Saturday, August 13, 2022

Sampdoria president confirms Torreira departure

Sampdoria’s president Massimo Ferrero has confirmed that the club has agreed to sell midfielder Lucas Torreira for €30 million.

It’s yet to be confirmed that Arsenal are the club that have bought the Uruguay international although it’s been widely reported that personal terms have been agreed and that the deal will be ratified by the Gunners when the player’s World Cup duty ends.

Torreira came off the bench in Uruguay’s opening game in Russia as they beat Egypt with a 90th-minute winner.

Speaking to Italian TV station TMW, Ferrero revealed: “Torreira has left for €30million, I bought him from Pescara when nobody believed in him.

“We took a gamble on him and we won, paying just €3million. The money that comes in will be used to capitalise the company.”

He’d earlier stated: “Sampdoria do not sell unless there are excellent offers.

“We do not look for buyers. We have natural talents whose values increase exponentially.

“Sampdoria is a stepping stone. It’s a family-run club and that allows players to grow up.

“It’s normal they have aspirations to play for big clubs, but I do not need to sell out.”

Unai Emery has already welcomed right-back Stephan Lichtsteiner and goalkeeper Bernd Leno to the club, while centre-back Sokratis is due to sign from Borussia Dortmund in July.

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Big Bernd

welcome lucas

Dave M

Really excited about this guy. Looks to be a lot of Santi about his game, his ability to turn and control the ball with that low centre of gravity and his engine are what we have been crying out for. Looks to have a nice crisp pass, great anticipation and positionally excellent. I think we might have found a little gem here!


Really happy with this signing. I’m liking this steel we are adding to the Arsenal side.

Anyone think we should get in Grealish from Villa to replace Jacks role in the squad? He will be leaving Villa and has good creativity. Lots of energy and helps the English quota we need to have to meet FA rules


We’ve moved on from finding only the TOP, TOP QUALITY that can improve our team which ended up with buying mustafi and lucas perez to actually signing people where we need them.

Who knew that was an option?

Ya gooner

Spanish flair in emery and raul with german efficiency in sven 😉


Not so sure.

Sven buys old stuff from Germany that’s all.

You can find those players in any other mid table club.

Heavenly Chapecoense

I think we are building a top four squad for now. The club is not planning to win the league in the next two or three years unless there is the Leicester effect they dream of so much.


come on…this squad is much better than that Leicester squad was.


Mik & Aubameyang played pretty well for us last year. Basically a goal a game for Aub – that’s not a mid table player by any stretch. Leno – the new keeper we’ve been crying out for is all of 26. The young Greek defender. A 22 year old DM. Add in the new RB from Juventus to help mentor Bellerin & spell him. The Greek guy from Dortmund is more debatable but we definitely needed a new experienced defender. This was a team with an extremely weak mental make up under Wenger = we needed some experienced players to… Read more »

Prof Wenger to Emerytus

All you said is right but doesn’t mean we will perform better than Guardiola’s City, Man U and Liverpool. They have very strong squads. We have a single guy who can take control and win you a game: Auba.
City has Aguero, Jesus, De Bruyne and Sterling.
Liverpool has Salah, Mane, Firmino and is getting Fekir who is of that mould.
Ozil is a special player but sinks with the team. Micki has lot of quality but also has everything to prove in the PL.


Full disclaimer: you will do what you want But me personally, I couldn’t care less about the other teams or how good they are or aren’t. Or who they sign or have on their books. It’s out of our control so why worry or limit how excited you are about our own chances. What I know is we won almost all of our home games last season. This tells me that the team is more than competitive. If we can maintain that and emulate it away from home there is no reason why we can’t make good things happen next… Read more »


This feels like what used to be our last hours of transfer windows for last couple of years except it’s the start of it now and this time we’ll actually end up signing the players.


Then again, it’s understandable that IRS are going for it hard because it inevitably makes them look good compared to how we handled our transfer windows over last couple years.

But it’s their job, they were hired for it and they seem to be good at it. Credit where it’s due.


They’re getting things done. They can trumpet about it all they want- all I care about is what we achieve on the pitch. So if we achieve great things on the pitch, and they get to bask in the afterglow, great, all the power to them


Except we aren’t buying exactly top of the line…Ozil. It has nothing to do with a difference in policy. Just depends who you are going for. Too many fans have no foggy clue how the transfer market works. Sometimes you have to wait to get the deal. Case in point with Ozil, we had to wait on Spurs and Bale. It also impacted our deal with Higuain as we did not know where price for Ozil would land. Alexis wasn’t exactly last minute either. These red herrings spouted by too many ignore the realities in the market that if we… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

Some of those 7 clubs are just bolder than us in spending. They do not necessarily have more than us.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Actually, people get confused because we are well known to be way up there in terms of being a valuable club, but what we are not is a “rich” club. The problem we have is that our “value” is tied up in real estate, and is not a big pile of cash like those 7 clubs. We can’t spend one of our training pitches to buy a new player.


Seems like a great signing. We’ve been crying out for a Vieira-type player for years now. This guy doesn’t really have the same physical stature as Vieira but at least their names rhyme.
Love the way we’re getting the business done quickly! COYG!!!

Me So Hornsey

Yep. His name chant shouldn’t be too hard to compose.

David Hillier's luggage

He comes from Uruguay,
He’s Unai Emery’s guy


He made the ( insert as appropriate) cry

David Hillier's luggage

Ooh, I like that one!


Vieira type? he’s 1.68m & weighs 60kgs.

do you even do any research?


Maybe research more than the first line of his comment before replying ?


Problem with so many fans is they always try to equate one player with another.

Kante, Marscherano, Makele (indeed Santi) are all small in stature but have been excellent holding the ball.


If I were to try my hand at hypocrisy…

Kwame Ampadu Down

You left out ‘yet again’ at the end of your hypocrisy sentence there santori…..

Crash Fistfight

Do you even read?


If you read the comment properly he said that he doesn’t have the same physical attributes of Vieira.


You don’t see many 30m signings these days… feels like they’re always either 10m or 50m
Hope this guy is worth closer to the latter than the former


I’m really excited by this signing. I’ve been a bit lukewarm on our other business – but I’m reserving judgment until I’ve seen them. Lichtsteiner seems like a no-brainer – a great replacement for Debuchy – although in the long run we need someone who can compete with Bellerin for his first team place. Sokratis seems a bit too similar to Mustafi for my liking. I haven’t seen much of Leno to be honest, but those who have seem to suggest he’s prone to lapses of focus. I think with both players we have to trust in Sven’s capabilites. He… Read more »


That’s exactly my take on things too. Although I still reckon we could do with one more centre mid and centre back (with half a dozen or so players leaving of course). Would love the winger to be Pavon, in January it was reported he had a comparatively low release clause – 27m I think.


I don’t think we need Lichsteiner but its insurance I guess.

IMO AMN should simply be re-roled to his natural side to cover for Bellerin.


I agree he should be tried at rightback more often, he has all the athletic attributes for the role.


He’s a midfielder.


AMN has been tried at full back but he is at his best as a midfielder which is his natural position. I really hope this will be his breakthrough season. He is a great talent and as sad as it is to see Jack leave, I believe he will offer even more

Tanned arse

AMN could turn out to be a decent CM. Potentially though he’s got far more attributes to be a world class RB(significantly better than Bellerin). He’s just not interested though

Heavenly Chapecoense

Atletico kept Griezman and bought Lemar so the next time we play them, tell me we’re going to win the game.


They’re an excellent team but we have a good chance of beating them.

Had Auba not been ridiculously cup-tied I think we’d have won at least one of those legs this year.


We’re going to win the game.


Torreira, whoaoo, Torreira, whoaoo, he came from Italy, to play for Emery!


Torreira(if it goes through) is the only decent signing we’ve made so far. Leno is average Sokratis is poor Lichtsteiner is average but acceptable on a free Now we’re looking at Gelson Martins who is all bustle without end product. It’s obvious we’re aiming for top 4 and nothing else – but are these signings good enough to help us crack the top 4?? We are now being linked with Banega as well. Our transfers is not as impressive as people are making it out to be if you look at them very carefully. I’m afraid the europa league is… Read more »


Someone always has to put negative spin on things just to get some attention. Well bravo Trez, you’re getting some now. Please keep your non-optimism to yourself and let other gunners like myself be happy that finally we have a bunch of people in our club getting things done and trying to move us forward with these players


NO I think he’s correct.

Pastduedatepopoulous if signed is an average signing any midtable team can do.

Leno isn’t exactly top end.

Torreiro is decent but there are better still.

We aren’t buying top quality.

Which is why its easier to complete earlier.

It depends on the mix. If we buy more Torreiro and less Pastduedatepopulous, we will have a better shot at sneaking back into top 4.

Mslintat has bought at convenience.

The only player that excites the imagination in our squad now is PEA.

And even he isn’t the top talent in europe.


Kante wasn’t what you would have called “top quality” pre Leicester City, OTOH Angel Di Maria signing put the fear of Bergkamp in the EPL before a football was kicked in anger. Look how those turned out eh!
Footy fans though…


Ok…here’s £50mil….you buy 4 or 5 top rated players at the positions we need. I’ll sit over here and wait.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Top players don’t join Europa League teams. They don’t even look at Europa League teams unless they are truly desperate to escape their current team, and even then they’ll wait patiently through the summer just in case a CL team pops up to take them. Basically what Ozil did… and he came to us when he did because we had Wenger. We don’t have Wenger any more and Emery doesn’t have a history of getting his teams into the Champions League, does he?


I suggest you scroll past my comments if it’s too negative for you.


Well said!


How can we tell unless we read them?


schrodinger’s trez


Well most of you positive fans thumb down my comment as soon as soon you see it regardless if it makes sense or not. So as soon as you see “Trez” – just scroll past


Give it up Trez, you are taking a lot of bull… Hradecky has had only one good year, which was last season and that was his break-out season at age 28! Pavlenka likewise has had only one top level season in a big league. Leno is 26 and has been great – good for 7 years. A change of environment was always needed for him, and am sure he’s be great here. All our signings have been needed, we’ve filled in a lot of gaps in necessary areas, all its left if great coaching which I hope we get through… Read more »


Leno has been average for 2 seasons. Pavlenka and Hradecky ARE better than Leno. Don’t know why you’d even try to argue this. That’s like saying Tolisso isn’t a better player than Matuidi because he’s only been good for 2 seasons.
Leno is average. Barely cracks the top 5 Bundesliga keepers. That is a fact.
Be positive all you want – it doesn’t change the fact that while he is better than what we have, he isn’t going to take us to the next level.

Parisian Weetabix

Tres I don’t mind how you insist on putting a negative spin on more or less every article posted on this website – happy to consider both sides of the coin – but you seem to have a very crude definition of the word “better”. It’s not objective; there isn’t some metric we can all refer to and see that your two keepers are “better” than Leno, there isn’t some metric that tells us who are the top 5 keepers in the Bundesliga. The huge variety of different things to take into account when making such a consideration means that… Read more »


This Parisian is as diplomatic as they come!


Liverpool took top 4 and made it to the UCL final with a shaky D and 2 average (at best) goalies. Yes, one of them may have cost them the final, but the point is you’re putting way, way too much stock in these keepers. Leno is an improvement on Cech and Ospina, and our back line should really have done better for our keepers last year, anyway – our defense was atrocious.


Well their poor defence and GK did cost them when it mattered the most didn’t it?
There’s a reason why they got Van Dijk, Naby Keita, Fabinho and are after Lascelles and Allison.


It is a FACT. Cech has better stats than Leno
You look at Leno’s numbers and there is nothing exceptional about it.
You’re free to prove me wrong if you can
Leno has made the most errors leading to goals since 2016.
We are buying him based on the potential he has 2 years ago…nothing more, nothing less.
We let Madrid get Lunin who we’ve been scouting and have been after for almost a year due to our dithering.


Are they world class 50+mill players? No But realistically apart from over spending on a cb and paying for a 29+ y.o. Midfield general I honestly can’t see how we could do better AND address all areas of the team. We need about 5 or 6 players to bring the team back into the top 4 fold. Where have our weaknesses been for the past couple of seasons? Keeper, defence cm and striker. Our keepers haven’t been good enough(penos mostly) Our cbs have been making mistakes for our keepers. Our midfield isn’t shielding the defence enough and our strikers haven’t… Read more »


On one hand: I share a little bit of Trez’s pessimism… Let’s be honest: Kanté is a classy DM, but are there others with his stature who had been able to perform on the hihgest level in the PL? Sokratis is experienced – OK But does it mean he will be a success at a club aiming for the highest level of world football (consideing the fact that he is 29 and struggled to be a continously stand-out performer in the Bundesliga)? – I don’t think so… On the other hand: I agree that it’s great to see that we… Read more »


Not entirely, We are doing OKish. There’s still plenty of risk. We can be buying better even with limited budget. BUT I think Emery may want to get over the line for early prep which is a good thing. What would not be a good thing is if Mslintat is simply buying without due consideration for our strategic needs and the new gaffer’s assessment of the squad. We already saw in January poor decision to buy PEA early at expense of Giroud who was not cup tied for europa. That was poor management of the situation exacerbated by Wenger on… Read more »


Who’s to say that PEA would’ve still been available after January? Remember, he was pushing for an immediate move and maybe we bought him in anticipation for him to help us this year? You would have to figure the powers that be at Arsenal knew by January that we were in trouble, struggling in the league, eliminated from the FA Cup and struggling to win Europa League games against teams we should be putting away rather easily. I think our season was thrown in the bin rather early and preparations for this year were already being made. Besides, I loved… Read more »


I can understand your reasoning. However my issue is why go for Sokratis when Benatia is better and available for only slightly more?? Apparently we’ve bid over 35m for Soyuncu…why not add and extra 5 and go for Pavard? I read somewhere we were looking for a defender similar to Per…why are we then going for Sokratis and Soyuncu who are both similar to Mustafi??
I am honestly dreading seeing Sokratis – Mustafi against a team like City or Liverpool.

Public Elneny

Is Benatia really any better than Sokratis? He’s unpopular with Juve fans, is old and quite injury prone. Can you guarantee Pavard would be any better than Soyuncu in the premiership? How do you know what they’re each available for and whether Pavard would want to move here? And there’s nothing wrong with Mustafi in terms of style. We’re going to keep on playing a high line, of course we need front foot, aggressive defenders. Mustafi has just been rubbish at it that’s all, doesn’t mean we should stop just looking for players who can carry out that role properly.… Read more »


Leno WAS a big talent but has stagnated for 2 seasons. I repeat – if you ask most Bundesliga analysts/fans to name their top 5 keepers, Leno wouldn’t make 85 percent of them. I’ve watched him a bit and every hardcore Bundesliga fan who I ask agree with me. Leverkusen fans aren’t even that upset he’s left because he is being replaced by a better keeper. Benatia is better than Sokratis. Certainly had a better season last year. Nothing wrong with Mustafi’s style of play, but it needs a different profile to balance it. Sokratis – Mustafi is a nightmare… Read more »

easy tiger

I do agree With you. But he builds a team so let us wait and see…. Than we can judge later. If we can build a team around the world class players we have, than we have a chance.


I hope he gets to reign in Mslintat and dictate better choices as he establishes his power base.

I have been less than impressed with MSlintat.

We bought a cup tied player and an old player in Mhkitaryan when we really needed a winger.

It did not help our second half of season and in fact we got progressively worse.

Faisal Narrage

You’re really unlikeable, sometimes.


Aubameyang….great buy that’s already showing his class. We should be bought him a few years ago but we always seemed to avoid pulling the trigger on these deals. Now we act…yet you still have a problem? Mkhitaryan…a great acquisition in a deal with a player that was leaving on a free and truthfully we came out smelling like a rose on that deal. Sanchez has been awful for ManU and Mkhitaryan has been great. Again, sure we should’ve bought him years ago but we always seemed to fail to pull the trigger on these deals. Now we act…yet you still… Read more »


Sanchez has been awful and ManU have been awful to watch since Ferguson left

They spent about 500 million quid too


Tony Hall

Oh just go away, you are like a record on fucking repeat


I’m excited and think this is all positive but Trez is allowed to give his opinion. He hasn’t slagged any one off or been rude.

I’m not the same however. Get off your high horse. If you don’t like opposing ideas life must be painful.

Let’s not do the fanbase split thing again.


Nope. Go create your own site if you have a problem with views different to yours


So you aim to win EPL and compete with City an Co with 50 million war chest.
Wenger left us in this chaos.

Az Ahmed

I am excited for 2 reasons (which admittedly calls for some hope and optimism). The first is the signings we are making are filling obvious gaps we have had in our squad for many years. The second is more important – a manager with a clear strategic plan. From what I have read, he is looking to get this team pressing AS a team. Whenever we have pressed as a team with determination, especially against the top teams, we have been unplayable more often than not. AW didn’t persist with the strategy. The prospect of such a strategy makes me… Read more »

One of them is lying!

I will reserve my judgement until i see result. But most of the times buying players just doesn’t meant instant results. Look at Everton last year…they bought players after players…investing 30 or 40 mil on average on each or something like that. It’s difficult to integrate more than 3 or 4 first teamer….as one wise man once said.


Everton bought well for the most part. Trouble is they should be doing a Watford and dipping into the European managers pool.

Chelestino Malile

Good to see that the business is being done on the right time so that we have a complete squad for pre-season preparations. The positive I see is that the coach knows the problems of the team than the gone manager who used to bring only one player per season which could not solve the problem. Unai is fixing the problems by looking the whole team, I pray we will enjoy next season going forward


This is good but it may be at compromise to potentially better buys.

Still, considering the impact late buys have on our start to season for several season now, it is welcomed.

BUT I think we have to be careful and not think just because its early its good.

Not as simple as that.


Agree to an extent. Players become available for cheap once the seller is running out of time and the window is closing. However, this is risky business due to this year being a WC year and the truncated(tradmark pending by Arseblog) transfer window and the fact that we desperately need to add talent. I’d like to think they are being calculated in their moves and not buying Willy-billy just to add numbers. Our new backroom staff bring a pretty high pedigree with them.

Mr November

Why can’t they announce it? We know it’s done but I don’t feel safe. I just want the safety.

89 was fine

All this early transfer business is fantastic. Such a better way for our club to function. Getting us organised and well run with clear targets should also filter down to the players and gives us some much needed positive vibes for the new season. Coyg


yes buying crap is fantastic


Talking crap isn’t fantastic


Leno – 4th choice German keeper, fantastic!
Lichtsteiner – 34 years old hasbeen never played in PL, fantastic!
Torreira – 1.68m/60kg strawweight, fantastic!

Arse City Blues


As someone earlier said, would you prefer we spent the entire budget on one world class player? Or buy quite a few decent players to fill in the gaping holes in our squad? In this market, we are doing some fantastic business.

It seems incredibly pragmatic to me.

Das ist fantastisch ja?

Arse City Blues

That was towards Wengerthegoal btw


To be honest when you look at the quality of German keepers it renders your comment irrelevant


Yeah the top 2 German keepers are in the top 5 of the world.
After that it’s hardly important who’s 3rd 4th 5th or 6th choice, does löw really have a dilemma when it comes to keepers? The 3rd choice keeper is there on form not ability, and their main 2 are no. 1s at bayern and barca respectively


CItyBoy spot on.

easy tiger

Kante- fantastic


We aren’t buying total crap unless its Pastduedatepopoulous. BUT Mslintat has already made poor compromises with Mhkitaryan, a player we don’t really need but in which he allowed to be forced upon us with the Alexis situation. Truth be told, I would prefer to sell to City at a lower price than have to be forced to take Mhkitaryan from United by said agent. The player we needed in January was a Mahrez who could provide genuine width and transition us quicker. We should have also agreed to terms with PEA but made arrangements to take him in the summer… Read more »

Tas Gunner

Santori,your opinions are pastduedate.

Frank Bascombe

The odd thing about all this is that santori, who’s obviously the world’s greatest expert on football, is pontificating endlessly on here rather than managing Real Madrid? Beggars belief…


As my grandmother used to say.

You just open your mouth and let your belly rumble.

What a load of tripe.


You obviously haven’t seen Torreira play.

David C

we are buying great depth.

Is Leno an upgrade to Ospina: yes
Did we have a backup RB: no (plus we got one for free)
Did we need a DM: yes, and we got one with huge potential.

What’s the problem?


What’s the prob indeed…. Some people just like to bitch and moan for nothing….

David C

it’s that whole glass half empty, glass half full, water is probably dirty thing again, right? 🙂


Wait, is the window closing tonight? Why are we buying players?


coz we got money to burn

Jean Ralphio

Until it isn’t confirmed I’m not going to get excited. He might have a Gerrard in his team who tells him there’s a better club out there.



Merlin's Panini

It’s unprecedented how much business we’re doing already. I like it. So weird that we’re being linked with players and then actually signing them! That never used to happen.


Yeah but we aren’t signing top talent which is why its easier. Many old players ex-Dortmund/old and average players we hope Emery can transform into a higher level. Torreiro is decent but he won’t be the top pick for teams who have better resources to throw at the problem. That said of all the signings so far, he is the only one (if it should go through) that I feel may have a lot of upside (particularly with his age) The rest of the signings are a but uninspired for me. We saw PEA and Mhkyrtaryan signed by Mslintat and… Read more »


Aubameyang registered 10 goals and 4 assists in 13 appearances in the second half; sure, the team sucked overall, but give the guy some credit. He is an electric player and an incredible signing (in many ways, the ideal player to finish the move in Wengerball), and I imagine he outperformed both Giroud and Sanchez combined in the second-half of the season. His adaptation to the PL so quickly indicates that he is a Golden Boot candidate next season — that, I think, is not a hard truth to face, and it certainly excites my imagination. Mkhitaryan did not produce… Read more »


The difference is that
Gerrard didn’t want Suarez to go to a rival team.


It’s great to see the club carrying out its business quickly, quietly and efficiently. This is such a massive contrast to the Wenger years of faffing around in the transfer market. There are some very negative comments above about the quality of players being bought; this brings up a very important point. We, and every other club except maybe City and Chelsea, are now very much in the Moneyball world. Getting value for money is now absolutely vital today in football. Buying cheap doesn’t necessarily mean buying bad or average players. I hate to say it but Spuds have built… Read more »


I think the world is coming to an end!

NB: I gave you a thumbs down not because you didn’t make sense, but because you are fatgooner!


Not really.

Wenger could also conclude early.

Alexis wasn’t last minute.

Podlski was before start of transfer window.

Wenger is conveniently seen as late in signing players bc of Ozil in which the lazy press erroneously labelled a panic buy,

BUT ground work for Ozil was made early on with influencers like Per and likely personal terms agreed in principal secretly.

We just could not pull the trigger on the deal till Madrid cleared with Bale.


The real dross is Elneny Pastpadopoulous.

Decidedly average players you would not think amiss at clubs like Stoke.


Sp*rs have been very lucky with how things have worked out the last few years, but it won’t last. They’ve gotten by on the cheap and are very, very fortunate that Kane does not have lofty ambitions (i.e., to play with and for the best). Alderweireld and Rose both exposed this past year how the financial structure over there is beginning to wobble under pressure, and the new stadium is going to exacerbate that considerably. Don’t forget, also, that they paid 30m for Sissoko recently and have a string of absolutely horrendous signings (Soldado, Janssen, etc.) to go along with… Read more »


Who are you and what have you done to Fatgooner?


Got to be joking a our spurs though right?
They wasted Alot of money after bale was sold.

many people

Blogs.. I think someone has stolen Fatgooner’s identity.


Good post Fats. But let’s not forget Spuds have won nothing!


Lets not let them forget

Evang. Simon

Welcome on board….
I pray you should be unique in your own way by winning us the treble


Decent buy if true.

Lack of height only issue.

But it did not stop Santi or Kante or Makelele or Marscherano.

Ndombele I hope does not get snapped up by Spurs.

But at very least with Jack out, we have Torreiro to pair with granit, Iwobi should be re-roled deeper too. AMN can get a look in. Elneny is average and a benchwarmer.


“Lack of height only issue.
But it did not stop Santi or Kante or Makelele or Marscherano.”

I think you contradicted yourself there santori?? 🙂


Just announce it already! Afraid some competition will snatch before us :




Bellerin – Sokrates – Nacho – Sead
Miki – Torreira – Xhaka – Ramsey
Laca – Auba

When is the world cup finished? Can’t wait to see the new Arsenal -Unai Arsenal

Billy Bob

Yeah rotate Ramsey and ozil, one is injury prone and the other illness prone!!!


No Ozil? I think he is guaranteed a starting spot as he is earing twice what most of our other top earners are.

I think he will go with a 4 – 1 -2 -2 1.

Bellerin, Sokratis, Caglar/Mustafi Nacho/Sead
Xhaka Ramsey
Miki Ozil


No width there, no wingers – though I can see the logic in your line-up; our big/expensive players have to play. I’m worried about Lacazette – last summer’s record signing who actually scored quite a bit for us and will only get better in the EPL. It just feels like we’re gonna see Mhiki or Laca (or Ozil?) get sold. Those stories of Emery’s “Five Untouchables” can’t possibly include them all. And they should all expect to start wherever they are playing.


Think the “five untouchables” is probably just tabloid filler. There will be players he wants to keep of course but is suspect there will be some book balancing later in the summer.

I guess Bellerin offers the pace and width on the right with miki tucking in. but you are right. It would certainly nice to have a pacey left winger.

As for Lacazette. I’m actually excited about having two genuine goal scorers. He will play enough games there will be injuries and rotation.


Auba will go to AFCON and we will need Lacazette then, and Auba can take over after Laca is at the Euros, the rest of the time they can play together or rotate, we’re lucky to have them both.


Sell mustafi,use it to buy that young Turkish defender,sign Ramsey up with captaincy,and I will be ecstatic and very confident heading into new season…unai knows

Kevin Albone

Does anyone know if there will be work permit issues here. He hasn’t player many internationals. Does he have a Euro passports? Just a thought. We have been here before!

Mat Volonterio

He is spanish citizen. Won’t be any problem with that


Didn’t know you can sign players while the WC is still happening.
Apparently there IS quality out there 😉


Just a winger and another center back needed and we should be all set.


One can debate the quality of the players being brought in, but I am just happy to see us being active early and getting our business done quickly so they players can have a full pre-season (or whenever they start after their WC runs end). After getting Lacazette last Summer and Abuameyang this Winter was not expecting massive signings this Summer. It does look like we are certainly addressing areas of need first which is a good sign. Time will tell whether we are bringing in the right players or not, but do like the expediency of action this Summer.


I always respected Wenger’s reticence in the transfer market. As frustrating as it could be at times, it spoke to how he always stays true to his beliefs. That said, it’s nice to have a manager/transfer team who are willing to take risks. Leno and Torreira might not work out, but that’s fine! I mean not fine, it would suck, but that’s what is needed sometimes.


if the young and talented player is that he fits and appropriate it’s the jackpot.
Otherwise, at worst, there will be a slight haircut in two years if it is not good enough or not suitable for the club’s wait

SB Still

This is a pivotal season. A change of guard, a massive change of the structure, personal on & off the field. The transfer market efficiency is unlike us but a refreshing change. The signings themselves are not spectacular but efficient, with a mixture of experience and good potential. I guess Emery was most successful (during his time in Spain) in moulding a squad without superstars but one that could punch above its weight. Although it sounds strange but his time with a team full of superstars wasn’t spectacular. We have a team with a sprinkling of stars, possibly just the… Read more »


I prefer a combative team like Leicester who gives everything on the field with 2/3 very good who is in tune with others rather than individual starlets that leaves holes in defense.

Nothing, does not prevent to invest intelligently as one does with Leno and Torreira
Not big name but rising humble start. Ndombele, Alexandr Golovin, James Maddison transfert fr 30M to Leicester.

Gilberto the stallion

Gone are Debuchy, Mertezaker, Wiltshire and on the way Ospina. The four new signings make perfect sense. I still think there will be 3/4 more before the window is closed dependent on who is leaving or going out on loan. Hopefully 1 stellar signing to force our way back into the top four


I don’t think so, let’s hope. And sold Lacazette or Ramsey would be a huge step back !!!


ANS! 🙂


My guess is he will END up signing for Napoli…


Excellent buy! We are still being linked with midfielders, so does that mean someone else is leaving?


I’m not used to all this business being done well in andvance of the next season. Why aren’t we waiting to the last minute like normal? 🙂

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