Thursday, July 7, 2022

Report: Ramsey close to new Arsenal deal

According to the Telegraph, Aaron Ramsey is close to agreeing a new Arsenal deal after positive talks with new coach Unai Emery.

The Welshman is thought to have been offered at least a four-year extension on his current contract, which is due to end next summer.

He’ll also pocket a significant pay rise that would put him in the same wage bracket as Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Ramsey signed for the Gunners from Cardiff in 2008 and has made more appearances in the first team and scored more goals for the club than anyone else in the squad.

News of a possible Ramsey deal comes hot off the heels of contract extensions for Granit Xhaka, Ainsley Maitland-Niles and Mohamed Elneny.

With Santi Cazorla and Jack Wilshere leaving, Lucas Torreira looking like a done deal and links with Ever Banega growing stronger, the club could well have a new look midfield come the start of pre-season.

It’ll be interesting to see how Emery moulds them.

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And Soyunchu.

Two eagles

Bless you

Bob Dobbery

Never happening


Good news.


Give the man the Armband while your at it.


Good shout. I’ve been wondering who Emery would make captain. For the first time in ages I’m excited about the new season. CMON THE BOYS


BOYS, was that tongue in cheek when you said that


For things as important as club captain, we have to stay with our club traditions.

Who do we have in the squad that won’t play a game all season?

Public Elneny

Carl Jenkinson

Maybe he's born with it, maybe it's Bellerin

That’s mean. You just know he’s an arseblogger enthuiast

Faisal Narrage

Mustafi for new Captain?

Scott P

Although I hope he will get back to his best again… Koscielny

I Didn't See It

Tradition used to be “who would be angling for a move in order to win titles”. Think Vieira/Cesc/Van Persie.

Bob Dobbery

Ramsey captain and Xhaka vice captain

bossman bill

either one would be very good

David C

Good call. I think Rambo has a good captain’s mentality. I’m excited by this news!


Well I know we just got him, but Lichsteiner is a proper captain. Xhaka will make a great one also. But I guess on seniority and dedication to the club, must be between Ramsey and Ozil, after Kos. Fuck even Nacho.
Just give them all the arm band!

I Didn't See It

Or even better, 11 captains on the pitch every time.


That way they can all pressure the fucking refs


Good on you, Rambo! I’m loving it.


Already a legend


Brilliant news! If he signs we have extended contracts of Elneny, AMN, Xhaka, Rambo and Özil in the last months. Plus it looks really good regarding the Torreira appointment. If we get Banega on top, too, that would be quite a midfield. And all of the with long term contracts. Same with Auba and Lacazette. Same with Holding, Chambers, Mavropanos, Bellerin and Kolasinac and of corse the defensive additions. Squad looks in a good shape for the years to come. Just need them and Unai to click now. Genuinely excited about the new season.


Imagine a midfield trio of Torreira-Ramsey-Banega, whilst we have Xhaka, Elneny and Maitland-Niles as covers. Seems like a good depth for me. 🙂

Reality Cech

Xhaka was given an extension till 2024. I think he will be one of the first picks in midfield tbh. Possibly ahead of Banega


This kind of selection headache is one of the most enjoyable headache. 🙂

Bai Blagoi

Extending contract doesn’t necessary mean guaranteed place in the first XI. I think we are trying to extend the contracts of everybody, wherever possible. We have renewed also those of AMN and Elneny, but obviously not all of them are going to be first choice starters.


Bai, I see your point, but new signings also doesn’t dictate a starting XI spot.

Yay for competition and depth! It’s like we’re operating like a big squad!


To me this sounds like a squad that is actually being built to challenge in more than one competition.

Either that or we’re going to be the vanguards of a 2-6-2 formation.


Wouldn’t be THAT different from Arsene’s 2-7-1.


Banega doesn’t play in the same position as Xhaka.


He has before, i believe

I Didn't See It

He was awesome against Nigeria. Unfortunately.

Stewart Robson's therapist

I think it could be Xhaka and Ramsey playing slightly further upfield than they did under Wenger, with Torreira positioned between them and the back four.

The Old Git's Whistle Test

Great news. Sadly some of our “supporters” will have a grumble but Ramsey is an excellent player who gives his all and loves the club and what we stand for.

Watching Banega the other day really excited me, I would love to see him in The Arsenal shirt, make it happen Gazidies and your “brilliant?” new system. We, the fans are watching you!


Excellent news.
This is shaping up to be a very un-Arsenal transfer window.


Un-wenger transfer window*

Mr B

I’m guessing you imagine the pre-Wenger days were full of exciting transfer windows when we brought in the biggest players in the world every year?


Sweet Welsh Jesus


please please please please please please please please please please


Fingers crossed. For this to deal to go through, for Ramsey to stay injury-free and that his consistently brilliant performances last season were not one of those “final-year of the contract” occurrences we have seen from our players before.

Faisal Narrage

Fantastic news. I wasn’t rather pessimistic about him signing.
With Xhaka’s contract, it’s clear he’ll be starting, and noway we’re signing Torreira as hench. So will Ben interesting to see where Emery sees Ramsey (no.10 maybe?)


great news, build the team around him


Ramsey extending & Banega signing would be unbelievably good news, cherry on the top type stuff

For the first time in what seems like a lifetime, I’m really excited about a new season & haven’t once shouted “Oh FFS, he just won’t learn a bloody lesson, will he?”

Ghost of podolski's rainy grin

Great news. If we get the signings it looks like we’re getting, we could have quite a strong bench as well, something that has sometimes been lacking. Xhaka, Ramsey, Banega, Torreira are all starring quality in the midfield. The same goes for özil, mhkiki, laca and auba in the forward area. We can’t possibly start them all, and that would make it possible to rest players or bring in a game changer. Elneny, AMN, Welbeck (if he stays) and Gelson (if he arrives) are also really strong backups/fringe starters. I’m still not entirely convinced by the defence, but they can’t… Read more »

Living in a Santi wonderland

signing of the summer for me!

Why not

Well this is getting interesting

Bai Blagoi

Good news, resigning Ramsey would be the most important “signing” this summer.

I just hope that he is really close to accepting, not “Wilshere close”.


Mikel Arteta as our new head coach is easily the best signing we’ve made this summer… he’s even changed his look and has started to resemble the guy who used to manage PSG.
Also like the Adidas signing, Puma suck


Rambo and Banega could be ever so exciting together. Or is that errin’ on the side of optimism? No? Sorry.


aaaaah took me so long to get that but now I have and I am satisfied.

Well done me.


..I still don’t get it.. Something to do with to do with Errin?


Just some dumb word play mate. Aaron/errin’ and ever/Ever. At least Jalex liked it!


Excellent news. I agree that he should be made captain.

Kwame Ampadu Down

It’s all very confusing. Wasn’t the reason we signed new players & got our existing ones to extend their contracts solely down to Arsene being manager ?

Man Manny

Brilliant. New look midfield – grit, stealth, strength and goals.


Hopefully we’ll lock down Welbeck and Nelson as well….
Nelson said he was staying as Wenger had convinced him, but not heard anything since?
And not heard anything on Welbeck?
If he’s not staying we’d need to move him on and find a replacement, I’m not sure we could upgrade him for £20mill? I’m hoping we convince him to stay.
The other contracts almost up are Monreal, Cech, Ospina 2019 and Iwobi 2020

Santi’s Flip Flop

Don’t play with my emotions, Andrew. Give this a poo rating before it shit myself.

Stewart Robson's therapist

Really starting to get the impression that Emery favours a 3-man central midfield, if he wants to keep hold of Xhaka, Ramsey, Maitland-Niles and Elneny while also adding Torreira and Banega to the squad. These feel like such exciting times for Arsenal right now that it would be heartbreaking if Aaron chose to jump ship at this point.


What great news, if we get Banega that gives a quite a stable of midfielders this season. No real enforcer type still, but we will have a lot of variety. The roaming pit bull Torreira, box to box Rambo, ol’ reliable Elneny, “Double Eagle” Xhaka, plus the young guns AMN and Joe Willock

My thoughts

Looks like emery’s definitely going for 3 in CM, maybe 1 DM and 2 CMs. No AM for him.


This is good, but to the point of the Tim Stillman post today, there’s no realistic way to fit in all of Ozil, Ramsey, Miki, Xhaka, Torreira and Banenga into a starting lineup. If we indeed sign the latter two, someone will not be starting all the critical games. But maybe that is a good thing given the Thursday/Sunday schedule again.

Merlin's Panini

Don’t want to celebrate this just yet. It looked like Wilshere was set to sign on again and didn’t. I know Ramsey is wanted more but it would be a huge blow if this didn’t happen.
Still, encouraging news!


Captain for me next season


To think that not a few of us wanted him sold a couple of years back. Talk of impatience!


Please please please.

Unai Ted Emeryite

Rambo Like A New Signing! ?

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