still

We may not grind out results on the field but we do in our transfers – wear the opposition down.


On or off the field, watching Arsenal go about their business wears the fans down. That is certain.


Aaron it is a “report”…why believe it??


LOL, why so serious?

Paul Roberts

Just because I choose to believe until proved wrong that we have changed our previously mad transfer policy 🙂


Do you have the slightest idea of whether we’re even interested?

Please learn to take these reports with a pinch of salt.


Have seen him play couple of times, a very good prospect who has all the qualities necessary to make it at the top. Will be interesting where he fits in though. (Assuming the deal goes through of course).


He will do what Iwobi and Nelson won’t. I will be quite happy if this guy comes in and puts Iwboi in Nelson’s place(in the pecking order) and send Nelson out on loan.
Our bench last season post January market was atrocious.

Prof Wenger to Emerytus

Sorry but I fear for Welbeck. I knew about what Emery did to Ben Arfa at PSG and couldn’t help he would do same to Welbeck.
Ben Arfa was bought by PSG after a dazzling season with Nice. Emery came and threw him out of the squad from day one. Welbeck never even had a dazzling season.


I think Ben Arfa’s attitude had more to do with it

Prof Wenger to Emerytus

Not in this case. He did nothing wrong with Emery before the treatment.


Huh!? Welbeck and Ben Arfa couldn’t be more different..
One is known for his laziness and lack of effort, the other is Welbeck.

Prof Wenger to Emerytus

Example : Balotelli has changed his attitude completely. Why wouldn’t a coach give him a chance ? Emery had Draxler in mind at PSG. I am saying he has this Portuguese guy in mind to replace player X. For me X = Welbeck. Hope you congratulate me for my vision or maths knowledge at the beginning of the season.


Welbeck never had a dazzling season, exactly! Would not cry if he left, but a useful player to have.

Faisal Narrage

No problem in regards to where he fits. I think people talk of DMs and CBs and GK and are so okay with playing our strikers or AMs on the wing. Not me though. This squad is BADLY in need of a direct and dribbling wide player; a proper winger, to both stretch play (tired of seeing all our converted AM “wingers” all hanging around in the centre to make intricate passes) and cause some dribbling chaos when the passing isn’t working (and dribbling is the great counter-measure to the high press). If that means one of our “wide” playmakers… Read more »


@Faisal Narrage Couldn’t agree more. At the very least we need a pacy player in the wings if not an out and out dribbler(I prefer dribble+pace but it’s not easy to get these players). Technically speaking i’ll be happy with another Mkhitaryan type(direct) player but much younger who will be ready to take over from Auba and Laca in 3 years time moving from wide to a central role. Timo Werner, Gelson Martins, Bruma(Leipzig), Inaki Williams, Emre Mor, Ousmane Dembele(If available). These are the type of players we should be targeting. Given Auba(pace, finishing) and Laca’s(dropping deep, perfect second striker)… Read more »


Mmm.. Osmane Dembele at Arsenal.. a happy dream..


In regards to your lineup discussion, I doubt Welbeck will be around as a back-up. And Ozil won’t “swap” with Miki, he will play the vast majority of games there. Which means Miki will get games elsewhere a lot of the time. And Ramsey won’t “fight for CM spots” because he will start the vast majority of games, and maybe not even as a CM. This all means that we don’t necessarily have tons of room for a winger to come right into the first XI. A winger is important, but it’s not the cure-all to this squad. And don’t… Read more »



Ozil in Home games and Mkhi in away games will do. Back-up means everybody fights for their place. Bergkamp was the most subbed player by Wenger and you would wonder ‘How is it even possibe’?

The team comes before individuals. Surely, the Ozil’s and Ramsey’s will get their 25 games(minimum) in a season.


Yeah let’s sign Ousmane Dembele, recent Barca signing and third-most expensive footballer ever. How about Messi Ronaldo and Neymar while we’re at it?

A Different George

Isn’t his release clause something like 400 mil? (Not sure if that’s pounds or Euros, but what difference does it make at that level)


This guy was immense in FM17. UTTER BEAST ? If only

Frankito Lelo

Looks like a winger is genuine on the agenda so that we can counterpress the ‘Unai gangnam style’


They rejected 30 mil, so let’s put in another offer… for 30 mil. There’s no way they will reject this new offer.

Prof Wenger to Emerytus

90 millions for Lemar didn’t even work so why bother ?


I’m ashamed to say
your username still cracks me up ….


This is sporting Lisbon. Players have been attacked by fans on the training ground. 4 players already trying to walk away and cancel their contract. They may be more willing to accept now.


I’d hope we offer €30m in installments, then offer €30m Cash or more of it upfront at least.

David Hillier's luggage

I’m assuming that’s the difference between the two bids.

Public Elneny

I really hope this goes through. All our best current attacking/creative players prefer playing through the middle. We also don’t really have anyone who takes defenders on 1-on-1. Could make us a bit predictable to defend against.


Does anyone follow Premeira Liga?
From what little I have seen him play, he just looks like a faster Iwobi with poor decision making.


Same here, not entirely convinced he is going to be a class player. Which is what i think we need on the wing, since other teams like liverpool and Man City have those. Personally would rather have we bought Guedes, but is probably more expensive.

Faisal Narrage

I’d rather Zaha, but we possibly don’t have the budget for that and he probably doesn’t want to leave.


That’s a Walcott isn’t it?


poop meter?


Smells like bullshit to me


I bet you all £50 we don’t sign him


He will sign. He is our Ronaldo. Bitch.

Left food of Podolski

Are we just going to accept the defence isn’t something we are interested in and play like 7 offensive players? It will surely be entertaining!

Rectum Spectrum

Wha? We’ve been heavily linked with several defenders bro!


What happens during every transfer window is.. We get linked with relatively unknown players and then watch some YouTube videos, start fantasizing them and at last get disappointed for not signing them. Hope this doesn’t happen with Torreira, Suyoncu and Marrins. ?


You got me…


Gelson Martins is not a relatively unknown player. He’s arguably one of the top prospects in Europe.


Where are the poo-o-meters?


In the lavatory

Thierry Walcott

Maybe it’s been dumped..?


He’s fast and a good dribbler, but also seems kinda dumb…
Could be a good deal though, they’ll probably won’t let him go for 30 mil. Also there’s a slim chance he can get his contract terminated (Similar to Patriciu’s situation) because their fans burst into the training ground and hurt the players.


You sure you not describing Gervinho?


lol, sadly there’s a lot of players like Retardinho out there…
Though, Martins is not THAT dumb.


Sporting Lisbon are my Portuguese team and i follow them closely – This guy is the real deal. Us Sportinguistas have nick-named him ‘Figinho’ (little-Figo) because of the similarities he shares in style of play with the past club legend. He has pace and is great with his feet, loving to take on defenders. We’ve needed a natural winger for some time and Gelson would be perfect! (i really hope this happens!)

Faisal Narrage

Gelson on one wing
Nelson on the other.

Jean Ralphio

God damnit


He’s 95 Accelration and 94 Sprint speed on Fifa.
Just get him for Fifa ?.
Arsenal really need a winger honestly. As we have 0 pace o n the flanks and are too predictable . ATM away perfectly summed up this weakness.


Unless Auba plays on the wing, and even then it is literally just him and Bellerin who have pace


Auba’s got pace but he doesn’t take on his man like Sane or Martial does. Auba uses the pace to get into good goal-scoring positions as he’s a fox in the box. We need genuine wide players, not converted number 10s or strikers as a makeshift.

A Different George

“Auba uses the pace to get into good goal-scoring positions as he’s a fox in the box.” Then he scores, which is approximately 20-25 times more likely from those positions. True wingers can be exciting to watch, but Stanley Mathews is long gone. In the modern game, for an attacking team, real width is provided by fullbacks or wingbacks, not forwards.


Like others, I don’t see the point of making two identical offers as the first one was rejected quickly – unless we’re offering to pay more up front, or even the lot. It’s clear that post-Wenger, “Silent Stan” isn’t going to make any additional monies available. Say what you like about Stan, and people do, he’s consistent! Two seasons running now without CL income is biting into the cash available (although I think it’s larger than the £50m often reported). Whatever we’re offering for Martins, if we’re really offering anything, will take a fair slice out of that.

Faisal Narrage

Arsenal make “low ball” bid.

Arsenal buy good player at great bargain.

Prof Wenger to Emerytus

Fans and pundits manage to always be right. They always change their minds without notice to always be on the good side.


I think the bit about him being interested and reports that he’s put in a request because of being targeted by some of the wackjob fans that have attacked the players is encouraging Arsenal to ‘Remind’ Sporting that they have an option on the table..

Gooners & Roses

An outright winger? My goodness how things have change.

Faisal Narrage

With a proper DM on the list too. What a new age we live in.

Rectum Spectrum

We would like to offer €30m guys

No I’m afraid we value him quite highly and that will not do.

Hmm….how about €30m then? How does that feel?

I don’t…. I …. i don’t understand…we….what??

Ya gooner

Maybe we’re trying to confuse them into accepting it. Next we’ll say ‘we offer 25m and that’s our final offer’


Definitely straight out of the Wenger school of bartering.

Yankee Gooner

So we’ve added Obi-Wan Kenobi to the negotiating team?

“You WILL accept a bid of €30m…” waves hand, goes about his business.

Matt BH

So, this is not actually about getting Sporting Lisbon to agree to sell him for €30M, though if they accept I’m sure we would be fine with it. It is because Sporting Lisbon is in complete disarray and they have had multiple players sever their contracts because of how the club is being run. See this story: My guess is we actually want Martins to break his contract for cause with Sporting Lisbon, with their refusal of fair market offers from Arsenal as part of the justification, and then have him arrive in North London on a free transfer.… Read more »


Actually it’s entirely plausible that this is not as silly as it sounds and reinforces something I’ve heard elsewhere. Sporting Lisbon are in the process of imploding. It’s widely believed that even if the president didn’t have a hand on the “ultra” attack on their training facility (and rumours abound of him being seen chatting to the ringleaders), he was culpable for the mysterious lack of security that day. Now, it looks like Wolves are getting Rui Patricio. Patricio filed a lawsuit for breach of contract by the club and got his contract voided. Other players are said to be… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

Get outta here with your inside information and logic.

Or something.


I see the logic, but why should Martins join us particularly? If he’s that good (as some people obviously think he is) then surely several major clubs will be in for him as they will be perfectly aware of the Sporting situation as well. I imagine that at least some will be able to offer CL football as well as matching any offer from Arsenal. Overall, I don’t think Martins is very likely to be going to The Emirates, although never say never.


Plus ça change … !
Please behave Arsenal, I want to invest a very very large, and very very flat TV for my basement, and I need to watch a different Arsenal on that screen this year.


I thought wenger had left, typical arsenal still messing about, its no wonder we don’t sign anyone decent


afan have you considered this “report” may not be true?


I wouldn,t put it past them


What’s arsene up to these days..


is there a chance that the difference in 30m offers was differing amounts up front instead of spread out over say, 2 years? Trying to give the club a pass here, even where it traditionally hasn’t been merited.


Hasn’t Martins just submitted a request to terminate his contract with Sporting?

If so, might we get him for nothing?


This one I like?


When I first read this, I assumed Blogs was having some fun with us on a slow day. Surely, this is not Arsenal’s negotiating strategy. Repeat the exact same bid that has just been refused?! Unbelievable.


Ahhh….. someone realises this is most likely to be an absolute bollocks “report” before banging on about how mad the club is and nothing has changed with our crazy transfer policy. Thank the Lord (WellArsed).


Wow if the rumours are to be believed then a lineup like

Should get us back up table


Bleeding reports. Is there anyone we are not signing?

Bring back David Hillier

Gelson Martin’s = moans tinglers


Excluding N’zoni (who is on his way to Islington in every transfer window, but never shows up) Martins is the only player currently “linked” to Arsenal that is not a defender. Emery seems on the verge of buying three defenders and maybe one midfielder. No attackers are linked.

Does this point to 4-4-2? Özil, Mktaryan and Ramsey are naturally born midfielders and might thrive in a mid four. Only Abumeyang, Lacazette and Welbeck (and Nketieh) are clean cut attackers.


Any chance the story is a load of how do you say oh yes bullshit


30 mil and we throw in Joel Campbell!! Waau sayin Bruno???


News in Portugal is saying that their contracts have been officially terminated for personal reasons, due to the directors behaviour. Him along with Podence, Carvalho, Fernandes and Patrício will all sign for benéfica, their local rivals.

Can’t believe we are missing out to Benfica!!!? Hope Rauls didn’t miss his flight

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