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Report: Bernd Leno to sign for Arsenal

According to SportBild in Germany, Arsenal are close to tying up a deal for goalkeeper Bernd Leno.

The 26 year old has been told he can leave Bayer Leverkusen, and the Gunners are said to be in pole position with suggestions that the transfer is close to completion.

The club are in the market for a keeper despite the fact that Petr Cech has been handed the number 1 shirt, which suggests that David Ospina’s four years at the club are coming to a close after he signed from Nice in 2014.

Leno certainly fits the age profile, although he has been an unconvincing performer for the Bundesliga outfit, with lapses in concentration and mistakes peppering his game.

Perhaps, with a new goalkeeping coach in place, and a year working with him and alongside the vastly experienced Cech, the new Arsenal transfer team believe they can tap into the player’s potential and improve him.

It’s not a completely unreasonable position to take, but those who watch him regularly in the Bundesliga will take some convincing that he’s the real upgrade we need.

Liverpool, meanwhile, are also said to be interested as they seek to replace both Loris Karius and Simon Mignolet ahead of the new season

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Can’t help but feel like we really shit the bed on the Szczęsny sale but water under the bridge and all that… I like the idea of this guy coming in. He can save penalties too! Woo!

I actually haven’t stopped smiling all day, first Lucas Torreira and Sokratis were basically confirmed and now this? Is it Christmas or something?

My wig smells cheesy

Let’s not compile the chicken inventory just yet!


Thanks. Eagerly waiting for next meeting at office where I can use the term ‘chicken inventory’.


Until they are wearing a jersey ordering us to visit Rwanda nothing is certain.

Mayor McCheese

That’s eggsellent advice. After all, we’ve been Bernd in the past for doing that very thing.

Jean Ralphio

If szczesny was that good, he’d be the Juve number one right? Him and Fabianski were decent keepers though


He is


he’s number 23


They just signed Perin from Genoa. Yet to be confirmed who will start their games next season.

Jimbo Jones

That’s a good point.. the fact thst they’ve gone out to get Perin so quickly makes me wonder whether Sir Ches hasn’t impressed enough last season

My wig smells cheesy

Surely they need a number to for back up as Gianluca has all but left?

My wig smells cheesy


Public Elneny

Juve are signing Mattia Perin from Genoa, another very good keeper who is at a similar level to Szczesny. They’ll probably battle for the no.1 spot this season with Szczesny maybe slightly ahead, so not clear cut.

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

You mean the keeper that Juve chose to replace Buffon???


Szczeny was signed as a replacement for the legendary Buffon… and on top of that played plenty of games at a seriously good level last season. Simply put Arsenal shat the bed selling Woj.


Yes but they signed a new keeper this summer, and not an obvious no.2

Faisal Narrage

Because most clubs now sign keepers to compete. Only Wenger still operated with a distinct hierarchy.


Wenger gave both keepers set competitions, including finals if they got there so how did he have a distinct hierarchy?


I see a lot of Szczesny nostalgia. As someone who saw almost all the games (maybe 80%) I don’t see why this is so! He made regular mistakes, maybe not every match (and I don’t have the data here) but certainly once every 5 matches or maybe it just felt like that. Compared to this, Cech makes probably 2 mistakes a season. Cech does get beaten at his near post and could do better a lot but a lot of the basic issues we have had with goalkeepers over the years don’t seem to plague us any longer. Knowing that… Read more »


Mynk i want to give your comment a hundred thumbs up. Totally agree with you

Crash Fistfight

It just felt like that.


thought we’d get cillissen. but this guys good too. and he is still young for a keeper. and with our new goalkeeping coach i hope he turns out to be our very own de gea


Our very own *Lehmann

Wreh's FA Cup dream

*Mad Jens


there is no particular age for a goalkeeper, if he is good enough then play him, if he is 21 or 31it doesn,t matter


don’t know why the thumbs down, either just for the sake of it, or more likely they no nothing about football


If both keepers are of equal ability, the younger they are the longer you can have them at the club…Simple


Glad we didn’t get Cillisen tbh.


Cillissen is the only keeper in the world worse than Cech at saving penalties.

Damo Dinkum

I’m also worse


I’m watching Bundesliga regularly and he’s not that bad as the article sounds. He’s had a few pretty stupid mistakes, but in general he’s performing at a really high level. Leverkusen never had the best defence, and he was usually one of their outstanding players. Besides being a good shot stopper, he’s a modern GK, can play a pass as well. Throughout all the youth teams he had to rival Marc-Andre ter Stegen, and their potential was believed to be about the same. So let’s hope he can make the next step at Arsenal and reach his full potential!

D ceee

That sound much better..thought we signing Almunia again from reading the article (shudder)


Not convinced at all. Too error prone. We should be going for Parvlenka or his replacement at Leverkusen instead. Don’t get why we aren’t in for young talents like Lunin and Lafont.
Upgrade over what we have – Yes
Good enough – No.


Why aren’t some people ever happy?


Welcome to the internet

Petit's Handbag

Well said Blue/Fam


If being “happy” means I have to say he’s a world class keeper and as good as Neuer – then sorry I’m not going to be “happy” anytime soon
I already said he is better than what we have…is that not “positive” enough for you?


so you’ll only be happy with a Neuer? Just recognise the reality mate – we are not the Arsenal of old, we are going to have to buy players with promise not those who have already fulfilled theirs.


It’s obvious you lack comprehension skills. I said he is better than what we have but not great. That is the truth. Too error prone. That is the truth

Make Arsenal Great Again

I also watch a lot of German league so I’ve seen Leno. I don’t consider him error prone.


Yeah that’s why he’s made the second most errors leading to goals in the Bundesliga since 2015. Anyone who’s really watched him knows he’s stagnated and is error prone. Better than what we have but nothing special


Which Arsenal of old ever did this?


I don’t particularly care enough to argue with you about it. Enjoy your day.


Why reply to my comment then?

Thomas Lambert

Someone’s been playing too much FIFA


And someone clearly has no idea what they’re talking about

oh dear

Refreshingly honest. It takes the bigger man to admit their own flaws. Well done Trez.


Lame comment from a typical member of the “positive fans brigade”.


Would you rather we were all members of the “negative fans brigade’ like yourself?


I am a member of the objective/rational brigade of fans


Trez, there’s a subtle difference between objective and opinionated.


But I fully disagree you are being rational and it is my objectional opinion you are being negative. You have dismissed all our transfer business so far as unsatisfactory…no terrible. Liechstiener – A highly experienced player who has played at the top level in Europe for a long period of time and will be a back up to our first choice RB. Signed on a short-term contract for free. I vote up Sokratis- I agree with you that he would not be my first choice and I doubt we would have signed him if Kos didn’t banjax his ankle. But,… Read more »


I already said Torreira was a good signing.
Lichtsteiner and Sokratis however you try to spin it is are not great signings. The only positive is they both cost 15m. Sokratis is a very terrible signing as he isn’t what we need. We needed someone who reads the game well like Per. Sokratis and Mustafi are both similar. We will be in serious problems against big teams if those two line up together

Pat Rice and Beans

Classic Fifa UT player comment.


Bring back the poo-o-meter, I say!


Erm…I read a couple of days ago that he had agreed a deal to Napoli and won’t “listen to any more offers”. Oh, transfer market, you sweet little bitch.


Yeah Torreira too, we seem to be stealing their options. I love it, especially since Higuain.

Although, as with Higuain, we shouldn’t underestimate their potential to come back in with a bastard-y late bid.


This would be a poor signing. I encourage everyone to read the statistical analysis on


They’ll say you’re too negative. We can do better. Doesn’t have to be Oblak or Neuer


The young Albanian chap at Lazio is mentioned in that article is interesting option


Also from the article: “Bernd Leno – Has been linked with Arsenal, has been 1% below par this season and under performed for six and a half seasons in @colintrainor’s model, so Arsenal should probably give him a miss.”


Not familiar with him, but I’m really liking the new transfer market vibe.


Not sure he is worth 22mil but still a very good keeper. Hopefully he can become our own Szczesny.


Absolutely see the logic behind the Lichtsteiner and Sokratis transfers. Although they’re not the most exciting signings they address weak spots in our squad and both are top professionals who can help our young guns at the back and do a job when needed. I‘m actually quite thrilled about the Torreira transfer. Haven’t seen much of him tbh but from what I’ve heard he’s a very good addition and will fit in Emery’s System pretty well. I also really like the Gelson link, especially if we’re really able to get him on a free, that would be quite a steal.… Read more »


Sokratis is a terrible signing. The only good thing about those deals are the cost. Sokratis hasn’t been good ever since Hummels left. He isn’t going to bring a calming influence to our backline and is literally a older version of Mustafi. We’ll get torn to shreds if we play both against big teams.
If we needed experience, we should’ve gone for Benatia who is available and better than Sokratis.
Lichtsteiner turns 35 next year. In an epl filled with pace, he’ll get ripped to shreds.


Disagree. He was one of the best defenders in the BuLi for years, hasn’t played that bad under Tuchel and only really struggled since Bosz came in who was one of the most naive coaches I’ve seen in my whole life. He didn’t gave a crap about defending and the team conceded goals constantly. Since Stöger took over his performances have improved again. But when he’s at his best, he was the better one between Hummels and him, if you ask me. Also he’s not comparable to Mustafi at all as he’s not that aggressive ball winner type. Therefore he… Read more »


Sokratis was never better than Hummels. Hummels made him look good. Ask any hardcore BVB fan and they’ll tell you he’s been poor for 2 seasons now. I watch BVB and Juve when I’m not watching Arsenal and I can assure you he has been poor. Most BVB fans agree with this as well. He isn’t going to bring the calming presence Per at his best brought to the team. That’s the kind of player we need…not someone who charges around. If you have 2 of those as your senior CB with Kos out – it is a very BIG… Read more »


And Lichtsteiner came on at half time against that lot in the CL quarter finals and bossed he game. As far as I know Sp*rs are an English team and he looked nowhere near out of pace in that game. He’s extremely fit for a 35 year old and also has so much experience that he knows how to deal with missing pace in certain situations. Not worried about him being able tondo a job at all.


Played well against Spurs, do you know how his League performances were?? You think it’s by Coincidence Juve let him go?? BVB are replacing Sokratis with Diallo who has a massive upside and aren’t too bothered about Sokratis leaving.
Thank Goodness we’re getting him for only 14m and even at that, I’d have preferred Johnny Evans who cost 4m

A Different George

Juve “let him go,” in the same way we let Sagna go–he played out his contract, and did not want to sign again. Whether that was because Juve failed to offer enough, or because he wants a new challenge, or because he does not get along with Allegri, or some combination of these and other factors, we just don’t know. He has looked effective and a bit dirty every time I have seen him (was really good against Spurs). At his age and with his experience and personality (captain of Switzerland), he makes the squad stronger. We are not looking… Read more »

The Bishops

Sulk it in mate.

Wreh's FA Cup dream

‘Lichtsteiner turns 35 next year’

So he’s 34.


34 and will get smoked for pace.

King 14enry





Well then I guess it’s a good thing our starting RB isn’t going to get smoked for pace by anyone.

A Different George

That was inevitable.


Hmm. I’m sure we had a CB fairly recently who everyone said was too slow to hack it in the PL.
Odd thing was that, regardless of how fast he wasn’t, we let in fewer goals in the matches in which he played than we did in the matches when he didn’t play. Personally I reckon that’s more important, but what the fuck do I know.


Nowhere near the national team? He was preparing with the team, and one of the players which was (somewhat surprisingly) cut from the final squad. So he’s between 3rd and 4th in the german national team, which really isn’t bad considering the quality of their goalkeepers. If we think our goalkeeper coach and a year working alongside Peter Cech can improve him, we could have a fine goalkeeper on our hands..


He’s not between 3rd and 4th. He’s 4th. And the quality of German goalkeepers isn’t as good as it has been. Ter Stegen as well as Trapp aren’t top level keepers, if you ask me. Trapp hasn’t even played at Paris but is still above Leno.
Like your optimism but don’t tell me I haven’t warned you afterwards.

Hamburg Gooner

Ah, come on, this is kind of bollocks and you know it .. as the third keeper is usually only there to hand over water bottles and stuff, it´s not much of a statement when nominated. Löw stated that he nominated Trapp this time, because Leno got the nod for Euro 16. Now Trapp can get some price money and a bit of a confidence boost ahead of a difficult season for him. If Arsenal are going to sign him (ahead of Naples and Atletico btw) it´s actually quite good, cause he´s having a proper holiday and is able to… Read more »


You must be joking, Ter Stegen had a great season at Barca, one of the reasons they were so solid and nearly went the whole season unbeaten in La Liga. There are better goalkeepers than Leno in the Bundesliga surely, but the standards ARE higher than most leagues.


You’re in for a shock. We Arsenal fans have a tendency to overhype players that we sign. You’ll see a few howlers from him and don’t complain when it happens.


Don’t complain when our new keeper commits a few howlers, because we are moderately excited about a new signing?
You need to go for a walk, Trez. Clear your head.


And you need to stop replying to my comments. You’re not blogs and the last time I checked as long as I’m not insulting anyone, I have a right to state my opinions whether you or anyone else find it positive or not…just go past my comments but don’t tell me to walk…you don’t own the site

D ceee

Yeah but they are getting a bit boring now. Maybe have a wank or something?


Funny how you’re the only one who brings up wanking into the conversation. How old are you? 12??


Also nowhere near the national team is a bit hyperbolic, he has been in the preeliminary squad and was axed for the final squad.


@emob: He was only there because of the doubts About Neuer’s fitness level. As soon as Löw said Neuer will be fit, it was clear that Leno had to go. So he’s clearly number 4 in the hierarchy.
@Hamburg Gooner: As I’m german as well I too watch the BuLi regularly and he is extremely error prone. Has let in the most goals after direct keeper mistakes of all BuLi keepers. 9 since 2016.
But I don’t want to convince anyone. If you think, he’s the solution, fair play. But I do have big doubts about that.


To be fair 9 goals in 60 games is pretty bad haha. But he also has the second most clean sheets, its all very confusing.


He was there because the national team always goes with four keepers in the preeliminary squad. That’s what the squad is for. Leno went to Euro 16, so to say he’s nowhere near is a bit much. I share your doubts, there are a lot of better GKs in the league, but it’s getting hyperbolic.


I said that he was part of the squad a few years ago that’s why I said he developed in the wrong direction over the last 2 seasons. That’s why he’s not in Russia, not because the other keepers are that good (apart from Neuer of course).


I think with the quality of player we have we should have a keeper who matches the modern style of play we will be working on.

If he helps us quickly distribute the ball and help relieve the opposition high press, then we can live with a few mistakes.

These are qualities that both Ospina and Cech dont have in abundance.

A Different George

Actually, I think Ospina does have those qualities, as well as excellent shot-stopping. But he never makes you feel confident when there is a high cross. A classic South American keeper (one of those just won the Prem by the way).

Bitter Pill

I was hoping for Pope of Burnley. English, young and a good shot stopper. Wonder if we ever considered him.

A Different George

The Pope of Burnley is too prone to great schisms.


This is quite a lot better than what has been happening for about the last 5 years. We’re taking a bit of risk and just trying to improve the squad – not all of them will work out but we only need to get 51% of the decisions right to improve.

Dan Franko

”he has been an unconvincing performer for the Bundesliga outfit, with lapses in concentration and mistakes peppering his game.”
He sounds a keeper.

Maybe he's born with it, maybe it's Bellerin

He’s alright but his brother’s talk show is shite

J Lenos Garage on Youtube is actually pretty cool if you like cars


This is absolutely extraordinary


well if he is only back up to cech, then maybe its not so bad


I know that he didn’t get much game time whilst out on loan last season,
but I was still hoping that at some point, Emi Martinez would be given
a meaningful opportunity to succeed Cech and/or Ospina.

I don’t think he’s let us down in the few first team games he’s had for us.


Same here. I think he has potential. Unfortunately he’s far above being 3rd choice and we aren’t going to sell Cech anytime soon.


Am I the only one who thinks we should go for Butland?


I like Butland too. Cech threw way too many in the net last season, but his know how can help Leno or Butland get better.

Gudang Bedil

I think he’s only behind Neuer in the Bundesliga. So I’m happy if we really can get him.


No, not really, there are several keepers that are better atm, but the standards are high.


With Jimmy Fallon to eventually replace him?


Why don’t we just go for Butland?? I don’t get it

He’s proven, has premiership experience and is only 25.


There was talk that Butland would cost 40 million pounds, which is absurd for a goalkeeper.

I wish we would have given Martinez or Macey a chance to break through — plenty of PL teams have given a relative no-name a chance to play and suddenly you have a Butland, Pickford, Heaton or Pope on your hands. Trial by fire and having Cech lead the way would be the ideal way for one of our understudies to emerge. For free.


im stil gutted we don’t have chezza, a polish cockney who was arsenal through and through, had nearly 200 appearances for a 23 year old , vastly experienced a good shot stopper with good distribution and good from corners, will only become better and better, pissed over flapanski whilst he was at arsenal and they all raving about him now,

in my opinion probably arsenes worst mistake in recent years esp when pickford et al go for 30mill

lets hope cech stays injury free


Playing for Arsenal induces jitters in the best of them.
Fabianski hardly commits a mistake for Swansea, but I just closed my eyes, and started praying when the ball went in the box, and he was the keeper for us.
Szczesny was never as bad as he was made to be. Also, he is still very young for a keeper, just turned 28, so selling him was a big mistake.
Leno may be the answer. But considering Ospina is remarkably good when playing for Colombia, and crap at Arsenal, I would think NOT!!!!


How stupid do we look now that we got rid of Szczesny. Forget Leno and find a way to bring back Szczesny. I’m still pissed we sold him to Juve.

Public Elneny

Leno’s in a similar position to Szczesny when he left for Roma. He’s nowhere near as good as he should be, given how brilliant he was in his late teens/early 20s when he first broke into the Leverkusen first team, but is still youngish and has obvious potential. At his best he’s up there with anyone in the world in terms of shot stopping, but like others have said is quite error prone. Basically he possesses all the skills a great goalkeeper needs in his locker, he just doesn’t display it all that consistently. Hopefully the change after so long… Read more »


“Leno has been an unconvincing performer for the Bundesliga outfit, with lapses in concentration and mistakes peppering his game.”




Although he seems like he has some talent to work with from this…

Would it kill this board to hire a bona fide star, though?

Merlin's Panini

We’re seemingly really getting shit done early, which is good to see.
None of the players is really a “wow!” signing but they all seem decent.
Hopefully Cech can have a good influence on Leno if he does come on board.
It feels weird that we’re being linked with players and none of them are seemingly bullshit stories like they usually are. Perhaps the policy of secrecy has been thrown out the window now.


“Leno certainly fits the age profile, although he has been an unconvincing performer for the Bundesliga outfit, with lapses in concentration and mistakes peppering his game.”

Sounds like he’ll fit in perfectly with last season’s back four…


Erm…why do we keep getting ‘linked’ with players who are past sell by date or have not performed particularly well in Bundesliga.

Granted we are out of CL but we can afford better.

Or is it new issue that we must sign Bundesliga or ex-Dortmund predominantly because of Mslintat?

Szsc must surely not be happy that Juve have signed a competitor in Perrin with Buffon potentially stepping down.


This crappy move. He was surplus in Leverkusen, as they signed Finnish national keeper Lukasz Hradecky from Frankfurt. Hradecky was selected as bundesliga keeper of the season, while Leno was erratic.

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